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What Summertime Would Look Like: Corona Style




What with the whole fuss about the Coronavirus, things have been getting a bit out of hand. Events are being cancelled, people are getting into self-quarantine, and any gatherings are postponed until further notice.

Yesterday evening, it was announced that schools and a few companies are momentarily being halted for the time span of fourteen days. People are taking drastic measures by picking up everything they might need for the next week or two.

It is said that you never know what may happen in the coming days and that you should all fully be prepared. You never know how bad the Coronavirus will get so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

Since the Coronavirus will supposedly end as soon as the temperatures will rise and summer kicks in. People can’t be more than ready to put an end to the Coronavirus and start getting their tan on. But what if the Coronavirus gets even worse and will still be a topic of concern in the summer?

We’re pretty sure that people won’t let the Coronavirus become yet another inconvenience and stop them from enjoying their vacation by the beach. What will summertime look like with the Coronavirus? Since we know that alcohol and Clorox are crucial ingredients to keep yourself safe and protected from the virus, maybe this’ll be the way we should live for the next year. No one wants to stay home and have their plans ruined, read on for your Summertime Corona Edition

Tanning Oils and Sunscreen with Alcohol

Image result for sunscreens

Since summer is the best time to start tanning and get your healthy dose of vitamin C, Coronavirus won’t be able to put a stop to that! Imagine this, tanning oils as well as sunscreen mixed with Alcohol and other ingredients to protect your skin and yourself as a whole from Coronavirus!

Shower Stalls with Alcohol

Shower Stalls

Aren’t there several out door shower stalls by the beach or pool? Imagine a corona infested future by adding alcohol and other protective unharmful substances to desterilize people after getting out of the water. It might sound a bit bizarre to you but it’s either that or having to stay cooped up at home!

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

Since Kite Surfing has been the trendiest beach activity in Gouna that everyone enjoys doing, guess you’ll have to take safer precautions this year. Best and safest option is to wear water proof masks to keep protected from this sport. Several competitions are being held in Gouna, which is why we should no longer cancel things and just stay as safe as possible!

Partying Corona Style


Summertime parties are basically why people enjoy travelling to Marassi, Gouna, and other places. These parties usual have the hottest trendy Djs and parties all year! Partying Corona Style? Those of you party freaks know that in parties smoke machines are let loose to create a party ambiance. This year, looks like these parties will be different because of the coronavirus. How about these smoke machines are readjusted by adding alcohol and certain substances to clear the air and maybe even add cool lights at the same time? It’s a win win situation, you’re outside partying with all the coronavirus hassle and still getting quarantined somehow.

Trendy  Gloves


Since the Coronavirus has wiped out almost all normal clinical masks and gloves and are even running out, we’re pretty sure that If the virus will still be there in the summer, people would’ve created trendier looking masks and gloves. This is what our beautiful country does, creates nothing into something!

Quarantined Food

Image result for delicious foods by beach

Eating delicious food and ice cream in the soaking hot sun by the beach or even pool is living the high life. Which is why if we imagine a coronavirus summer, ice cream trucks and food shacks will have a special device to quarantine their food before serving.


See? We have a perfect guide to a corona filled summer! We sure hope that coronavirus won’t last till the summer and that researchers as well scientists claim that the virus will be killed in the heat. Just in case though, here is what summer may look like by the beach!

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Ministry of Culture Considers Throwing Events At Cairo Opera House




Cairo Opera House

For those of you longing for some outdoor activities and for events to take place once again, the Ministry of Culture is working hard on grating your wishes very soon.

The Ministry of Culture is currently preparing a study on the possibility of holding events in the open spaces of the Cairo Opera House, to be able to carry on with the cultural program while still maintaining the necessary precautionary guidelines.

According to Culture Minister Enas Abdel Dayem, it’s quite important to throw artistic and cultural events as they benefit the public taste and spread awareness regarding community issues.

But then of course, all precautionary measures and safety guidelines will be maintained to ensure the safety of artists, employees and the general public.

Abdel Dayem recently held a meeting with President of the Opera House Magdy Saber, followed by another meeting with head of the Cultural Production Sector Khaled Galal, head of the Artistic House Ismail Mokhtar and others to go over several projects that will take place once this horrific pandemic is over and life goes back to normal.

Abdel Dayem also added that new theater productions will showcase the stories of the armed forces, the police, and medical professionals and their efforts to combat coronavirus, in a sincere way of expressing gratitude.

We really can’t wait for life and activities to go back to the way they were and we have faith in the Ministry’s efforts in keeping us positive during this tough time.

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The Online Entertainment Calendar Brought to You By The Ministry of Culture




We know Eid this year isn’t the same as every year but thanks to the Ministry of Culture, they will keep as much entertained as they possibly can with the following program.

  • The Virtual tours of museums and exhibitions will carry on.
  • The Ministry of Culture’s publications, translations of international prints, and rare national historical documents will all be available for downloading and reading.


Eid al-Fitr celebrations will being at 2 p.m. on the first day of Eid al-Fitr and will continue throughout the entire Eid holiday, the program includes the following:

A number of shows of the National Circus for Children at 2 p.m.

“Start Your Dream to be the International Actor” project at 8:30 p.m.

Concerts for the stars Assi el-Hallani – Wael Jassar and Kazem el-Saher at 9 p.m.

The play “Lolli”, directed by Murad Munir, and starring Mohammed el-Helw, Faiza Kamal, Ahmed Maher, Sami al-Adl and Aisha al-Kilani.

The play “Seret Hob”, directed by Adel Abdo and starring Ehab Fahmy, Magdy Sobhi and Marwa Nagy.

The play “El Khalta El Sehreya Lel Sa’ada” [The Magic Mixture of Happiness], directed by Shadi el-Dali and starring Fatma Mohammed Ali – Mohammed Hefzy and Fahd Ibrahim at 10:30 p.m.

Selected episodes of “Fawazeer Cinema Egypt” [Cinema Masr Riddles] at 6 p.m.

The Eid program is part of the ministry’s Stay At Home. Culture Is Between Your Hands” initiative that started long ago with the crisis of coronavirus, the initiative has kept us both entertained and informed these past months.

Visit the Ministry’s official YouTube channel for all the entertainment programs that await you this Eid or check out their free cultural services provided by the official website of the ministry.

Happy Eid everyone! Remember stay safe and stay home.

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Great Show El Ekhteyar Is Nearing the End and We Can’t Handle It




For those of you watching the incredible series ‘El Ekhteyar’ and I’m sure we are a lot! Embrace yourself because the upcoming episodes will witness the final stage in the life of the great hero Mansy.

Episode 25 witnessed already the transfer of ate great Ahmed el-Mansy (Amir Karara) and his men to El-Barth village in Rafah, following several terrorists who moved there.

This has of course led Mansy and his brave men to follow their lead, to rid us of these terrorists. El-Barth was the place of their martyrdom and so we’re very near to the end so hold your tissues!

After all, the show really highlighted the dark terrorists’ principals, thoughts and ideas that are based on blood, betrayal, and opportunism.

We’re absolutely loving and enjoying every second of the series that managed in just 25 days, to remind us of the deep love we have for our beloved country and appreciate the army even more.

We’re certainly not ready to say goodbye yet but we’ll forever be thankful for the chance to follow this heroic journey.

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