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8 Affordable Spots in Heliopolis With the Best Food & Drinks



8 affordable place in heliopolis

Heliopolisers! This one’s for you, it’s for all the times you find yourself stuck without a nearby place to run to when you need to grab a bite or go for drinks with friends. We didn’t include the extra fancy sites, though, we tried to make this as simple and as affordable as possible. Enjoy!

1. Il Mulino

Alcohol: no

Il Mulino is the number 1 go-to spot for Heliopolis residents for these reasons: It has fast wifi, a menu with a wide variety of choices, a really nice bakery and pastry, an outdoor area, a smoking area, a smoking-free area & finally, an extremely friendly staff.

2. The Kiosk Burger

Alcohol: no

The Kiosk Burger is a very chill place in Almaza that specializes in mouthwatering burgers that you can add nearly anything to, toppings wise. They also have a community table, a concept that isn’t very common in Egypt but, definitely should be,

3. Yokal

Alcohol: no

Yokal is a place famous for its perfect mini Sojouk & Kebda sandwiches. The menu isn’t that sizeable but the food is yummaaaay.

4. Tree Trunk

Alcohol: no

Tree Trunk is the ultimate Bohemian Sanctuary located in the heart of Korba. Wherever you decide to sit, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art. The place is spacious, dimly lit, has an outdoor balcony area, a great menu! though I’d suggest more beverages & fast wifi. I definitely 100% recommend the mussels pasta!

5. Il Divino Pizzaria

Alcohol: Yes

Il Divino is a really nice new pizza place in Korba that opened up about 2 months ago, following the success of the original Zamalek branch. The pizza is top-notch! And you can have a beer with it, too!

6. Zarour

Alcohol: no

Zarour is the coolest Lebanese spot in Masr El Gedeeda. Great food, huge menu and a friendly staff. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that they play NOTHING but Fairouz. Try their chicken mesahab dish, it’s delish!

7. The Wire

Alcohol: yes

The Wire is a cozy bar located in Korba. It’s not the most spacious but it’s definitely affordable. The place mostly plays rock music: good but the music’s always so loud: bad. I love The Wire but I wish it was less crowded.

8. Mahraja

Mahraja is definitely the best place to devour Indian in Heliopolis. I can’t even begin to talk about how good the food is! The herbs and the sauces, YUMMMMM! And don’t forget to order their special coconut ice-cream that comes in a coconut shell after you finish eating.

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Egypt Made it To the Top of the List Using Oranges




For years, Egypt has been well known for exporting a lot of our unique ancient Egyptian cotton and as you know, most things we import are from China. Everything you own probably has an imprint on it claiming that it was “made in China“.

Which is why we were genuinely proud and happy to hear that Egypt has finally overtaken Spain as the top orange exporter worldwide!

Spain was always well known for their citrusy oranges that has been a top seller for years and years. We’re glad to finally hear the Egypt beat Spain and is currently the top orange exporter worldwide according to Abdel Hamid el Demerdash, the head of the Agriculture Exporting Council.

The year before, charts and graphs showed that Spain was dominating regarding the orange market and trading. This year though, it is shown that Spain has ranked second to Egypt for the first time in history! What?

According to Demerdash, Egypt tends to earn an income of $1 billion dollars a year off of oranges. Ever since 2017, Egypt was keen on making it to the top of the list by showing people how our country grown oranges are the best. Since then, 17% has increased annually on exporting oranges.

It is known that Brazil, India, China, US and Mexico are the top producers for citrus, but all of their citrus goes into domestic consumption rather than exporting and importing.

Egypt’s cheaper and healthier oranges have been flooding the market world wide and has made it on the top shelves of Myanmar, Japan, Russia, Europe, and even Uruguay!

The government has been working in expanding the amount and acres of farmland throughout the years to allow a larger profit and income to enter our country. Egypt has also been a powerful exporter in terms of Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, and even Grapes!

Egypt had faced difficulties in 2017 when Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and even Sudan had banned our fruits from entering their market due to the amount of pesticides induced in the vegetables and fruits thus violating international health and safety standards! Yikes!

Which is why we’re left dumbfounded and honestly quite impressed at the amount of positive remarks and changes we’ve been making recently! Watch out people because Egypt is booming!



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Kim Kardashian’s Plant Based Diet for a Perfect Body



Plant Based Diet

We all dream of having the ideal body and perfect health, yet not all of us are capable of keeping up with our health, I mean who doesn’t enjoy junk food? Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian, mostly known for her body, reveals that the secret to her perfect figure is behind the food she eats.

Did you guys know that Kim’s diet is solely based on plants and vegetables? Not only does the mother of 4 strict herself to these nourishing platters, but she also lets her entire family follow the same plant based meals every day and encourages Kanye to support such a decision!

Kim decided to make a major shift in her life and change the way she’s eating back in 2019. The thing is, at home is the only time she eats plant based dishes, when outside enjoying her life, she definitely prompts for a pizza. It’s important to balance out your life rather than cut things off completely.

From sweet potatoes to seasoned avocado slices, you name it, Kim eats it all! Beauty Queen Beyonce has also recently urged her fans to embrace a meat-free regimen. Throughout her entire journey, Kim shares delicious healthy recipes on her fan base to encourage people for healthier better alternatives to eat. content/uploads/2020/02/Kim Kardashian

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip :This is what Kim tends to have as a snack! Rather than eat chips with a can of soda, choose a healthier alternative! content/uploads/2020/01/Kim Kardashian West Tacos

Vegan Tacos: You could still eat your usual food, what’s important is that you add healthy veggies and plants. content/uploads/2019/12/Kim Kardashian Plant Based Diet Mexican

A Mexican Meal: A delicious way of getting the right amount of protein into your system! content/uploads/2019/06/Kim Kardashian Plant Based Meals

Fruit and Granola Bowl with Vegan Eggs and Sausage: Tasty breakfast with your normal fruits, nuts, and smoothies alongside Vegan Eggs and Sausages! Colorful! content/uploads/2019/05/Kim Kardashians Plant Based Meals

Sea Moss Smoothie and Avocado Toast :   Another great way of having a healthy breakfast or snack even! content/uploads/2019/05/Kim Kardashians Plant Based Meals

Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado Slices: The picture says it all, I mean who wouldn’t want to eat these delicious food?

Another interesting controversial issue Kim addresses is that even though vegetable and plants may not taste as delicious as juicy burgers, it does not mean that you can’t make it delicious. It’s your kitchen and you’re your own chef so cook and mix things as you please, what’s important is that you balance out  your meals and truly focus on feeding your body healthy meals that will help you flourish rather than get sick and sometimes even food poisoning.

The reason why Kim chose to change her lifestyle altogether was not just for a healthy prosperous life, but also because she suffers from Psoriasis, a skin condition that makes the skin extremely itchy and also very dry

Making time for yourself is the most important part of your entire journey here on earth. Self love is a crucial first step one needs to not only achieve but also overcome, because this is the reason we’re here in the first place aren’t we? Queen K encourages her fans to take a change by posting her delicious meals as well as helps teach her fans the importance of self love.

There you have it guys, a full insight on Kimmie’s day to day healthy lifestyle. Why don’t you guys try it by trying a plant based diet for week one? Give it a go and you could cook similar delicious meals, it’s a game changer! Healthier food means healthier mind and body, the perfect combo!


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Your Full Shopping Guide For Halawet Al-Mouled




Moulid El-Naby, peace and blessings be upon him, is just around corner and as this blissful day approaches us, we get to enjoy another sweet part of the day by indulging on delicious treats which is a tradition in celebrating the occasion.

There are of course so many choices and places to pick from and so we have created one delicious list to narrow them a bit for you.

Voila Chocolate & Pastry Shop

Their ‘heavenly’ Moled creations come in very unique and attractive boxes, which can make an ideal gift as well for your friends and family.


NOLA Cupcakes


You can never go wrong with Nola, their Mouled treats are described as crunchy and scrumptious.

Prices: Start from 200 to 400 EGP.



Their treats in general are one of the finest so we can only imagine how good their halawet Mouled is going to be!


2 Kilos for 495 LE
3 Kilos for 795 LE


Dukes is another must try with a wide selection of Halawet El Moled this year.

Prices: Start from 150 per kilo.

El-Domiaty Patisserie


We love how every year more and more pastry shops are getting creative with their treats! We have all seen new innovative creations in Ramadan, and this Moled, El Domiaty is introducing their Moled treats with a little twist by adding our favorite ingredient, Nutella!

We have tried it, and let me just tell you this, forget the calories because it’s totally worth it.

For prices, check this link.

La Poire Egypt

We love the boxes from La Poire this year and we’re sure you will love them too!

For prices and information, visit the nearest branch or call 19515

Tseppas MG

Treat yourself with Tseppas fancy creations and as you indulge on their heavenly pieces, you can also win prizes or get discounts if you ‘find the chef’ in one of their boxes.


Last but not least, El Abd Patisserie is another good choice for both the quality and reasonable prices, and also while you are at it, check out their latest ad for Mouled El-Naby! It’s quite impressive.




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