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6 Awesome Places in Wust El Balad to Chill & Eat at



Wust El Balad has long been the spot with tons & tons of hidden gems. From underground bars to camouflaged restaurants, downtown Cairo is packed with hangouts for all tastes and ages. We collected 8 of those really cool sites for you, so that you’d know where to go the next time you’re lost in Talaat Harb:

1. Eish & Malh (عيش و ملح)

Alcohol: No

Eish & Malh is one of the truly great places in Wust El Balad. The place is owned by 2 beautiful ladies, one of whom is a New Yorker. The food at Eish & Malh is impeccable, but this spot isn’t all about the food. Live music makes a huge part of your experience at the restaurant. Brunch & Jazz, Dinner & Oud are merely a glimpse of what this beautiful destination offers its visitors.

2. Fish & Chips

Alcohol: No

Fish & Chips is a cool new spot in Bab al Louq owned by Randa Shater, 55. With the help of her best friend, Randa was able to re-invent this ancient fish place after buying it from its old owners and switching everything up. The walls are colorful and covered with photographs of old movie stars and kings. The prices are low and affordable. And the atmosphere is warm and cozy. Can’t say there’s anything bad about Fish & Chips, except that we would love it if they consider opening up other branches.

3. Estoril

Alcohol: Yes

Estoril is one of the oldest restaurants in Wust El Balad. With 2 entrances, one of which is almost a secret one that makes you feel super badass when you use it, Estoril marks a spot that is a definite favorite to expats. The place offers a variety of local dishes, though served in small plates; the dishes are delishhhh! The waiters are friendly and the service is pretty good.

4. Felfela

Alcohol: Yes

Nope, not Felfela the foul & falafel place. I’m talking about the other Felfela that’s also located in Huda El Shaarawy street,  right across the street from Estoril. Felfela is one of the oldest Wust el Balad restaurants. The restaurant is spacious and as you see in the photo above, it gives off the essence of being at the zoo. You’ll be dining with birds (real birds) chirping above your head and little fishies swimming on your right. The menu is long and is often confusing, in a good way.

5. Cafe Riche

Alcohol: Yes

Cafe Riche is a historical spot, where legends like Naguib Mahfouz used to hangout back in the day. The place is nice, cozy and relaxing. However, some folks have been complaining about the food recently but it doesn’t matter much because people often visit Riche for its ambience and impeccable Turkish coffee. Add to that; Riche is a quiet place away from the hustle & bustle of downtown, Cairo.

6. Kafein

Alcohol: No

Located on Sherif street, Kafein is the new perfect spot to get your perfect cup of coffee. They have a “particular seriousness about coffee & tea”, says their Facebook page. And guess who the owners are; they’re the same 2 geniuses behind Eish & Malh.

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Your Full Shopping Guide For Halawet Al-Mouled




Moulid El-Naby, peace and blessings be upon him, is just around corner and as this blissful day approaches us, we get to enjoy another sweet part of the day by indulging on delicious treats which is a tradition in celebrating the occasion.

There are of course so many choices and places to pick from and so we have created one delicious list to narrow them a bit for you.

Voila Chocolate & Pastry Shop

Their ‘heavenly’ Moled creations come in very unique and attractive boxes, which can make an ideal gift as well for your friends and family.


NOLA Cupcakes


You can never go wrong with Nola, their Mouled treats are described as crunchy and scrumptious.

Prices: Start from 200 to 400 EGP.



Their treats in general are one of the finest so we can only imagine how good their halawet Mouled is going to be!


2 Kilos for 495 LE
3 Kilos for 795 LE


Dukes is another must try with a wide selection of Halawet El Moled this year.

Prices: Start from 150 per kilo.

El-Domiaty Patisserie


We love how every year more and more pastry shops are getting creative with their treats! We have all seen new innovative creations in Ramadan, and this Moled, El Domiaty is introducing their Moled treats with a little twist by adding our favorite ingredient, Nutella!

We have tried it, and let me just tell you this, forget the calories because it’s totally worth it.

For prices, check this link.

La Poire Egypt

We love the boxes from La Poire this year and we’re sure you will love them too!

For prices and information, visit the nearest branch or call 19515

Tseppas MG

Treat yourself with Tseppas fancy creations and as you indulge on their heavenly pieces, you can also win prizes or get discounts if you ‘find the chef’ in one of their boxes.


Last but not least, El Abd Patisserie is another good choice for both the quality and reasonable prices, and also while you are at it, check out their latest ad for Mouled El-Naby! It’s quite impressive.




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Zooba Opens in NYC and Dr Rania Al-Mashat Attends the Soft Opening




The Egyptian fast-casual restaurant ‘Zooba‘ is now serving New Yorkers our favorite Falafel and their soft opening was attended by Minister of Tourism, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, who was present to show tremendous support to the the young men behind Zooba.

We certainly loved seeing the young men extends their success to the big apple and we loved it even more that Dr Mashat made sure to attend the opening, even have dinner with the boys, in support of Egyptian effort.

Dr Mashat highlighted the fact that opening Egyptian food chains in foreign countries comes as part of ‘People to People‘ campaign, which sheds the light on successful Egyptians who are acing it in different fields.

“Culinary arts became one of the tourist attractions for some countries. The traditional food dishes show each country’s identity. In addition, the traditional food became a part of the experience which any tourist search for,” She said.

View this post on Instagram

𝗙𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗵 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗼𝗳 #𝗖𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗼, 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼 #𝗡𝗲𝘄𝗬𝗼𝗿𝗸. Happy to have joined the @Zooba team in the soft opening of their new branch at one of #NewYork’s trendiest districts. Today, gastronomy has become a central part of the tourism sector with many of the world’s tourists traveling to destinations in search of local and authentic cuisine, a way of immersing themselves into the cultural experience and heritage of a country. Culinary tourism plays a very important role in telling our story, transporting #Egypt’s narrative across borders. Congratulations @Zooba! سعدت بحضور الافتتاح التجريبي لفرع مطعم "زوبة" المصري في مدينة نيويورك الأمريكية ، حيث قام مؤسسو "زوبة" باختيار منطقة متميزة لإقامة المطعم ليتعرف أهل نيويورك وزائروها على الأكلات المصرية الأصيلة التي من شأنها تعريفهم بالثقافة المحلية للشعب المصري، وهو احد محاور الترويج لمصر من خلال حملة People to People كل التوفيق لسلسلة مطاعم "زوبة" !

A post shared by Rania A. Al-Mashat (@raniaalmashat) on

Egyptian-American founder Chris Khalifa, along with head chef and co-founder Moustafa El Refaey, opened Zooba back in 2012. Zooba is based already in six locations in Cairo, now in NYC and soon to open in KSA.

View this post on Instagram

It doesn’t get much more ‘Cairo’ than this.

A post shared by Zooba (@zoobaeats) on

The restaurant offers classics, as well as twists, on Egyptian street food and their menu includes local variant of falafel that are made with fava beans instead of chickpeas.

You can now pay the restaurant if you’re in New York at 100 Kenmare Street, NY. 


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The Kahk Guide and Recommendation For a Delicious Eid




Egyptians all now agree on one thing and that is they can’t wait any longer to have their first morning breakfast and enjoy a fulfilling cup of coffee.

It is a tradition that we all got used to and look forward to doing whether Eid is tomorrow or on Wednesday (let’s just all hope that it is tomorrow) for we can’t wait any minute longer.

Another tradition is having Kahk for breakfast and if it is not homemade, then one of the following bakery shops is your go to place. Don’t worry, it won’t cost a fortune and they are recommended by well-known food bloggers so the taste is guaranteed!

1- La Poire 

View this post on Instagram

قرّب العيد كل عام و إنتو بألف خير يا رب .. مين مستني هاي اللحظة☝🏻☝🏻 اللي في الصورة زيّي 😍 لان شو العيد من غير كحك؟ .. انا من عشاق الكحك المصري و بصراحة ما بعرفش اعمله على اصوله برغم كمية الوصفات الموجودة بس بحب استمتع بيه من غير تعب كدة و بمزاج .. و يا سلام عليه الصبح أول يوم العيد أحلى فطار بالنسبة ليا .. كحك من لابوار ريحته و طعمه و لا احلى.. فنجان قهوة الصبح اللي وحشنا طول شهر الصيام .. انتو بتحبوا الكحك مع ايه؟ شاي و لاقهوة؟ و محشي ايه؟ @lapoireegypt أحلى كحك ❤️

A post shared by CHEF MAY YACOUBI (@chefmayyacoubi) on


Recommended by Chef Mai Yacoubi who praises the taste of their Kahk and smell of course. They come in plenty of flavors including agameya, date, malban and walnut. Also, don’t miss out on their wide range of delicious petite fours and biscuits.

Price range: 150-200 

2- El Abd 

It should be acknowledged that El Abd has been upping their game lately with new items included such as their cookies (that are sold in markets by the way) and this Eid, their Kahk is a must try.

The prices are quite reasonable, as the classic range of plain, agameya or malban is for only 110EGP per kilo each, while nuts and pistachio start from 160EGP to 170EGP. You certainly have to try their new range of biscuits that come in different flavors, costing only 95EGP per kilo.

3- Nola 

After Nola blessed us with some new Ramadan innovations and goodies, for this Eid, it is offering boxes of assorted Eid treats. The box include plain, and date kahk, vanilla, and chocolate petite fours and plain biscuits.

Boxes are available in two sizes, the one kilo box is for 160EGP and the two kilo costs 295EGP.

4- Sedra 


Highly recommended from our behalf. The texture and taste of their Kahk is really good, and they come in all the flavors you may crave. Prices are from 135EGP to 200EGP! 

5- Diet to Door 

This place needs to be praised and acknowledged for their tremendous effort in making Kahk with very low calories which is suitable for diabetic patients!

The following post explains the ingredients and the amount of fats in the Kahk.

View this post on Instagram

Low Calorie Kahk? yes, you heard it right. We offer healthy, low calorie and gluten free Kahk! This Eid, you'll enjoy your favorite dessert with no guilt. 25 gm ( 1 ka7k + 1 gm sugar) 104.66 kcal…protein 2.033 gm ….total fat 5.65 gm saturated fat 2.67 gm …..carbohydrates 11.52 GM …fibers 0.9 gm …sodium 3.8 mg….potassium 53.60 mg calcium 17.40 mg phosphorus 62.5 mg….magnesium 18.6 mg….vitamin A Ug Re 34.3 mg . . #food #foodie #foodies #diet #dietplan #diettodoor #fooddelivery #foodservice #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #healthyfood #dietfood #light #thin #healthy #lightfood #breakfast #lunch #dinner #snack #salad #fruits #vegetables #homecooked #cooked #fresh #meals #cairo #egypt

A post shared by Diet to Door Egypt (@diettodoor_eg) on

6- Mandarine Koueider 

Who can ever resist Koueider? Their classic range that includes plain, malban, and date at the price of 120LE. As for the walnut and pistachio, they cost 185LE and 240LE.

Petite fours range between 130LE and 160LE, while plain biscuits are at the price of 110LE.

7- TBS 

TBS is offering limited kahk collection that includes only two flavors but on the other hand, they are offering plenty of Eid treats. A little pricey to be honest, because a box of treats cost at least 300 EGP.

8- Copppermelt 


Last but not least in our recommendation list is Coppermelt, the place has always been known for their premium quality products. This season, they are offering a collection including flavours such as plain (140LE), agameya (165LE), malban (150LE), and walnut (250LE), while petite fours range between 150LE and 170LE, and plain biscuit is 130LE per kilo.

There are of course many other places such as Dukes and Sale Sucre, but these are the previously mentioned ones are based on experience and reviews.





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