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Holistic Habits

Youtube has been known to be the best social media platform to be capable of gathering all talented people in one place to show videos freely. For instance, Cooking, Empowering, Self-love, and even music are all posted on Youtube because it’s the coziest place to do so.

We all need a little guidance in our day to day lives whether we want to learn how to dance or even just get a little motivated. Which is why we’ve gathered the top notch Youtubers that would truly make a difference in your daily life as a whole.


Holistic Habits

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For those of you who are into taking care of yourself on a deeper level, Holistic Habits is the best Youtube channel to do so. Holistic Habits is just what it is, a better healthier holistic life.

Erin, the girl running the channel, shows many important ways you should take care of your hair and your skin, especially for people who are prone to acne. She’s a huge believer in the power of Stones and Essential oils, which is the best combo for a healthier, stable mind, heart, and body.

You’ll enjoy her serene voice and beautiful videos, she’ll definitely get you moved to start making a healthier holistic change.

Yoga With Adriene

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Now this is definitely something that’ll get you pretty excited if you’re into being active! Yoga with Adriene is a very beneficial Youtube channel that shows people how to do several types of beneficial yoga that is healthy for the mind and soul.

Her videos are step by step guides for her watchers through the entire process. She’s extremely positive, patient, and also very good at what she does.

Adriene tackles many things for instance she has yoga for the pregnant, for the hurt, for splits, for back, and much more What’s cool is that Yoga with Adriene is well known worldwide and has a large fan base. Also, she has her own website where she gives people free classes and tips. This Youtube channel is very beneficial for those of you who want to acquire a healthier life.


Sarah Therese

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Sarah, a stay at home mother of 3, is the most productive beautiful human being you could find on Youtube. She tackles the struggle of keeping up with life and everything that comes with it.

She concentrates on the healthy habits you should implement in your life. From being faithful , doing chores, being positive, healthy, and happy, Sarah is the best place to go to. She has a very vibrant attitude and truly does aim in changing the lives of people to the better.

She does a variety of videos which keeps the creative ball thus encouragement going.



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19 year old Italian girl, Jusuf, started her account solely based on having an interaction with people on Youtube. But as the years passed, she had bigger dreams of wanting to help people become independent and have a house in different countries.

In her videos, she shows you the best ways of becoming independent by teaching people how to save money and make their dreams come true. Jusuf has been traveling and making a living for herself ever since she was a young teenager.

She truly does encourage young girls to follow their dreams regardless of the barriers you might witness along the way.


Pick Up Limes

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For those of you who are into food and cooking, Pick up Limes is a definite must! Pick Up Limes is an American Indian woman who has a passion for food as a whole.
The cool thing about her is that all her recipes and nick knacks are healthy and sometimes even plant based!

Her videos are all about recipes that are easy, quick, and cheap which is very efficient for people since we’re all lost on where to begin. We’re all caught up in money issues and being lazy, which is exactly why Pick Up Limes is trying to get people to eat healthy and take care of their food temple.

Being nutritious and patient with your body is very important to have a healthier lifestyle as a whole.

There you have it folks. All motivational Youtubers in one place. Motivating people as well as yourself is very difficult to do, which is why watching videos does help people get up on their feet.

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Cairo University Making History



Cairo University

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, many scientists, researchers, and doctors have struggled to contain let alone combat the pandemic. Which is why Cairo University took things to a whole new level by initiating 5 research units.

The research unit is composed of around 25 scientists, professors, and researchers who will commence working on developing medical treatment for the Coronavirus .Associate Professor of Biophysics, Abo Elfiky, is part of this new found research team and has already published two research articles in various international journals to show people the possible treatments for COVID-19.

The research project that the following people are about to embark on is surely to be effective and to make us very proud to be a part of this. We have found out from this initiative that the virus enters the human body. The spikes that are latched onto the virus are in charge of sticking to the normal body cells we have in our body.

Cairo University needs  to crack the code by trying to understand the dynamics of the spike protein as well as the receptors that are on our cells, only then will they be capable of finding a means to stop the virus from entering the cells in the first place.

On a side note, the team is also looking for a way to target and fight the virus before making its way into our cells. They’re also finding a way to prevent the nucleus from duplicating the virus’s DNA thus reproducing throughout the victim’s entire body.

The general idea of finding a cure for a virus is to work with what is known to have worked with other diseases. In this case, they have tested drugs that have treated Malaria, HIV, and Ebola. Doctor Elfiky is working on re-purposing the medication used for Hepatitis C.

With that said, this doesn’t mean that everyone should empty out their pharmacies from Hepatitis C medication, we don’t need another disaster. Trump had previously caused a conflict where he had misleadingly tweeted that the Malaria medication is a game changer in the history of medicine. This had caused a shortage for the medication, leaving people who are in deep need of it quite sick.

We’re glad progress is being made and that Egypt is partaking in changing events as well as devoting their time and efforts to help save not just their citizens, but the world as a whole.


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The Brighter Side of the Coronavirus




Ever since we have detected the beginning of the Coronavirus, people have gone rabid with worry and fear. Our community and citizens of the world were in fear for their health and even lives. We have lost many loved ones throughout this pandemic crisis, which is why people are scared for their lives.

Many countries around the globe are forced to stay at home for their own safety as well as the safety of others. The government has taken it into their liberty to use this free time where the streets are empty to fully and thoroughly sterilize the streets in hopes of getting rid of the Coronavirus outbreak.

So far, people keep thinking that the pandemic is only bringing negativity and taking away the lives of so many people, but what if you saw things from a different perspective? Have you ever wondered that there actually is a positive side to this virus? That maybe this is God’s way of reminding us of the things we have always neglected and keeping the environment safe?

Ever since the Coronavirus commenced, less people were roaming the streets. This lead to fewer cars in the streets which lead to less pollution. Do you notice the chain that is going on? Mankind has always been destructive to mother nature. The population is increasing on a global scale which means more pollution, more sickness, more trouble.
Just two weeks ago, Egypt has experienced a heavy three day sand, thunder, and rainstorm, and has taken a big toll on people. Some lives were lost, whether animal or human, and the streets were left completely flooded, leaving people stuck at home.

A similar situation had occurred a few days ago in Dubai where they had witnessed severe storms and thunder. Haven’t you guys considered that this is God’s way of trying to clean and rid the world of all diseases and pollution and to even help calm down the virus? If these storms hadn’t occurred, people would still have gone out of their houses which probably would have provoked the virus to spread even more.

Not just that, but ever since quarantine has commenced, pollution has decreased, animals as well as endangered species are no longer endangered. See what’s happening? The human race has become very destructive to the land they live on as well as their inhabitants, whether they be human or animal.

Take this time to truly reconsider and think of all the things that went wrong; why they went wrong because we are the reason and we are the cause. We are the reason the virus is spreading because we’re too selfish to stay home for a few days to ensure the lives of others. We are the reason why animals and rare species are getting endangered. We are the main reason and source of land and air pollution.

Look at the world today, everything is clean, animals are healthier and happier, the world is a better place without humans interfering. So please, take the time to rethink everything that is going on and plan for a better and cleaner future. The virus was just a reminder to us, to awaken us for all the wrong doings and destructiveness that we have created upon each other. We’ve taken many things for granted, the lives of our loved ones and even our parents. Use the time to rethink.

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Presidents Sisi and Xi Jinping to Stop COVID-19




In light of all these conflicts that have been rising ever since we have discovered the Coronavirus, our President Abdel Fattah el Sisi had phoned Xi Jinping, the Chinese president in order to discuss all the ways they could assist each other to end the Coronavirus outbreak.

President Sisi had praised and honored China for all its outstanding methods in hopes of trying to cope as well as contain the virus amidst their country. Which is why he had expressed great interest in wanting to partner up with them and cooperate together using both China and Egypt’s health institutions.

On a positive note, Xi Jinping had also expressed great interest in all the methods Egypt has been using so far as to try to contain the virus as much as possible, many countries have shown gratitude and support for our way of dealing with the Coronavirus.

China is in deep need of help during this crisis because their population is double the Egyptian population which makes it even harder to maintain as well as contain. Hence, China is fully ready to help assist Egypt in fighting this as long as they get help and cooperation in return.

On President Sisi’s official Twitter account,he had said that he is closely following up the state’s efforts to combat the spread of the virus, saying “As I pledged yesterday, we are precisely continuing our procedures to combat this pandemic in order to preserve the health and the life of every Egyptian citizen.”

“I call upon all [Egyptians] to fully abide by these measures to keep Egypt in peace and security… I pray to Allah Almighty to grant us success in what we do to serve our dear country, Egypt,” Sisi said.

President Sisi is still stressing on the  crucial importance of us having to remain at home to break the chain once and for all. So far, the number of infected people has risen to 327 with a death toll of 14.

We hope that both countries merging tactics and forces to “break the chain” will help end this outbreak once and for all without any more people having to get hurt.

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