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Infamous Egyptian Women Who Made it to Google



Mary Mounib

For decades, Google has been quite interactive with their users. For instance, they celebrate important days like Mother’s Day and other cool things that are worthy of mention.

The coolest thing Google has provided and done for Egypt is celebrating all the glorious empowering Egyptian women throughout history. Not just that, but they created some doodles to portray the best of each woman. Read on to find out who made it to Google!


Dalida is considered one of Egypt’s very first international superstars! With that said, she had too many fans that she couldn’t really have a stable home and had to move a lot. Google decided to celebrate an honor her by capturing, let alone nailing one of Dalida’s best pictures of all time. Dalida was well known in the arab world and amongst Lebanese and French singers who’ve made it to great place. Not just that, but she was also believe by the French to be the second most influential person in modern history.


Mufidah Abdul Rahman

We are proud to introduce to you the first woman to practice law in the history of Egypt, Mufidah Abdul Rahman. Mufidah was the first to graduate from Cairo University Faculty of Law. She’d done tremendous things such as argue cases at the Court of Cassation, Military Courts, and even draft a number of law for the Egyptian women. Mufidah rose to fame and was well acknowledged when she defende Doria Shafik after Shafik’s March to defend family law for women and more human rights. Who says women can’t be great Lawyers? Thank you google for noticing the hardships of women.


Doria Shafik

Speaking of Doria Shafik, she was well known for being one of the founding leaders of Egypt’s Women Liberation movements back in the 50’s. She was also the reason why Egyptian Women won the right to have a say and vote for the constitution in 1956. Of course google would have to appreciate her existence for changing the history of women in Egypt.


Lotfia El-Nadi

You people might not be quite familiar of Lotfia El Nadi since she was a part of history decades ago, but we are content that Google decided to appreciate her imprint in history. Lotfia was know to be the first female pilot in Africa and the Arab World. Working two jobs at the time, she’d also paid for her own education and trained various pilots. When she’d passed way, her funeral was a huge even to honor her great years.


Mary Mounib

Known for her comic roles in history, Mary Mounib was crowned the funniest Egyptian woman in history! She was the first to break through the Egyptian comic scene that was dominated and lead by men back in their days. Born in Syria, across her 50 year career, she was capable of proving that women aren’t just about looks, they could be smart, funny, and witty.

Google captured a comic doodle of her good old days, may she rest in peace.


Madiha Kamel

Madiha was greatly recognized for being one of Egypt’s Golden Age actresses who found success in the Egyptian cinematic scene. She’d acted for the timespan of 30 years. Madiha was the centerpiece of the Egyptian cinema and had also battled breast cancer in Mecca. Thank you for empowering women.


Hind Rostom

Hind Rostom was recognized for being the first lady of Egyptian cinema who’d starred in many great roles such as “Banat el Lail” and”Cairo Station”. She’d broken the stereo type of a girl being weak and needing a man in their life. With her take charge attitude, she’d truly changed the perspective of women and helped empower women all around.

Faten Hamama

Infamous beautiful lady Faten Hamama had done at least a hundred movies throughout her prolific career. She was a powerful influencer in her movie 1964 “The Open Door”. She’d highlighted women’s right to wanting solutions and change. Thank you Google for recognizing her achievements.



Asmahan was extremely famous for her singing abilities and immitations of Umm Kulthum’s style. On a weird perspective, she was into politics and royal drama more than she was passionate about being a singer. Being a jew, she’d contributed to chaning Middle East’s map after World War II and had played a very dangerous game with the Germans, French, and the British. For all the accomplishments she’d done for Egypt, we thank her for her beautiful voice.


Umm Kulthum

Google was proud to doodle Umm Kulthum for being the greatest Egyptian of all time. It was recorded that her funeral was the biggest in the entire history. Google doodled Kulthum in her signature pose of a scarf flying in the air.

It was very thoughtful of Google proudly documenting the efforts and accomplishments of women through creative doodles. Egypt stands out with a lot of infamous women, and for that, this is an article worthy of appraisal.






Ice Cube Hacks for Flawless Skin



Ice Cube

We all tend to embrace the cold especially on a hot boiling day, it helps keep you refreshed and cooled down. For you girls out there who enjoy creative hacks to make your skin feel and look better, read on and find out how you could used ice cubes for better healthier skin!

Glowing Skin

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

The amount of products you girls purchase and spend all your money on for amazing skin is insane! Which is why you should keep your cash for necessities and use ice cubes for glowing skin. Massage your face with an ice cube on a daily basis for better blood circulation and a brighter face. Give this a try and come thank us later!

Enhances Product Absorption

Skin Icing: Why Freezing Your Face Could Be The Answer To Radian ...

This is one of the coolest tricks in the book, bet you’ve never heard of this one before. After having added serum or cream over the night for instance, grab a cube of ice and gently rub it all over your face. You won’t believe how much this trick helps absorb the product on your face even more. Also, it creates a pulling affect on your skin, making you feel a year younger!

Bye Bye Dark Circles

6 Amazing Ways To Use Ice Cubes For Radiant And Glowing Face ...

We all struggle with dark puffy eyes, especially in the morning. Purchased several dark eye creams and it isn’t changing anything? Boil rose water mixed with fresh cucumber juice, freeze the mixture over night and use a cube per day. Gently apply it under your eyes but bare in mind, this trick won’t work over night. you could even compensate with rose petals even! Patience is key; you have to do it frequently to start seeing results.

Acne Free

We need to talk about PCOS and hormonal acne | Dazed Beauty

Acne is one of the worst nightmares a girl could have, they’re painful and an eyesore! Which is why, if you struggle with acne, pimples, or bumps on your face even, it is ideal to use an ice cube to work their magic and make them disappear! No strings attached. Not only will it rid your face of the acne but it will also help soothe your pores.

Shrinking pores

Myths And Truths About Large Pores | The Healthy

Your face naturally has pores that secrete oils thus making it cleaner. Sometimes though, these pores are too big and tend to hide dirt inside them regardless of the cleansers you use or the amount of times you wash your face. Rubbing ice cubes on your face will allow the pores to shrink on the long term if used constantly. The cold helps shrink and pull back your face as if you’re ten years younger!

Flawless Foundation

𝒞𝑜𝓁𝓁𝑒𝑒𝓃 𝒞𝒶𝓇𝓃𝑒𝓎 | Hair beauty, Beauty, Pretty people

This beauty hack has never failed anyone. Do you apply make up quite often? Struggling to find a good primer that will help your makeup look flawless? Well, rub an ice cube on your face before applying your foundation and believe me, it will do you justice. Not only will it help your make up last longer but it will also give you a glam-on look!


Beauty Effects Of Ice Cubes (part 2) - Prevent aging, Exfoliate ...

When it comes to using amazing exfoliating products for your face, there’s nothing better than ice cubes. Ditch those pricey unnatural products and create milk ice cubes. Milk contains a certain acid that helps remove dead skin cells, so when frozen and applied on the face, you’ll feel a natural glow!

Softer Plumper Lips

How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally: 13 Tips and Products That Work!

Sick of having dull thin lips? Craving to get a plumper, bigger, and fuller lips? Well what if we told you you could do that all the way from home naturally rather than getting them done? Rubbing ice cubes on it will not only give it a rosy natural color, but will also leaving them looking more plumped and soft than you could imagine. Don’t forget to moisturize after that, that’s crucial!

Natural Makeup

The Best Skin Secret Ever? Ice Cubes. – Beyond Complexion

Most of you gals are always in a rush to be somewhere or get something done and you rarely have the time to get your make up done. The coolest trick is to spare yourself at least 2 mins to rub your face with an ice cube, it will leave you looking fresh, plumped, and also give you a natural glow without having to put make up on!




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The Chinese Secret Recipe to Curing COVID-19



Japanese Herbs

The world has been struggling to find a cure to help end this coronavirus once and for all. Many lives are being taken away from us and others are getting severely ill due to the symptoms they are carrying.

While searching desperately for a cure, the most people that have been doing so are pharmaceutical companies. Day and night, they’re looking for ways and drugs to use in hopes of ending this all. Testing malaria drugs and even the Japanese anti-viral “Avigan” has commenced but non has proven effective so far.

What if we’re looking in wrong places and testing all the wrong medications? the Chinese have been digging somewhere else for a cure, somewhere more holistic per say.

Throughout the pandemic, they have been using holistic methods such as herbs and natural remedies in order to cure or simmer down the virus, so far, results have proven that these remedies may actually help put a stop to all of this.

A Chinese scientist claims that the combination of flowering plants and honeysuckle, traditional medication per say, can actually help fight the deadly virus. people have shopped for medications, emptying pharmacies in search of a remedy.

studies and testes are on the run to find out if using a Japanese plant alongside natural remedies will heal COVID-19 patients.Traditional medication was widely known during the SARS epidemic which is why maybe, just maybe, we’re be lucky enough if this is actually the cure.

Some doctors are concocting a series of herbs for each individual who has been infected with the virus. So far, it actually has been working to help maintain the virus and lessen the severity of virus. These doctors explain the importance of precision by having to put specific doses for each patient depending on how badly the virus has affected them. In fact, when asked about how many herbs they use, the doctor replied that they concoct at least 400 herbs per patient!

If this actually works, we will forever be thankful to the ancient remedies our ancestors have been using. Maybe this is just it, maybe we don’t need medication rather than natural herbal remedies. All we’ll have to do is test trials and wait and see what will be more effective.

To better understand the process, watch the video below

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The World Discussing Easing Down Restrictions & Curfews




Around the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has hit really hard and has changed the circumstances of the way we live to the extreme. For 2020, we had so many plans and life changing events that were said to take place, but little did we know, the tables would be turned, and all of that will be put to a halt.

Unfortunately for us, the entire world was forced to undergo lockdown as well as severe precautionary measures to keep safe from the virus and to keep other individuals safe.

Social distancing has become the hype of the century, where many campaigns are being created to discuss the sole purpose and importance of social distancing. We were stripped from out rights to hug our beloved and to gather around and make memories together. At the end of the day, we know it’s for our sake and safety as well as the future safety of the entire world which is why we have been abiding by the rules.

For those who break the law, each country and city has manifested their own set of fines depending on the culture, population, and mindset of the community. Another downfall the coronavirus is that all places that may practice social gathering and include people having to be within close distance were shut down.

Malls, movies theaters, restaurants, any place you could imagine. Very few fast food chains were left open but not for people to dine in rather than for people to deliver all the way to your home.

The biggest crisis of all that is beginning to worsen is the world’s economy. Since everything is momentarily shut down and paused for safety, barely any money is making it into the economy. Especially since most of the world is donating and helping other countries who are at greater risk. Egypt, on the other hand, is dealing with the virus quite strategically and has protected their economy with certain clever tactics.

Today, countries have been discussing strategies to put an end to the virus once and for all. Their first decision is to start easing the lockdown and quarantine restrictions to enable countries to start making more money.

Discussions that are being made are thinking of starting with Europe, which personally, I decide on otherwise. From what was learned so far, Europe is suffering the most throughout this novel pandemic. At the end of the day, nothing has been presumed final yet.

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