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Kahraba to Stop Playing Football Till the End of the Year



Super Cup Fight

You must’ve all heard about the match between Zalamik and Ahly back on Thursday! And guess who won? ZAMALIK! The stadium was booming with happiness from the winner of the Egyptian Super Cup, but that’s not the only thing that happened in the stadium!

At the end of the match, the Ahly team was quite unhappy with the end score. Both teams struggled throughout the game because they had reached a tie and that lead to them battling in a penalty shootout!

Unfortunately, after the game, a huge fight broke out throughout the field! Kahraba’s reaction to Mahmoud Shikabala and Abdalla Gomaa‘s celebrations! What happened down in the field was said to be very controversial. The press claims that Zamalik players showed absolutely no respect for the crowd, team, or even Dubai by throwing fists and insulting each other!

Shikabala was the star of the fight when he disrespected the entire audience and the Ahly team by doing horrific gestures and throwing insults around! You might question what caused him to react this way in the first place! Well, rumor has it that the Ahly team chanted terrible things to him, and also that someone disrespected Shikabala’s deceased mother by insulting her! Ouch, low blow.

It would make sense that Shikabala would react this way and respond badly, I mean, it is his mother may she rest in peace. On the other hand, that doesn’t give him the right to disrespect everyone the way that he did.

We as Egyptians are proud of our own people making history and winning, especially if those team players are representing our country. Which is why Egyptian media were frustrated at the bad image the opposing team portrayed that day.

An investigation conducted by the disciplinary committee has already commenced and is currently pending on the answer of the consequences of such an incident. Everyone is eager to know what the final statement will be! Some people even believe that Shikabala deserves to be eliminated for life from the team.

Kahraba though is said to miss the next Ahly League game as consequences he has to pay for such drastic actions that occurred in that stadium in Dubai.

After all the juicy details on the rough fight that happened in the match between Zamalik and Ahly, what do you think? Do you find that the actions done by both Shikabala and Kahraba should be forgiven? Or should they be terminated from playing matches ever again?

Watch the video for the full gyst of what happened!

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Wimbledon Championships Cancelled For The First Time Since World War II




Wimbledon Championships Cancelled For The First Time Since World War II

The Wimbledon championships have been cancelled for the very first time since World War II as the coronavirus pandemic keeps spreading and cancelling along the way sports events and this time, wiping out the entire tennis grasscourt season.

This will mark the first time for Wimbledon to be canceled ever since World War II back in 1945, it will also mark the first time for the event to not be played during peacetime.

“It is with great regret that the main board of the All England Club and the committee of management of the championships have today decided that The Championships 2020 will be cancelled due to public health concerns linked to the coronavirus epidemic,” the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) said in a statement.

“The 134th Championships will instead be staged from June 28 to July 11, 2021.”


Following the cancellation of such a mega event and with the pandemic worsening in both Europe and the states, the men’s ATP Tour, women’s WTA Tour and the International Tennis Federation have all extended the suspension of professional tennis for another five weeks to July 13.

As much as it saddens us to see our most anticipated events get canceled, it comes as a necessary measure to fight off the virus and limit its spread.

On a much brighter note, not all sporting events have been cancelled yet, the French Open is postponed until September 2020 and the U.S. Open is still set to take place on August 24th.


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Gouna Hosting the “Second Annual Polo Silver Cup”




For decades, we’ve been enjoying both modern and ancient games such as Football and even Wrestling! Which is why we’re easily captivated whenever a new or unique sport is brought to Egypt.

Horses are one of the most used animals in Egypt. They’re sometimes used for entertainment and transportation, while at other times they’re used for professional riding.

Polo games originated in Central Asia back in the 6th century! Yes, the game is that old! Which is why people are psyched to finally have Polo games taking place in Egypt!

El Gouna Beach will be hosting their second annual Polo Kings Silver Cup.

Believe it or not, this is a major event happening. People will be travelling the world for such an extraordinary event. The event is to take place on the beautiful shores of sandy Gouna under the hot sun, which makes it an even better experience that you can’t miss.

This sport was said to be strictly for Kings and Princes back in the old age, but in the modern day, anyone who has any experience and passion towards horse riding as well as playing polo is free to enter!

There’ll be six teams of three that are said to be competing in the second annual cup this year. Yikes, that’ll definitely cause more exciting rivalry for us to watch.

Not only will there be the Polo Silver Cup taking place, but there’ll also be loads of ranging activities as well as parades at the Marina! So much fun in store for you guys!

People will dress to impress and get ready for the major Gala dinner said to take place as well. You can even get pony rides!

This event will be a huge blast from the past since these are things people used to do decades ago and this sport was almost dying, which is why it is super exciting for Egypt to start doing things differently by embracing all cultures around us and reviving an old sport!

There you have it folks! Get your fanciest clothes and rest up for the event we’ve all been waiting for!



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Empty Stadium Due to Zamalek’s Failure to Show Up



Empty Stadium

The Ahly and Zamalek conflicts are growing non-stop! Not only was there the fight that broke out last Thursday at the Egyptian Premier League, but also controversial point of views have  been discussed about yesterday’s scandal!

A match was to be played yesterday between both Ahly and Zamalek at precisely 7:30, but due to ‘weather conditions‘, Zamalek missed the match! What? Yes they were the ones to win last match, but yesterday’s incident left people puzzled.

Due to the heavy rain and terrible weather conditions as well as traffic jams , the referee of yesterday’s match postponed the game to 8:30 pm to allow the Zamalek team extra time to arrive and get settled in for the game.

At 8:30 pm, Zamalek team still hadn’t arrived which is when the referee gave an extra 10 minutes before calling off the match. This all leads back to the rumors that have been going around since last time’s game.

If you remember clearly, both teams got into a huge knockout with players Kahraba and Shikabala truly shaming our country by acting violently. Both players received their consequences, but Mortada Mansour is rumored to have disliked the decisions that are being taken.

Since Thursday’s match, Mortada decided that they won’t be playing the game that was to take place last night! He claims that his reasons are due to the unfair treatment between both teams, but rumor has it that he feared Zamalek would lose last nights game against Al Ahly.

Another rumor states that Mortada had originally planned to fake injuries from his players in hopes of not having to play the match. On the other hand, those rumors got leaked very quickly which is why Mortada swore he wouldn’t play the game in the first place! Do you think that’s true?

Zamalek missed yesterday’s match supposedly due to the heavy rain that’s been poring lately. Now people are skeptical about them having really missed the match. Anonymous tip claims that the Zamalek team had been stalling the entire way to the stadium by stopping at petrol stations or even supermarkets.

Either way, no one can really pin point the truth behind yesterday’s shocking incident. We’ll never truly understand the intentions behind the Zamalek team and Mortada Mansour but the fact that they missed the game earned the Ahly team 3 points automatically. Also, three points have already been deducted from the Zamalek team for having missed the match.

“We are sorry for this scene and we will apply the regulations. After coordinating with the security forces we were informed that there were no obstacles preventing both teams’ buses from arriving at the stadium,” the EFA said following the game.

With all that said, we want to know what you think! What do you believe actually happened yesterday? Do you think that the rumors are actually true or do you think that Zamalek purposely missed yesterday’s match and are just pointing fingers at the terrible weather?




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