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Empty Stadium Due to Zamalek’s Failure to Show Up



Empty Stadium

The Ahly and Zamalek conflicts are growing non-stop! Not only was there the fight that broke out last Thursday at the Egyptian Premier League, but also controversial point of views have  been discussed about yesterday’s scandal!

A match was to be played yesterday between both Ahly and Zamalek at precisely 7:30, but due to ‘weather conditions‘, Zamalek missed the match! What? Yes they were the ones to win last match, but yesterday’s incident left people puzzled.

Due to the heavy rain and terrible weather conditions as well as traffic jams , the referee of yesterday’s match postponed the game to 8:30 pm to allow the Zamalek team extra time to arrive and get settled in for the game.

At 8:30 pm, Zamalek team still hadn’t arrived which is when the referee gave an extra 10 minutes before calling off the match. This all leads back to the rumors that have been going around since last time’s game.

If you remember clearly, both teams got into a huge knockout with players Kahraba and Shikabala truly shaming our country by acting violently. Both players received their consequences, but Mortada Mansour is rumored to have disliked the decisions that are being taken.

Since Thursday’s match, Mortada decided that they won’t be playing the game that was to take place last night! He claims that his reasons are due to the unfair treatment between both teams, but rumor has it that he feared Zamalek would lose last nights game against Al Ahly.

Another rumor states that Mortada had originally planned to fake injuries from his players in hopes of not having to play the match. On the other hand, those rumors got leaked very quickly which is why Mortada swore he wouldn’t play the game in the first place! Do you think that’s true?

Zamalek missed yesterday’s match supposedly due to the heavy rain that’s been poring lately. Now people are skeptical about them having really missed the match. Anonymous tip claims that the Zamalek team had been stalling the entire way to the stadium by stopping at petrol stations or even supermarkets.

Either way, no one can really pin point the truth behind yesterday’s shocking incident. We’ll never truly understand the intentions behind the Zamalek team and Mortada Mansour but the fact that they missed the game earned the Ahly team 3 points automatically. Also, three points have already been deducted from the Zamalek team for having missed the match.

“We are sorry for this scene and we will apply the regulations. After coordinating with the security forces we were informed that there were no obstacles preventing both teams’ buses from arriving at the stadium,” the EFA said following the game.

With all that said, we want to know what you think! What do you believe actually happened yesterday? Do you think that the rumors are actually true or do you think that Zamalek purposely missed yesterday’s match and are just pointing fingers at the terrible weather?





Allianz Begins Eight-Year Worldwide Olympic & Paralympic Partnership



· Official start of worldwide partnership with Olympic & Paralympic Movements
· Allianz expands local initiatives to engage and bring together athletes, teams, volunteers and fans in more than 200 countries
· Backs Olympic & Paralympic Movements with products & services

Cairo, January 11, 2021

Allianz officially began its eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements on Jan. 1, building on a collaboration with the Paralympic Movement since 2006.

“Allianz is proud to be the „Worldwide Insurance Partner” of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements,” said Oliver Bäte, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz SE. “As a supporter of the sports ecosystem and through shared core values of excellence, friendship, inclusion and respect, Allianz and our 148,000 employees and 100,000 agents are excited to care and deliver for athletes, their families and their ambitions.”

Since announcing the partnership in September 2018, Allianz has engaged fans, athletes, teams and employees through health across four pilot markets – Australia, China, France and Spain. Allianz presented the Australian Olympic Committee’s Wellbeing Week to showcase ways to improve mental health. Allianz also worked with the Organizing Committee Olympic Games Paris 2024 to encourage people to walk and run for “Club Paris 2024”, an initiative to move and be part of the Games.

Allianz will expand local initiatives to connect with athletes and fans across the world. To name a few, Allianz will offer consumers and employees the chance to take part in Beijing 2022 Olympic Torch Relay, and will engage youth with the spirit & values of the Movements at its Allianz Sports Camps through trying sports, building friendships and learning from athletes. Furthermore, it will support the Movements with tailored insurance solutions and services.

“Having announced this new agreement in 2018, our teams have already been working together in key pilot markets to support athletes and the Olympic Movement,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “As we start this new Olympic year, we are excited to begin in earnest our global collaboration with Allianz.”

“Allianz brings global visibility to the athletes and values of the Paralympic Movement and we look forward to our next phase working together,” added IPC President Andrew Parsons.

The partnership runs from 2021-2028. More details can be found on Allianz’s website.

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Mike Tyson Returns For a Frontline Battle After 15 Years of Retirmenet




Fifteen years after retiring, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson returned for an 8-round exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday, which ended in a draw.

Tyson squared off against fellow boxing legend Jones Jr. for a fight titled “Frontline Battle.”

The rounds were 60 seconds shorter than usual and the fight was sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

“Despite the isolation and tribulations COVID-19 has caused, Tyson and Jones Jr. have shown us that when a person embraces a positive mental outlook, turns on his or her positive mental switch, all challenges can be overcome which is why we have created a one of a kind commemorative belt created specifically for the occasion,” WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán said in a news release.

Also worth mentioning is that a some of the money will go to charities that fight breast cancer and human trafficking, according to Jones Jr. Tyson’s Legends Only League will also donate a portion of proceeds to the WBC José Sulaimán Boxers Fund to support boxers who “have fallen into hard times,” the news release said.

The fight was the first of a series produced by Legends Only League.

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Farida Osman Wins Gold Medal at US Championship & Marwan El Kamash Qualifies to Olympics




Once again, our own Olympian Farida Osman succeeded in winning the gold medal at the American Open Swimming Championship in the 50-meter freestyle at a time of 10.25. Such a historic achievement for the Egyptian young swimmer who managed to claim victory during a pandemic and a global crisis.

The U.S. Open Championships are being held across nine different cities, and it’s the first major U.S. swimming event since March.

Looks like yesterday was a prideful day for Egypt as swimmer Marwan El Kamash also succeeded in qualifying for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after breaking the qualifying record for the 800-meter freestyle race and winning first place in the US Open Swimming Championships.

Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, congratulated both champions for their wonderful achievements that brought joy to all of us.

The Minister of Youth and Sports showed tremendous support and is encouraging everyone to take his lead and support the sports federations, along with both male and female players.

We offer both swimmers our warm congratulations for making us all very proud.


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