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Empty Stadium Due to Zamalek’s Failure to Show Up



Empty Stadium

The Ahly and Zamalek conflicts are growing non-stop! Not only was there the fight that broke out last Thursday at the Egyptian Premier League, but also controversial point of views have  been discussed about yesterday’s scandal!

A match was to be played yesterday between both Ahly and Zamalek at precisely 7:30, but due to ‘weather conditions‘, Zamalek missed the match! What? Yes they were the ones to win last match, but yesterday’s incident left people puzzled.

Due to the heavy rain and terrible weather conditions as well as traffic jams , the referee of yesterday’s match postponed the game to 8:30 pm to allow the Zamalek team extra time to arrive and get settled in for the game.

At 8:30 pm, Zamalek team still hadn’t arrived which is when the referee gave an extra 10 minutes before calling off the match. This all leads back to the rumors that have been going around since last time’s game.

If you remember clearly, both teams got into a huge knockout with players Kahraba and Shikabala truly shaming our country by acting violently. Both players received their consequences, but Mortada Mansour is rumored to have disliked the decisions that are being taken.

Since Thursday’s match, Mortada decided that they won’t be playing the game that was to take place last night! He claims that his reasons are due to the unfair treatment between both teams, but rumor has it that he feared Zamalek would lose last nights game against Al Ahly.

Another rumor states that Mortada had originally planned to fake injuries from his players in hopes of not having to play the match. On the other hand, those rumors got leaked very quickly which is why Mortada swore he wouldn’t play the game in the first place! Do you think that’s true?

Zamalek missed yesterday’s match supposedly due to the heavy rain that’s been poring lately. Now people are skeptical about them having really missed the match. Anonymous tip claims that the Zamalek team had been stalling the entire way to the stadium by stopping at petrol stations or even supermarkets.

Either way, no one can really pin point the truth behind yesterday’s shocking incident. We’ll never truly understand the intentions behind the Zamalek team and Mortada Mansour but the fact that they missed the game earned the Ahly team 3 points automatically. Also, three points have already been deducted from the Zamalek team for having missed the match.

“We are sorry for this scene and we will apply the regulations. After coordinating with the security forces we were informed that there were no obstacles preventing both teams’ buses from arriving at the stadium,” the EFA said following the game.

With all that said, we want to know what you think! What do you believe actually happened yesterday? Do you think that the rumors are actually true or do you think that Zamalek purposely missed yesterday’s match and are just pointing fingers at the terrible weather?




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Skateboarding a Prominent Sport in Egypt



Skateboarding, a highly admired sport in Egypt. A sport loved by youth around the world, and associated by hip hop, and streetwear, what is the hype about it? This recreational activity that involves performing tricks and a hyperactive sport. Considered by many, an form of art, method of transportation, and entertainment industry form, this action sport is loved by fans across the world. But mainly in Egypt is an art and loved wholeheartedly. Skate boarding in Egypt, is one of the most highly anticipated sports. A problem that faces skaters in Egypt is that there is no place for them to skate in or perform their tricks in such as a skate park, or a certain area. This irks the skating society, as they are eager to perform the sport on a daily basis. Special areas for skaters are a necessity for the skateboarding society, and should be provided. The Egyptian skateboarding hub, one of the most prominent leaders in the skating community, stresses the importance of the lack of a specialized area for skating, and performing stunts. The Egyptian Skateboarding Hub, most prominent groups of skaters are willing skate despite all obstacles they face. One of the most professional skaters, in the country, the talk of the town, host the most ravishing events, and largest group yet, they are just amazing. This group of skaters are the top notch in the skating society in Egypt.

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Mohamed Salah Collides with Liverpool



As red and festive the season can be, Mohamed Salah signed with Liverpool after anticipated time. After he had been in a contract standoff between Michael Edwards, and Fenway Sports Group for a period of time, he had signed with the team. In a complex negotiation, between the two, and no medium base is found, he decides to move on and find a new page to start in. His long term contract of five years is ending at the end of the next season, and in a duel between the player and the both sides where they want to find a common place . The scandal about the striker, and his ambitions is very influential and decisive about the future of him, and his team. Mohamed Salah’s decision could also influence the life of many players around the world, when dealing with their clubs. Most importantly good decision making and confidentiality is required. Mo Salah a striker, and a prominent player could cost the team so much, since he is the most paid player in the teams history. He is stuck in between two choices, and its all up to him, to click one button.

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“Ela Ana”, the Story of Champions worth Gold



“Ela Ana”, a series encompassing stories about experiences, and true hardships that occurred, through ten episodes. Each story is born with a whole new world, as a director, a screen writer and team are committed to it. With each story in the series, directors such as Ahmed Shafik, Mariam Al Ahmedy, Mahmoud Kamel, Mohamed Osama, Tamer Ashery, in addition to a list of screen writers, Abeer Soliman, Ameen Gamal, Naglaa el Hedeeny, Reem Al Kamash, Mohamed Al Dabah, and more. As the series encompasses true events, adapted from reality and lives of individuals around us, it tackles significant issues in our lives. The series adapts extensive issues, from our daily lives such as feminism, ladies striving the face of society, family complications, and social controversies. The series is a part of who we are as people, since it’s an adaptation of the lives of the audiences, their stories, daily lives, and who they are as personalities, how they feel, and think about everything. The series is like a retelling of personal experiences, and stories, each occurrence is drawn back into an astonishing image by the actors.
In the series, many occurrences where drawn, as we felt it and embraced the emotions of it, through all the lenses of women who portrayed the images. This time the story will illustrate the life of the Olympiad women who striked out success. The story will encompass, their journey and their life, not only their point of achievement but the long path that took them to where they are now. The story is about Ferial Ashraf, Hedia Malek, and Samar Hamza. This is time we are taken on a journey with them.

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