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7 Ways Men Can Address Sexual Harassment Issues



As a man, you might think that you have a minimal role in the harassment issues we have been reading about these past days. But that’s not true, your role as a man goes beyond defending young women and standing by their rights.

Here are some ways you can show support to women:

Just Listen

To show your support to women who have been sexually or physically assaulted, you need to listen to whatever they want to share about their experiences. Assure them that you care about their well-being and understand where they come from.

Sometimes, women don’t even expect you to try and jump in immediately to ‘fix’ the problem, sometimes they just want to know that you’re standing by their sides and supporting them in every way.

Ask Yourself the Following

Did I ever unintentionally hurt the feelings of a woman?

Did I ever invade a woman’s privacy in any way?

Did I ever standby as any of my friends harassed a girl?

This is called self reflection, as it’s equally important to stop and reflect on your own behavior!

End the Cycle of Silence

You need to end the cycle of silence, if a friend of yours is harassing a girl, you need to take action and stop him. Despite how close the two of you can be, there’s no excuse for him to behave in any disrespectful manner.

Stand up For Girls

Defend girls! Both in reality and online. It’s always better to hear it from a guy’s perspective, to see men agreeing with women’s rights and showing their support to the cause.

Put Aside Assumptions

Also, don’t question women. If a girl or a woman confide in you, it means they care deeply about you so never question their story.

Don’t Judge

Be empathetic not judgmental. Show and express your empathy, Girls who have been harassed go through a lot, they have experienced something that society think has damaged their reputation and livelihood, so don’t make it worse.

Be an Advocate For Equality

In Egypt, we’re not used to having men who show their advocacy to gender equality, so it would be great that for a change we can see men turning into true advocates for equality.

So don’t be scared to speak up as well, to tackle issues at your workspace, to help create a safer haven for your female colleagues.

You can model the type of workplace dynamics and behavior that promote equity and respect.

Remember, you can be the beginning of a huge change!

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Mohamed Ramadan Under Fire After Posting A Picture With an Israeli Singer




Mohamed Ramadan sparked controversy and is currently under fire for posting a picture with an Israeli singer, the thing that angered many of his fans and even though the singer and actor deleted the photo shortly after, he’s still under attack.

According to Ramadan, he didn’t know the nationality of the person and he says that normally he doesn’t ask each and every person who asks to take a picture with him about his nationality.

However, social media people shared videos of the party that Ramadan was at and they’re saying that it included many Israelis and that one of Israel’s popular songs was played during the party.

The singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan responded today to all fans saying that he normally doesn’t ask people about their nationality and that he is 100% pro the Palestinian case, attached with his tweet was a video of him with a Palestinian.

The head of the Egyptian Acting Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, confirmed during his phone call with an Egyptian TV program, that he communicated with Muhammad Ramadan, and the latter denied his knowledge of the Israeli artist, saying: “I swear to God I didn’t know who he was, I was in an Arab country and took this picture.”

What do you think? Are you with or against the action of Mohamed Ramadan?


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Tamer Hosny and Bassma Boussel Are Splitting Up and Drama Followed Them on Social Media!




After eight years of marriage, superstar Tamer Hosny and Morrocan star Bassma Boussel filed for a divorce, the news that shortly went viral.

Boussel posted on her official Instagram, a story expressing how upset she is at fans, who keep sharing photos of her and Tamer Hosny. She urges her fans to stop sending footage or tagging her and consider her feelings.

Later on, she added that they’re already in the process that follows their separation and are on the final regulations of divorce. She didn’t keep that story for long though and deleted it shortly afterwards.

The news of their divorce has gone viral in a short time, even though Boussel didn’t keep the story for long. It’s currently one of the widely discussed topics, and the couple are urging people to respect their privacy.

We wish them both the best and for god to grant them peace.


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After Months of Dispute, Assala and Ahlam Finally Reconciled!




We have some uplifting news for you! After months of dispute and tension between Assala and Ahlam, both superstars finally made up following the interference of Ahlam’s son Fahed Mubark who tweeted that his mother actually listen to Assala more than he does.

Assala then replied to his tweet expressing her love to Ahlam despite everything that happened between them, she even joked with her and asked her which song she liked the most in the album.

النجمة أصالة وأحلام وتغريدات متبادلة على تويتر

The two superstars then started to exchange tweets, to which Lebanese star Elissa replied and expressed her happiness that they have finally made up, saying that she love the both of them and wishes them good. This isn’t the first time Elissa tries to make things better between them both.


The story of this dispute first started when Ahlam congratulated Assala for her new song “Bent Akaber,” but when Assala didn’t reply on the post, Ahlam deleted it and the clash ended with her blocking Assala on Twitter.

We’re just glad that after all this time, they both admitted their love to one another and Ahlam even tweeted a reply to her son that she loves Assala more than he does.

We wish them both happiness and for things to remain peaceful between them both.



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