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Egypt Extends Flight Suspension for Two More Weeks



Minister of Information Osama Heikal has announced yesterday the extension of suspending flights for two more weeks.

Egypt has first suspended international flights to and from the country on March 19th until the end of the month. Now the extension will take place starting the first of April for two more weeks.

Flights allowing tourists to return to their countries were the only ones allowed to operate.

The news followed the announcement of nationwide curfew from 7:00 p.m until 6:00 a.m. that will be imposed starting today.


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100 Lucky People to Study Egyptology for Free




At school, we were always used to being taught staple subjects whether it be Math, History, English, or Social Studies. Our minds were never capable of expanding due to the stable subjects we were given.

As younger kids back in the days, many things drove our imagination to wander, which is why we were always hoping for more. What if we were taught Astrology or maybe even Mythology? What would our lives be like today, but most importantly, how would our minds be like?

Breaking news ,that is the best we have heard so far, is that the Egyptology Research Organization Egypt Exploration Society has gracefully decided to offer free archaeological lectures online! Can you believe it? Archaeology is a very expensive subject to learn as it is greatly enriched with so much knowledge, which is why this is a big deal!

The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) is known to be UK’s biggest funding organization for Research, Training, and Fieldwork for those who are interested in studying Egyptology. Free online lectures will be handled by expert Egyptologists who have been working in the field for decades as well as have so much knowledge to let us in on.

The EES dates back to 1882 and since then has explored a range of 150 sites amidst the Nile Valley. Not just that, but they’ve also published more than 350 volumes of the research and knowledge they have gathered!

For those of you who are eager to learn about your ancient land of Kemet, the first free lecture will take place on March 25th. The will discuss the rehousing of over 5000 glass plate negatives (photographs) from the excavations at Armant and Abydos.

The second lecture, taking place on March 24th & 26th  will cover a brief history of the Egyptian society dating back to its origins in 1982. The lectures are some sort of a webinar but unfortunately has a capacity of 100 people. Make sure to register at their EES events section on their page.

For those of you who are super excited to partake in such a memorable event, register now to be a part of the 100 lucky people who get the privilege of studying and learning more! Head to EES website and go go go !

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Ramses II Opening Postponed Due to the Pandemic



Ramses II

For the time being, Egypt has been working on several new campaigns as well as initiatives to make our country a stronger and better place. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is currently in the process of completing the restoration of Ramses II statue that is located on the West side of the Luxor Temple.

This was to be a great achievement for the Egyptian citizens but unfortunately for us, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, things were forced to change directions. At first, the initial date of the opening was to be on April 18th, but throughout the process, people wondered whether or not the virus will take a toll on this.

The statue is around 7 meters high and weigh 65 tons which is pretty huge, which is why people were quite excited for the opening. Besides that, Egyptology is an amazing thing to marvel at as well as study, our land has a rich cultural background s well as history.

Luxor Temple - Press photo

Ahmed Orabi, the Director of the Luxor Temple at the Ministry of Antiquities, has recently told the press that the assembly as well as restoration of Ramses the second is almost finished but has warned people prior that the date may be postponed due to the health catastrophe that is currently going on.

.“We are continuing with the restoration work that is 99 percent complete, to prepare the statue for the opening date that was initially set on April 18, or the new date, depending on the sudden change in plans,” stated Orabi.

Orabi has also explained that the method used to restore are of the most recent scientific methods. He also added that both Karnak and Luxor temples had undergone several changes as well to commence greeting visitors with pride.

Believe it or not, they have started working on Ramses II in September 2019 after Khaled el Anani, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, has decided to fully support the Egyptian archealogical mission that is led by Mostafa Waziri, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The Egyptian citizens will just have to wait patiently until the health crisis simmers down a bit and makes it safer for people to come visit.



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The Youth Taking A Stand Against the COVID-19




The Coronavirus pandemic is growing and spreading even more rapidly than we thought, and since we the youth are an important generation and aim in making the world a better place, the youth worldwide has taken it into their liberty to organize a crucial initiative in order to clean as well as sterilize facilities as well as streets.

So far, Egypt has confirmed that 294 cases are of  Corona and at least 10 had passed away because of it, which is why it is important to start taking care of each other.

Hurghada being one of the most major and important touristic cities amongst the Red Sea, a group of young adults had launched a campaign where they have placed sanitizes all around the streets to give the citizens a chance to sterilize themselves as well as ATM vestibules and door knobs. Don’t be too shocked but Ahmed Sayed, a well known Egyptian footballer was one of the participants.


Ahmed’s acts have shown great kindness and morality amongst us all which is why he is encouraging all the youth and young adults to participate in said initiative by stopping the Coronavirus from spreading.

Luckily for us, in another city in Egypt, Ras Gharib, people have also been participating by kindly taking people’s temperature on buses, streets, or anywhere they could find people. Another thing they have been generous in doing is providing people with hygienic tools such as masks and gloves which have been either unfound or super expensive nowadays.


In Upper Egypt in the Minya government, people also have kindly volunteered to clean out religious areas such as Mosques and Churches as well as educating people to help maintain their own safety and health.

Rather than endangering ourselves as well as the people around us, the Egyptian citizens, young adults in specific have been taking a major stand against the Coronavirus pandemic in hopes of beating it and keeping it at bay once and for all before more casualties are wrongfully taken away from us.

We encourage everyone who is deciding to go against staying safe by participating in such productive activities or actually just staying at home rather than finding ways to go out, have fun, and get each other sick. Stay smart people!


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