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Video: The Incident That Stirred Egyptians’ Anger All Over Social Media



People since yesterday have been sharing a video on all social media platforms showing how an Egyptian was treated violently by Romanian security guards on board and asking everyone to share the video as well to make it go viral.

Hassan Salamah was attacked by the Romanian security while boarding from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania to Cairo. The attack caused his wife to go into a diabetic coma and caused panic to the entire flight including young kids.

The video shows how the Romanian cops kept on pushing Salamah and trying to drag him out of the plane, which they eventually did to him and his family in addition to canceling their flight.

The video surely stirred up Egyptians’ anger on social media, accusing Romanian security forces of racism. In the video, you can hear how they were trying to stop the woman from shooting the video, and how she stood her ground and said it is her right to take a video.


In an interview with Amr Adeeb, Salamah explained the reason the quarrel broke out saying that the flight attendant asked his Moroccan wife to change seats because she was seated in the emergency row. He also said that the flight attendant told his wife that the person seated in the emergency row should be able to speak English.

The ironic thing that caused people on the plane to laugh about it, making the flight attendant feel humiliated. After a while and after the Egyptian family did switch seats, even though the previous seats were the ones given to them in the first place, security forces came to escort them out.

The husband also explained that his wife refused to remove her bag as it contained important personal belongings including their passports and money.

The flight passengers expressed their shock and disbelief of the inhumane treatment that they have witnessed against the Egyptian national, which even caused a person to faint and children to broke in hysteric screams, while another passenger was asking all travelers to get off the plane.

As soon as videos of that event were published, Egyptian and Romanian officials took action immediately.

The Egyptian counsel in Bucharest rushed to the airport, but he found that the Egyptian passenger had boarded a Turkish airliner bound to Sharm El Sheikh then to Cairo.

Ambassador Abdel Maqsoud said that Egyptian and Moroccan authorities are following with the Romanian authorities the investigations that were launched into the incident.


Flights May Resume in The Second Half of June




According to what Cabinet spokesman Nader Saad said on Sunday, Egypt is considering a ‘gradual resumption’ of international flights in the second half of June or first half of July.

Saad explained that the Cabinet is planning on having a crisis committee meeting next week to discuss the measures that need to be taken in light of the pandemic. The meeting will also go over the resumption of flights.

“The gradual resumption of flights might be during the second half of June or first half of next July,” he said.

He also added that a number of global carriers are indeed ready to carry on with flight to Egypt as of next July, especially that they “predict that Egypt is among states which will gradually open airspace.”

For the last period of time, airports have been working on implementing the necessary measures that shall be applied on board or at departure or arrival halls.

“Such measures have been implemented at a pilot level in domestic travel flights”, he said.

The Cabinet’s spokesman statements come few weeks after Egypt said a suspension of international flights at all Egyptian airports will continue “until further notice,” according to a decree by PM Mostafa Madbouly.

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Results From First Human Trial Raise Hopes For a Vaccine Against COVID-19




A glimmer of hope sparked following the first results from human trials of a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus, after US firm’s study saw positive results in a group of eight volunteers.

The hopeful results showed that each one of the volunteers produced an antibody response on a par with that seen in people who have had the disease.

Even though the results from this first-stage trial doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment will work, it is a sign of a breakthrough in a battle that shall hopefully come to an end soon.

This US study is run by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, it showed that all eight volunteers made neutralizing antibodies which were tested in human cells in the lab and stopped the virus from replicating.

The higher the vaccine dose, the more antibodies the volunteer produced.

This isn’t the first trial for a vaccine that should give you hope, as the US National Institutes of Health Moderna is also planning to start a mid-stage study soon and then begin a late-stage trial in July.

The company also hopes to have the vaccine ready by fall for emergency cases, a timeline with no precedent in the history of vaccine development.

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Why It’s A Bad Idea to Postpone the Olympics to 2022



Olympics 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been the safest option to end up cancelling or even delaying worldwide events that were said to take place this 2020. We were told to practice and maintain social distancing as well as safety precautions in hopes of remaining safe from the novel virus.

One of the most important events that people were hoping to attend and watch live on TV is the “Olympics”. This 2020, the Olympics was going to take place in Tokyo this year since every year the Olympics is situated in a certain country. But now since the coronavirus pandemic has gone viral, it was best to momentarily postpone the event.

Since the virus sparked, it was decided that the Olympics will be postponed until July 2021 which is around a year from now. Today though, discussions are arising claiming that it is impossible and that they cannot delay the Olympics more than they already have.

The President of Tokyo, Yoshiro Mori, states that they won’t be able to postpone the games even more than they already have. Yes Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister, stated that it is best to start considering a two year postponement but he has officially decided that one year is the latest they could postpone the event.

According to specialists, it is said that the Coronavirus is to last at least another two years depending on each country and the situation of the virus then. Also, famous researchers are fearing that this is the Spanish Flu all over again.  If you guys are familiar with what happened back then, you would remember that the Spanish Flu lasted around two years.

In our opinion, the safest option is to keep cautious and maintain social distancing as well as precautionary measures for the next two years to be fully sure that we have beat the war against the COVID-19. Unless we’re lucky and someone finds an ultimate cure or antiviral, its best to be safe rather than sorry.

Unfortunately the Japanese organizers are under heavy pressure from both sports associations and athletes due to the year-long postponement, so imagine having to tell them that they’ve decided to postpone it for yet another extra year than what they have previously agreed upon.

“Also thinking about athletes and issues over Games management, it is technically difficult to delay it by two years,” Mori was quoted as saying.

A well informed professor refuted saying: “To be honest with you, I don’t think the Olympics is likely to be held next year,” said Kentaro Iwata, a professor of infectious diseases at Kobe University.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out but for the time being let us remain optimistic.


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