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Video: The Incident That Stirred Egyptians’ Anger All Over Social Media



People since yesterday have been sharing a video on all social media platforms showing how an Egyptian was treated violently by Romanian security guards on board and asking everyone to share the video as well to make it go viral.

Hassan Salamah was attacked by the Romanian security while boarding from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania to Cairo. The attack caused his wife to go into a diabetic coma and caused panic to the entire flight including young kids.

The video shows how the Romanian cops kept on pushing Salamah and trying to drag him out of the plane, which they eventually did to him and his family in addition to canceling their flight.

The video surely stirred up Egyptians’ anger on social media, accusing Romanian security forces of racism. In the video, you can hear how they were trying to stop the woman from shooting the video, and how she stood her ground and said it is her right to take a video.


In an interview with Amr Adeeb, Salamah explained the reason the quarrel broke out saying that the flight attendant asked his Moroccan wife to change seats because she was seated in the emergency row. He also said that the flight attendant told his wife that the person seated in the emergency row should be able to speak English.

The ironic thing that caused people on the plane to laugh about it, making the flight attendant feel humiliated. After a while and after the Egyptian family did switch seats, even though the previous seats were the ones given to them in the first place, security forces came to escort them out.

The husband also explained that his wife refused to remove her bag as it contained important personal belongings including their passports and money.

The flight passengers expressed their shock and disbelief of the inhumane treatment that they have witnessed against the Egyptian national, which even caused a person to faint and children to broke in hysteric screams, while another passenger was asking all travelers to get off the plane.

As soon as videos of that event were published, Egyptian and Romanian officials took action immediately.

The Egyptian counsel in Bucharest rushed to the airport, but he found that the Egyptian passenger had boarded a Turkish airliner bound to Sharm El Sheikh then to Cairo.

Ambassador Abdel Maqsoud said that Egyptian and Moroccan authorities are following with the Romanian authorities the investigations that were launched into the incident.

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A Girl Harassed and Killed By Three Men In Maadi




As we write this, we’re in deep and shock at what happened to a young victim in Maadi. A girl in her mid-twenties attacked by harassers to a death point…

The horrific incident happened in one of the streets of Maadi, the young girl was walking home, when suddenly three men started harassing her and when she tried to get away, the three men attacked her and dragged her for several meters on the asphalt.

Luckily, security services managed to identify three suspects after unloading footage from the security cameras around the area. Alerts have been sent out for the arrest of the three men responsible!

Our deepest condolences go to her family and friends, we’re still at shock and despair of what happened.


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This is How Egypt is Preparing For The Possible Second Wave of Coronavirus




A second wave of the coronavirus is expected to hit and here’s how Egypt is preparing to face it!

Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed said that if the wave does hit, Egypt will not force another lockdown and that it is preparing to face the second wave.

Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed told the 67th session of the World Health Organization Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean on Tuesday, that Egypt has learned from the first wave not to resort to the strategy of shutting down completely or even partially.

“This is the lesson we learned from the first wave; that countries should not resort to this strategy the way they did during the first wave, but should rather respond to surges in cases within localised [population] clusters,” Zayed said.

“However, all [precautionary] health measures will remain in place in the upcoming wperiod,” Zayed assured.

The minister also added that 2,300 persons have volunteered to undergo clinical trials in Egypt so far, and that 1,770 people have been subjected to full research.

The vaccine will be prepared at Factory 60 at VACSERA, the minister added.

Minister Hala Zayed also assured us that a number of 600 hospitals across the country are fully prepared to deal with any possible or sudden rise in number of cases.

During a press conference held in coordination with WHO, Zayed said: “we developed 45 fever and chest hospitals, and the development process of the remaining hospitals is underway.”

On an individual level, we must as well be prepared for a second wave and take precautionary levels to keep the number of cases at bay.



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Egypt Will Build the World’s Largest Spinning Factory




The Holding Company for Cotton, Spinning, Weaving and Garments has signed a deal to build the largest spinning factory in the world right here in Egypt, at Misr Spinning and Weaving Company in El-Mahalla El-Kubra.

A statement by Ministry of Public Business Sector announced on Thursday. This comes in light of the Ministry’s plan to implement a comprehensive development plan for cotton and weaving industries.

The statement also indicated that the factory will be established on an area of ​​about 62,500 square meters, with the ability to accommodate more than 182 thousand spinners, with an average production capacity of 30 tons/day.

The construction work will begin soon and shall take around 14 months, with an estimate cost of around LE 780 million.

The contract was signed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Spinning and Weaving, Ahmed Mustafa, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Gamma Construction Ayman Saad.

“The plan to develop cotton and spinning and weaving companies takes about two and a half years at a cost that exceeds LE 21 billion, and includes a complete modernization in construction and machinery – which was contracted to supply from major international companies – and a comprehensive development in management, marketing and training systems,” the ministry added.

The aim of this ambitious plan is to turn 10 companies into strong entities, in order to double their current production capacity by 3 times. This way, these entities will be able to compete on a higher level.


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