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Video: The Incident That Stirred Egyptians’ Anger All Over Social Media



People since yesterday have been sharing a video on all social media platforms showing how an Egyptian was treated violently by Romanian security guards on board and asking everyone to share the video as well to make it go viral.

Hassan Salamah was attacked by the Romanian security while boarding from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania to Cairo. The attack caused his wife to go into a diabetic coma and caused panic to the entire flight including young kids.

The video shows how the Romanian cops kept on pushing Salamah and trying to drag him out of the plane, which they eventually did to him and his family in addition to canceling their flight.

The video surely stirred up Egyptians’ anger on social media, accusing Romanian security forces of racism. In the video, you can hear how they were trying to stop the woman from shooting the video, and how she stood her ground and said it is her right to take a video.


In an interview with Amr Adeeb, Salamah explained the reason the quarrel broke out saying that the flight attendant asked his Moroccan wife to change seats because she was seated in the emergency row. He also said that the flight attendant told his wife that the person seated in the emergency row should be able to speak English.

The ironic thing that caused people on the plane to laugh about it, making the flight attendant feel humiliated. After a while and after the Egyptian family did switch seats, even though the previous seats were the ones given to them in the first place, security forces came to escort them out.

The husband also explained that his wife refused to remove her bag as it contained important personal belongings including their passports and money.

The flight passengers expressed their shock and disbelief of the inhumane treatment that they have witnessed against the Egyptian national, which even caused a person to faint and children to broke in hysteric screams, while another passenger was asking all travelers to get off the plane.

As soon as videos of that event were published, Egyptian and Romanian officials took action immediately.

The Egyptian counsel in Bucharest rushed to the airport, but he found that the Egyptian passenger had boarded a Turkish airliner bound to Sharm El Sheikh then to Cairo.

Ambassador Abdel Maqsoud said that Egyptian and Moroccan authorities are following with the Romanian authorities the investigations that were launched into the incident.


What’s Happening in the Amazon Rainforest




Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has been hit with raging wildfires and according to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) fires have reached a record number, with nearly 73,000 fires detected in 2019.

Scientists warn that this could lead to a devastating blow to the stand against climate change, because the Amazon are known to be the planet’s lungs as they produce 20% of the oxygen in the planet’s atmosphere, that’s why it plays a vital role at keeping the climate change in check.


The Rainforest is also home to various number of species of fauna and flora. Roughly half the size of the United States, it is the largest rainforest on the planet.

The wildfires have been going on for quite some time now and since Thursday, INPE satellites showed more than 9,500 new forest fires as the raging infernos continue to grow.

The situation is unbelievable and several images and videos have gone viral on social media showing how the smoke reached all the way to the city of São Paulo, turning its skies to pitch black in the middle of the afternoon as smoke and ash took over the skies and blocked the sun.

Day turns to night in São Paulo

According to INPE, more than fields of the Amazon rainforest are being destroyed every minute of every day, and people worldwide are expressing their horror on social media calling out for any action to be taken immediately.

The Brazilian state of Amazons has declared an emergency in the south of the state and in its capital Manaus, in addition to putting Peru on environmental alert since Friday.


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Egyptian Artefact Spotted in Nasa’s Photo of Mars Opens Debates and Conspiracy Theories




UFO expert Scott Waring opens a very interesting debate about ancient Egypt after one of NASA’s photos of Mars showed what looked like an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

This won’t be the first time to spot an object that looks exactly like ones that date back to ancient Egypt, as this coincides with a previous discovery of an object that resembled the head of an Egyptian statue on the Red Planet.

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring claims that this strange rock is actually an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

Scott used photo-editing tools to color the object, which he spotted in a Nasa photo of the red planet. 

This discovery led Scott to start questioning where ancient Egyptians really came from? He is backing up his theory with the claim that Egypt is quite similar to Mars in both the weather and appearance, so it would make perfect sense for them to move from Mars to Egypt.

“I’ve got an interesting discovery on Mars that is going to rock archaeology,” Scott said in a YouTube video about the find.

“There is an Ancient Egyptian tomb of sorts carved into the side of this mountain on Mars.

“Are ancient Egyptians from Mars? Did they then move to Egypt? Egypt is very similar in appearance and weather to that of Mars. No other place on Earth looks much like Mars.”

“So if this is true, it totally explains why such amazing pyramids are built way out in the middle of nowhere,” he added. “It’s because it was the closest home that they could come.”

What does this mean for us? Does it mean that our ancestors are actually aliens? Does this mean WE are actually aliens who belong in outer space and not here on Earth?

Well, none of these questions can be answered as Waring’s claims are not yet backed up by scientific evidence. So far, space scientists and astronomers didn’t find any trace or signs that there was once a life on Mars.


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National Cancer Institute to Resume its Operations After Eid




Chairman Hatem Abou El Kassem announced that the National Cancer Institute will resume its full operation after Eid El-Adha. 

The institute is currently working at half capacity only and patients are being treated at clinics, radiotherapy and chemotherapy units.

The restoration works began shortly after the unfortunate explosion that hit the building on August 4th. The place saw generous donations from prominent and public figures which certainly helped withe restoration process.

On August 5th, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan donated 50M EGP to help fund the restoration works of the National Cancer Institute.

Our very own Mo Salah also made a generous donation of 3 million dollars!

The incident caused severe damage to the facilities and patients were promptly transferred to other hospitals.


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