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How the Internet Reacts To Mo Salah Injury



Mohamed Salah Injury

We have been going insane since last night match between Liverpool and Real Madrid! we are still in shock of what Ramos did to our Egyptian King, which by the way was extremely unethical. The topic has been trending on Twitter ever since.

Here is how celebrities reacted to our very own Mo Salah:

Fifi Abdo:


Naguib Sawiris:


Ibrahim Fayek:


Salt Bae:





Mohamed Henedy:

Egypt National Football Team:

Jamila Awad:


Ashraf Hamdi:

Evan Hill:

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Uber Plans to buy its rival company in the Middle East ‘Careem’




Uber is announcing a $3.1 billion acquisition of Careem in a cash and stock deal, that is happening this Tuesday, Bloomberg also reported that Uber intents on paying $1.4 billion in cash and $1.7 billion in convertibles notes for Careem as Uber shares.

The Dubai-based company shareholders that includes Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s investment firm and Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten Inc. have until Monday night to study and discuss the offer, and the decision is expected to be made as early as Tuesday.

According to Bloomberg, none of the spokespeople for Uber and Careem gave a comment on the matter, whereas Uber’s spokesperson Matt kallman refused to give out any statements, Careem’s spokesperson Maha Aboul Enein was unavailable for a comment.

This bid is considered to be one of the biggest-ever listings of the New York Stock Exchange, and it has come before an imminent initial public offering.

It is believed that Uber is publicly filing for its IPO in April, meaning that the company’s value is expected to increase to USD 120 billion. And with Careem out of the way, Uber will thus be monopolizing the region; which will make the stock a much more valuable one.

Also, let’s not forget, that on top of all that, Saudi Arabia is one of the company’s largest backers; which increases the chances of receiving more funding due to the wealth fund of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, some problems is expected to surface after this take over happens, problems that both companies have been facing in term of regulations with the Egyptian Competition Authority and the threat they impose on the merger through a potential fine worth USD 28 million.


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Sherine Abdel Wahab Banned From Singing after Insulting Egypt




The Musicians Syndicate announced in a statement released on Thursday, March 21, announcing that Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has officially been banned from singing in Egypt after insulting the country in a concert performance in Bahrain.

The singer was banned for questioning the freedom of speech in Egypt, saying that: ‘’ I can talk here with complete freedom, in Egypt anyone who talks freely is going to be jailed’’ said Abdel Wahab, during the concert.

Lawyer Samir Sabry submitted a complaint against the singer to the Egyptian general prosecutor accusing her of insulting Egypt during her latest concert in Bahrain.

Later that day, Sherine interfered in a phone call during a TV interview with Amr Adeeb, in which she apologized once again, claiming that she was only joking, and that she is very upset over everything being said against her.

“I am very tired. I made a mistake. I am sorry. I appeal the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt, who is our father. I feel that I was persecuted. I did nothing. I love Egypt,” she said.

While the incident angered several people, others are standing with the Egyptian singer and a hashtag supporting her is now trending on social media, asking for authorities to forgive the incident.

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شيري فنّانه رفيعة المستوى … طيّبه عفويه لدرجة ، قد لاتُصيبُ بالتّعبير عمّا لاتقصد، وأنا كغيري الكثير ممّن يعرفونها، على ثقة بأنّها ستتريّث فيما لايجب أنّ يحصل ، وثقتنا بالفنّان الكبير الأستاذ هاني شاكر، كبيره بأنّ يكون له طيب الأثر، بوقفة مع مطربة يفخر بها الفنّ ، غذّت المشاعر ، وقوّمت قلوب ، وتغنّت بجميع أنواع المشاعر ، وتألّقت بأغاني الوطن ، وأنّ تمرّ هذه المحنة على خير ، وكلّنا ثقه بأنّها ستزيد تألّقاً ، في عالم يحتاجها ، إنّ شكّ يوماً بولاءها ، حتماً سيرجع يصفح عنها ، لأنّها منه وهو يزهو بها #أصاله #متضامن_مع_شيرين @sherine

A post shared by Assala (@assala_official) on


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49 Muslims killed in New Zealand Mosque terror attack




Earlier today, Muslims in New Zealand faced a horrific act of terrorism in which a number of extremists attacked two mosques in Christchurch; resulting in the death of around 49 people and the injury of dozens.

Among the dead is at least a child and a number of female worshipers, in addition to a number of teenagers who were also reported to have been fallen victims of the attack.

It is still not clear what exactly happened, but police reports indicated that 4 people are currently in custody. But investigations are still going on to know whether or not these four were involved in the shootings.

The four people include three men and one woman. Among the men is an Australian citizen, right-wing terrorist by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. New Zealand police say one male – in his late twenties – has been previously charged with murder.

With investigations still going on, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden indicated that “this will be one of New Zealand’s darkest days”.

The shooting at Al Noor Mosque, that is located in central Christchurch, happened around Friday prayers, meaning that many Muslims were likely inside at the time.

We are infuriated to have woken up on such horrific news, and our hearts and prayers go to the families of the victims, and all the Muslims in New Zealand.



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