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Zay el Shams: Our Own Theories on Who and Why Killed Farida?



People on social media are taking the Farida case way too seriously, seeing how assumptions are flooding the social media and surprisingly, they are being made based on what appears to be a thorough analysis of each character!

Theories of how the show will end are also taking part of daily discussions, and it looks like people will remain restless until the truth is unveiled.

The thing is each and every person has solid, valid point of view. Like I said, they are truly based on thorough analysis and logical justification.

You have said yours, it is time we lay out ours!

1- Omar

Now the obvious suspect is Omar, which is exactly why, we are not suspecting him. Because why choose to end the series in an obvious way! Unless that is the point, that the answer has always been right in front of us, clear as daylight?

And honestly, he does have all the motives, what with the children’s custody case, and the many scenes that shows his hatred towards Farida.

All the events happening now, are leading us to believe it’s Omar, which again is making us highly doubt such an expected ending. Or not, no one knows…

2- Nour

My very own theory is quite the twisted one, because I’m pointing my finger towards Nour! And yes, she was in London at the time (supposedly), and she is her sister… But who knows? Maybe it was accidental, maybe she didn’t kill her on purpose. Remember the first episode when the statue of the two sisters broke? Also, as I said before, the character development of Nour is very disappointing, and that’s why, I’m not buying it!

I’m not buying the whole, strong independent falling back in the arms of her ex cheating fiance, especially in a time where her nephews and niece need her the most. So, my theory is, not only did she do it, but she is also trying to frame Omar for it. Hence, she took his case.

Told you it was quite the complex, twisted theory!

3- The Lawyer

Gamal Soliman appeared before, but he didn’t get us suspicious until his wife appeared to be pretty mad about Nour’s phone call. Also, from the memories of Farida, it looks like he wanted to be more than just her lawyer and let’s all admit it, it was creepy and perverted!

My theory regarding this is that he might have physically harassed Farida, and being the courageous woman that she is, she threatened to tell and ruin his career, and oh well, you know the drill!

4- Seif

Here’s why I don’t think he did it! I believe that Seif really is sick, a sick person madly in love with Farida. And even if he did it, my theory is that he will be in a full denial that he killed the love of his life.

5- The Doctor

Just yesterday, we found out that Farida has had a crush on him, to which he didn’t respond to her. But that is what he is saying! And maybe, Farida couldn’t accept the idea of a man rejecting her, and did something very stupid.

Something very stupid, that triggered him to kill her.

At the end of the day, it looks like we will have to just wait and watch…


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Oscar Nominated Movie ‘Poisonous Roses’ Receives its 16th Award




The Egyptian film, Ward Masmoum has succeeded in winning the award for Best Film at Morocco’s City and Cinema Festival, which now brings the total awards to 16 since its world premiere in last year’s international Film Festival Rotterdam.

The Oscar nominated movie Ward Masmoom (Poisonous Roses) is a story about a cleaning lady named Ta7eya who lives in poverty and in constant fear that her brother would one day abandon her for a better life abroad.

The film has already been awarded a number of local and international awards, including 4 at the Cairo Film Festival.

Adapted from a novel by Ahmed Zaghloul El Sheity, the film stars Mahmoud Hemeida, Safaa El Tokhy, Ibrahim El-Nagari, Merihan Magdi, and Mohamed Berakaa. 


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The Iconic Lamis Al Hadid Returns to Present a New Media Era




As of October 20, ‘Al Arabiya’ group will reach out to a wider scale of audience in Egypt and the region with a one of a kind program in the Arab world presented by the Iconic TV presenter ‘Lamis Al-Hadidi‘ through a program that will cater to all the different segments and especially the youth.

The program, entitled “Cairo Now“, represents a distinguished return of Al-Hadidi to her first press home that witnessed her start, represented by Al Arabiya Group, a place that witnessed her winning several awards and saw her become one of the most prominent TV presenters in the region.

The program will reflect the new innovative ways of Al-Arabiya in reaching out to the younger segment, as the program will air the first hour on TV and then the second hour on social media via live streaming. This marks a new milestone in Arab broadcasting, as this technique is the first format of its kind.

Al-Arabiya Group chose the channel ‘Al Hadath’ to present the new program in its innovative style, seeing how the the channel has been distinguished since its launch in 2012 with its unique regional editorial style, which is based on the intensity of direct transmission of regional and global events with an in-depth analytical studio that hosts high-profile figures.

“I am delighted to be returning to my first home, Al Arabiya, which I worked in for years at the beginning of my media career as an economic reporter from Cairo,” commented Lamis Al-Hadidi, one of the most influential TV presenters in the Arab world.

“I am even prouder to have my new launch on the screen of Al-Hadath, a channel that has proved in recent years its credibility and efficient work which thus earned the respect of Arab viewers.” Al-Hadidi added.

From his part, General Manager of Al Arabiya Group, Nabil Al Khatib said, : “We are always keen on adopting new innovative methods and on reaching a wider segments of viewers, that’s why we have chosen Lamis Hadidi for this beginning of a new media era that redefines ‘Al-Hadath‘ channel and allow it to reach a wider audience.”

“The viewer is no longer just a recipient, but rather an interactive viewer who has the right to be reached out to through platforms of his liking, whether that platform is a TV or a digital device. This is what the program ‘Cairo Now’ promises, it is keen on delivering a new media experience for the younger age. The program will be broadcast on Sunday and Monday every week between 9 and 11 pm Cairo time.” Al-Khatib added.


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Biota: The Safe Haven You longed for it to Reopen




A while ago, Cairo residents lost one of their favorite places when both Seqouia and Left Bank shut down, which housed most our memories and was a safe haven to many. We then waited eagerly for another place to take over and replace our memories with new ones and a few months back, our patience was rewarded when we were greeted with the replacement, Biota. It was after all, the location itself that we held very dearly and Biota certainly didn’t disappoint and met our high expectations.

After visiting the place, we had several questions spiraling through our minds and luckily we got the chance of interviewing the man behind it all and getting to know how he managed , at a young age, to replace a beautiful place with an even more mesmerizing one.

Here is what Omar Salem, the managing director, had to say about his success!
We started by asking the obvious which is how he was able to start off such a successful business, turns out it’s a family business that he was part of since 2015 when they started off with a branch in North Sahel and then started their expansion in Cairo. Explains his wide knowledge and experience in managing such a huge FMCG entity!

We have all wondered how he was able to attain the complex from Seqouia and Left Bank, to which he explained that one day while passing by the place, he saw that the place is going up for an auction following the end of their contact and that’s when he decided, ‘why not.’
At the time, he didn’t have a plan on what he was going to do with the place if he gets it but one thing he knew for sure was that he wanted to create a complex, which turned out to quite nice.

We were also lucky to have had an exclusive tour of the kitchen, let me tell you it wasn’t easy being around all these mouthwatering plates, Salem escorted us himself and told us that everything even the meat is done there to be under their watch and supervision.
When we asked him about his vision of the place, Salem told us: ‘I wanted the resemblance of having a good location along with the proper hospitality and this is what we try to do here.’

We then asked him about the concept of Biota and how he sees the place, ‘I want the people to come to Biota and have the chance to spend a full day, that’s why we also have fitness, beauty, art and fashion.’ Yes people, Biota just opened a beauty salon and they still have a lot in store for you in terms of delivering you with a full service complex that keeps up with your lifestyle.
‘These are the other elements added on to Biota that makes it something else, and not just a restaurant, but a full complex where people can find everything they need.’ Amen to that!

In terms of how he manages the complex, Salem further tells us that he aspires to make people feel like home, in any place that he runs, he makes sure to hire the friendliest staff, give them proper training, invest in them, all of which will eventually result in making everyone happy.
Biota certainly made it up for us and I, personally, can’t wait to create brand new memories in a place that already feels familiar and warm.

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