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Your Travel Guide for Popular Attractions in Bali Ubud



Bali has become the most popular island holiday destination in Indonesia, and lately became a top romantic destination for honeymooners; because of its exotic nature and breathtaking scenery. It’s known for the marvelous attractions of temples and palaces that are set against stunning natural backdrops. My advice for those interested in traveling to Bali would be to divide their stay to Ubud, Seminyak and Kuta. Each area is special in its own way, because while Ubud greets you with its nature, Seminyak offers exciting clubbing and packed dance floors. The kind of diversity that you sure will be seeking during your trip.

From my own experience at Ubud, here is a list of places that are a must visit:

1- Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest, aka the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, is one of Ubud’s most popular attractions; as it’s a natural forest sanctuary that is home to a horde of grey long-tailed macaques. As an animal lover myself, I have always wanted to see them in their natural habitat and not behind bars. This is exactly why I enjoyed being surrounded with my favorite animal.

Tip: If you want to take a photo with a monkey, hold your palm up with some food in it, but be ready for monkeys to jump on you at any time!

2- Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The huge rice terrace is another popular attraction, the greenery there is breathtaking especially at sunset. Another highlight to go to nearby is the quaint village of Pakudui, where you can find an extraordinary variety of ornamental woodwork and various carvings. The shops nearby also sell the nicest local clothes, so make sure you don’t miss out on them.

Tip: wear comfy shoes because you’ll be going down long steps, and it might get muddy as well.

Near by are the coffee fields, where you get to taste their variety of coffees whilst enjoying a splendid view of the fields. Don’t go cheap when it comes to coffee shopping, because for a caffeine addict, this will be your heaven on Earth, so make sure you take some home.

3- Lempuyang Temple

One of my absolute favorites, and definitely worth the trip up to the top. The temple is literally so high that your pictures there are as if you’re standing between the clouds. The best views are higher up the stairs, where you can see all the way across the green forested slopes and neighboring Mount Agung. But only hikers will enjoy reaching this high point via a steep staircase of over 1,700 steps, but don’t worry, for the not so athletic as myself, you can pay a car to drive you up to the top, but expect a bumpy ride!
4- Finnis Beach Club 

Whether it is Finnis or any other club, spending a day at a beach club is a definite must! I mean can you name a better combination than the beach, good food and music? It won’t even cost you as much as you may think, because with a certain amount, you will have a nice comfy setting, access to the bathrooms, the beach and your choice for a meal and two drinks. And let me tell you, swimming in an island is a whole other experience.

5- Bali Swing 

The swings there are one of the reasons many now know about Bali, but what you might not know is that there are several ones, and their prices vary. So compare between prices, ask if they have life insurance (better safe than sorry) and ask them to check the pictures taken by tourists, and happy swinging!

Bali is beautiful and is surely one of the destinations closest to my heart, and so if you’re not going there for a honeymoon, substitute the fancy villa with a cheaper one, I stayed in Puri Suksma Ubud and it was a nice little hotel with a stunning view. Of course it isn’t like staying at a fancy villa that overlooks the rice terrace or coffee fields but it will definitely do.

One thing that bothered me personally was their currency. You can spend millions there, yes literally speaking, because 100 dollars equal a million and something rupiah! So as a person who sucks at math, it was hectic for me. Especially that you have to compare the prices of trips in dollars, so you would know how to bargain. So my advice is, choose a math geek to join your group.

Other than that, the experience at Bali is a new one, and can be enjoyed at a very reasonable price if you don’t go all fancy.



Egypt’s Red Sea Mountain Trail Makes it to TIME’s List of World’s Greatest Places




TIME magazine released on Thursday their second annual list of the World’s Greatest Places which features 100 destinations from around the world that offer tourists an extraordinary experience, and Egypt’s Red Sea Mountain Trail has made it to the prestigious list.


This list is created through a number of nominations from the magazine’s own editors and correspondents, in addition to experts in the industry. Categories vary from restaurants, landmarks, to hotels and theme parks, and they are divided into places to visit, to stay and places to eat&drink.

The Red Sea Mountain Trail is a community tourism initiative that was developed five years ago and was founded by British geographer, Ben Hoffler with the help of mountaineer and adventurer, Omar Samra.


The project aims at supporting the Bedouin community economically, while at the same time preserving their endangered cultural heritage, the Trail is headed by Sheikh Merayi Abu Musallem of the Bedouin Khushmaan tribe of Maaza, which is yet another move at empowering Bedouins to take charge in developing sustainable adventure tourism for their own areas.





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Baron Palace: What You Need to Know About the Ongoing Restoration Process




The Baron Palace, one of Cairo’s most prestigious and astounding landmarks will open its doors to welcome the public next October as 90% of the renovation process that began last year has been completed.

Restoration process started last year in August and had cost around 100 million EGP. Now, the long wait is almost over as Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, has announced that 90% of the restoration project has been indeed completed.

You may have heard of the controversy that surrounded the renovation process when pictures of the palace emerges with another burnt sienna color, many found it outrages and began complaining about how the restoration process has ruined the beauty of the place and that the outer color isn’t a match to the previous light beige.

In response to these speculations, the minister of antiquities toured the historic palace for a follow up on the development of the restoration project. The minister then assured the public that the color hasn’t been changed and that they are the same as the original ones, only that the impact of weather and time caused people to believe the palace’s color changed after its restoration.

The Baron Palace is truly a one of a kind architectural masterpiece that was built by the Belgian millionaire Édouard Empain, who came to Egypt at the end of the 19th century from India. The palace is located in the heart of Heliopolis in Cairo and covers an area of around 12.5 thousand meters.

The palace is designed in a unique way in which it allows the sun rays to enter all of its rooms and lobbies, this is one of many reasons that make the palace one of the most luxurious palaces in Egypt.


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Giza’s Bent Pyramid Opens To The Public For The First Time




Egypt has opened the Bent pyramid of Dahshur to visitors, the pyramid was built for the pharaoh Sneferu and is considered to be a key step in the evolution of pyramid construction.

The pyramid is now open to the public after restoration works have been completed, and as of last weekend the public are now allowed into the massive 4,600-year-old pyramid and can climb its 79-metre narrow tunnel from a raised entrance that leads to two chambers inside.

A man walking through the passage in the ‘bent’ pyramid of King Snefuru.

Visitors will also have access to an adjoining 18-metre high “side pyramid” that was possibly built for Sneferu’s wife Hetepheres, the pyramid is now open for the very first time since its excavation back in 1956.

Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany also reported on Saturday that Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered a collection of stone, clay, wooden sarcophagi and mummies, in the Dahshur royal necropolis. All of which were uncovered during on-going excavation work that took place near the pyramid.

Anany also exclaimed that the Bent Pyramid along with other pyramids located in the area of Dahshur are all registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We hope that such astounding discoveries and restoration to ancient landmarks can spur tourism and drive more tourists to the historical parts of Egypt.



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