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Best Dating Spots around Cairo, According to Your Relationship Status



Brunch at Left Bank:

A casual brunch in a nice day-time-centric restaurant is ideal for first dates. Left Bank, located in Abu AlFeda, Zamalek, is an open, specious restaurant by the Nile. The fresh cozy atmosphere is perfect for breaking the ice; if that relaxing atmosphere doesn’t do, a couple of drinks by the Nile breeze will ease down any awkwardness.

Tap with the squad:

Few weeks later and it’s about time for your partner to meet your friends, and the spot is The Tap, Maadi. The chill friendly bar will get everyone along, the plenty of super cool multi-player games will get them engaged. The coolest part is you can order a massive portable draft tap to your table and act as if you are the bartender.

Love in the Chez Jean Claude air:

Located in El Tagamoua El Awel, Chez Jean Claude is made for the first “I love yous” and all the lovey dovey promises; and we can’t forget the romance of Italy and the taste of France

Spice it up at Sakkara:

Time can dim your love spark; getting caught up in routine and mundane life is huge threat to your very stable relationship. How about a little retreat and some spoiling up? Sakkara country club is a chill spot with a pool, palm trees and renovated suites in Sakkara road, ElHaram. Spend the day with your loved one sipping on Martinis by the pool, and watch the sunset together in romantic scenery


After the First Big Fight
Every relationship hits that first barrier where something blows out of proportion and you pretty much think the other is a dickhead. What better way to express your frustration than a good ol’ one and one shoot out at Adrenalin Paintballing! After you let it all out, you can then kiss it all better.

Fight, make up and paintball: 

Big fights are inevitable, and you as a couple need to figure out a way to work on your arguments and misunderstanding to find a common ground. The best way to make up is to let it all out, in a healthy way of course! Take your partner, and go for a paintball fight at Adrenalin Park in 6th of October City,

Meet the folks at Al-Azahar Park:

Before you judge our perfectly selected choices, take a look at Al-Azhar Park Trianon restaurant. The breath taking view and the tasty food will definitely leave the impression you seek on your loved one’s family.  


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Tamer Hosny Breaks Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi




Our very own pop star Tamer Hosny performed last night at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall a song that he wrote in honor of the UAE’s year of tolerance. That’s not all, as the star got to break a Guinness World record at the mall with the help of his fans.

Up until Thursday, fans kept posting messages to the star with the hope that he would collect the most contributions ever made to a bulletin board and that way, break a new Guinness World Record. Which impressively, they managed to make it happen!

The Marina Mall shared a number of the messages that Hosny received, saying they had received “a lot of positive and many influential messages” for Hosny.

Last night was certainly Hosny’s night as he got to break the record for being the most inspirational and influential star in the world, it is also worth mentioning that he broke his own record with twice the number this year!

“My entry to Guinness World Record will be a historical victory for every Egyptian and Arab … my greatest joy is making history with my art.” The star said prior to his win.

Congratulations to the superstar, we couldn’t be any prouder of him!


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Egypt Jumps Up Four Places in the Climate Change Performance Index for 2019




Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad announced on Wednesday that Egypt has managed to jump four places in the Climate Change Performance Index for 2019 and now ranks the 24th place out of 57 evaluated countries.

The minster said in a press release that this progress is because of the many attributions that Egypt has adopted in addressing the effects of climate change, one of these attributions was participating in the presidential summit on climate change in Madrid.

Egypt has also received an invitation to join the COP25 climate change conference, which will take place in Madrid from December 2nd till the 13th.

According to a study by the Climate Change Performance Index 2019, Egypt successfully scored a total of 57.49 points, and Egypt is expected to continue this incredible progress through the promising plans and initiatives that will address the effects of climate change and hopefully help put an end to it.


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Mansour Mobilizes to Phase Out One-Use Plastic Bags




The Mansour Group is proud to continue its environmentally friendly efforts by selling reusable, locally produced shopping bags at its Fresh Food Market stores.

The new waterproof eco-friendly bags are large, durable, and produced in partnership with the Degla Community Development Foundation, an organization that employs and empowers more than 65 skilled female bread earners.

Fresh Food Market is a premium retail gourmet chain and is part of the Metro Markets company owned by Mansour.

These efforts are a result of round-table discussions between Mansour, the Ministry of the Environment, and The Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe. The aim is to reduce Egypt’s reliance on plastic bags and move to safer alternatives.

Mansour’s environmental initiative aims to reduce reliance on plastic bags. They encourage their shoppers to buy locally produced bags instead of using plastic bags. They are also planning to implement these changes at all of their Metro and Kheir Zaman stores.

In 2015, they were able to reduce their overall annual electrical consumption by a third after converting all existing retail, factory, and building lights to efficient L.E.D. lighting. Such initiatives are part of Mansour’s broader environmental policies.

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