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Best Breakfast Spots in Alexandria



The weekend is around the corner, so it’s about time for fresh air and yummy breakfast by the seaside. Alexandria is your best getaway as it’s only a two hour drive from Cairo. Plus, these days the weather is just perfect and the city is not too crowded compared to summer time.

As it goes without saying, when in Alexandria you have seafood for lunch or dinner, but what about the main meal of your day?

Aside from regular clichés, here are the best places to have a delicious breakfast in Alexandria:

1. Bruxies: new, original, and fresh

This comes at the top of the list because no one can beat their fresh bakery in Alexandria. They have an outstanding selection of bread, croissants, muffins, and doughnuts; all homemade freshly baked. They offer a mouth-watering breakfast menu with hearty omelets, a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and great coffee. I like the fact that everything about it is an Egyptian brand with international quality. Lately, they opened a new branch by the seaside in Stanly. You can google their other branches in Alexandria. Their prices are a little above average.

2. Alban Swissra “Swiss dairy”: an authentic Alexandrian trademark

You can’t go to Alexandria and not pay a visit to this local dairy shop. It’s not a fancy restaurant by any means, but it serves a memorable cheese experience. The once cosmopolitan Alexandria inherited many trades from all over the world. Making cheese, pastrami, and sausage is definitely one of them. It doesn’t really matter whether you dine in or take away, as you will be exposed to a great cheese extravaganza. This is a place for true cheese lovers. Cheese is the core of their menu with whatever addition you wish eggs, sausage etc.

Remember to save a spot for a yummy Halvah with the fresh cream sandwich as desserts. The little shop maintains an average price list. It can be spotted at Port Said Street in Camp Shezar area.

3. Rio café in Gleem: a bit of everything

You wish for a nice breakfast, literally by the sea, and midtown?   You got it all at Rio café in Gleem area. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee. The food is good, but its location and set up by the seaside is what makes it special. They offer variety of different cuisines, local and American breakfasts are served. Moreover, you don’t have to drive for a long distance to get there. It’s just located in midtown Alexandria. They have other branches but this one is highly recommended.

4. ElSheikh Wafik: a new meaning of sweet couscous

Couscous is a type of North African semolina in granules made from crushed durum wheat. It’s famous as a main dish with vegetables and beef. But have you tried it with milk and icing sugar? A totally different sensation offered by this local Alexandrian dessert shop, ElSheikh Wafik. A must try breakfast! Not only does it provide great energy, but it also boosts your mode too. Located in the famous old neighborhood of Bahary, ElSheikh Wafik serves traditional Egyptian treats like rice pudding with nuts, couscous and ice cream for really reasonable prices. You can dine in, or enjoy your order across the street by the beach. You can always enjoy your hot breakfast while taking a walk around the neighborhood enjoying the scenery of old houses and boats.

5. Zanilli’s ELMontaza: breakfast in the heart of the sea

Now head to the other end of the city, where you can have a great start for the day at Montaza gardens. This location is almost as if you’re in the middle of the Mediterranean. The restaurant overlooks an amazing view surrounded by water from three sides. Good Mediterranean/ international cuisine, nice music and a great place to take selfies. Honestly, at Zanilli’s El Montaza it’s not about the food as much as the whole atmosphere. It is a great chance to free your mind and soul and have a brand new restart of life. Their prices are above average.

In the end, I’ve got to remind you, there is always foul and falafel. And the best advice is to grab your sandwiches from local Alexandrian shops and head to the seaside. Enjoy your meal and the breeze.

Norhan Emad TV Presnter at ALGhad TV channel & Content creator at What's up cairo.

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Grand Nile Tower: The Answer to Your Dreamy Wedding and the Place For A Memorable Night




Your lifelong happiness with your loved one begins by having the perfect night for your big day and a dreamy wedding starts by choosing the right location.

Now, what would make the perfect scenario for your wedding? A fine culinary for starters, friendly service, beverage offering and most importantly a remarkable view. So, if you ask what would be the perfect scenario for a wedding? Grand Nile Tower Hotel is the answer, for its splendid view on the Nile and much more.

From effortless service in beautiful event spaces, to the finest culinary and beverage offerings in the most remarkable location in all of Cairo, Grand Nile Tower iconic hotel ensure memorable weddings for couples saying “yes” to a lifelong happiness.

The hotel offers you a panoramic Nile views at their elegant, shimmering ballrooms, magnificent decoration and celebratory menus, all of which help make your dream wedding come true. Now every event of any size can be an unforgettable and an exhilarating experience.

Grand Nile Tower is definitely the most breathtaking and desirable event venue in Egypt, offering you and your loved one luxurious ballrooms and outdoor venues with such spectacular views.

The elegantly appointed state-of-the-art facilities can accommodate gatherings of any size, with over 3,000 square meter of banqueting space situated on three floors overlooking the Nile and outfitted with high-tech multi-media facilities, lighting systems and sound equipment.

Farhaty Ballroom is the largest ballroom at Grand Nile Tower, and can accommodate up to 900 guests with a breathtaking floor to a glass window showcasing a stunning panoramic view of the Nile and a magnificent backdrop of Cairo.

Farhaty Ballroom

Akhnaton Ballroom featuring the same stunning Nile view, while Laylaty Ballroom and Nile Expo can cater for mid-sized events, seeing that it accommodates from 100 to 220 guests.

Now, if you’re looking for a totally different ambiance then King Tut Ballroom is the one for you, it has just been recently launched and is now the most unique ballroom in town, with its royal interiors and exceptional two level set up, upper circle and stage.

If a view of the Nile isn’t enough to satisfy your dreamy thoughts, then we highly recommend Marquise boat for a mesmerizing majestic Nile River views and lavish settings. You get to choose from limited time Marquise wedding packages starting from EGP 50,400 and catering to 100 guests.

Grand Nile Tower’s wedding specialists are there to help make your big day flawless through offering a full range of professional services, including flexible and diverse menus to suit all tastes.

Breathtaking views, spacious, flexible and exquisitely appointed facilities, superb support services make Grand Nile Tower the ideal venue for any event; large, medium or small, wedding or themed parties, gala dinners or receptions. Grand Nile Tower offers matchless banquet venues in Egypt.

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Dine High and Fine at Grand Nile’s Revolving Restaurant




Grand Nile Tower is home to Cairo’s finest food and beverage outlets, offering authentic cuisines that cater to all tastes, and for those looking to spend a marvelous date night with a killer view then Grand Nile’s Revolving restaurant is the obvious choice for so many reasons but the view certainly tops all of them.

The Revolving Restaurant, which seats 140 for dinner every day, rotates a full 360 degrees over a period of one hour and 15 minutes. It is located on the 41st floor of Grand Nile Tower and this mesmerizing experience start at 7:00 PM. 

The Revolving Restaurant is the most spectacular restaurant in all of Cairo as it provides diners with a staggering panoramic view of the Nile River, the Pyramids and the ancient cosmopolitan city of Cairo.

Another perk is that not only will you get to savor their culinary delights, but you will also get to witness the skilled chefs do their magic while preparing your meals in the restaurant’s show kitchen.

One floor below is the stunning lounge of the Revolving Restaurant Lounge, where you can have a quick drink while gazing out upon the shimmering Nile and reflecting upon the magnificent view of Cairo.

So take our word on it, the Revolving restaurant is the place for an intimate dinner where you will get to show off your romantic side and spoil your loved one.


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Experience the Thrills of An Exciting Eid Holiday at Grand Nile Tower Hotel




Eid Holiday is upon us which means it is time to start planning the perfect getaway to rewind and leave the troubles of work behind.

Consider yourself still lucky if you’re staying in Cairo during the holiday, because Grand Nile Tower is giving you the chance to spend it uniquely without the need to travel far to do so and here’s what to expect!

You can explore the Egyptian delights of Cairo and share precious moments with family and friends through the special Eid El Adha experience offered by the iconic Grand Nile Tower Hotel, with the most exclusive location on the Nile River overlooking the heart of Cairo.

This Eid, Grand Nile Tower hotel is offering luxurious accommodations, impeccable service and signature amenities with special tailored promotions developed for all guests’ needs and pleasure. Rooms and suites promotions offer many perks, some of which is late breakfast, heritage and adventurous sight seeing, complimentary free Wi-Fi access, airport transportation, complimentary stay for children under 12 years, lunch and dinner Nile cruises, live entertainment, to name a few.

Grand Nile Tower hotel guests’ will enjoy the true sensation of having fun with an abundance of activities, as they can indulge in the hotel’s various facilities and entertainment. From exquisite dining options to wellness and shopping, the choices are endless. The Grand Nile Tower hotel is an ideal haven for the whole family.

Grand Nile Tower is famous for its gastronomic excellence and panoramic views of the Nile River through an exquisite array of restaurants with diversified authentic cuisines; Japanese, Indian, Italian, Oriental and International with the exceptional view of the Nile, including the magnificent Revolving restaurant, the highest restaurant in the Middle East rotating 360 degrees, with unprecedented views of Cairo.

Craving an outstanding Nile cruise! There’s nothing better than Marquise, Grand Nile Tower’s private boat with elegantly Nile cruises for lunch and dinner with live entertainment, surely would make an idea Eid outing for families looking to spend some quality time.

Those seeking a great sense of well-being will appreciate the luxurious wellness center “Royal Club Fitness & Spa” where they can be immersed in a world of magic and pleasure. The club offers a full range of special treatments for body care, massages and sports; in addition to gymnasium, steam room and an outdoor swimming pool directly overlooking the Nile, so what’s a better way to relax and let loose?

For children, there are many special treats including a dedicated Children’s pool, kids menu, kids’ corner ensuring that they will have an enjoyable fun filled memorable stay.

Savvy shoppers can also pamper themselves to everything they need; the veteran Concierge team will be at their services, ensuring that they have access to the best shopping malls and entertainment centre available in Cairo.

At Grand Nile Tower, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Eid El Adha vacation in Cairo just got a whole lot better!

For more information and inquiries, call 02 2365 1234

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