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What You Need to Pack for Your Sham ElNasim Trip



backpack trip sea

The long weekend is starting and we are over the moon preparing our backpacks for a short holiday retreat. We know how much you all deserve a break, so we don’t want you to waste your time packing absolutely unnecessary stuff that you won’t probably wear or use. We took on the mission to put together the most important items you will definitely need in the next couple of days.

-Essential Clothes:

You don’t need a whole closet for a couple of days off. Bring with a couple of: T-shirts, shorts, underwear, one pair of pants, extra pair of shoes, socks and of course, a jacket for the chill nights.


Whether you are staying in a 5 star hotel with fancy towels or a deserted camp in Sinai, you need your own towel with you. The towel will come in handy if you are in camp or somewhere by the pool or beach.


A Sham ElNasim break cannot go with a cool pair of trendy sunglasses. Note that one pair is perfectly enough.

-Sun Screen:

Our pale skin has been craving the spring sunrays for so long and we can’t wait to put on our finest swimsuit, lay under the sun, and get that skin tanned! Yes, get our skin tanned not burnt! A sun screen or tanning oil will protect you from the bad sunrays and give you that tan you have been longing for.


Chilling nights by the beach needs some music vibrating in the air. Don’t forget your portable beats because silence is no fun. Just make sure that your music is not too loud or you are bothering anyone with your taste.


Pass by a kiosk and grab some snacks for the road; because what is better than binge eating on chips during road trips?

Happy Sham ElNasim and Have FUN!!!

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Sharm El Sheikh Finally Making Amends



Sharm El Sheikh

In 2015, things hit the fan when a bomb exploded in a Russian airline soon after take-off. This left tourists coming from abroad terrified to not only step foot in Egypt, but to also even ride an Egyptian based airline or have anything to do with us! Due to the Russian airline bombing incident, 224 passengers were left dead.

Which is why after a 4-year halt, Sharm el Sheikh International Airport had finally received two TUI flights coming in from UK yesterday evening. The number of passengers of the first plane was 184 whereas the second one coming in from Manchester Airport was approximately 190 passengers.

This was our chance to make amends and allow foreigners to be relaxed and comfortable with their stay as well as inside travels within the boarders of Egypt.

Mohamed Manar, Civil Aviation Minister, order airport staff to gracefully and kindly offer all services as well as to facilitate things for the passengers who had just landed.

Fortunate for us, the passengers had expressed sincere happiness upon their arrival. They were content with the staffs warm welcome, especially from their trip from the airport to the South of Sinai.

It is claimed by British Tour Operator that we are expecting to operate three flights a week from Gatwik to the Red Sea Resort until the end of March.

It is finally revealed that in mid-January, our President Abdel Fattah al Sisi and Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, had rendezvoused and had discussed details of resuming British Flights to Sharm El Sheikh. Hopefully, tourism rates will increase after beginning to welcome flights again after previous dry years.

During a meeting in London recently, both the Prime Minister and out Presedent Sisi discussed their partnership in a matter of increasing trade between the two countries, so it’s a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Do you think this desperate attempt to regain as well as increase tourism rates from foreign countries will help Egypt find stable grounds again? Ever since 2011 and the bombing incident that occurred in 2015, we haven’t been on steady grounds. Which is why this is a delightful attempt at making amends to build a better future for our country, Egypt.


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People Have the Right to See the Sea




Don’t we all love taking a trip with your family to go visit the beautiful land of Alexandria? Or maybe even go on a quick road trip with your friends to enjoy some tasty ice cream cones and have dinner at Balbaa?

The city of Alexandria is one of the things we Egyptians cherish the most. It’s a beautiful place to live in and tourists travel the world to spend one precious day by the beautiful sea. With time, the city has slowly been decaying because of the harsh weather and because of the people mistreating the streets and areas. Which is why Alexandria needs this chance to become a better cleaner city and come back even stronger than it ever was before!

Image result for alexandria slum areas

You’d be excited to hear that there are new plans set in store to take place in 2030 that promises a newer and better Alexandria. As much as it is a marvelous city, slum areas are the main reason why people get uncomfortable in Alexandria. Which is why Alexandria is saying au revoir to slum areas!

There are around 7 slum areas in the heart of Alexandria, imagine a world where all these areas are reconstructed and modernized? The governorate is promised to be transformed along the coming years to truly be a major touristic attraction hence promoting for tourism.

Image result for alexandria slum areas

Due to there having been several conflicts over construction violations years before 2011, the Alexandrian Governor Mohamed El Sherief stressed on adjusting legal positions as well as respecting the laws and regulations given to them.

On a brighter note, it was said during the governor’s interview with Extra Nile Satellite that a part of the plan to renovate and enhance Alexandria is to develop electrical and sanitation services as well as planting more trees, properly paving the streets and even installing street lights. We all know how much Alexandria is in need of this change!

The campaign has already commenced since December by removing barrier blocks that are haphazardly scattered along the infamous corniche.

License renewal as new laws will be set in motion to preserve the view which is the main reason people visit Alexandria.

We’re all looking forward to a better cleaner city to grow and evolve in only a matter of 10 years. The wait may seem long but I promise you this, time flies and the wait is worth it! The motive behind this entire move is that people have the right to see the sea, and with that said, let the change commence!


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Winter Destinations For a Romantic Valentine’s Getaway




Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse for your and your hubby to escape real life and renew your love, but does it seem impossible to relax with all the troubles of Cairo’s busy life chasing after you? Well then it is time to escape all this to a romantic getaway and leave your troubles behind!

Thankfully, Egypt has been blessed with numerous winter destinations, all of which are breathtakingly romantic with stunning scenery. Here are our top picks for a romantic getaway, right here in Egypt!


The place for the adventurous couple! 

Dahab isn’t just affordable and budget friendly but is also one of the most dreamy and relaxing destinations in Egypt, it’s a long way from Cairo but definitely worth it.

From diving into the deep blue waters to mountaineering on Mount Catherine, Dahab is a special place for enjoying a number of activities especially for the adventurous couples. You can bless yourself with the scenery of a romantic sunset from the highest summit in Egypt, hike in the middle of Sinai’s colored canyons or go on a safari trip in the middle of the desert.

If you’re looking to stay luxuriously, you can book at Le Meridien Dahab Resort or Dahab Paradise and for a quick getaway, they won’t cost you much.

El Gouna

For the party-animals couples! 

If you’re the beach lovers or the outgoing type, El Gouna makes the perfect destination for you with its magnificent beaches and lit night life. It’s like vacationing in a private island made specifically for tranquility and peace, one that welcomes you with open arms, and the restaurants there make everyday suitable for a fancy delicious date night.

Luxor and Aswan

For the cultural loving couples! 

Luxor and Aswan are the 2 ideal destinations for the couples who are into history, and the best way to see it is through a luxurious three- to four-day Nile cruise. These cruises will save you the effort of planning and will arrange for you all the must-see attractions, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Go back in time and revisit the ancient Egyptian temples and monuments as you take in the beauty of the Nile banks.


For the chill couples! 

Who said you have to travel abroad in order to devour new cultures? Siwa is that kind of destination, where beauty meets their unique culture. In Siwa, you can enjoy cycling around while taking in the fresh and amazing weather, you can also blow off some steam by relaxing in hot springs that make a natural Jacuzzi.

Marsa Alam

For the laid-back couples!

Marsa Alam is a top destination for beach lovers, the area is also home to picture-perfect beaches if you’re still looking to sit back and chill, such as the famous natural pool, Al-Naizak, El Qulan Mangrove Forest and Sharm El Luli Beach.

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