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Travel Guide: Top Places to Visit in Malaysia



What makes Malaysia one of the best destinations for travelers, is that it combines between city life, and breathtaking natural sightseeing. It’s also very convenient for those who want to travel on their own, discover a foreign city and fall for its natural places.

What follows are some of the best and must-visit places in Malaysia.

1. Petronas Twin Towers

They are the world’s tallest towers, they make a magnificent sight especially when illuminated at night. People usually go there for a couple of pictures, and the shopping centers are a whole other experience.

2. Batu Caves

Another top destination for travelers is the Batu Caves, in visiting the caves, you will be rewarded with some pretty cool Hindu art and introduced to their culture. They are the most popular Hindu shrine outside of India, and is a top attraction for wroshippers at Thaipusam.

Tip: wear your most comfiest shoes because you’ll be climbing 272 steps; in order to reach the Cathedral Cave. That was the most exercise I have ever done in my life!

This how the cave looks from the inside, you can see why the 272 steps are worth it.

3.Menara KL Tower

We all know everything looks better from the top, but looking down your foot and seeing all of KL there beneath you is a whole other experience.

The stunning view of KL from the menara at night.

4. Genting Highlands

Take a break from the city, and go on a road trip to one of the most beautiful attractions ever. Where will get to enjoy the scenery during the road trip itself, and the stops along the way are even more stunning.

Your first stop along the way should be for the strawberry farm, where you can enjoy flowers fields and hand pick strawberries.

The next stop is an experience of a lifetime, where you will take the cable car to the top of Genting, you will enjoy a breathtaking view on your way up to the clouds (Literally speaking!).

Third stop is the french village, a piece of Europe in Malaysia, roaming around the scent of freshly baked goods, french architecture and a stunning view of the mountains, definitely make one of the best destination that I have ever been to in my life.

5. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is the most popular of the highland retreats in Malaysia. Located at almost 2,000 meters at its highest point. I call it heaven on earth, the tea fields create a scenery that looks as if it’s a landscape painting, that imagines a piece of heaven. Their gift shop has so many kinds of tea and herbs, that are both tasty and beneficial for the health.

On your way, you must make a stop at the waterfalls, it’s the perfect way to cool down from the long road trip.

6. Sunway Lagoon 

Forget every aqua park you have ever been to, and take a day out to Sunway lagoon, where the water activities are taken seriously! It’s definitely the most fun I have ever had.

Tip: Be ready with your swimsuit under your clothes, and get comfy ones because the changing rooms get messy by the end of the day.

7. Langkawi 

If you are staying in an apartment, and has no problem in renting another place for a couple of days, then my advice is to spend two nights or three at one of Malaysia’s islands. The transportation by train doesn’t cost much, the hotels are cheap, and the islands are just wow!

I personally, am a beach person, so going to the sea is a must for me during my trips. And Langkawi or Perhentian make the perfect destination.

My last tip would be to divide your days wisely, and organize which places are near to each other. This needs a plan ahead from your travel. Based on this, decide how many days you shall spend in Malaysia.

Also, don’t waste days on shopping, do it in-between your trips.




Grand Egyptian Museum Granted Three ISO Certificates Reflecting Its Excellence




Another reason to be proud of our Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), as if we needed more reasons!

Major General Atef Moftah, General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), received on behalf of the museum two ISO certificates: a certificate of accreditation of international standards for environmental management systems (ISO 14001: 2015) and certification of the international standard specifications for the quality management systems (ISO9001: 2015).

File: The three ISO certificates received by GEM.

Engineer Mohamed Habib, General Manager of OSS Middle East and Dr. Tarek Rizk, consultant of OSS Middle East and witnessed by Dr. Hussein Kamal, were the ones to present the certificated in the presence of General Director of the GEM Conservation Center, Dr. Eissa Zidan, Director of Executive Affairs of GEM Conservation and Transportation, and Dr. Elshimaa Eid, Head of Health and Safety at GEM.

This brings the total of certificated that the museum has been awarded to three, as the museum obtained the ISO certificate for occupational safety and health last September.

It’s also worth mentioning that this makes the GEM the only museum regionally and internationally to obtain three ISO certificates in less than 60 days!

These certificates resemble the positive impact that the museum have on the area and its surroundings, it also positions the museum as a sustainable and environmental museum.


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Diving & Scuba Activities to Resume in Parts of South Sinai




As of December, diving and scuba activities for yachts on cruises will resume in six nature reserve diving sites in South Sinai, according to a statement made by Egypt’s Ministry of Environment.

The diving sites include: the Temple, North Laguna, South Laguna, White Island, Electricity, and Map.

The decision by Egypt’s Environmental Affairs Agency follows the cessation of diving activities that lasted for nine months, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Egypt’s health ministry announced Wednesday that South Sinai, Minya, Suez and Ismailia have recently seen a drop in infection rates, unlike Cairo and Alexandria.

According to the statement, “These sites were chosen after carrying out a number of field studies and scientific surveys, and after ensuring that they are distinguished by all the appropriate environmental requirements for diving sites to achieve the enjoyment of those involved in diving activities,” quoting Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad.



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43 Floating Hotels & Nile Cruises Obtain Health and Safety Certificates




So far, a total number of 43 floating hotels and Nile Cruise ships have obtained the government mandated health and safety certificates. 

These hotels and ships have started the resumption of their trips in October and ever since, they have been obtaining the certificates that are approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Ministry of Health and Population and the Egyptian Hotels Association (EHA). 

According to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, these floating hotels obtained the certificates for meeting the health and safety requirements set out by the Egyptian government and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The ministry’s inspection committees approved 26 floating hotels between Luxor and Aswan last week, including: Nile Dolphin Hotels; Solaris 1; Premium; Amo Boat; Abercrombie 2; Zaina; Medea; La Travita; Tosca; Beau Rivage 1; Château Lafayette; Esmeralda; Champollion 2; Abercrombie Nile Adventure; Crown Jewels; Royal; Regency Louvain; Miss World; Nile Plaza; Nile Shams; Emilio; Miss Beau Rivage 2; Nile Marquis; Blue Shadow; and Farah. In addition to these, the Nile Vision and River Boats in Cairo also received ministry approval to resume their trips.

The inspection committees will continue looking at the rest of Egypt’s floating hotels, the ones that submitted applications for the certificate.


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