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Travel Guide: Top Places to Visit in Malaysia



What makes Malaysia one of the best destinations for travelers, is that it combines between city life, and breathtaking natural sightseeing. It’s also very convenient for those who want to travel on their own, discover a foreign city and fall for its natural places.

What follows are some of the best and must-visit places in Malaysia.

1. Petronas Twin Towers

They are the world’s tallest towers, they make a magnificent sight especially when illuminated at night. People usually go there for a couple of pictures, and the shopping centers are a whole other experience.

2. Batu Caves

Another top destination for travelers is the Batu Caves, in visiting the caves, you will be rewarded with some pretty cool Hindu art and introduced to their culture. They are the most popular Hindu shrine outside of India, and is a top attraction for wroshippers at Thaipusam.

Tip: wear your most comfiest shoes because you’ll be climbing 272 steps; in order to reach the Cathedral Cave. That was the most exercise I have ever done in my life!

This how the cave looks from the inside, you can see why the 272 steps are worth it.

3.Menara KL Tower

We all know everything looks better from the top, but looking down your foot and seeing all of KL there beneath you is a whole other experience.

The stunning view of KL from the menara at night.

4. Genting Highlands

Take a break from the city, and go on a road trip to one of the most beautiful attractions ever. Where will get to enjoy the scenery during the road trip itself, and the stops along the way are even more stunning.

Your first stop along the way should be for the strawberry farm, where you can enjoy flowers fields and hand pick strawberries.

The next stop is an experience of a lifetime, where you will take the cable car to the top of Genting, you will enjoy a breathtaking view on your way up to the clouds (Literally speaking!).

Third stop is the french village, a piece of Europe in Malaysia, roaming around the scent of freshly baked goods, french architecture and a stunning view of the mountains, definitely make one of the best destination that I have ever been to in my life.

5. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is the most popular of the highland retreats in Malaysia. Located at almost 2,000 meters at its highest point. I call it heaven on earth, the tea fields create a scenery that looks as if it’s a landscape painting, that imagines a piece of heaven. Their gift shop has so many kinds of tea and herbs, that are both tasty and beneficial for the health.

On your way, you must make a stop at the waterfalls, it’s the perfect way to cool down from the long road trip.

6. Sunway Lagoon 

Forget every aqua park you have ever been to, and take a day out to Sunway lagoon, where the water activities are taken seriously! It’s definitely the most fun I have ever had.

Tip: Be ready with your swimsuit under your clothes, and get comfy ones because the changing rooms get messy by the end of the day.

7. Langkawi 

If you are staying in an apartment, and has no problem in renting another place for a couple of days, then my advice is to spend two nights or three at one of Malaysia’s islands. The transportation by train doesn’t cost much, the hotels are cheap, and the islands are just wow!

I personally, am a beach person, so going to the sea is a must for me during my trips. And Langkawi or Perhentian make the perfect destination.

My last tip would be to divide your days wisely, and organize which places are near to each other. This needs a plan ahead from your travel. Based on this, decide how many days you shall spend in Malaysia.

Also, don’t waste days on shopping, do it in-between your trips.



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Minister of Tourism Al-Mashat Escorts South African tourists to the Pyramids




Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Rania al-Mashat, escorted yesterday the group of South African tourists who were targeted earlier by an explosion, reported the Ministry’s media office. 

The tourists faced yesterday an unfortunate incident, whereas an explosion hit their bus at Al Remaya district in Giza governorate. 

Al-Mashaat took the appropriate action and visited the injured at the hospital, and then escorted the rest of the group to visit the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. 

After the tourists were briefed on the history of ancient Egypt, and after their visit to the Pyramids were concluded, Al-Mashat escprted them back to the hotel.

The minister also met up with the South African ambassador to Egypt, where she briefed him on the conditions of the victims.

Al-Mashaat later tweeted updates about the incident on her Twitter account.


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A Glimpse of Egypt’s Breathtaking Beaches




Egypt is one of the top touristic destination in the Middle East, known for its dessert life and Great Pyramids of Giza. However, it’s a shame that many tourists are ignorant about the fact that Egypt has several spectacular beaches that make up a perfect vacation.

The following are mind-blowing beaches in Egypt, that would leave anyone who visit them in awe.

They certainly compete with international ones, and in my opinion can be a great substitute for traveling abroad.

1. Ras Hankorab (aka Sharm El-Luli)

The beaches there can easily compete with the white sandy beaches of the Maldives, I know you will hardly believe this, but it is true. The beach is located around 60km south of Marsa Alam, inside the national park Wadi El-Gemal. The area, however, is undeveloped with no shops, hotels or restaurants, but it also means that you basically get to walk right into the middle of the sea.

2- Blue Lagoon

The beach is a usual go-to for regular Dahab visitors, who mostly enjoy kite surfing. Because waking up in a hut, surrounded by the turquoise lagoon and mountains, makes the perfect getaway for those who are looking for simplicity and relaxation.

Our recommendation would be to go hiking in the mountain and pay a visit to Ras Abu Galum, which is a tiny Bedouin village close-by.

3- Ras Muhammed

Ras Muhammad is the most famous national park in Egypt and one of the most famous diving sites in the world. It is a protected area near Sinai Peninsula, makes an ideal day trip from Sharm Al Sheikh and Dahab. The place is perfect for those who are looking for solitude and tranquility, as it is guaranteed to put your mind at ease.

4- Agiba, Marsa Matrouh

The beach is located 24 km west from Marsa Matrouh, it is certainly one of the best beaches that I have personally been to. The beach translates to ‘miracle’ in Arabic, and if you’re wondering why, you have got to see it yourself! The cove that’s only accessed from a small path leading down from a cliff top gives a magnificent view.

5- Qulan, Marsa Allam

Qulaan is a unique quiet resort town south of Marsa Alam on the Red Sea. The beaches are great for diving and snorkeling, and it is quite magical; seeing that not many people are aware of this beautiful gem. Qulaan boasts vast tracts of large mangrove trees growing in the salty water and hosting several endemic birds, therefore giving the area a breathtaking scenery.





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Ministry Of Tourism Partners With Italian MediaSet For a Documentary Series




A new promotional campaign with the Italian MediaSet channels group has been launched by the Ministry of Tourism, in which a series of documentary films about Egypt will be aired.

The documentary will include top destination and attractions in Egypt, and is set to be aired on Freedom OrtleIl Confine channel.

The series will be presented by Italian presenter Roberto Giacobbo and Egyptologist Zahi Hawass.

Giacobbo is one of the well-known presenters of touristic programs in Italy.

The films will be aired on the Italian TV, in addition to the official social media pages of the General Authority for Tourism Development. 

Archaeological sites of touristic significance will be included in the films.

Head of Italian Channel 4 (Rete 4), Sebastian Lombardi said that they worked with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism “to show the beauty of Egypt and its civilization depicted in the construction of the pyramids.”

He also added that they are trying “to explore Egypt in a different and attractive way amid the momentum of its civilization.The program will talk about the Egyptian beauty and history. Tourists have a lot of expectations and interest in knowing more about Egypt’s ancient civilization.”

This marks yet another significant collaboration, after last week’s partnership with CNN. All of which aligns with the Ministry’s efforts to promote for tourism in Egypt and help revive it.

The Ministry also recognized the importance of Social Media as a marketing tool, and took advantage of it by signing agreements with bloggers to promote for Egypt as a top notch destination.

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