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Tragic Victims of Video games



Marwa Mimi

We’ve all come across as well as heard news agencies and research papers discussing the danger and the negative effects video games tend to have on the youth, but it is rare when we come across a situation where a group of teenagers decide to copy what they’ve seen in video games.

Marwa Mimi, infamous TV anchor and journalist in “Al Nahar” bares witness to her 15 year old teenage boy passing away after a bullet was accidentally shot at his head on Saturday, the first of February.

The incident had occurred when victim Kareem had gathered with his usual group of friends at a house in Zamalek that belonged to a close friend of theirs. This was their usual way of hanging out, but this time, things had gone very wrong.

Marwa stated that while the boys were out and about at their friend’s house, one of the group members had gotten his father’s gun along with him to play around and point the gun at each other, similar to the games they’re used to playing when they gather at PlayStation Hubs.

Kareem was announced dead at 2:00am on Saturday. Investigations state that the accused as well as his father are taken into custody until further notice from the trials that have already commenced.

It was claimed by investigators that what had occurred at the scene of the crime was that one of the group members was joking around and fired the gun at Kareem, presuming that it had been empty of ammunition.

The gun that had been fired was said by the accused that this was his father’s gun, which was said to be a “Tabanja”, a type of gun that is far from the modern day typical weapons we hear about. Through autopsies, they were capable of determining that the victim had two holes at the middle of his skull that were both enter and exits wounds of the ammo.

Marwa openly states “I want the right of my son, I will avenge his death ”. The accused claims that it was an accident and that he thought that the gun was emptied of ammunition, but reports and investigations are still on the go to decide what to make of this crime scene. Is he guilty or was it really just mistake?

Kareem told the press “It was all just a game, we were messing around like we do when playing video games.” Is Kareem’s alibi enough to keep him from being put behind bars?

At the end of the day, a mother is a victim of losing her child due to the impact of video games and the virtual world. May he rest in peace.

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Hurghada City has Snowy Weather



Egypt’s red sea City Hurghada, witnessed on Saturday a vigorous rainfall, and precarious snowfall. The summer beach city, known for vacations, daylight, and breezy beaches is now under white flakes of snow. According, to a statement by the EMA, the Egyptian Metrological Authority that Unstable weather will hit the nation on Thursday, with a peak on Friday and Saturday. In addition to the expected rainfall and frosty, weather upon the northern coast, the delta, Suez Canal, and northern upper Egypt. The frigid weather was expected on weekends, across most parts of the nation. The popular Egyptian resort Hurghada is no covered with chunks of hail and Snow, as centimeters of ice cover the beaches of the resort town. Some hailstones reached the size of a quail egg, and gravels covered balconies, terraces, houses, and hotels. Despite the peculiar news of snow, this was a disaster, to the tourism industry. In addition, one of the hotels the roof was broken. In closure having snow in Egypt can be exhilarating news but, it can become a disaster in many ways. Since extreme weather, can have an influence in people and can cause many disasters. Unstable weather can be dangerous in many ways, and in addition to the lives of the workers in several industries.

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Al Sisi Visits Aswan



After Aswan being hit with a natural disaster, his highness President AlSisi pays a visit and a 
tour. Jubilation and contentment fills the hearts of people, in addition to children are 
bewildered with joy and amusement. The village, west of Soheil is more than alleviated, to 
find such a surprise, from the most Iconic figure they look up to the most the president of 
Egypt, his Highness Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi. He was welcomed with hearts, and smiles, and all 
festive traditions. A group of children had chanted a song in Nubian, as he had also 
accompanied with them, and took a photo. The president Al Sisi, had also thanked the 
people of Aswan for their gracious hospitality, and lovely atmosphere as he had enjoyed his 
time there. In addition to the Al Sisi’s ecstatic time in Aswan, he is always captivated by the 
time he spends with his people. 

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Jardin Prive A 3-day star-studded event



Jardin Prive A 3-day star-studded event sponsored by a lot of fashion scene in Egypt main of them was Iram Jewelry was held at Garden 8 last week. Lavish decorations and floral arrangements surrounded over 80 regional designers from haute couture to homeware; the event was nothing short of a lifestyle heaven. Among the visitors were mega stars like Amr Diab and Maya Diab, who gave an empowering speech to women. Audience were all A-lists, socialites and of course, more celebrities like Jihan Allama, Cedric Haddad, Dr. Roy Moutran, to name just a few. All of which enjoyed shopping and supporting arab designers. They also had fun with live entertainment by the country’s best singers and musicians and workshops by top designers and artists like Farida Temraz and Shariff Tanyous.


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