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TikTok join forces with Arab Hope Makers to Promote Good Deeds



TikTok users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are given the chance to share their good deeds online in a new challenge, that was launched in partnership with the Arab Hope Makers initiative, which aims to promote the value of giving in communities.

TikTok, the world’s leading short-form video platform, has joined hands with the Arab Hope Makers initiative, the largest of its kind to celebrate stories of hope in the region, enabling its users to share their kind acts and deeds on the platform; therefore encouraging others to follow their steps and make positive contributions to the people around them. 

Under the umbrella of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), the challenge embodies the Arab Hope Makers initiative’s vision to spread hope and instill the value of giving to fight despair and pessimism in the Arab World.

This initiative is happening through the harnessing of the creativity of its MENA user community, in which users will share positive gestures through short videos, the #arabhopemakers challenge aims to instill the sense of giving in society. The challenge, running from April 5-15, is designed to encourage users to make a difference and unite towards pursuing a humanitarian goal.

Moreover, It pushes content creators into starting a good deed and sharing it on the platform, thus inspiring others to do a similar good deed of their own.

To celebrate the meaningful initiative, TikTok is giving users access to the official AHM song “Hope Makers” by Emirati singer Hussain Al Jasmi, and creating a special “Hope Makers” effect for challenge participants.

At the end of the challenge, ten creators will stand a chance to win tickets to the Arab Hope Makers final ceremony taking place in Dubai

Many Arab celebrities will be joining the campaign to celebrate hope in the Arab world, including top social influencer and MBC TV presenter Joelle Mardinian, skate roll professional Hassan Bin Mahfouz, ranked No.1 in Asia and 10th in the world, along with his brother Hussein Bin Mahfouz.

So far, the enthusiasm shown by TikTok’s community of creators in the region has been overwhelming, with as many as 3000 videos created as part of the challenge, racking up a total of 22.2 million views.  

Join the #arabhopemakers (#صناع_الأمل) cause today; by share your good deed and inspiring others via the TikTok platform!

Here is a glimpse of users’ participation in the initiative, that we have felt blessed to watch!

For more, visit the TikTok platform.

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On family and work, Bassel Khayyat opens up to WhatsupCairo




We sat down with the remarkable Bassel Khayyat, who showed us an admiring fatherly side of his and told us a number of his favorites things. So to all his fans out there, study what we’re about to share next!

When asked about his first thought in that morning, he told us it was to call his house and check up on his wife and kids. Now, how thoughtful is this?
And when asked next about his comfort zone, he said that his family and home are also his comfort zone.

We then got curious about his family members, at which he told us about his wife, his 10 year-old son Shams and his one month baby Izabelle, who we bet is as beautiful as her name.

He shared with us his favorite vacation that he spent it with his family, at Barcelona in a place called Costa Brava. (We googled it, and let us tell you, it should definitely be on your bucket list.)

His favorite food is Italian, his favorite season is winter, his favorite movie is ‘Time of the Gypsies’ and his favorite country, besides his hometown, is Spain.
As for the favorite role that he played, he said Dr Osama in the series The Journey ‘El-Rehla’. We believe it is ours and yours as well, I mean the role was genius and he played it quite perfectly.

We asked him if he could go on a date with a celebrity, who would he choose? At which he smiled shyly then confessed that he would choose Monica Bellucci.
Now, we wondered if Bassel is as adventurous as he seems to be on television, he told us that he believes that anything adventurous that he thinks about doing, he does it in his work and not in his personal life.
In his personal life, he thinks of himself as ‘normal’.

One super power he believes that he has is sixth sense! He says that sometimes his instinct is very strong and is usually right. As for the superpower he wishes to have, it would be to own an invisibility cloak.

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Khloe Kardashian Appears in a $6,500 Outfit By A Kuwaiti Designer




The Kardashains, as always, dress to impress. And Kourtney’s 40th bash was no exception, but the one who definitely had all heads turning towards her is Khloe Kardashian in her crystal dress by Kuwaiti designer Yousef Al-Jasmi.

The $6,500 outfit surely stood out among all attendees. Fans, however, had a lot to say about her look and it wasn’t even about the hefty price tag that made them call out over her dress! But rather the striking resemblance between her outfit and Rihanna’s iconic CFDA outfit, that she walked on the red carpet in five years ago.

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, the Arab Designer Youssef Al-Jasmi and Khloe revealed that both the dress and the matching headpiece, are made entirely from mesh and Swarovski crystals!

The dress took only two weeks to create, and costs $6,500. Surprisingly enough, Khloe’s look still faced a lot of criticism.

 “Her look for Kourtney’s 40th b-day last night is giving some serious Rihanna vibes.” Said Diet Prada.


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Google Honors the Memory of Egyptian Painter and Feminist Inji Aflatoun




Inji Aflatoun is one of Egypt’s well-known painters and a leading feminist, and today Google honored what would have been her 95th birthday, with a Doodle dedicated to her.

The doodle shows Aflatoun with her canvas of surrealist and cubist paintings, the ones that made critics call her “pioneer of modern Egyptian art,” according to Google’s description of the creative talent.

Aflatoun was born in Cairo in 1924 to a Muslim family that she previously described as “semi-feudal and bourgeois” — her father, Hazzan, was an entomologist and her mother Salha was a French-trained dress-designer who served in the women’s committee of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society.

She was mentored by Kamel Al-Timisani, who introduced Aflatoun to surrealist and cubist aesthetics.

Aflatoun was also driven by her feminist side, that made her join Iskra in 1942, which used to be a Communist youth party, she later became a founding member of the League of University and Institutes’ Young Women in 1945, and she successfully represented the league during the same year at the first conference of Women’s International Democratic Federation in Paris.

Aflatoun passed away on April 17, 1989, one day after celebrating her 65th birthday. Leaving behind her, a great legacy and a name that shall be remembered forever.

In her memory, we would like to highlight some of her famous painting.

Prisoners, 1957, oil on canvas by Inji Aflatoun.

Martyrs Procession, oil on canvas by Inji Aflatoun.

Soldier (Fedayeen), 1970, oil on canvas on wood by Inji Aflatoun.

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