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This Egyptian Artist Re-films Iconic Cinematic Shots at their Current Locations & Photoshops them in the most Mesmerising Way



Egyptian artist Mac Toot pays homage to the Golden age of Egyptian Cinema through his new photography project. The artist obviously has a soft spot for old Egyptian films and has decided to grace us with these photographs that were taken at the exact same sites that his favorite cinematic shots were taken. Not only that, but the artist also photoshops the actual shot (with himself in the picture) into the new one (with the original actors). So, if you’re down for a nostalgic ride full of reminiscing and sentimentality, by all means, SCROLL DOWN:

1. Motarda Gharameya (1968)
Thawra street – Heliopolis

2. Sagheera 3al Hobb (1966)
Hegaz street – Heliopolis

3. Losoos Laken Zorafa2 (1968)
Haram street

4. Miramar (1969)
Raml Station – Alexandria

5. Al Layla Al Akheera (1964)
Anglican church – Alexandria

6. Zo2a2 Al Mada2 (1963)
Moez street – Cairo

7. Ghoroub wa Shorou2 (1970)
Belair building – Zamalek

8. Ayam wa Layali (1955)
Gabalaya street – Zamalek

9. Makan lel7ob (1972)
Behind Baron Castle – Heliopolis

10. Bein El Sama Wal Ard (1960)
Le Bon building – Zamalek

11. 3arous Al Neel (1963)
Al Gabalaya – Zamalek

12. Al Less Wal Kilab (1962)
By the Rifai mosque – Al Darb Al Ahmar

13. Ana Hurra (1959)
Tal3at Harb street – Downtown Cairo

14. Abi Fawq Alshagara (1969)
Sidi Gaber – Alexandria


The Oscars Will Be Held In-Person Telecast and Not Virtually




According to a report from Variety, the Oscars 2021 will be held in-person telecast and not virtually!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has pushed the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony to the 15th of April next year, because by spring the theaters would be open again; allowing more movies to compete in the awards.

“The Oscars in-person telecast will happen,” Variety said on Tuesday, quoting a representative from the Academy.

“The Academy has done a walkthrough of the Dolby recently to see all the multiple options,” the report added, citing an awards publicist familiar with the situation.

The academy will of course be forced to cut down the number of attendees.

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Catch The Arab Premiere For Short Movie Henet Ward During Cairo Film Festival




Egypt’s short movie ‘Henet Ward’ will have its MENA premiere at Cairo Film Festival, where it will compete with other movies.

The movie has participated in more than 95 international festivals around the world in (50 different countries) including 20 festivals that qualify for the Oscar and BAFTA and the film has won 12 international awards since its world premiere in the official competition of the “Clermont Ferrand International Festival” in France.

The movie is directed by Murad Mostafa and will be competing in the Cairo Film Festival.

Henet Ward tackles the life of “Halima”, a Sudanese henna painter living in Egypt. She goes to one of Giza’s local areas to prepare a bride for her wedding and her 7 years old daughter “Ward” accompanies her and starts to wander around and discover the place.

The movie also stars Emad Goniem, Halima, and Hagar Mahmoud, among others.

The following are the screening times for the movie:

Arab premiere
Sunday December 6th | 3:30 PM | Hanager cinema hall in the Egyptian Opera House

Monday, December 7th | 1:00 PM | Odeon 2 cinema downtown

Share with us what you think of the movie when you catch the premiere!


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Egyptian DOP Ahmed Al Morsy Wins Two Awards From the Australian Cinematography Society




Egyptian DOP Ahmed Al Morsy has won two prestigious awards from the Australian Cinematography Society (ACS) and with that, marking his third win in a row and bringing his total number of awards to nine since he joined as a member back in 2017.

Al-Morsy received the Golden Award of Corporate Branding and Advertising for his video “Same Great Feelings,” which he also directed for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt. He also won the Silver Award of John Bowring for Breaks and Promos for the Egyptian TV Channel Identity, where he used Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

This win brings his total number of both international and regional awards to 22! An honorable achievement that he managed to do in the past 10 years.

These awards were granted for a number of his work including: Messages From The Sea (2010), The Party (2013), The Blue Elephant (2014), The Originals (2017), Diamond Dust (2018), and Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers, which generated more than EGP 102 million, making it the highest grossing film in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Al Morsy is a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC).

His latest work is the movie Al Aref: Awdat Younis, directed by Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb and starring Ahmed Ezz, the movie will release soon in cinemas.


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