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Theater Movies Now Available for Streaming



Star Wars

What with the movie theaters and everything being at a serious halt, people are missing the whole movie theater experience and don’t know when things will be getting back to normal.

Many movies were to be released in these past and upcoming days and everyone was looking forward to watching them in movie theaters such as IMAX and cooler places. But unfortunate for them, those days don’t look like they’ll be anytime soon.

People will have to stick to streaming movies or TV Shows online or maybe even turn to Netflix for the time being. But what about the movies that were to be released in theaters? Some have been postponed to later dates such as James Bond as well as Tom Cruise’s newest movies. Glad these two were postponed because they must be watched at theaters!

What about the ones who aren’t postponed and were to be released in these days? Great news is that now you can watch these new movies that were to be in theaters right from your bed! Say what? You read it right! While most movies are being pushed back, some studios have released their newest movies for people to stream online!

Quarantine viewing has been the coolest thing yet that Coronavirus has brought to us. Say good bye to paying wads of cash at movie theaters for tickets and snacks and say hello to watching things from home! You could buy your own snacks and make your very own pop corn, all you’ll need is strong internet and you’re good to go!

Universal Pictures released The Hunt, Invisible Man, Trolls World Tour, Onward, and much more! Watch the following trailers and get ready to enjoy your quarantine. Also, more movies will be released in the following days.

The Invisible Man

I Still Believe

Just Mercy 


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Trolls World Tour

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“The Kind Market”: Your Go To Eco Friendly Store



The Kind Market

Ever been extremely proud to be Egyptian for a big accomplishment that has filled your heart with joy? With all the brands and manufactured goods that people have been creating nowadays, we neglect the fact that we are harming many animals as well as our environment in the process of making something for the sole purpose of money.

If people are in need of money and are hoping to expand their business, it is important that you make sure what you’re selling is truly customer friendly and most importantly eco friendly. Day by day, we are hurting so many animals and damaging our environment all for the sake of owning something that will only give you momentary happiness.

Which is why, we are extremely proud that Reem Makeen, has created something one of a kind for the Egyptians to marvel at. She has commenced her very own “Kind Market” that is both online making it easy to shop from and also sells eco friendly products. Exactly what we need right now!

It has been known that eco friendly products are an inaccessible luxury in Egypt, which was why Reem thought she should start something one of a kind. The Kind Market sells a large variety of local as well as imported eco friendly products.From beeswax wrapping paper, wallets made from banana wastes, and even metal straws, you name it! This is the right place to shop from to help save and take care of mother nature.

Her goal is to sell her customers long lasting products so as not to keep purchasing and throwing things out. For instance, one of her best sellers are her bamboo toothbrushes as well as all natural organic skin care items. Reem also follows her ethos religiously since they aim to create a “guilt free shopping experience”.

We are proud to have something like this commence in Egypt as we are in real need of this items at the moment. Check the page out on Instagram and start your guilt free shopping experience! @thekindmarketeg

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Van Gogh’s Painting Stolen from Museum in Netherlands



Van Gogh

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak has commenced, matters had gotten a little better around the world, especially when governments had initiated curfews and quarantines. It was claimed that the number of stolen items, rapes, harassments, and much more have decreaed over the last couple of days.

This has been a result of the governments initiating strict rules as well as 24 hour supervision. Also, since many places people can easily steal from have been closed either to protect themselves from the pandemic or even to follow the curfew that has been instated, has truly helped keep the world a better safer place for the time being.

On the other hand, all the way in Netherlands, a disasters incident had occurred at Singer Laren Museum. Believe it or not, a painting worth five million sterlings that has been created by your favorite artist, Van Gogh, has been stolen due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The painting that had been stolen was the Personage Garden at Neunen in Spring. What had happened was that the thieves had broken into the front glass door by smashing through at around 3:15am.

You would think that it is of great opportunity to steal something so expensive and valuable at the current time since everyone and everything has shut down in light of COVID-19, but seems like the thieves had a personal vendetta since no other art was stolen but that one in particular.

The museum’s alarm had been triggered of course due to the high tech security of the place, but by the time the police had been called in to the museum, the burglars had fled from the crime scene leaving no trace behind.

An important press conference was held on Youtube that included Jan Rudolph De Lorm, the director of the museum as well as other important officials to discuss the incident that occurred. Jan had expressed deep anger and claimed that he is’ extremely pissed off by the loss of the painting.

Not only did the painting symbolize the day that Van Gogh was born 167 years ago, but it was also the only unique artifact that the museum preserved that belongs to the beloved artist. This truly is shocking to believe that people had the nerve to take advantage of the museum’s situation and steal a painting worth so much money.



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Irregular Workers to be Compensated by Monthly Allowance




Ever since the Coronavirus broke out, many people got affected negatively, especially workers. Some employees were capable of proceeding their work all the way from home, but depending on their job description. Others were incapable of doing so because their work relied on having to be somewhere or do something physical.

For instance, employees who work in factories had lost a lot throughout this entire catastrophe. The hard part is that no work meant to money. Have you guys imagined how this has affected thousands and thousands of Egyptian families?

Those of whom have children to feed and an entire family to provide for and take care of have been struggling to fight and make a living. Which is why it was great news to hear that the Mohamed Saafan, the Minister of Manpower, has told that a great number of irregular workers applied for the ministry’s website will thankfully receive financial assistance worth 500LE on a monthly basis.

The number of people who have done so have reached a total of 1.2 million. The Egyptian government is doing something extremely kind to help support broken families and people who ca n barely make a living. While some people are thankful for them doing so, others believe that 500LE can barely compensate for what they had lost, especially having a large family and kids to take care of but the government is truly doing its best to suffice.

It was claimed that Sunday, yesterday morning, over 500,000 applicants have applied and will currently be reviewed for eligibility. As for the people who had already registered a while back, they have already started receiving their allowance as an emergency measure needed throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

So far, Egypt has already spent LE100 billion to face the catastrophe that is the pandemic for things such as healthcare services, social safety network, and much more. Mostafa el Madbouly, Egyptian Prime Minister, had announced that the Ministry of Health and Population was granted 1 billion Egyptian Pounds to handle the pandemic crisis.


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