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Theater Movies Now Available for Streaming



Star Wars

What with the movie theaters and everything being at a serious halt, people are missing the whole movie theater experience and don’t know when things will be getting back to normal.

Many movies were to be released in these past and upcoming days and everyone was looking forward to watching them in movie theaters such as IMAX and cooler places. But unfortunate for them, those days don’t look like they’ll be anytime soon.

People will have to stick to streaming movies or TV Shows online or maybe even turn to Netflix for the time being. But what about the movies that were to be released in theaters? Some have been postponed to later dates such as James Bond as well as Tom Cruise’s newest movies. Glad these two were postponed because they must be watched at theaters!

What about the ones who aren’t postponed and were to be released in these days? Great news is that now you can watch these new movies that were to be in theaters right from your bed! Say what? You read it right! While most movies are being pushed back, some studios have released their newest movies for people to stream online!

Quarantine viewing has been the coolest thing yet that Coronavirus has brought to us. Say good bye to paying wads of cash at movie theaters for tickets and snacks and say hello to watching things from home! You could buy your own snacks and make your very own pop corn, all you’ll need is strong internet and you’re good to go!

Universal Pictures released The Hunt, Invisible Man, Trolls World Tour, Onward, and much more! Watch the following trailers and get ready to enjoy your quarantine. Also, more movies will be released in the following days.

The Invisible Man

I Still Believe

Just Mercy 


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Trolls World Tour

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Egypt Will Build the World’s Largest Spinning Factory




The Holding Company for Cotton, Spinning, Weaving and Garments has signed a deal to build the largest spinning factory in the world right here in Egypt, at Misr Spinning and Weaving Company in El-Mahalla El-Kubra.

A statement by Ministry of Public Business Sector announced on Thursday. This comes in light of the Ministry’s plan to implement a comprehensive development plan for cotton and weaving industries.

The statement also indicated that the factory will be established on an area of ​​about 62,500 square meters, with the ability to accommodate more than 182 thousand spinners, with an average production capacity of 30 tons/day.

The construction work will begin soon and shall take around 14 months, with an estimate cost of around LE 780 million.

The contract was signed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Spinning and Weaving, Ahmed Mustafa, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Gamma Construction Ayman Saad.

“The plan to develop cotton and spinning and weaving companies takes about two and a half years at a cost that exceeds LE 21 billion, and includes a complete modernization in construction and machinery – which was contracted to supply from major international companies – and a comprehensive development in management, marketing and training systems,” the ministry added.

The aim of this ambitious plan is to turn 10 companies into strong entities, in order to double their current production capacity by 3 times. This way, these entities will be able to compete on a higher level.


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A Smart System to Be Installed in All of Egypt’s Roads




Egypt will install a smart system on roads nationwide to monitor any violations and the traffic!

In a meeting with transport officials that was held yesterday, Egypt’s transport minister Kamel El-Wazir discussed implementing a smart system for roads nationwide.

This comes in light of the government’s plan that aims at improving road safety.

The project’s first phase includes six highways: the Cairo-Suez road, Cairo-Ismailia-Port Said road, the Regional Ring Road, Katameya-Ain Sokhna road, Shubra-Benha freeway and Cairo-Alexandria desert road, the ministry said.

In the second phase of the project, the new system will have covered around 20 of Egypt’s main roads.

“All roads joining the smart system will be monitored by a network of cameras that monitors traffic 24/7… and registers any violations,” the minister said.

In applying this new system, the driver’s behavior will be monitored thus improving road safety and reducing traffic accidents caused by reckless drivers.

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New Gas Discovery Made in Egypt’s Nile Delta




Italian oil company Eni has announced about a new gas discovery off the coast of the Egyptian Nile Delta, in a statement released on Wednesday.

The Italian oil and gas company Eni said that it succeeded in drilling the first exploration well in Egypt’s Nile Delta waters, this comes in cooperation with contractor members of BP and Total.

The new discovery, which is at the Bashrush prospect, is located at a depth of 22 metres, and is 11 km from the coast.

According to the company, which holds 37.5 percent interest of the North El Hammad concession, there’s a possibility of discovering a gas column with a thickness of 152 meters within the Messinian age sandstones of the Abu Madi formation with “excellent petrophysical properties.”

“The discovery of Bashrush is further demonstration of the effectiveness of Eni’s ‘incremental’ exploration strategy, aimed at selecting high value opportunities and ensuring fast development of the new discoveries through existing infrastructures,” the company said in a statement.

The three firms will wok together with Egypt’s petroleum authorities in order to start looking into the development options for the new discovery, with the aim of “fast tracking” production, the statement said.

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