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The Ultimate Honeymoon Guide to Bali PT II



Bali is exotic, Bali is dreamy, Bali is home to the most romantic hotels ever!

Part one of the guide included the different locations that couples can travel to in Bali, and just like choosing one of these locations depend on the couple’s preferences, choosing where to stay also depends on your personality and what exactly is it that you’re seeking.

But whether you are a couple preferring the quite nature life or you fancy waking up to a view of the beach, Bali’s countless resorts and hotels will certainly meet your expectations.

The following resorts are a dream come true for couples!

Hanging Gardens in Ubud


The place gives you a variety of villas to choose from with 44 astounding private villas, all with a spectacular infinity pool overlooking the jungles and natural life of Ubud.

All of which makes the 7-star Hanging Gardens an absolute dream come true for honeymooners.

Four Seasons Resort Sayan in Ubud

(around $500 a night)

The Four Seasons is one of the best resorts in Bali and a complete sanctuary for couples who are seeking the extra luxury, the resort was also ranked the #1 hotel IN THE WORLD by Travel & Leisure. The resort has several villas, each with a private pool and an outdoor living rooms.

The Legian in Seminyak

The Legian Bali is located in the heart of Seminyak with access to the nightlife, the hotel also overlooks the beach which nothing could probably beat such a view, am I right?

Cicada Luxury Villas in Seminyak

These luxurious townhouses villas are great and also budget-friendly if you’re dividing your between Ubud and Seminyak as recommended, it is located in a walking-distance from shops, restaurant and beaches. The rooms are huge with access to a pool and an outdoor shower and bath.

The Mulia in Nusa Dua

Located only 20 minutes away from the airport, the resort is set on a dreamy white-sand beach and offers an outstanding dining, spa and great pools.

Bambu Indah in Ubud

The place was recently ranked as one of the best eco-friendly places in Bali by the Wall Street Journal, it is the perfect choice for couples who are into yoga, relaxation and zen in the jungle!

If a beach view is what you seek, here are more places to check out!

Aqua Nusa Lembongan Villas

COMO Uma Canggu

The Beach Shack in Nusa Lembongan

Anantara in Uluwatu

If you’re more of a zen person, seeking to be embraced by nature, here are more places to check:

Viceroy Bali in Ubud

Dwaraka The Royal Villas

Komaneka at Rasa Sayang

How to book?

Click on the links provided in the article to transfer you to, the website is very user friendly and is safe and secured for you to enter your credit information.


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Travel Guide: How to Plan A Low Budget Trip




Travel Guide: How to Plan A Low Budget Trip

We’re talking here to real travelers! Those who are traveling to explore not to live luxuriously and therefore are looking for ways to help them stay within their allocated budget, they’re the solo travelers who are seeking to enjoy the destination not their stay.

So for those of you who relate, here are a few tips and tricks to help you travel on a low budget.

Travel out of season

Google the best time to visit your desired destination then travel just before or after the dates given, this technique is called the ‘shoulder season’ where you get to enjoy the country but not the weather.

But who cares when the hotel and airlines prices will be so much lower than the usual? Trust us, you’ll still enjoy the country just as much.

Pack properly

One thing I personally make sure to do is pack properly because trust me, shopping expenses take up from your budget and you will find yourself inside the supermarket buying loads of stuff you clearly don’t need. So bring everything you need and always take with you a warm hoodie and a waterproof jacket, because anywhere you go, unpredictable weather incidents may occur, so why risk shopping for a new jacket?

Book flights in advance

Prices of flight tickets get higher in time as you approach your travel date, so make sure to always book your flight ahead if you already have everything sorted out.

Public Transport is your new travel buddy

Don’t even consider Uber or cabs when you’re traveling abroad, especially if the country you’re traveling to has a subway that covers most areas. Always choose public transportation, buses, metro or trains to get you around. If you’re scared to get lost, you can always ask around or use Google Maps.

To know more on how to use Google Maps for metro stations, click here.

Don’t eat away your budget! 

I know that dining in expensive restaurants seems quite appealing but getting broke on your second day is way scarier, so choose cheap lunches that you can buy from a supermarket, or give street food a try. But of course try the country’s main local dish as this is part of your travel experience.

One thing I always do because I get hungry A LOT is pack a few things from home, including canned food, pastas and of course some munchies.

Choose your accommodation wisely

Trust us, you won’t be spending much time in your hotel room because instead you will be out there exploring the world. So basically all you need is a safe place to leave your stuff behind and somewhere that is clean too.

You can trade expensive hotel rooms for dorm rooms in hostels, also a great way to meet people if you’re traveling solo! If you’re traveling with a group, then rent a place on AirBnb, you will find great spaces at low prices when divided on all of you, a studio will even suffice! Couchsurfing is another website you can give a look.

General tips!

  • Go where you know people. This will not only save you the accommodation fees but will also help you get around easily as they will show you around.
  • Ask the locals on some of the best deals on food, accommodations, and other necessities can only be discovered through word-of-mouth on the ground.
  • Gather all the information you need on the country before traveling, you can ask on Facebook groups for advises and personal experiences.
  • Avoid gift shops and shopping in general.


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GEM’s Supervisor Denies Rumors That Claim the Museum Was Flooded With Rain Water




Egypt has witnessed heavy rains this week which led rumors to spread on social media that the Grand Egyptian Museum has been flooded with rain water.

General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum Atef Moftah denied all these rumors and confirmed that the GEM is equipped and ready to stand against anything, because of how it’s thoroughly planned and designed.

Moftah also added that more than 1K employees have been trained on the right mechanisms to deal with rains or fires.

The training provides employees with depicts real-life scenarios inside and outside the museum, in addition to teaching them ways to deal with any incident that may include fire or rain.

During the training, a real fire-fighting truck was actually used, in order to ensure that the vehicle has access to all areas of the GEM.

We’re just glad and relieved to have been assured that the GEM is designed to deal with anything and that nothing is left for chances, we can’t wait for its inauguration later this year.

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Travel Guide: 6 of the Best Winter Destinations




Travel Guide: 6 of the Best Winter Destinations

Some travelers seek winter’s snowfall, while others are looking to escape it to a warmer place, and so to help you choose the best winter destination that will suit your vacation needs, we have listed the following destination that will make your winter vacation completely worth the trip!


Hawaii is for the travelers looking to escape the chilly weather, the island’s warm weather makes ideal for hiking and wandering the stalls at the Na Makua Invitational Christmas Gift Fair. You can also enjoy surfing in one of the island’s many prime surfing spots including Honolii Beach Park and Kahaluu Beach Park.


Dubai’s weather is always warm and perfect for those of you who despise winter and are beach lovers, you can spend your vacation tanning on Jumeirah Beach or maybe explore the gold and spice souks or sandboarding at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. If you’re looking to enjoy a bit of winter, you can hit the slopes at the Mall of the Emirates’ massive indoor Ski Dubai complex.


A winter vacation in this Thai island is just perfect and comes with many pluses, for starters, the weather there during wintertime is just outstanding and you can enjoy a 90-degree beach weather. The island is the ideal destination for those looking for a reasonable getaway and those looking to enjoy their pineapples laying on the beach.

You can cross outdoor sights like Big Buddha and Wat Chalong off your bucket list. Another bonus is that you can get out on the water to explore by boat.


Seville is a stunning city located in Spain and the weather in winter is mild, rooms there are quite affordable and not very crowded with tourists. You’ll get to admire the Gothic architecture at Catedral de Sevilla and the Real Alcázar palace. Also, winter is when the city hosts holiday markets (in December) and Three Kings Day festivities which are certainly a plus.


Turkey has always been viewed as a summer holiday destination, but it actually holds so much potential as a winter destination! For starters, it’s much quieter in winter and way cheaper, so you will get to save the expenses of accommodation and shopping. It’s also pretty stunning when it’s covered with snow, almost feels like a fairy tale.


The city is nestled along Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the weather there is warm and overflowing with several historic sites including the Walled City of Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with colonial architecture and Caribbean Sea views. We advice you to head to Playa Blanca or take a boat to the nearby Rosario Islands.

The city is a popular winter destination so you might need to book earlier!

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