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The Ultimate Honeymoon Guide to Bali Part I



Finding the perfect destination for your honeymoon depends mostly on your taste and what you and your partner are looking for in a honeymoon, but making it easier for you to make the best out of your chosen destination, well that’s what we are here for and why this series of guides were made!

If you’re into island getaways filled with vibrant and colorful culture and if you’re the kind of couple who would love to spend their honeymoon chasing waterfalls and sunshine, then Bali is the obvious choice for you if romance and adventure are what you desire.

Bali is known for its incredible views and the budget-friendly prices, the place gives you the experience of a luxurious life minus the insane prices.

Here’s your ultimate guide for a honeymoon in the mesmerizing Bali.


Bali is located in the heart of Indonesia, and the country doesn’t require any visas or permits to travel to so basically all you do is book a flight and a place!

Trust me, avoiding the hassle of the visas saves you lots of time, and is also a stress-reliever.

Best time to visit

Bali mainly has two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. The best time to travel is during the dry season for the warm temperatures minus the humidity and rainfall.

Bali’s peak tourism season is July and August, but if you’re looking to avoid the spike in room rates then book early or travel between April and June.


Currently, the flight ticket to Bali costs between the 11K and 15K. Differs slightly from one airline to another, and you can find cheaper ones of course but we don’t recommend you traveling on a cheap airline. So choose a well-known one such as Emirates or Egyptair, and book as early as you can.

Bali Honeymoon Destinations

There are several destination in Bali, the most popular are Ubud, Kuta and Seminyak. My advice would be for you to divide your days and visit the three destinations, because each of them is unique in a way.

If you stay in Kuta, you will get to enjoy lots of clubbing, shopping, beach clubs and restaurants. While in Ubud, you will get to enjoy the nature and take in the serenity of the quite life.

Even if you’re into the night-life more, there are a must-visits locations in Ubud that are perfect for couples and create for you the dreamy honeymoon you fantasize about.

Rice Terrace in Ubud, Bali

As for Seminyak, it is known for its top notch restaurants and boutique shopping, basically a more mature version of Kuta but a lot more trendier and hip.

Arriving in Bali

Denpasar airport

Arriving in Bali by flight means you’ll land in the capital Denpasar and in arriving, you will be greeted with countless of cab drivers and tour guides who most probably will take advantage of you. So my advice is to pre-book a transfer to your hotel, or simply order a Grab car (a must-download app) which is basically an Uber.

Transportation in Bali

As mentioned above, Grab car is certainly the safest option because you will know the exact rate of your trip ahead and there will be no chance of people scamming you.

Another popular mean of transportation is the scooter, you get to rent it and drive around freely. It is much more fun and you will get to have it with you all the time. BUT let me warn you, the roads in Bali are not safe at all. So if you’re not a professional biker, I highly don’t recommend it for your safety.

These are the basics of your trip and a short guide to what to expect in Bali, stay tuned for the ultimate guide of places to visit and where to stay in Bali.

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Work Almost Done at the GEM and Here Are the Latest Updates You should Know!




The largest museum in the world dedicated to ancient Egyptian culture, the Grand Egyptian Museum will soon be ready for the world to be wowed with its magnificence with 96.5% of the work in the museum finally done!

The general supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum, Major-General Engineer Atef Moftah revealed that 96.5% of work at the GEM has finally been completed, amounting to the transferal of 55 thousand artifacts to the museum.

He also added that the display vitrines for the King Tutankhamun galleries are fully completed and are being tested at the moment. Moreover, 90% of the artifacts has been installed at the Grand Staircase and the surveillance and control system are being finalized.

Moftah also discussed the possibility of installing cable cars! He said that there is an ongoing study that is looking at connecting the beginning of the Fayoum Road with the museum. How cool would that ride be!

These cable cars will be used to transport tourists from the GEM’s hotel area all the way to the bottom of the Giza Plateau, making the ride both easier and much more enjoyable!

Also, there is another study is discussing the possibility of directly linking Cairo Airport and hotels that will be developed within the museum area.

Commenting on the recent discovery in Saqqara, Moftah said: “I requested that the Saqqara Cache be added to the artefacts scheduled for display in the GEM, as well as the Asasif Cache, both will join the museum’s exhibition programme. We will prepare two exhibition halls of the GEM to be called the ‘Hidden Hall’ to hold the coffins. The GEM has two museum exhibition halls with a total area of 2500 square meters, in addition to three halls measuring 600 square meters for temporary displays and exhibitions of both ancient and modern art”.

We can’t wait for the opening of the museum that will completely transform tourism in Egypt, a place that will display the first ever hanging obelisk on show at the entrance of the museum!

Who’s as excited as we are for the grand opening?

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Another Significant Discovery In Minya Unearthed Ancient Amulets and Scarab Figurines




It looks like the Ministry of Antiquities is on a streak with some continuous discoveries that keep on blowing us away! This time, the Egyptian archeological mission uncovered amulets and scarab figurines in Minya Governate.

The amulets and scarab figurines that come in different sizes and shapes were discovered in ​​Al-Ghuraifa, Tuna Al-Jabal in Minya, they were found inside the coffin of Jehuty Imhotep, the chief priest of the god Jehuty from the 26th dynasty.

This discovery follows the announcement of yet another remarkable discovery just last week of over 59 coffins (also in the Minya Governate).

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عثرت البعثة الأثرية المصرية بمنطقة آثار الغريفة بتونا الجبل بالمنيا على مجموعة من التمائم و الجعارين مختلفة الأشكال و الأحجام الأسبوع الماضي داخل بئر للدفن، وذلك داخل تابوت جحوتي إم حتب، كبير كهنة الإله جحوتي من الاسرة 26. أسفرت أعمال الحفائر بالمنطقة كذلك عن العثور على بئر آخر للدفن بعمق ١٠ آمتار، وسوف تقوم البعثة بإزالة هذه الألواح للكشف عما ورائها من أسرار. The Egyptian archaeological mission in ​​Al-Ghuraifa, Tuna Al-Jabal in Minya discovered amulets and scarabs of different shapes and sizes inside the coffin of Jehuty Imhotep, the chief priest of the god Jehuty from the 26th dynasty. The discoveries were found by the mission last week inside a burial shaft. Excavations in the area also revealed another burial shaft, 10 meters deep. Inside it is a large burial chamber containing niches carved into the stones and lined with stone slabs. The mission will remove these panels to reveal more secrets behind them very soon.

A post shared by Ministry Tourism & Antiquities (@ministry_tourism_antiquities) on

According to the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and head of the excavation mission, Mostafa Waziry, some of the newly discovered amulets are in the shape of hearts and others depict god Hathor’s head, the four sons of the god Horus, and a winged amulet.

Also worth mentioning is that a 10-metre-deep burial shaft was also discovered in the area, it houses a large chamber with three niches covered by stone beams.

Who knows what else lies hidden deep down in the underground of our magnificent country, waiting for us to discover it and dug it out!


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The GEM to Launch Its Official Website Soon and Here’s What You Need to Know




The Grand Egyptian Museum is finishing up the official website for the museum and it’s going to make tourists’ lives way easier and ours too! The website that will launch soon will offer virtual tours of the museum and will guide tourists on how to make it to the museum, it will also allow them to book their tickets online.

According to the official Facebook page for the museum, the website will include programs and activities that are targeted for both adults and children. What’s more exciting is that it will also provide activities for those with special needs.

Egypt’s GEM will enlighten visitors with a unique experience that aims at educating them on the history of Ancient Egypt. After all, the museum’s main concern is to preserve the heritage of Egypt and spread cultural awareness.

Once visitors enter the museum, they’ll be greeted with spacious parking lots, rest areas and areas designed for people with special needs. All buildings will have ramps, escalators and elevators, which makes getting around the museum a whole lot easier and organized.

The museum is now getting ready for the big transfer of one of the three parts of the obelisk of King Ramses II from San el-Haggar area in Sharqiya. The obelisk will be installed for its permanent display in the outer yard of the museum.

We can’t wait for the opening of the museum by the end of this year. It sure will be the best way to greet and celebrate the new year!


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