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The multitasking power of Daliah Galal



In our last interview for mother’s day, we sat down with Dalia Galal and her lovely sons Gabby and Younis, but seeing that Younis’s dictionary isn’t yet complete, we interviewed both Dalia and Gabby.
First thing we asked her is what her daily routine is, in which she told us that she barely gets any sleep, she starts the day by spending some time with Younis and then she gets dressed, heads off to the office or meetings, and when she comes home at night to her sleeping kids, she feels guilty and sad for not spending much time with them.
For our usual competition, we first asked Gabby about Dalia’s favorite color which he got right (its black and purple in case you’re wondering). While Gabby’s favorite, she told us, is blue.
When asked about their favorite food, Gabby said his mom’s favorite is pizza, at which Dalia laughed it off and said ‘Yes, one of my favorites.’ But is it your favorite though?
As for the superpower that they would wish to have, Gabby got it right, and told us that it is invisibility, while Dalia unfortunately was cheated the answer, and Gabby’s superpower wish is to be able to read minds.
Dalia’s answer of Gabby’s most used word, is just the cutest thing ever, she tells us that it is actually ‘I love you’, at which Gabby shyly laughed about it and said that it’s true.
We then asked about their favorite movie, while Gabby told us his mom’s favorite is Mickey Mouse, at which Dalia instantly denied and kept repeating ‘that’s not true.’ But is it Dalia, is it really not true? Gabby’s favorite is minions.
The one thing that they do together is music, Dalia told us that they have a band, and with a studio at home, they create music together. Apart from music, she reads to them as much as she can.
When we asked her about her feeling when she first found out she was pregnant, she said that the first time, she was shocked and actually cried; because it was the first baby and it was scary. Second time, she also cried, but this time, out of happiness.
Finally, on how she keeps up with both her work and home, she told us that on weekends, she tries to do nothing but spend time with her kids, and her family. She basically separates completely between work and family time, so when it’s family time, it’s purely dedicated to them.
It was surely a pleasure interviewing all these incredible mothers, who have exerted so much effort to have it all and they did it. And on their special day, we wish them strength to keep up the impressive work.
Special thanks also goes to Grand Nile Hotel for having us shoot at their revolving restaurant, which made yet another perfect location for the shoot.

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First Arabic Series ‘Jinn’ Causing Controversy in Jordan




Jinn, the first Arabic series on Netflix has caused wide controversy in Jordan due to some of the inappropriate scenes of the show, that caused them to be charged of being immoral.

The Jordanian general prosecutor has issued a decision to stop the screening of Jinn. Netflix MENA response which they have tweeted through their official account is that they stand strongly against all abusive acts that the cast has been facing.

They further explained that their intention was to spread variety in the shows screened and to provide a safe environment for movie lovers.


On the other hand, the Royal Film Commission in Jordan released a statement concerning the allegations, explaning that its role is to encourage local production as well as freedom of speech and that it has no control over the script or the content of the show.

The statement also highlighted that people are always demanding to have more freedom and personal choices, but when faced with a situation like this one, they automatically go insane and forget about their previous demands.

Opinions regarding the show still vary but one thing that shouldn’t be denied is that the show is indeed impressive, so far I have watched a couple of episodes and allow me to say this, the quality and production of the series is undeniably good.

Here is what some people had to say about nevertheless…

While there are some angry tweets, other teenagers are spiraling through social media saying that they are actually proud to be witnessing such a show actually portraying real life. Others are impressed with the girl power shown on the show, and that they would rather watch a controversial show than watch others that portray women as weak and abused.

It’s yet to be seen if there will be a formal reaction from the government but so far Netflix is standing behind the writers and the cast.



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Zay el Shams: Our Own Theories on Who and Why Killed Farida?




People on social media are taking the Farida case way too seriously, seeing how assumptions are flooding the social media and surprisingly, they are being made based on what appears to be a thorough analysis of each character!

Theories of how the show will end are also taking part of daily discussions, and it looks like people will remain restless until the truth is unveiled.

The thing is each and every person has solid, valid point of view. Like I said, they are truly based on thorough analysis and logical justification.

You have said yours, it is time we lay out ours!

1- Omar

Now the obvious suspect is Omar, which is exactly why, we are not suspecting him. Because why choose to end the series in an obvious way! Unless that is the point, that the answer has always been right in front of us, clear as daylight?

And honestly, he does have all the motives, what with the children’s custody case, and the many scenes that shows his hatred towards Farida.

All the events happening now, are leading us to believe it’s Omar, which again is making us highly doubt such an expected ending. Or not, no one knows…

2- Nour

My very own theory is quite the twisted one, because I’m pointing my finger towards Nour! And yes, she was in London at the time (supposedly), and she is her sister… But who knows? Maybe it was accidental, maybe she didn’t kill her on purpose. Remember the first episode when the statue of the two sisters broke? Also, as I said before, the character development of Nour is very disappointing, and that’s why, I’m not buying it!

I’m not buying the whole, strong independent falling back in the arms of her ex cheating fiance, especially in a time where her nephews and niece need her the most. So, my theory is, not only did she do it, but she is also trying to frame Omar for it. Hence, she took his case.

Told you it was quite the complex, twisted theory!

3- The Lawyer

Gamal Soliman appeared before, but he didn’t get us suspicious until his wife appeared to be pretty mad about Nour’s phone call. Also, from the memories of Farida, it looks like he wanted to be more than just her lawyer and let’s all admit it, it was creepy and perverted!

My theory regarding this is that he might have physically harassed Farida, and being the courageous woman that she is, she threatened to tell and ruin his career, and oh well, you know the drill!

4- Seif

Here’s why I don’t think he did it! I believe that Seif really is sick, a sick person madly in love with Farida. And even if he did it, my theory is that he will be in a full denial that he killed the love of his life.

5- The Doctor

Just yesterday, we found out that Farida has had a crush on him, to which he didn’t respond to her. But that is what he is saying! And maybe, Farida couldn’t accept the idea of a man rejecting her, and did something very stupid.

Something very stupid, that triggered him to kill her.

At the end of the day, it looks like we will have to just wait and watch…


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Netflix Announces Its Very First Egyptian Original Series




Netflix, the streaming giant announced that it is currently working on its very first original Egyptian show, which is based on Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’sMa Waraa Al Tabiaa“.

Netflix announced the news earlier on their official MENA Twitter account, and said that they are bringing viewers with an Egyptian show that is an adaptation of Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’sMa Waraa Al Tabiaa“.


The series will be directed by Amr Salama and produced by Mohamed Hefzy.


Hefzy expressed his pride of such a collaboration in a statement that said, “I’m excited to be collaborating once again with my friend and colleague Amr Salama. I am confident that together, along with Netflix, we will provide audience with world-class work in a manner that is well suited to Egyptian and Arab drama,” he said.

“My dream has always been to transform the novels of nature into a screen play, while still maintaining the spirit of the supernatural. And I can’t wait to present these exciting stories to the Netflix audience in 190 countries around the world,” said Salama in a tweet.


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