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The Movie ‘Ward Masmom’ to Represent Egypt in the upcoming Oscars



Egypt settled on Thursday on the movie ‘poisonous ward‘ to represent us in the best foreign film competition, the Academy Awards. 

The movie was chosen from a shortlist of other prominent movies which included “Lail Kharegy” (Exterior Night), “El Feel El Azr’a 2” (The Blue Elephant 2), “El Mamar” (The Passage), “El Kinz 2” (The Treasure 2), “3eyar Nary” (Gunshot) and “El 7elm El Ba3eed” (The Far Away Dream.)

Now, the film will represent Egypt in the next Oscars after winning the majority of the votes from the selection, and the final Oscar nominations will be announced on January 13 and held on February 9.

The movie ‘Ward Masmoom‘ revolves around a cleaning lady named Ta7eya who lives in poverty and in constant fear that her brother would one day abandon her for a better life abroad. The film has already been awarded a number of local and international awards, including 4 at the Cairo Film Festival.


Adapted from a novel by Ahmed Zaghloul El Sheity, the film stars Mahmoud Hemeida, Safaa El Tokhy and Koki.



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Gouna Hosting the “Second Annual Polo Silver Cup”




For decades, we’ve been enjoying both modern and ancient games such as Football and even Wrestling! Which is why we’re easily captivated whenever a new or unique sport is brought to Egypt.

Horses are one of the most used animals in Egypt. They’re sometimes used for entertainment and transportation, while at other times they’re used for professional riding.

Polo games originated in Central Asia back in the 6th century! Yes, the game is that old! Which is why people are psyched to finally have Polo games taking place in Egypt!

El Gouna Beach will be hosting their second annual Polo Kings Silver Cup.

Believe it or not, this is a major event happening. People will be travelling the world for such an extraordinary event. The event is to take place on the beautiful shores of sandy Gouna under the hot sun, which makes it an even better experience that you can’t miss.

This sport was said to be strictly for Kings and Princes back in the old age, but in the modern day, anyone who has any experience and passion towards horse riding as well as playing polo is free to enter!

There’ll be six teams of three that are said to be competing in the second annual cup this year. Yikes, that’ll definitely cause more exciting rivalry for us to watch.

Not only will there be the Polo Silver Cup taking place, but there’ll also be loads of ranging activities as well as parades at the Marina! So much fun in store for you guys!

People will dress to impress and get ready for the major Gala dinner said to take place as well. You can even get pony rides!

This event will be a huge blast from the past since these are things people used to do decades ago and this sport was almost dying, which is why it is super exciting for Egypt to start doing things differently by embracing all cultures around us and reviving an old sport!

There you have it folks! Get your fanciest clothes and rest up for the event we’ve all been waiting for!



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Um Kalthoum Brought Back To Life



Um Kulthum

As proud Egyptians in 2020, we’ve always enjoyed reminiscing on past singers of our culture whom are now not amongst us, may they rest in peace.

Egypt is well know for our infamous singers that are truly loved worldwide. You would think that it’s just us but believe it or not, everyone enjoys ancient Egyptian music.

With that said, we are proud to have amongst us one of the world’s well know and dearly missed singers, Um Kulthum. Her unique and powerful voice has stayed with us for all these years, even after her passing.

It’s been 44 years since she left us, but luckily we have many ways we could listen to her melodic songs. The internet has definitely made it way easier to look for whatever you want, especially music. From Anghami, to Spotify, and even Youtube, you name it!

Which is why we are super excited to tell you the amazing news! You actually get to witness a live concert of Um Kulthum! How? Isn’t she dead? Well that’s the thing! Egypt brings to you one of it’s very first Hologram Concerts, and what better way than to start off with an Egyptian Legend, Um Kulthum!

The concert will be held at the Cairo Opera House on the 6th of March in the Grand Theater. Fortunate for us, this concert is in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture to help create a vivid and powerful experience for us to have a genuine feeling of how things were back in the 80’s!

Dr Inas Abdeldayem, the Minister of Culture, is excited to be incorporating advanced technology as well as modern methods to be capable of allowing us to relieve old Egyptian artists. She states that this is a smart tactic that will hopefully attract the younger generation to their culture and history.

The concert will be directed by Jihan Morsi as well as a musical band that is to be lead by infamous Maestro Mostafa Helmy alongside Mai Farouk and Reham Abdel Hakim. These people are well known for performing songs by the legendary Um Kulthum.

Yes indeed this is the first hologram concert in Egypt but it is not the first of it’s kind! Dubai and Saudi Arabia had already initiated hologram concerts, Dubai being the first ever to create such an idea! Rumor has It though that Egypt has had a hologram concerts before but only during the World Youth Forum!

Even after all these years, everyone has a passion towards Um Kulthum. Today, she is still considered Middle East’s most admired singers!

We all can’t wait to attend such a historical event happening amongst us. The upcoming show truly gave everyone hope that they have a second chance to finally see the woman who had challenged social norms as well as became a major historical symbol.

Check out the video before when Dubai had done their first hologram concert ever. This is so surreal!



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Get Ready to Run a Marathon With the Pyramids As Your Backdrop!




The Pyramids Half Marathon will take place on the 22nd of February to witness the arrival of runners from all around the world, who will compete at one of the world’s most iconic locations, the Great Pyramids of Giza! 

The marathon will feature a 21K run, a 10K and 6K, which means anyone can join and enjoy a unique run through 5000 years of history. You practically have no excuse to skip this!

The event is organized by the Trif Factory.


Registration for the event is as follows:

Wednesday 19 February

14:00 – 20:00         Athlete Registration

Thursday 20 February

14:00 – 20:00         Athlete Registration

Friday 21 February

14:00 – 20:00         Athlete Registration

Race starts on Saturday the 22nd of February at eight with an awards ceremony to conclude it at eleven.


Tickets and registrations are available only through their official website, the race pack pick-up include Race ID, Race T-Shirt, & Official Race Bib, will be conducted at the Marathon Expo.

The fees you pay will give you the full experience you seek including a race bag, automatic timing service, participation medal, race certificate, event t-shirt, and invitations to the awards ceremony.

Click here for info.

For highlight from last year’s event, click here.


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