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The Marvel Movies You Need To Watch Before Endgame



If you’re a Marvel freak, then you probably have already watched the movie in the first week of its release, and if you haven’t yet, then you should definitely do.

If your excuse is that you aren’t a Marvel enthusiast who didn’t watch any of the previous parts, then here’s a list of the Marvel movies you need to watch; in order to understand Endgame, THE EPIC ENDGAME.

We’re not 21 film deep into the Marvel Cinematic journey, that unfortunately is coming to an end. Some would argue you that you must watch all 21 films before heading to the movies, but seeing that there’s no time; because spoilers are flooding the social media, we are suggesting the movies that are indeed affecting the plot of Endgame.

1- Captain America: The First Avenger

Personally, I don’t feel like this would affect your experience of Endgame, however, it tells you the story of Captain America and how it all began. Also, the movie is where the Tesseract is a major plot point, which you will have to understand how this all started.

2- Marvel’s the Avengers

If you choose to skip Thor and Iron Man 2, even though my advice would be to watch the Iron man movies, then 2012’s Marvel’s The Avengers is the ideal introduction to all the main heroes including, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Agent Coulson. The film also depicts the first time the titular team had to assemble to save the Earth. And, again, the Tesseract plays a central role.

3- Guardian of the galaxy

The movie was certainly groundbreaking in several ways, seeing how it revealed the various planets and aliens. It also introduces the rest of the heroes from the different planets, that join the Avengers.

In Infinity War we see that Gamora (Zoe Saldana), the adopted daughter of Thanos (Josh Brolin), plays a major role in the endgame of the MCU.

4- Captain America: Civil War

2016’s Captain America: Civil War prepares you for the emotional stakes that lead to the final two Avengers films, as it explains why the Avengers team broke apart. This movie also introduces Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) who take part in both the final movies.

5- Avengers: Infinity War

In doing your Marvel homework, obviously this goes on top of the list as it practically is part one of Endgame.

6- Captain Marvel

Currently screening in the cinemas, Captain Marvel is the most recent movie, it isn’t really necessary for you to watch it, unless you’re keen on understanding where each hero in Endgame come from.

The review

Yes, the movie deserves all the buzz, and it is epic on every level, certainly makes the best closure for the Marvel long journey. Expect to laugh, cry and to experience all kinds of emotions. There were many parts that I did like, for example the nostalgic time travel trips, and seeing people from the past, and people who haven’t appeared before.

The overall experience was better than I expected.


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Health & Beauty

An Inspirational Talk with The Smile Ambassador Dr Ahmed Al Kaffas




Dr Ahmed Al Kaffas aka the smile ambassador is one of the pioneers in the field of dentistry in Egypt and we are honored for the chance we got to sit with him and chat about his lifestyle that got us to discover interesting sides of him that truly inspired us.

For starters, Dr Al Kaffas tells us that he always tries as much as he can to hit the gym even if he has a busy schedule at the clinic, and if he has the time to squeeze in exercise then we absolutely have no excuse to skip on workouts!

Also, we found out that he is a food lover who is loyal to our very own Egyptian cuisine! I mean oriental food is truly the best, what with the Molokhey and vine leaves, which are his favorite dishes.

When asked about his favorite actor, Dr Al Kaffas revealed to us his inner cinematic geek and told us that he enjoys the plot as a whole as well as the music and scenario of the film and so he doesn’t really have a favorite actor in specific.

‘I can’t imagine being in any other field other than dentistry, but if I have to choose then I think I would have went for business school instead’ he said when asked what he would have been if not a dentist.

According to him, social media has become a very important part in any profession and he himself find great interest in it.
The worst comment you have ever received on social media? His answer to that was ‘You’re too young.’

As a doctor, he encounters great deal of pressure and when we asked how he deals with it, he told us that he would shut off his phone and stay at home with his boy where he finds comfort in his company.

He tells us he respects the competition but that he is always prepared with new technologies to offer and a well-equipped clinic in order for him to stand out amongst other competitors.

When asked about his favorite part of the day, he showed great passion to his career by telling us that his favorite part is spending time at the clinic where he finds comfort in what he does best, not only that but he also tells us that seeing a patient satisfied and happy about his smile, gives him so much pleasure and faith in what he does.

Are you a risk taker? Dr Ahmed says he is not because he likes everything to be organized and planned, and that the craziest thing he has ever done is following our national team all the way to Russia for the World Cup and leaving everything behind.

What makes us different is that we love what we do and we like our results to be different than others’ and to offer the highest standards in dentistry.’ Dr Al Kaffas said when asked about what makes the clinic different.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr Ahmed Al Kaffas was awarded Dentist of the year 2019 in Insight magazine, and when we asked him about the award, he said: ‘I don’t really take titles into consideration, because what truly matters is the satisfaction of patients and delivering them with the treatment they deserve and to always exceed their expectations.’

Now that was one truly inspirational interview of a man who is multi-talented and very passionate about his work and keen on the comfort of his patients.

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What's up TV

Oscar Nominated Movie ‘Poisonous Roses’ Receives its 16th Award




The Egyptian film, Ward Masmoum has succeeded in winning the award for Best Film at Morocco’s City and Cinema Festival, which now brings the total awards to 16 since its world premiere in last year’s international Film Festival Rotterdam.

The Oscar nominated movie Ward Masmoom (Poisonous Roses) is a story about a cleaning lady named Ta7eya who lives in poverty and in constant fear that her brother would one day abandon her for a better life abroad.

The film has already been awarded a number of local and international awards, including 4 at the Cairo Film Festival.

Adapted from a novel by Ahmed Zaghloul El Sheity, the film stars Mahmoud Hemeida, Safaa El Tokhy, Ibrahim El-Nagari, Merihan Magdi, and Mohamed Berakaa. 


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What's up TV

The Iconic Lamis Al Hadid Returns to Present a New Media Era




As of October 20, ‘Al Arabiya’ group will reach out to a wider scale of audience in Egypt and the region with a one of a kind program in the Arab world presented by the Iconic TV presenter ‘Lamis Al-Hadidi‘ through a program that will cater to all the different segments and especially the youth.

The program, entitled “Cairo Now“, represents a distinguished return of Al-Hadidi to her first press home that witnessed her start, represented by Al Arabiya Group, a place that witnessed her winning several awards and saw her become one of the most prominent TV presenters in the region.

The program will reflect the new innovative ways of Al-Arabiya in reaching out to the younger segment, as the program will air the first hour on TV and then the second hour on social media via live streaming. This marks a new milestone in Arab broadcasting, as this technique is the first format of its kind.

Al-Arabiya Group chose the channel ‘Al Hadath’ to present the new program in its innovative style, seeing how the the channel has been distinguished since its launch in 2012 with its unique regional editorial style, which is based on the intensity of direct transmission of regional and global events with an in-depth analytical studio that hosts high-profile figures.

“I am delighted to be returning to my first home, Al Arabiya, which I worked in for years at the beginning of my media career as an economic reporter from Cairo,” commented Lamis Al-Hadidi, one of the most influential TV presenters in the Arab world.

“I am even prouder to have my new launch on the screen of Al-Hadath, a channel that has proved in recent years its credibility and efficient work which thus earned the respect of Arab viewers.” Al-Hadidi added.

From his part, General Manager of Al Arabiya Group, Nabil Al Khatib said, : “We are always keen on adopting new innovative methods and on reaching a wider segments of viewers, that’s why we have chosen Lamis Hadidi for this beginning of a new media era that redefines ‘Al-Hadath‘ channel and allow it to reach a wider audience.”

“The viewer is no longer just a recipient, but rather an interactive viewer who has the right to be reached out to through platforms of his liking, whether that platform is a TV or a digital device. This is what the program ‘Cairo Now’ promises, it is keen on delivering a new media experience for the younger age. The program will be broadcast on Sunday and Monday every week between 9 and 11 pm Cairo time.” Al-Khatib added.


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