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The 15 Dumbest Tattoos You’ll See Today



Ya, let’s do this! It’s gonna be fun and it might scar you for life, as well. So, where’s the harm?


1. The Patriot:

2. Pretty sure this is Ethan Hawke with spider legs:

3. The one who will probably end up proposing to Micky D’s at some point:

4. El Shaba7:


5. 0 star tattoo:

6. The one who will make you decide to stop looking for Waldo FOREVER:

7. Aiwa fein ba2eit el gomla?:

8. You don’t mess with our dark lord and just get away with it:

9. Do you think somebody told her?:

10. Indeed, “it’s is”, my friend:

11. Walkom shayld, anytime:

12. But I want to “somke” with you!:

13. You get a nipple! And you get a nipple! And you! And you!:

14.  What could the onion possibly signify?!:

15.  And finally, the LV cult member:

This has been…enlightening!

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Russell Brand in Negotiations to Join Gal Gadot in ‘Death on the Nile’




Russell Brand is currently in negotiations to take on a role in the film ‘Death on the Nile’ that is based on Agatha Christie’s novel, and to be directed by Kenneth Branagh.

‘Death on the Nile‘ will be the sequel to “Murder on the Orient Express’ which was brought to life by Branagh in 2017. This new adaptation will follow the famous detective Hercule Poirot while he investigates a murder that took place aboard a Nile cruise touring Egypt, with a love triangle as a bonus!

The movie is currently in pre-production and Russell Brand might be joining the cast soon that already includes Gal Gadot, Kenneth Baranagh and Leitia Wright.

Shooting is set to begin this September, with the movie set to hit theaters in October 2020.


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Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian’s First Fragrance Will Finally Hit Shelves Soon!




After four months of delay for the release of Kim and Kylie’s first fragrance together, they have finally announced the release date on Instagram and it is soon!

Taking to Instagram, the KKW Beauty founder wrote, “I’m so excited for my first ever @kkwfragrance collab with @kyliejenner!!! The collection features three lip-shaped bottles in red, pink, and nude for $40 each. I can’t wait for you guys to see how amazing these scents are!!! Launching to on Friday, 08.23 at 12pm pst.”

The perfume will retail at Dhs146 and will hit shelves starting of next Friday 23 August at 11 PM.

The name of the fragrance hasn’t been announced yet, all we know is that the shape of the bottle which is an XL pair of lips. The perfume will be available in three different shades of pink.



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Egypt to Construct First Ever Vertical Forest in New Capital




Egypt will house Africa’s very first vertical forest in the New Administrative Capital, the forest will consist of three 30m by 30m cube-shaped apartment towers all covered in planted terraces.

According to a CNN report, the seven story-high buildings will be home for around 350 tress and 14 thousands shrubs of more than 100 species.

The vertical forest is designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, whom designs usually focus on including environmental implications in the hope of putting a limit to footprint. According to his website, the vertical forest scheme is a “project for the environmental survival of contemporary cities designed to promote the coexistence of architecture and nature in urban areas”.

The constructing of these three towers is set to be completed by 2023 and hopefully will be able to combat the side effects of pollution and help resolve the issue of climate change by covering the towers in greenery.

Stefano Boeri’s three cube-shaped vertical forest apartment blocks is a collaboration with Egyptian designer Shimaa Shalash, and also the Italian landscape architect Laura Gatti.

“There are many ways to make the city green, this vertical forest is a less expensive and faster way of dealing with climate change. The objective of the vertical forest is to limit pollution. These are small efforts, but they are very important. And making people plant trees is the best way to involve them.” Boeri said.

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