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Stars who gave up music for acting Would you like them more as singers? 



Did you know that some of the big musicians in the industry like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Beyonce

 were rejected by music labels at the beginnings of their musical careers. However, it can also be

 the other way around. Astonishingly some successful Hollywood stars actually had the luxury of

turning down a record deal to focus on their acting career. Here are some names:

Robert Pattinson is actually selfish 

Back in 2010, rumors had it that Robert Pattinson rejected an offer to sign with

Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco. Although he is an avid guitar player and has had two

 of his songs featured on the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack, Rob apparently said no to Cowell because

he was convinced that no one would like his music. Pattinson claims that he’s selfish with his

music, only playing what he likes, and that just wouldn’t fit with the music

tycoon’s style of work.


Emily Blunt follows her heart

Did you know that Emily Blunt was into music? The British actress was offered a record deal

at the age of sixteen when a producer spotted her performing in a musical at the Edinburgh Festival.

But the night before she was about to sign the deal, she decided to pull out because her

heart wasn’t  really in the music

Acting was always Zac Efron’s first priority

In 2006, Zac Efron shot to fame when he appeared in the TV film ‘High School Musical’.

The ratings hit the roof, and the soundtrack sold like hot cakes. However, sources revealed that

Efron’s vocal parts were actually performed by a Canadian artist, Drew Seeley. As a result, Zac had

to do his own singing for the follow-up, ‘High School Musical 2’. And guess what?

Zac’s performance granted the young actor a record deal by Simon Cowell. But instead of becoming

America’s next big pop star, Efron politely declined, choosing to focus on acting.


Gina Rodriguez turns down music tycoons 

Award winning actress Gina Rodriguez had her big break in the hip-hop music drama ‘Filly Brown’;

Her portrayal of aspiring rapper (Majo Tonorio) caught the eye of several big music producers,

however, Rodriguez chose to focus on her acting career rather than turning her character’s dream

into her reality.


Do you think these stars should have proceeded with their music career? We agree that it would

have been great to listen to albums from these stars. However, no one can deny that they have been

building remarkable acting resumes. So probably they picked what is best for them.



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American-Egyptian Ramy Youssef Gets Nominated For 2020 Golden Globe Award




Ramy Youssef, co-creator and lead star of the Hulu Comedy series ‘Ramy‘ has been nominated for a 2020 Golden Globes award for his lead performance in Hulu’s breakthrough series about an Egyptian American millennial.

Youssef reacted to his shocking nomination Monday morning in a direct message via Twitter. “I’m just trying to keep up with Mahershala so he can stop taunting me with his Oscars on set,” he joked, referring to Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actor Mahershala Ali, who will be featured in Season 2 of the series.

The show revolves around an American-Egyptian Muslim called Ramy Hassan as it tackles Muslim-specific issues, some irrelevant and other major. It also highlights the struggles of Ramy as he keeps up with both partying and praying in his politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood.



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Tamer Hosny Breaks Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi




Our very own pop star Tamer Hosny performed last night at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall a song that he wrote in honor of the UAE’s year of tolerance. That’s not all, as the star got to break a Guinness World record at the mall with the help of his fans.

Up until Thursday, fans kept posting messages to the star with the hope that he would collect the most contributions ever made to a bulletin board and that way, break a new Guinness World Record. Which impressively, they managed to make it happen!

The Marina Mall shared a number of the messages that Hosny received, saying they had received “a lot of positive and many influential messages” for Hosny.

Last night was certainly Hosny’s night as he got to break the record for being the most inspirational and influential star in the world, it is also worth mentioning that he broke his own record with twice the number this year!

“My entry to Guinness World Record will be a historical victory for every Egyptian and Arab … my greatest joy is making history with my art.” The star said prior to his win.

Congratulations to the superstar, we couldn’t be any prouder of him!


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Zahi Hawass: First Arab and African to Receive the Golden Medal Award




Archaeological Zahi Hawaas has received the Golden Medal award from the Carrick Foundation in an international celebration held in Belgrade, where 500 intellectuals and politicians were present.

Five more individuals won the award including a singer from Greece, a writer and journalist from Italy and the Czech Republic, a film director and another from France.

This makes Hawass the very first Arab and African to receive such a prestigious award, that was presented to him for his archaeological discoveries and remarkable work.

The event celebrated Hawass by screening a film about his life and the discoveries he made, the veteran archaeologist was then granted the award along with a certificate of appreciation.

This is the 22nd edition of the award ceremony which is given out from the oldest institution in Europe to the most prominent figures from different fields.

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