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Stars who gave up music for acting Would you like them more as singers? 



Did you know that some of the big musicians in the industry like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Beyonce

 were rejected by music labels at the beginnings of their musical careers. However, it can also be

 the other way around. Astonishingly some successful Hollywood stars actually had the luxury of

turning down a record deal to focus on their acting career. Here are some names:

Robert Pattinson is actually selfish 

Back in 2010, rumors had it that Robert Pattinson rejected an offer to sign with

Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco. Although he is an avid guitar player and has had two

 of his songs featured on the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack, Rob apparently said no to Cowell because

he was convinced that no one would like his music. Pattinson claims that he’s selfish with his

music, only playing what he likes, and that just wouldn’t fit with the music

tycoon’s style of work.


Emily Blunt follows her heart

Did you know that Emily Blunt was into music? The British actress was offered a record deal

at the age of sixteen when a producer spotted her performing in a musical at the Edinburgh Festival.

But the night before she was about to sign the deal, she decided to pull out because her

heart wasn’t  really in the music

Acting was always Zac Efron’s first priority

In 2006, Zac Efron shot to fame when he appeared in the TV film ‘High School Musical’.

The ratings hit the roof, and the soundtrack sold like hot cakes. However, sources revealed that

Efron’s vocal parts were actually performed by a Canadian artist, Drew Seeley. As a result, Zac had

to do his own singing for the follow-up, ‘High School Musical 2’. And guess what?

Zac’s performance granted the young actor a record deal by Simon Cowell. But instead of becoming

America’s next big pop star, Efron politely declined, choosing to focus on acting.


Gina Rodriguez turns down music tycoons 

Award winning actress Gina Rodriguez had her big break in the hip-hop music drama ‘Filly Brown’;

Her portrayal of aspiring rapper (Majo Tonorio) caught the eye of several big music producers,

however, Rodriguez chose to focus on her acting career rather than turning her character’s dream

into her reality.


Do you think these stars should have proceeded with their music career? We agree that it would

have been great to listen to albums from these stars. However, no one can deny that they have been

building remarkable acting resumes. So probably they picked what is best for them.



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Gal Gadot to Play the Role of Cleopatra and Egyptians Are Outraged




Israel-born actress Gal Gadot said on Sunday that she will be teaming up again with “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins in a new film, where she will play the role of the legendary Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

“I love embarking on new journeys, I love the excitement of new projects, the thrill of bringing new stories to life,” Gadot wrote.

“Cleopatra is a story I wanted to tell for a very long time. Can’t be more grateful about this A team,” Gadot wrote.

Gadot said that she can’t wait to tell Cleopatra’s story “through women’s eyes” for the very first time. But not everyone was as excited as she is about the announcement and people are questioning the choice of an Israeli in playing the ruler of a North African country.

People took it to social media to express their outrage at choosing Gadot to play the Egyptian ruler, and believe that it should have been an Egyptian-born to play the role or at least a black actor.

This clearly isn’t the only reason why Egyptians in specific are outraged, but they’re also upset a choosing an Israeli Actress to portray the Egyptian historical figure.

On the other hand, others are pointing out that the Egyptian ruler was actually ethnically Greek or Persian. Which side are you on?

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Ahmed El Saka Clears Out the Tension and Resolves the Conflict With Tamer Hosny




Ahmed El Saka and Tamer Hosny are both quite the superstars in the Arab World, they have both drawn some attention following Ahmed El Saka’s latest interview, you must have heard about the ongoing tension between both stars and here’s what went on!

The tension first started when Ahmed El Saka spoke of some accusations against Tamer Hosny during a TV interview with Wafaa El Kilany, what happened is that El Saka pointed a finger blaming Tamer Hosny that he took advantage of El Saka’s appearence in his movie ‘El Felos.’


According to EL Saka, Hosny asked him to make an appearance as a guest star and then to his surprise, when the posters came out, El Saka was confused to see his name as a lead on the poster. Saka believes that Tamer Hosny did so as an attempt to increase sales and when he asked him about what happened, he blamed the production.

This is how Tamer Hosny responded to these accusations, saying that what happened was an honest mistake and not done by the production company but by some fans. He also added that him and El Saka spoke after the incident several times with no hard feelings.

After expressing his disappointment that Ahmed El Saka didn’t come to him privately about the issue, El Saka apologized to Tamer Hosny and posted this.

Looks like the friendship of both stars is stronger than just a mere misunderstanding and we’re glad that both of them managed to clear our the tension and not let it get between them.


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Omar El-Saeed on His Latest Role in Aswad Fateh And More




Omar El Saeed, a star who was able in no time to steal the attention and turn heads. His talent showed in a number of shows and movies and in each one, he never failed to impress us with his uncanny performance.

We sat down with the talented star and had a quick chat on his latest work in ‘Aswad Fateh’ and he revealed to us some behind the scenes, the action that none of us got to see!

When we asked Omar how they shot the series during quarantine time and how challenging that must have been, he surprised that quarantine and the virus were actually the least of their concerns. To our surprise, the show was shot in Lebanon during the explosion! Talk about challenges.

Saeed told us that the entire cast was actually near the explosion when it occurred, he even told us that Haifa Wehbe was forced to leave her home and she stayed with the rest of the cast in an hotel.

When asked how they managed to overcome such a scare and continue shooting, he told us that they had each other’s back and that they were all on a friendly basis, which made the situation bearable. As they say, the show must go on and so they continued shooting despite such a disaster as they were committed to a deadline.

Talk about commitment and bravery!

We asked him where he would go once this coronavirus scare is gone, and he told us France or London. Of all his shows, Omar’s favorite one is ‘Al Beyoot Asrar.’

His favorite meal is Molokheya and we just couldn’t agree more. We love a star with an oriental good taste of food!

We asked him about the weirdest comment he has ever gotten on Instagram, he said a woman actually cussed at him but as a compliment! A bit aggressive, don’t you think?

He also told us that the most annoying thing he receives is requests from fans asking him to record a video wishing someone a happy birthday!

Omar certainly worked with a lot of charming actresses from Egypt, but when we asked him which actress he would love to work with from Hollywood, he said Cameron Diaz. 

We ended the interview with a bunch of this or that questions! So let’s get to know him better together, shall we?

Texting or calls? Texting!

Movies or series or theater? Theater!

Beach life or desert life? Beach life.

Morning or night date? Morning date.

Party life or chill life? Both.

Favorite destination? South of France.

We definitely enjoyed getting to know Omar more and meeting all sides of him, the brave, the fun and even the annoyed one at times! Catch his latest show ‘Aswad Fateh‘ on and share with us what you think of it so far!


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