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Shasho: Bringing Us a New Era of Music By Merging Technology With It



Mohamed Shasho, a music composer and a great artist who managed in no time to steal attention and innovate the music scene in Egypt. For the first time, he’s introducing new ways of music composition and foreign instruments that have never been used before. It’s a one-band show and he’s killing it on his own!

We got to sit with him and chat about his innovations in the music industry and we asked him to introduce his work and the concept of a one man band.

“The instruments I use are connected through a certain wire and a map, the wires have so many details and connections. I have also introduced new instruments that aren’t known in the Middle East such as the theremin instrument, it’s an instrument that existed a long time ago but no one in the Middle East has played it before.” Shasho tells us.


Shasho says that what makes his music special is this combination between technology and music and everything you hear in his musical pieces is his own composition.

In an interview with Amr Adeeb, Shasho impressed him with his unique music composition and splendid performance that Adeeb called him the Egyptian Yanni.

He played in several concerts and performed in many places including, BISC the international school in Egypt, Sawy Cultural Wheel, and he even performed during the launch of Tradeline’s Egypt, an event that was attended by significant figures from Apple.

Shasho composed music for many advertisements and short films including (What do you think/ Transit) and movies such as (Saeed Clacket)–Abu Al-Areef) and (Saber Google.) As for TV shows, he worked in (Crocodile of the Nile) and the animation series (Abaza), and his latest work was (el kamar akher el donia), which debuted last Ramadan and was praised as one of the best soundtrack that year.

When asked about the challenges he faces working solo, he says that it’s challenging to learn and work alone on new instruments and that it’s not an easy job to sync between the diverse instruments that he use.

We asked him if he would love to cooperate with someone in the future, he told us that he had several chances but nothing worked out due to the current circumstances.

Shasho’s source of inspiration is actually music! He says that once he holds a musical instrument, he loses himself to the music. Each instrument drives a certain mood, which is why you can see the variety and mix in the music he composes.

Shasho surprised us with one incredible fact about him and that is the best time he composes music in is during his sleep! He says that sometimes he’s awakened by a certain melody and he records it on his phone.

Besides music, Shasho enjoys sports, interior design and photography, he’s also quite the early bird who starts his day at 6 in the morning!

If he faces a creative block, Shasho says: “Music is my muse and in it, I find comfort so what gets me through anything is listening to or composing music.”

When traveling, Shasho says that the first thing he checks in the city is music stores and that he enjoys street performances and even sometimes discusses the work of these artists, all of this of course inspired and affected his work.

As for his favorite artists, Shasho couldn’t just name one but on top of his mind: Yanni, Hazel Scott, Hans Zimmer, Andrea Ryder, Sayed Darwish and he’s quite fond of Omar El Shaery and Mohamed Fawzy. One of his favorite genres is Latin as it gets him moving and puts him in a good mood.

If he were to work with one of his favorite artists, Shasho says he would have chosen to live in the fifties and work with Andrea Ryder.

What Shasho enjoys the most about his work is the stage, it’s a place that moves him and brings out the energetic, spontaneous side of him. On stage, he’s a different person, very hyper as if he’s a 6-year-old.

Now, time to get to know him better through some quick this or that question!

Beach life or desert life? Desert life.

Morning or night date? Morning date.

Oriental or modern hip music? A mix of both.

Movies or shows to compose for? Movies as it gives Shasho more space for creativity and to compose based on each frame.

Chill life or party life? Chill life.

By the end of the interview, we were left in awe at how impressive his work is and how he’s doing so well so far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for such an incredibly talented artist.

Check out Shasho’s YouTube channel and let us know what you think of his music and which piece is your favorite!


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Step in. We invite you to uncover the truth and discover the answers with the guidance of enchanter Abdelrahman Roshdy. Riding on the spiritual winds, Roshdy brings a fresh new energy to the music scene as we know it. His debut album ‘El Aasela’, having been in the works for the past two and a half years, poses several fundamental questions we all ask ourselves with the album title song, ‘El Aasela’ proceeds to address every question posed in it with each following song in the album. Abdelrahman’s inclination to experiment with different musical and lyrical styles had him refining its direction and adding the soul to the music. There was a high level of planning required to assemble the different elements of the album, considering this was going to be a visual album. Desiring to deliver a message with this album that will truly leave an impact on the listener, he worked closely with lyricist Nour Abdallah to ensure that every song once complete would pluck at the listener’s heartstrings. Creating tracks that addressed concepts such as love, society, faith and existence with questions that we could all relate to having asked regardless of race, gender or class.

His passion for music and for sending his powerful messages out there had him composing most of the album which has become another addition to his experience in music composition, having previously composed the GFF 2020 official anthem ‘Dokki Ya Mazzika’ featuring superstar Ramy Ayach. He saw the chance for ‘El Aasela’ to be refined with the diligent approach and technical expertise that would come from collaborating with Moataz Mady who found a harmony in working on and producing the album with Roshdy, adopting a style and approach to creating music that carries a cinematic or emotional tone to it. Mady found the opportunity to flex his musical talents and draw upon his previous experience with several artists in the past, creating an experience that immerses the listener, an effect Mady has been waiting to find the opportunity to implement.

Taking a unique path to break away from the norm, Abdelrahman sees this album as a jumping off point having featured three key artists on three of the album tracks. ‘Fesam’ featuring Cairokee’s front man Amir Eid composed by Sherif Mustafa and Abdelrahman Roshdy. ‘Neshky Le Meen’ featuring Ahmed Kamel,  written and composed by multi-talented artist Khaled Essam, and finally ‘El Rezk’ featuring shaabi superstar Mahmoud El Lithy while star producer Mohamed Sakr added his magical touch mixing and mastering the entire album. This grand collaborative effort helped cement a new step for Roshdy, where he seized an opportunity to expand his range through experimenting with other genres and artists as he hopes to discover his range in different musical styles and genres. ‘El Aasela’ stands out as a new and unique direction in the Egyptian music scene that diverges from the superficiality of the everyday to the more timeless and profound.

The creativity and direction brought on by Cocaina studios, who shot and directed all 10 music videos, complemented by Carousel, Roshdy’s Management and Publicity team, helped cement the final key component of the album and journey. The sharp photography of Black Creative Studios, which accentuated the eye-catching costume design done by celebrity Stylist and Director Gehad Abdalla, with it being perfected by the album artworks created by Visual Artist and Director Adam Abdelghaffar, with all divergent elements brought together under the supervision and calculated hand of Carousel’s founder Daliah Galal. The combination of the audio, lyrical and visual elements came together to form a unique and profound experience. And in the words of the album producers, Gamma Music and MS Productions, who were excited to produce ‘El Aasela’ album for Roshy. “We appreciate what Abdelrahman Roshdy brings to the table and what his powerful voice can achieve and we want to open the avenues available to support new talents in the Egypt and the greater Arab market.

Ultimately aiming to create a shift towards a path that stands to reshape the minds of listeners and foster a depth and authenticity that touches the soul. Abdelrahman Roshdy is striving to lead a new wave that will revitalize the hearts of his listeners and free them from the ordinary, the superficial and the trivial. His relentless pursuit holds great promise, with his passionate and thought out approach to his music and the message it carries present the Egyptian music scene with a talented artist who is poised to expand its horizons down to the core.

El Aasela | @abdelrahmanroshdy and @moatazmady_

Album Production | @_gammamusic @msproductionme

Management and Publicity | @thecarouselworld @daliahgalal

Management team | @nohasultan95 @gihanauf

Shoot Production | @thecarouselworld

Executive Producer | @daliahgalal

Photography | @blackcreativestudios

Fashion Director | @gehadabdalla

Album Artworks | @adamaghaffar


Abdelrahman Roshdy YouTube Channel

Spotify Platfrom

Anghami Platfrom

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Adonis Releases Their 5th Studio Album ‘A’DA’




Lebanese indie-pop favorites, Adonis , complete the release of their highly anticipated fifth studio album ‘A’da’ (Enemies), with part three out now across all streaming platforms.

Part one and two of the release saw the group trending across Lebanon with live stream performances of their new work to delighted fans.

The final segment of the album, introduces  “Tabi’yi” , a fast-paced pop-rock anthem with hard-hitting drums and catchy guitar riffs, while “Jeet Kermalak”, a delicate ballad,  showcases a traditional middle eastern instrument, the Qanun, beautifully orchestrated alongside the smooth, soothing vocals of guest singer-songwriter, Dana Hourani.

“A’da” is described by the band as a love story between two young, impressionable characters, that unravels through the album tackling themes of nostalgia and lost futures, in an elusive, sometimes cruel, present.

Speaking about the album, lead singer-songwriter Anthony Khoury shared “each part of A’da not only explores a specific time in the characters relationship – how they grew together or apart – but also represents significant times that deeply influenced our songwriting and development over the years.


We celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, so we’re really excited to share an album we feel demonstrates who we are today, and explores the experiences that have shaped us as a band in Beirut.”

Artwork stills  from ‘Mouharrami”  and Moukhtalef lyric videos. Illustration  by Anthony Khoury, animation by Kook.


Released at the end of January, “Mouharrami” was a tone-setter for a new musical direction taken by the four musicians, with heavy 80s and 90s dance music influences weaving their way through the lively opening track.

Title track “A’da”, meanwhile, was accompanied by an intricately illustrated music video, which follows the band members as four retro video game characters, navigating through a dystopian Beirut in search of their stolen hearts.


The video was directed and illustrated by Omar Khouri, with art direction by the band’s long-time collaborator Nadim Hobeika.

Filled with downbeats of raging bass drums, shimmering guitar lines and sweeping synthesizers, this three-part album is complimented by the band’s signature Arabic lyrics, sometimes playful, sometimes poignant,  and always  a point of reference for their expanding fan base across the region.


“A’da” was produced by Sleiman Damien, between the months of August and November 2020, in an improvised studio in the seaside town of Batroun, where the band relocated just days after the August 4 Beirut Port explosion. “Tabi’yi” showcases a live performance music video shot in the same traditionally Lebanese setting.



During release weekend, Anthony Khoury, Adonis’ lead singer, also performed an exclusive stripped down set featuring vocals and piano as part of Embrace Lebanon’s initiative “Music for Mental Health”,  where he showcased Tabi’yi as a message of hope for those struggling through unprecedented times.


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The Oscars Will Be Held In-Person Telecast and Not Virtually




According to a report from Variety, the Oscars 2021 will be held in-person telecast and not virtually!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has pushed the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony to the 15th of April next year, because by spring the theaters would be open again; allowing more movies to compete in the awards.

“The Oscars in-person telecast will happen,” Variety said on Tuesday, quoting a representative from the Academy.

“The Academy has done a walkthrough of the Dolby recently to see all the multiple options,” the report added, citing an awards publicist familiar with the situation.

The academy will of course be forced to cut down the number of attendees.

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