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Recognizing Phenomenal Women From the Entrepreneurs to the Inspirational



Celebrating Phenomenal Female Egyptians From the Entrepreneurs to the Inspirational

Egyptian women ruled! Egyptian women joined riots! They led revolutions and they were never afraid of speaking up. Egyptian women continue to rock the modern age we live in, from being phenomenal artists to successful entrepreneurs, they keep conquering different fields and proving themselves as they do so.

Meet the following phenomenal women who are a true inspiration to all of us.

The athletes!

Nour Sherbini


The young athlete has been making us proud with her being the current World Champion in Women’s squash, who took the World Squash Championship title for the third time last year and two days ago, she claimed the 2020 Windy City Open presented by the Walter Family title after defeating World No.1, and three-time champion, Raneem El Welily in the final at the University Club of Chicago.

Farida Osman

The remarkable swimmer has represented Egypt on the international platform, and has performed gold-medal swims. Standing 5’8″ Osman specializes in the sprint butterfly and freestyle events. She started her swimming career at the age of five and she made her first Egyptian Olympic team by the age of 17!

The Inspirational!

Sara Sabry

Sara Sabry is one of the few infleuncers on social media whose content sends a clear message of inspiration, she is positive, she is someone who can undergo crises and still maintain to put on that cheerful smile of hers! She is a hijabi who uses her platform to fight stereotypes especially that she grew up in Canada, so you can imagine the struggle she went through but overcame it as a powerful young woman!

She’s talented and had her OWN TV show, which also delivered the audience a great content with a message behind every episode. And oh, she travels in between all of that!

The Inspirational x athletic!

Omneya ElYamany

First Egyptian Sky-Diver, Adaptive athlete, Digital Marketer, and Disability Ethics and Equality trainer.

She overcame a car accident that left her suffering from a spinal cord injury from the chest down, she spent more than a year between hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The incident that changed her mindset completely and widened her perspective on people with disabilities. She is a true example of a strong woman who doesn’t give up!

The Entrepreneurs x Artists

Dina Dash

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The beauty guru & YouTuber who isn’t only into makeup and art, but is also the CEO of Dash Management, a PR and Marketing agency.

She doesn’t always model but when she does, she does it for Pepsi!

Layla Ghaleb

Pioneer dancer and co-founder of Ghaleb Production House. She is an amazing dancer, a great influencer with unique media content. Keep an eye out for her classes because they’re a must-attend!

Deena Fadel

Deena Fadel is an artist, entrepreneur, and founder of Joud Homeware. Recently, her great passion of studying the human mind, philosophy and self-development has led her to becoming a Life Coach.

Farah Nofal


A 500 hours YTT Yoga Teacher and a Health Coach.

She has been an active leader in the Cairo wellness community for over 5 years now, she mainly trains Yoga now but she was also an ex basketball player, track and field, cross-fit and functional training athlete.

The Artists

Dina and Farah El-Mosalami

Founders of Pepla, the two sisters are redefining the fashion industry with their brand and they have also just took another leap by opening a store of what was an online business.

Their modest line is exactly what every Hijabi needs and seeks!

“We can definitely say that in the West and the Middle East, the mainstream fashion industry just didn’t cater to us or to the values we held. It didn’t cater to the type of women we wanted to be in this world.”

Maram Borhan

The fashion designer making every bride’s dream come true and turning their wedding dress to reality! We’re quite impressed with her flawless and dreamy designs, and the way she shows the bride her dream dress is just heartwarming. Every detail is truly considered.

Aya Abdelhamid


Certified makeup artist from Hollywood and London, the young artist also works in the field of cinema and has proven herself in a short time! She also just recently took part in London Fashion Week and we can’t help but fall in love with her simple makeup, fun young spirit and eye for detail.

These are just a few names of the many leading women in Egypt, those we wish to know and aspire to follow in their steps! To every girl and woman reading this, you’re flawless and phenomenal in your own special way.



Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed Took Part in Vaccine Trials For Covid-19




Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed took part in the clinical trials for a Chinese-made vaccine and was injected on Monday with it, the third phase of the trials are currently in place in 100 countries including Egypt.

The vaccine trial is being carried out in Egypt in cooperation with the Chinese government and the UAE’s G42 Healthcare.

40,000 volunteers have undergone the trial across the world, none of whom have shown any severe side effects. Some 45,000 more volunteers are yet to take part in the vaccine trials.

Around 6,000 people in Egypt have participated in phase 3 of the trials, which is deemed the final stage in the trial to test the efficacy and safety of the vaccine before it is licensed, the statement said.

The Egyptian health minister has called on Egyptians to participate in the trials “for the sake of humanity.”

We hope that the vaccine shows significant improvements, in the hope of all of this coming to an end soon.

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Samira Said Drops Latest Hit With International Music Marvik El Nabulsi!




Arab music’s Diva Samira Said just released her long-awaited hit ‘Ott W Far’ with international music producer El Nabulsi and it’s taking the music scene by storm!

The first child of over 18 months of work, and it is the mutual appreciation and respect between the superstar and El Nabulsi that allowed them to take innovative steps with the latest hit.

Drawing inspiration from K-Pop, Reggaeton and RnB with Rock undertones, El Nabulsi has been able to explore and experiment with this track bringing together an entirely unique sound. The subtle and unorthodox approach taken in all aspects, from lyrics, production and even styling intends to make a statement, which is nothing strange for the superstar.

In line with Samira’s style of powerful, independent and charismatically sassy energy, a highly anticipated product that is under her perfectionist eye, ‘Ott W Far’ is a fiery tale of the confrontation of infidelity, Samira’s energy manifests in a powerful and resonant statement in a spirit of defiance in the face of such an act.

In spite of the difficulties faced in the wake of the Corona epidemic and the challenges it presents to artists and fans, a collaboration with TikTok allowed fans to enjoy an exclusive online concert for the superstar celebrating the release.

This song being the first collaboration with potentially more exploring both Egyptian and Moroccan styles and vocals, El Nabulsi has large plans for the future, with collaborations with more stars in the Middle East in the works, from Syrian superstar Asaala to Kuwaiti giant Bader Al Shoeibi and more!

Since he entered the scene in Egypt in 2016, El Nabulsi intends to spark new life in a region’s artistry that has always had his appreciation. Step by step, his influence has been felt. From being chosen for the honor of working on the songs for the World Youth Forum three years back to back to working on high level projects with key names in the industry, El Nabulsi stands to be a notably unique influence on the music scene in the region for years to come.

From the mere age of 11, London born and raised El Nabulsi began experimenting with a Sony Acid music production software app that came with his cereal box, El Nabulsi has continued to develop his talents. Always Striving to cross pollinate talent from different genres with the Arab world. Potential future collaborations with artists such as Sherine and Hossam Habib to add to his list, with names such as P. Diddy, Mario Winans, The Sugababes, Tinie Tempah, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Hossam Habib, Sherine, Hamaki, Amal Maher, Tamer Ashour and Esseily. His favored project being “Mosh Hansah” by Amal Maher, featuring Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt, with his work with Hossam Habib’s album “Faraa’ Keteer” and Sherine’s album “Nassay” being important steps in his career.

Click on the link now to watch the video and tell us what you think!



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Memory of the City: New Initiative to Document Egypt’s Architectural Heritage




‘Memory of the City’ is the newest initiative launched by the Egypt’s Ministry of Culture with the aim of documenting the architectural identity of ancient areas in Egypt.

Minister Inas Abdel Dayem said that Egypt’s architectural heritage represent the history of civilizations and the formation of urban life and its development. 

Abdel Dayem further explained that Egypt’s rich architectural treasures are a product of various historic influences that all came together to form the country’s unique heritage.

Abdel Dayem further pointed out that the “Memory of the City” Initiative is a humanitarian and historical message with the aim of preserving the nation’s unique features.

Also worth mentioning is that the “Memory of the City” initiative includes launching a series of books that highlights areas with a great historical value, in addition to setting boundaries and foundations to preserve this rich history.

The series tells multiple stories of buildings, their residents, the community and environment. All of this comes as part of the Ministry’s efforts in preserving the identity of these Egyptian areas and shed the light on their significant part of the Egyptian cultural heritage.



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