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10 reasons why you can’t help falling in love with Egypt.

10 reasons

why you can’t help falling in love with Egypt.

Egypt is one of those controversial countries. It drives you mad at the same moment it sweeps you off with its many charms. This is not a sentimental patriotic article. Baby we are talking everyday facts.

Here you go:

Novotel Cairo El Borg

Novotel Cairo El Borg

1-“7alawet shamsena”  The Sun  in Egypt is just perfectly warm almost all year. It shines on your soul gently and warmly, plus it’s for Free!  you cant find this pleasantly  warm sun any where else not in Europe  , nor the far east  or America nop.

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

2- Street festival probably in other countries they have to prepare for it months ahead, and surly it costs a fortune . But, only in Egypt, you can enjoy daily street festival that is spontaneous, reality show like, and for free. Egyptian people are the stars of the show from the concierge to the newspaper guy who doesn’t sell as much but still blocks the pavement.  Leading stars of the show are the valet guy “ el sayes” , beggars , and the micro-bus driver. Our street festival is all about surprises as you can meet everything on your way from a wide range of animals that share the street with you to the most comedy sarcastic incidents.

Hamam mahshy

Hamam mahshy

3-  Come on guys, Egypt is the only exclusive place to eat pigeons “ Hamam “ from  “ Farahat” the famous restaurant, or Koshary  from “ Abu Tarek”. And many other Egyptian  exclusive trademarks.

4-  What about “elgebna el rumy “ i.e. Rumy cheese? It’s an authentic Egyptian innovation that can take the world only if we knew how to market it the right way. Imagine with me melted rumy cheese  in  traditional “ balady” bread coming your  way straight from the toaster to join your precious intimate cup of tea with milk … Phenomenal ” ya basha” !

5- 24/7 ongoing activities. Egypt, especially Cairo is famous for staying up all night. You never run out of various fun activities to do all day and all night. Plus it’s safe. Practically speaking, it is really safe to walk around Cairo streets day and night, and I’m talking out of a young single female personal experience.

6- Best place for moody people. If you are one moment the night life guru and the next moment you are all about museums and history, then it’s your destination.  If you are the opera / classic music type then suddenly switch to traditional markets shopping or enjoying the local crowd scene, you got it. You name it, meditation, casinos, video games cafes, Nile rides you got it all.

7- You can always go swimming in Egypt, any time of the year. If you didn’t know, now you do. If it’s summer time you head towards the north coast and the Mediterranean Sea. In winter time your destination will be the Red sea and the mineral springs in the Egyptians oasis. Baring in mind, that you will always have a variety of options that suits your budget.

8- It’s  not about the money. No matter how much you got in your pockets you will always be able to have fun.  From the international and local five stars restaurants and clubs to a free walk by the charming Nile at night. You can always grab sweet potatoes on the go in winter time or barbecued corn in summer from hawkers and many other delicious options that don’t cost much. Or choose to enjoy a cheap cruise in the Nile for not more than 5 LE ,or  go for a fancy one that costs up to 500 LE. It’s  all about the choices you make to please yourself.

9- Laughter from the heart. Nowhere else on earth you will find people who generate laughter from every single detail of their own lives even sad ones.  Weather it is good or bad times Egyptians are genuine comedy nation and what is great about it, is that you can’t help joining in.

10-  You are never alone in Egypt. Aside from the street crowd Egyptians are intimate people. Where will you ever find your aunt grabbing you by from your checks and calling you “ Hamada,, nanoos khalto” in the middle of the street.  Or, when meeting with your fiancé, every single uncle and auntin the family will make sure to mention how many times you did wet your pants and theirs as well. The bond you have with kiosk next to your house. Even if you are a visitor, Egyptians will embrace you to feel you are really one of them.

The list can go on and on, but the most magical point of all, is that only a country like Egypt can give you hope. With all the nonsense, conflicts, traffic, even poverty going on, you find people who made it. They succeeded with their lives. Most importantly, you will always see people smiling.

“ 7elwa ya balady”

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Yasmine Abuelnaga 12 years of success



Why did you choose to remain a home Designer?

To me life is all about taking in and accepting challenges that lead to consistent growth and success. What inspired me to remain a home designer is this challenge of transforming bricks and stones into finalized and fully furnished projects to be enjoyed by our customers. Turning dreams into reality is the essence that I always work upon achieving, and with being a home designer I get to see this essence come to life with every project I complete.

Can we know the daily routine of Yasmine Abuelnaga?

My daily routine revolves around my two main jobs, which is an architect and a devoted mother. My day starts out with early site visits where I examine the work in progress and ensure that everything is being completed and handled professionally. After these visits, I then go to my office, which to me is where all the magic happens. My office is where all the creative juices are released and designs are planned out and adjusted to accommodate to the customers’ preferences. After that I ensure that the implementation process complies with the designs I have planned out by visiting the sites on a daily basis. I also take in any new project proposals and sit with potential customers to discuss plans for their future homes. After a long working day, I then set off to my second job which is being a mother of two. At night my life is devoted to them and their needs, to balance out between my work life and my mom duties.



What are you thinking about when you design a house?

The first thing I consider when designing a house is the personality of my customer. Before implementing and finalizing any designs I need to ensure that it suites and adjusts to my customer’s personality, which is the core of any good design. I believe that every house should resemble its owner, with its unique elements and designs in order to create a strong connection with the customer while allowing the house to embody the customer’s character. This is what creates the true feeling of “home” which is why it is the basis of all my designs.

Do you follow the trend that is happening around the world or do you have your own taste?

My designs are based upon a mixture of both trends in the world with a combination of my taste alongside the customers’ taste as well. I do not base my designs off of global trends as they become less unique and may not accommodate to the desires and personality of my client. I usually use global trends as an inspiration to create unique designs and to think of new recommendations for my clients’ preferences.
how do you reconcile your work and personal life

The hardest part of my job is managing both my work life and my personal life. Even though this remains a challenge, the most suitable solution was to separate my day depending on my duties. I allocate the morning time for work, while the kids are in school or training, then at night I am devoted completely to my family and personal life. At night I focus on my kids and their plans, and I squeeze in any personal things I need to complete. Even though I have succeeded in balancing both my work and personal life, I still struggle to have some alone time, but with every success journey comes a sacrifice that you need to accommodate to.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Growth is my primary focus and goal when it comes to my future aspirations. I have a consistent desire and dream to grow my operations and my business alongside the projects I take. I want to work on a larger scale, while being more recognized across various locations, alongside working with a larger team to increase our scale of operations and our professional capabilities. Through this I also aspire to take on much bigger projects, rather than only residential ones, to help replicate my vision and designs across various different platforms.

How is it possible for you to succeed in the industry when almost every one is a man?

I believe that every woman is capable of doing the same things as a man, especially if she is well respected and highly regarded in her work environment. It may seem difficult entering a field that is dominated by males; however this just creates an even greater opportunity as it allows me to prove myself and to show that women can make dreams happen too. The most important aspect is to be firm, and portray your strong and diligent personality in order to be well respected by your staff and employees.
Another very crucial point that I believe a women is better at, specifically in my field, are the very small details that truly make a difference. There are some aspects in interior design that are very small that only women usually notice, which makes us further excel in our job. To me these small details are everything in order to deliver the perfected finishing to the projects handled, which makes women just as great, if not even greater, than competitors in the field.

What do you recommend to anyone who wants to change their house?

I recommend that anyone who wants to change their house to not simply follow or copy the trends or designs of another house that they find appealing, instead they should focus on their personal preferences and ensure that their personality is embedded in the designs chosen. If anyone disregards this aspect, the connection between the house and its owner will be lost as it will not resemble their true character.

Who are the influenced people in the life of Yasmine Abuelnaga?

I am influenced by everyone around me; therefore I also try to leave an influence on those I cross paths with. I try to ensure that I influence every customer I work with, every team member, and every individual I come across while helping them embrace and be proud of who they are as individuals and expressing their unique qualities in their daily lives. I also work to influence the lives of my customers ensuring they are experiencing maximum satisfaction and comfort in their new homes, while turning their dream home into reality. I also leave an influence on my loved ones to ensure that they are always following their dreams and working hard on achieving them, always teaching them lessons I learned throughout my long journey to reaching the point I am at today. I also constantly encourage them to always be proud of who they are and what they’ve accomplished and never lose hope on achieving their dreams.

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ABU’s latest hit causes a tropical storm this summer!
The fresh wave of Summer brings pop prince ABU’s latest album ‘An El Awan’ onto
our shores. The latest track ‘Malek El Fabraka’ recently released, saturating us with
fresh and vibrant summer vibes to enjoy the sunny season! Setting the pace for the
rest of the seven track Album, with each subsequent track being released in three to
four weeks one after another. The next song to be released after ‘Malek El Fabraka’ is
set to be the bombshell ‘Maleket El Helween’.

Written by Mahmoud Salah, composed and distributed by Meno, ‘Malek El
Fabraka’ in Abu’s eyes has “a new lyrical style than what came before it. The thing I like
most about the song’s lyrics is the message, that we all live in the era of make believe,
everyone making everything up. Feeling realistic, it’s about someone who was in a bad
place in his life, as he discovers the person who hurt him and took the decision to cut
them out, and that ultimately he could overcome his pain. We somehow get stuck in
relationships and we feel that there is no way out or that we don’t have other
alternatives and I wanted to tap into that”.

This is the second lyric video Abu released after previous hit ‘Hateegy’. He has a
new concept when it comes to releasing clips as he stated “I plan to be adding some
variety to the album, in which not all tracks will be released with music videos, some will
be animated and some will be interesting lyric videos or visually exciting pieces of
content”. His developed style, desire to delve deeper into the soul and turmoils of love
show a unique progression in Abu’s style, with only more layers to be uncovered with
his new album

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A ripple coursed through the hearts of Egyptians as we all watched Al Ekhteyar 2 while the emotionally moving ‘Dhalin’ by the King Mohamed Mounir played. A piece mourning the brave ‘Oasis martyrs’ who lost their lives in service to their homeland. Captivating the emotions of millions across the country, capturing their feelings of regret and sorrow and transforming it into a song manifesting the pride and resilience of a nation.

Mounir drew upon the talents of those he knew would be necessary to bring justice to the piece’s subject matter. The captivating song that brought the king to tears during the recording, is a product of favorite poet Nasr El Din Nagy, the artist behind the moving lyrics and was composed and arranged by the remarkable Ahmed Farhat.

Delivering a piece that the King intended to remind us of the strength and spirit Egyptians present in the face of adversity. Exemplified by the Egyptian army’s heroism in the fight against terrorism. Mounir’s words echo the chant within the hearts of all our countrymen, “Glory to the martyrs and long live Egypt.”.


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