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10 reasons why you can’t help falling in love with Egypt.

10 reasons

why you can’t help falling in love with Egypt.

Egypt is one of those controversial countries. It drives you mad at the same moment it sweeps you off with its many charms. This is not a sentimental patriotic article. Baby we are talking everyday facts.

Here you go:

Novotel Cairo El Borg

Novotel Cairo El Borg

1-“7alawet shamsena”  The Sun  in Egypt is just perfectly warm almost all year. It shines on your soul gently and warmly, plus it’s for Free!  you cant find this pleasantly  warm sun any where else not in Europe  , nor the far east  or America nop.

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

2- Street festival probably in other countries they have to prepare for it months ahead, and surly it costs a fortune . But, only in Egypt, you can enjoy daily street festival that is spontaneous, reality show like, and for free. Egyptian people are the stars of the show from the concierge to the newspaper guy who doesn’t sell as much but still blocks the pavement.  Leading stars of the show are the valet guy “ el sayes” , beggars , and the micro-bus driver. Our street festival is all about surprises as you can meet everything on your way from a wide range of animals that share the street with you to the most comedy sarcastic incidents.

Hamam mahshy

Hamam mahshy

3-  Come on guys, Egypt is the only exclusive place to eat pigeons “ Hamam “ from  “ Farahat” the famous restaurant, or Koshary  from “ Abu Tarek”. And many other Egyptian  exclusive trademarks.

4-  What about “elgebna el rumy “ i.e. Rumy cheese? It’s an authentic Egyptian innovation that can take the world only if we knew how to market it the right way. Imagine with me melted rumy cheese  in  traditional “ balady” bread coming your  way straight from the toaster to join your precious intimate cup of tea with milk … Phenomenal ” ya basha” !

5- 24/7 ongoing activities. Egypt, especially Cairo is famous for staying up all night. You never run out of various fun activities to do all day and all night. Plus it’s safe. Practically speaking, it is really safe to walk around Cairo streets day and night, and I’m talking out of a young single female personal experience.

6- Best place for moody people. If you are one moment the night life guru and the next moment you are all about museums and history, then it’s your destination.  If you are the opera / classic music type then suddenly switch to traditional markets shopping or enjoying the local crowd scene, you got it. You name it, meditation, casinos, video games cafes, Nile rides you got it all.

7- You can always go swimming in Egypt, any time of the year. If you didn’t know, now you do. If it’s summer time you head towards the north coast and the Mediterranean Sea. In winter time your destination will be the Red sea and the mineral springs in the Egyptians oasis. Baring in mind, that you will always have a variety of options that suits your budget.

8- It’s  not about the money. No matter how much you got in your pockets you will always be able to have fun.  From the international and local five stars restaurants and clubs to a free walk by the charming Nile at night. You can always grab sweet potatoes on the go in winter time or barbecued corn in summer from hawkers and many other delicious options that don’t cost much. Or choose to enjoy a cheap cruise in the Nile for not more than 5 LE ,or  go for a fancy one that costs up to 500 LE. It’s  all about the choices you make to please yourself.

9- Laughter from the heart. Nowhere else on earth you will find people who generate laughter from every single detail of their own lives even sad ones.  Weather it is good or bad times Egyptians are genuine comedy nation and what is great about it, is that you can’t help joining in.

10-  You are never alone in Egypt. Aside from the street crowd Egyptians are intimate people. Where will you ever find your aunt grabbing you by from your checks and calling you “ Hamada,, nanoos khalto” in the middle of the street.  Or, when meeting with your fiancé, every single uncle and auntin the family will make sure to mention how many times you did wet your pants and theirs as well. The bond you have with kiosk next to your house. Even if you are a visitor, Egyptians will embrace you to feel you are really one of them.

The list can go on and on, but the most magical point of all, is that only a country like Egypt can give you hope. With all the nonsense, conflicts, traffic, even poverty going on, you find people who made it. They succeeded with their lives. Most importantly, you will always see people smiling.

“ 7elwa ya balady”

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Um Kalthoum Brought Back To Life



Um Kulthum

As proud Egyptians in 2020, we’ve always enjoyed reminiscing on past singers of our culture whom are now not amongst us, may they rest in peace.

Egypt is well know for our infamous singers that are truly loved worldwide. You would think that it’s just us but believe it or not, everyone enjoys ancient Egyptian music.

With that said, we are proud to have amongst us one of the world’s well know and dearly missed singers, Um Kulthum. Her unique and powerful voice has stayed with us for all these years, even after her passing.

It’s been 44 years since she left us, but luckily we have many ways we could listen to her melodic songs. The internet has definitely made it way easier to look for whatever you want, especially music. From Anghami, to Spotify, and even Youtube, you name it!

Which is why we are super excited to tell you the amazing news! You actually get to witness a live concert of Um Kulthum! How? Isn’t she dead? Well that’s the thing! Egypt brings to you one of it’s very first Hologram Concerts, and what better way than to start off with an Egyptian Legend, Um Kulthum!

The concert will be held at the Cairo Opera House on the 6th of March in the Grand Theater. Fortunate for us, this concert is in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture to help create a vivid and powerful experience for us to have a genuine feeling of how things were back in the 80’s!

Dr Inas Abdeldayem, the Minister of Culture, is excited to be incorporating advanced technology as well as modern methods to be capable of allowing us to relieve old Egyptian artists. She states that this is a smart tactic that will hopefully attract the younger generation to their culture and history.

The concert will be directed by Jihan Morsi as well as a musical band that is to be lead by infamous Maestro Mostafa Helmy alongside Mai Farouk and Reham Abdel Hakim. These people are well known for performing songs by the legendary Um Kulthum.

Yes indeed this is the first hologram concert in Egypt but it is not the first of it’s kind! Dubai and Saudi Arabia had already initiated hologram concerts, Dubai being the first ever to create such an idea! Rumor has It though that Egypt has had a hologram concerts before but only during the World Youth Forum!

Even after all these years, everyone has a passion towards Um Kulthum. Today, she is still considered Middle East’s most admired singers!

We all can’t wait to attend such a historical event happening amongst us. The upcoming show truly gave everyone hope that they have a second chance to finally see the woman who had challenged social norms as well as became a major historical symbol.

Check out the video before when Dubai had done their first hologram concert ever. This is so surreal!



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Mo Salah to Become the First Ambassador for UN Instant Network Schools




Mo Salah to Become the First Ambassador for UN Instant Network Schools

Our iconic role model Mohamed Salah has been selected by the United Nations as the first Ambassador for Instant Network Schools, the program that grants refugee and host country students the chance to obtain high-quality online education. 

The organization made the announcement on their official website and said that Salah will participate in the UNHCR program by taking part in school visits supported by the program. He will also help in raising awareness regarding the importance of quality education for refugee students. 

The program invests in technology that brings the kids closer to the outside world and help them envision their future and plan it out.

There are currently 36 instant school communication networks in eight refugee camps in Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan, according to the statement.

“I’m partnering with Vodafone Foundation and UNHCR to close the gap between the education available to refugees and their peers living in settled communities,” Salah said in a statement.

“Instant Network Schools is an important initiative that I am proud to represent, which is transforming learning for a generation of young people across sub-Saharan Africa and soon also in my home country, Egypt,” he added. 

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Hottest Tattoo Artists in Town 2020




Art has been one of the most important things we have been graced with, because if you think about it this way, Art can be expressed in many different ways. For instance, Art can be expressed through a certain dance or maybe even a specific painting, which is why we hold on to it so dearly.

Now, another modern and cooler way people have started expressing themselves through more and more is Tattooing. Tattoo artists have been growing more popular throughout the years because Tattooing can be considered as a painting, drawing, or even just a means of expressing themselves.

Nowadays, everyone is psyched and more interested in getting tattoos, whether it ‘s the name of your mother or maybe even the Mona Lisa, everything is possible! Since there are many people hoping to get inked this year, it’s very important to choose your artist wisely because this isn’t a canvas or even a paper that you can crumple and start over with, this is your skin, and whatever gets inked on it will remain permanent.

Tattoos can be removed through laser surgery or maybe even light therapy, but we caution you, it’s extremely painful!

Egypt is filled with tons of cool artists that can do many things, but beware, not everyone knows what their doing. Which is why we bring to you Cairo’s hottest tattoo parlors in one place!

Chaos Tattoos

Chaos Tattoos is one of Egypt’s well know tattoo parlors. It’s located in the heart of Zamalik. The tattoo artist working up this parlor is Adham. He prefers trying to understand exactly what his customers want projected and inked on their skin. He’s done very impressive work which is why his parlor is flooded with customers. Open 6 days a week and with a rating of 5 stars, Chaos Tattoo is a dope place to get inked!

Image result for chaos tattoos

Bigg Triggz Tattz

With 10 years of optimum tattooing experience, Bigg Triggz Tattz is a comfortable place to get your tatt in. Since the parlor is well known, Triggz is open 24 hours a day which is why you can only get an appointment by calling prior to the day you want it done. He specializes in cover ups and highlights, so for those of you who have gone to the wrong tattoo artist and want it covered up properly, this is your ideal place. Bigg Triggz Tattz truly has earned a 5 star rating as well!

Image result for bigg triggz tattz egypt pictures

Dragon Tattoo

The Dragon Tattoo parlor is located in Giza and has a s certain specialty they prefer working on. They specialize in full body works such as alluring designs for the arms, chest, or even back! They’re open 7 days a week and start at 1:30pm. For those of you who are thinking of going nuts this year and getting a larger than life tatt, no one does it better than the Dragon.

Image may contain: night, text that says "DRAGON TATTOO"

Riders Studio

Riders Studio is another cool parlor located in Zamalek. What’s quite unique about this studio is that they take serious interest and care in their artwork as well as testimonials by keeping them up to date. Not just that, they also provide piercings, dope hairstyles, and even clothing so it’s considered a one stop destination! Twon, the artist, is given a 4.9 star rating and works seven days a week starting 1:00pm.

Image result for riders studio egypt

Tattoo Egypt Osos

This tattoo parlor is located in a bizarre place called Shubra. The theme or style of the artist is elegant and concise with detail which is super important in a tattoo artist! They specialize in all sizes and styles which is pretty cool as well. Yet another parlor that has earned a 5 star rating! For more inquiries, the parlor is open seven days a week as well but opens up at 11:00am.

Image result for cool tattoos

There you have it, your ideal itinerary to your town’s hottest tattoo parlors! Check them out and head to their websites for more details on their work and prices as well because bare in mind, prices will vary.

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