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New Ideas to Spend Your Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s is around the corner, and the same question pops out every year: What will we do? Whether you’re looking for something out of the box, or some wallet friendly ideas for your partner this year, we got your back. After all, Valentine is all about celebrating these unique emotions that bring two hearts together. Which can be translated in many ways, try these:

Authentic Nile cruse

No, No, I didn’t say a fancy dinner on a five stars boat.  I’m talking about the little traditional boats (folouka). Why not sneak away with your beloved away from the city noise and enjoy a romantic Cairo night during a Nile cruse just for the two of you. Maybe you can have a bottle of Champagne and strawberries on board.

Extra points: you don’t need reservation for this kind of boats. However, you can arrange early with the sailor to decorate the boat with roses. And definitely you need to arrange the music list ahead, or have your favorite collection on a flash USB.

Local Valentine’s

If you’re still getting to know each other, or you have been together for few years now, Valentine’s evening could be a great chance to open up and talk more. Why not do so when you’re taking a romantic walk by the Nile (or the beach if applicable). Walking together relieves tension, and helps you to open up and talk freely, which should bring you even closer to each other. It’s also winter time, so why not go local and enjoy some hot hommos drink ( Hommos EL Sham) or some grilled sweet potatoes. Come on, and try something different. Love is all about creating unforgettable memories, isn’t it?  You can always pick a flower from a tree or buy her just one flower. You’ll find plenty on people selling flower in the streets on this day.

Plus : this idea is super wallet friendly!

Classic picnic

The idea is not very common nowadays, a classic style picnic, though it’s always fresh, unique, and affordable.  All you need is a box with a small rug in it, some cold sandwiches (or any finger food you prefer), some drinks, and as many candles as you can get. Spot a nice quite place near the Pyramids or the Azhar park, somewhere in nature. Lay down the rug, lit all the candles (you can arrange them to a heart shape), and invite your lover to a romantic picnic at night where you start by counting the stars.

Bond with nature

Modern cities have huge impact on us; why not drift away back to nature. If you like the idea, try to take it to another level. Hit the road with your beloved to some nature get-away. You can spend the day, or treat yourself for a whole night of nature love. Don’t feel lock up in Cairo, there are different great places an hour drive away from the city. Try Fayom or Ein Sokhna, for example. Pick what suits your budget. You can also try El Hammra eco-lodge. It’s located midway between Cairo and Alexandria in Wadi El Natrun. It’s a great idea to let nature charms do its magic to your hearts on this special day.

Have you thought about Foot massage? 

If you’re married, why not relive your own (Se El-Sayyed) version. A foot massage is a fabulous way to pamper someone special. Arrange to have a romantic scene at home. Send the kids off to their grandma. Dim lights (or lots of candles),and good aroma with chilling music (you can get from sound cloud ). After a light dinner, bring a washtub (whatever available at your house, preferably wood or copper); fill it with warm water, and few drops of fragranced oil. Don’t forget to throw some roses on the washtub. Have some towels around. Make sure you’re wearing something naughty and start foot massaging your love. There are many videos online to show you how to do it like a professional.

Extra: if you feel like extravaganza night, you can upgrade your lover to a full body massage session. Just make sure you have enough massage oil and warm fresh towels.

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It’s Time You Walk Away When…




I hold my phone every other second, still, not a single word from him. I toss and I turn, not able to sleep, and I start to wonder, is he okay? What is he doing right now? Has he gone home safely? I’ll text and see. ‘No. Stop it. He’s fine not hearing from you.’ My overthinking begins to tell me.

Why is he okay not asking about me when I’m not? Well, maybe because this is my first sign that I should away.

1- They care less than you do

When your relationship starts getting fragile, it is important that the other person assures you that they have equal feelings. That you’re both in this together, and you will work it out, together. It should never be all on you, you shouldn’t be the only person making the effort. So stop being the quicker person to call, and stop worrying so much. Let them do the call, the texting, let them do the fixing. Because again, you’re in this together, or you’re out, you walk away.

2- They always make excuses not to meet

You want to meet up, go over things, discuss it like adults and come up with a plan, right? But it never happens, right? Because they always seem to find an excuse to get out of it, or they simply can’t do this same conversation again. They say they can’t do this fighting anymore, but when you’re fighting for your relationship, then it’s legitimate and if they can’t do it, they don’t deserve you.

3- They can’t be trusted

Relationships can lack several fundamentals, but one thing it should never lack, is trust. It is what relationships are built on, and once it is taken from the equation, the relationship falls. I’m not telling you to give up the second they do you wrong, but to earn your trust again, they should work hard for it, and this chance you are giving them, should never be taken for granted.

4- They are cold

The way they treat you is cold, the way they respond is cold, even the way they smile back at you is cold. This change in behavior can only be spotted by you, and when you start comparing their responses to the way it used to be, this is when you will get your answer.

Never allow yourself to be with someone, who just doesn’t seem to care anymore. Someone who’s keeping you, because they are being selfish, and not reasonable.

5- They exhibit an error in communication

Communication is a key to a healthy relationship, it’s important for the both of you to know that you’re standing on the same ground, that you both feel and want the same thing. It’s okay to experience some miscommunication, but what matters is for the both of you to admit having this issue; so you can work through it and get past it.

Try to allow the space for each of you to speak their minds, with no interruptions AT ALL. Listening is a key to understanding, and accepting that difference in your point of views, is another key.

I can never really tell you for sure that this is your cue to leave, because at the end, it’s not signs that you should follow, it is your intuition. So what does it tell you?

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It’s Chocolate/Flower Day!




Today marks the 14th and in case you were too busy to shop the perfect gift, here’s a list of Instagram accounts and places that sell the cutest, most creative flowers and chocolates sets.

And even if you did buy a gift, flowers and chocolates are always a nice plus!

  • The Batter Half& Co.

Known for their innovative desserts and customized cakes, the Batter half is making beautiful packages of desserts and flowers, basically a girl’s favorite things.


  • Lariba chocolate. 

The page is doing a fascinating chocolate related job, there is a variety of innovative chocolate shapes that surely will dazzle your one!


  • Bloom Dose. 

They create an elegant mix between chocolates and flowers, the beauty is in balancing between both, and they have done it quite well.


  • Box of roses. 

Now, this is a personal favor, a box of perfectly set flowers that combines a vintage touch with a modern feel. And just FYI, a box of roses isn’t exclusive to a certain occasion.

They also have the famous Beauty & the Beast flower.


  • Keni flower shop.

Another personal favorite thanks to the diversity of their flowers, both in types and colors.


  • Voila Dessert Shop. 

They offer artistic gourmet chocolates assortment, that are both catchy to the eye and yummy for the tummy!


Hope this list add an extra flavor to your day. Happy valentine’s and may the odds be in your favor!

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The couple guide for Valentine’s day




It’s almost Valentine’s day, the day which your love is tested based on the type of plans you have set for this day. So you better make the best out of it, and it can’t be just like any other outing and you can’t definitely ask her for suggestions, can you?

So here is us, offering you help with a list of ideas of things you can do. You’re welcome!

1. Make it a musical night.

For the ones who appreciate good music, then valentine’s is definitely better spent, swaying to the rhythm of tunes. Just make sure to pick places that are playing your favorite genre, and your partner’s.


MxS: The Sinatras On Valentine’s Day @Darb1718

The band performs Frank Sinatra’s songs to praise his memory, and other pieces by similar artists and jazz tunes from the same period between 1940-1960.

Darb1718 have a monthly Music programs, where artists come and musical nights are held on their roof; presenting a unique experience with a limited seat numbers.

Date: Thursday 14 February 2019

Time: 8:00 PM

Tickets: 75 EGP

Tickets are available through “TicketsMarche”

2. Candle-lit dinner night.

Going old school is always a good idea, and appeals to a lot of couples who don’t like to change their rituals. But make sure to choose the right place and the right scenery.


Eish & Malh @downtown Cairo

Located in the heart of Cairo, the restaurant is known for its coziness. And now, it’s offering a candle lit dinner with a special menu for Valentine’s Day and live music from 7- 10 PM. An extra thing to be added to its pro list, is that afterwards you can have a scroll in Downtown, maybe have some ice cream, or catch a movie.

They offer A la carte, specials, and pre-set menus.

No minimum.

For Reservations: 01098744014.

3. Take a road trip.

The car ride itself is going to make an enjoyable day, and the destination is just a plus! You can make it to Alexandria, it makes a perfect getaway especially this time of the year.

You can have dinner at one of El Shatby’s cafes, overlooking the sea. Another choice is Latino café, the food there is splendid and the view is very romantic! Afterwards, you can go for a walk in the streets of Alexandria, and have some ice cream @Azza before hitting the road again.

4. A day use in a hotel.

You can book a day use at a fancy hotel, reward your loved one with some spa time, then go for a dip. Or you can simply book dinner at their restaurants for those who don’t offer a day use.


Mena Marriott Cairo:

With their view of the pyramids, they surely make a perfect destination for lovers. Just make sure to book the outdoor area when reserving over the phone.

Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo:

Their Blue restaurant is your go-to place for a romantic date, their dinner set is a bit pricey but worth it. You will get to enjoy their authentic delicacies of the Mediterranean Turkish cuisine and live violin music.

For reservations: 02 27980000

5. Do it differently!

While everybody else will be obviously going for something romantic like the above, choose to do it differently! Go bowling or skiing @SkiEgypt, maybe even some arcade fun @Magic planet, get some take outs afterwards and cruise in your car while playing your favorite tunes. It doesn’t have to something fancy to be romantic, some girls like simplicity, if your is that kind, then choose a casual place where she can be herself in.
At the end, the scenery that matters is her smile, isn’t it?


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