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Netflix’s new series “You” is changing perspectives about the online world



Netflix has been keeping its viewers up with a number of terrifying series, such as The Haunting of Hill House, Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, and the movie Bird Box. All of which left the audience jaw dropped and clinging to their pillows, and now there is yet another show to be added to the list, “You.”

The story is based on a book by Caroline Kepnes and is starring Shay Mitchel, Elizabeth Lail and Penn Begdley who’s known for his role as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl.

The story begins with Joe, a bookstore manager, spotting the beautiful and aspiring writer Beck, and he falls in love with her. But to what extent? That is the problem.

If you begin the series without watching the trailer first, you’ll probably get the impression that it’s a rom-com.

A guy falling madly in love with a girl and going beyond everything to protect her, but when it becomes literal, that is when events take a twisted turn.

The series will leave you fearing two things, obsessive love and the internet. Those who watched the series now have a newly found respect for privacy, and would probably think twice before sharing every little detail of their lives online.

I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun for you, but it’s a must watch and I’ll just leave you with some of the comments from scared audience.

“I’ve just finished watching #YouOnNetflix and honestly? What. The. Hell. The Internet and social media is scary. I say as I’m posting on social media.”

“Not even 10 minutes into #YOU on Netflix and I’m creeped the f* out already.”

Now, it’s your turn to comment! Happy watching, and don’t forget your pillow.



Abayazied Brings ‘Wain A’Ramallah’ Back To Life




The release of Abayazied’s new cover brings forth a new modern take on Palestinian folk sensation ‘Wain A’Ramallah’.

When it came to his approach to covering, Abayazied said he didn’t want to transform it to fit his own idea by stripping it of what made it stand out, but instead he wanted to take inspiration from genres such as rap and hip-hop and use them as influence to highlight the beauty of ‘Wain A’Ramallah’ with a modern spin.

Through the combined effort of a team who took this on as a passion project, they managed to achieve this and it’s already creating major waves, famed Palestinian radio channel ‘Ajyal’ even approached the artist and asked to play the new tune to it’s listeners!

To Abayazied, one of the aspects he enjoyed the most working on this project was the teamwork. The love behind the collaboration in this song was purely off the love of this song and the rich history it carried. The contributions by Disco Misr’s ‘Mostafa El Sherif’ in his great effort and help with the production eased the difficulties they faced, coupled with his creative input which played around with the elements of the song to unleash the powerful soul within it.

Equally as important was the music video which thanks to the team behind it, were able to capture the elements that Abayazied believed resonated with the current modern day spirit. Abayazied praised the work of the team crediting Moataz Ibrahim and the team with the remarkable work they did with the video. The friendship and love behind this project ultimately made this an unforgettable experience for him and those who collaborated on the song.

Abayazied believes that when it comes to the purpose behind working on specific projects that there are times when you feel you don’t have the privilege of choosing what you want to work on. When you feel like you want to sing it, you suddenly feel its influence on you and that you want to sing it again in a new and unique way. “I felt it, I loved it and I felt really happy to sing it once more, and ultimately I wanted to share it and add one more take to this beautiful song”.

The unique memories he had with the song meant that he couldn’t help it considering how it was his all time favorite during his years in college. He felt that the way he would approach singing it would be unique and was different from how anyone else tried to cover this track. Feeling this, he jumped at the opportunity. Saying that his hope for people to enjoy it, because his desire to spread it out and to give it the exposure it deserves to a younger audience considering that it has a large potential that deserves to be fulfilled. “When it comes to ‘Wain A’Ramallah’ however you arrange it you would find something beautiful within it”.

In terms of his previous collaborations and projects, he hopes that what he’s learned from those experiences have manifested in this project. The collaborations of the past have taught him many things that he feels he will be able to capitalize on. This experience has brought out a greater enthusiasm to make more collaborations in the future. Abayazied has found that the influence of the artists he’s worked with have had a profound effect on his evolving style and allow it to grow in new and unique ways. As time goes on “I want to take these experiences and try this with more local artists and develop my style as time goes on”.

Ahmed Abayazied’s optimistic and growth centric mind promises to take lessons from the past and bring about a new spirit to the local musical scene that sees the potential in the art of the past and yearns to modernize it for the present. And with an array of popular covers in the pipe-line, Abayazied is also currently working on his first solo album which is set to take the music scene by storm.

Watch the video below:


Original Lyrics: Ali Al-Kelany

Original Composition: Ehsaan Al-Monther

Music Production: Abayazied & Mostafa EL-Sherif

Mixing & Mastering: Mostafa El-Sherif

Artist Manager: Daliah Galal

Recorded at: Disco Misr Studios

Stylist: Haitham Farouk

Edit: Mahmoud Adel

Filmed by: Moataz Ibrahim

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Shasho: Bringing Us a New Era of Music By Merging Technology With It




Mohamed Shasho, a music composer and a great artist who managed in no time to steal attention and innovate the music scene in Egypt. For the first time, he’s introducing new ways of music composition and foreign instruments that have never been used before. It’s a one-band show and he’s killing it on his own!

We got to sit with him and chat about his innovations in the music industry and we asked him to introduce his work and the concept of a one man band.

“The instruments I use are connected through a certain wire and a map, the wires have so many details and connections. I have also introduced new instruments that aren’t known in the Middle East such as the theremin instrument, it’s an instrument that existed a long time ago but no one in the Middle East has played it before.” Shasho tells us.


Shasho says that what makes his music special is this combination between technology and music and everything you hear in his musical pieces is his own composition.

In an interview with Amr Adeeb, Shasho impressed him with his unique music composition and splendid performance that Adeeb called him the Egyptian Yanni.

He played in several concerts and performed in many places including, BISC the international school in Egypt, Sawy Cultural Wheel, and he even performed during the launch of Tradeline’s Egypt, an event that was attended by significant figures from Apple.

Shasho composed music for many advertisements and short films including (What do you think/ Transit) and movies such as (Saeed Clacket)–Abu Al-Areef) and (Saber Google.) As for TV shows, he worked in (Crocodile of the Nile) and the animation series (Abaza), and his latest work was (el kamar akher el donia), which debuted last Ramadan and was praised as one of the best soundtrack that year.

When asked about the challenges he faces working solo, he says that it’s challenging to learn and work alone on new instruments and that it’s not an easy job to sync between the diverse instruments that he use.

We asked him if he would love to cooperate with someone in the future, he told us that he had several chances but nothing worked out due to the current circumstances.

Shasho’s source of inspiration is actually music! He says that once he holds a musical instrument, he loses himself to the music. Each instrument drives a certain mood, which is why you can see the variety and mix in the music he composes.

Shasho surprised us with one incredible fact about him and that is the best time he composes music in is during his sleep! He says that sometimes he’s awakened by a certain melody and he records it on his phone.

Besides music, Shasho enjoys sports, interior design and photography, he’s also quite the early bird who starts his day at 6 in the morning!

If he faces a creative block, Shasho says: “Music is my muse and in it, I find comfort so what gets me through anything is listening to or composing music.”

When traveling, Shasho says that the first thing he checks in the city is music stores and that he enjoys street performances and even sometimes discusses the work of these artists, all of this of course inspired and affected his work.

As for his favorite artists, Shasho couldn’t just name one but on top of his mind: Yanni, Hazel Scott, Hans Zimmer, Andrea Ryder, Sayed Darwish and he’s quite fond of Omar El Shaery and Mohamed Fawzy. One of his favorite genres is Latin as it gets him moving and puts him in a good mood.

If he were to work with one of his favorite artists, Shasho says he would have chosen to live in the fifties and work with Andrea Ryder.

What Shasho enjoys the most about his work is the stage, it’s a place that moves him and brings out the energetic, spontaneous side of him. On stage, he’s a different person, very hyper as if he’s a 6-year-old.

Now, time to get to know him better through some quick this or that question!

Beach life or desert life? Desert life.

Morning or night date? Morning date.

Oriental or modern hip music? A mix of both.

Movies or shows to compose for? Movies as it gives Shasho more space for creativity and to compose based on each frame.

Chill life or party life? Chill life.

By the end of the interview, we were left in awe at how impressive his work is and how he’s doing so well so far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for such an incredibly talented artist.

Check out Shasho’s YouTube channel and let us know what you think of his music and which piece is your favorite!


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Samira Said Drops Latest Hit With International Music Marvik El Nabulsi!




Arab music’s Diva Samira Said just released her long-awaited hit ‘Ott W Far’ with international music producer El Nabulsi and it’s taking the music scene by storm!

The first child of over 18 months of work, and it is the mutual appreciation and respect between the superstar and El Nabulsi that allowed them to take innovative steps with the latest hit.

Drawing inspiration from K-Pop, Reggaeton and RnB with Rock undertones, El Nabulsi has been able to explore and experiment with this track bringing together an entirely unique sound. The subtle and unorthodox approach taken in all aspects, from lyrics, production and even styling intends to make a statement, which is nothing strange for the superstar.

In line with Samira’s style of powerful, independent and charismatically sassy energy, a highly anticipated product that is under her perfectionist eye, ‘Ott W Far’ is a fiery tale of the confrontation of infidelity, Samira’s energy manifests in a powerful and resonant statement in a spirit of defiance in the face of such an act.

In spite of the difficulties faced in the wake of the Corona epidemic and the challenges it presents to artists and fans, a collaboration with TikTok allowed fans to enjoy an exclusive online concert for the superstar celebrating the release.

This song being the first collaboration with potentially more exploring both Egyptian and Moroccan styles and vocals, El Nabulsi has large plans for the future, with collaborations with more stars in the Middle East in the works, from Syrian superstar Asaala to Kuwaiti giant Bader Al Shoeibi and more!

Since he entered the scene in Egypt in 2016, El Nabulsi intends to spark new life in a region’s artistry that has always had his appreciation. Step by step, his influence has been felt. From being chosen for the honor of working on the songs for the World Youth Forum three years back to back to working on high level projects with key names in the industry, El Nabulsi stands to be a notably unique influence on the music scene in the region for years to come.

From the mere age of 11, London born and raised El Nabulsi began experimenting with a Sony Acid music production software app that came with his cereal box, El Nabulsi has continued to develop his talents. Always Striving to cross pollinate talent from different genres with the Arab world. Potential future collaborations with artists such as Sherine and Hossam Habib to add to his list, with names such as P. Diddy, Mario Winans, The Sugababes, Tinie Tempah, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Hossam Habib, Sherine, Hamaki, Amal Maher, Tamer Ashour and Esseily. His favored project being “Mosh Hansah” by Amal Maher, featuring Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt, with his work with Hossam Habib’s album “Faraa’ Keteer” and Sherine’s album “Nassay” being important steps in his career.

Click on the link now to watch the video and tell us what you think!



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