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Must Watch TV Shows During This Women’s History Month



The media is a powerful medium, but often do we encounter movies and TV series that negatively portray women, and may sometimes include sexist messages or objectification to females.

This is why we get very excited about movies and TV series, that correctly portray the power of women; because we need for our voice to be heard, and for our daily struggles to be shown on television. We need more female heroes, and for the spotlight to be on them.

Luckily, TV shows have lately taken a positive turn, and more women are now becoming their own heroes.

So in the light of this month being all about women empowerment, we’re blessing you with 5 shows with a positive image on women, and quite the nice representation of their heroic capabilities.

1- Workin’ Moms 

We all know the amount of sacrifice a mother gives, how hard labor is and how they struggle to maintain a job and still be able to be present in their kids’ lives. But have we seen it on TV before?

The TV series tells the stories of several moms, and their different struggles. It is showcasing the things that mothers never spoke of, from how hard it can get to breastfeed, to how working moms try to keep up with both her job and home.

2- Grey’s Anatomy 

A classic that never gets old, the TV series is now airing its 15th season and is still going stronger by each episode. It doesn’t only portray positive image of women, but also of African Americans, Muslims and Latinos.

The women in the show are strong, they are bossy, they are fierce and they surely let nothing hold them back from their career. They all have families that they care for; thus showing the capabilities of women to do both things and excel nevertheless.

3- Good Girls 

Now, I’m not saying that the show is a perfect representation of women, but if you are in the mood for a good laugh and to see women kick some ass, then this show is the one for you.

The show revolves around three women, who in facing some financial crisis, decides to rob a supermarket and from then, hell let loose! Even though they went over board with the idea of the robbery, but it still shows how mothers would do literally anything for their children’s sake. Seeing how one needs the money for her daughter’s surgery, and the other is fighting for the custody of her kid.

4- How to get away with murder 

Another classic, the show is running its fourth season, it revolves around the brilliant Annalise Keating, who is a lawyer and a professor. She selects a group of her students to help out with her cases, and with what started off as a great opportunity for them, turns to a series of mysterious murders.

5- Russian Doll 

The show brilliantly showcase Natasha Lyonne, who plays Nadia, a woman who on her birthday, gets hit by a taxi and dies. But then she comes to her birthday party, again! Stuck in a time loop, we go on a journey with her through it all, it is both brilliant and hilarious.



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What's up TV

The multitasking power of Daliah Galal




In our last interview for mother’s day, we sat down with Dalia Galal and her lovely sons Gabby and Younis, but seeing that Younis’s dictionary isn’t yet complete, we interviewed both Dalia and Gabby.
First thing we asked her is what her daily routine is, in which she told us that she barely gets any sleep, she starts the day by spending some time with Younis and then she gets dressed, heads off to the office or meetings, and when she comes home at night to her sleeping kids, she feels guilty and sad for not spending much time with them.
For our usual competition, we first asked Gabby about Dalia’s favorite color which he got right (its black and purple in case you’re wondering). While Gabby’s favorite, she told us, is blue.
When asked about their favorite food, Gabby said his mom’s favorite is pizza, at which Dalia laughed it off and said ‘Yes, one of my favorites.’ But is it your favorite though?
As for the superpower that they would wish to have, Gabby got it right, and told us that it is invisibility, while Dalia unfortunately was cheated the answer, and Gabby’s superpower wish is to be able to read minds.
Dalia’s answer of Gabby’s most used word, is just the cutest thing ever, she tells us that it is actually ‘I love you’, at which Gabby shyly laughed about it and said that it’s true.
We then asked about their favorite movie, while Gabby told us his mom’s favorite is Mickey Mouse, at which Dalia instantly denied and kept repeating ‘that’s not true.’ But is it Dalia, is it really not true? Gabby’s favorite is minions.
The one thing that they do together is music, Dalia told us that they have a band, and with a studio at home, they create music together. Apart from music, she reads to them as much as she can.
When we asked her about her feeling when she first found out she was pregnant, she said that the first time, she was shocked and actually cried; because it was the first baby and it was scary. Second time, she also cried, but this time, out of happiness.
Finally, on how she keeps up with both her work and home, she told us that on weekends, she tries to do nothing but spend time with her kids, and her family. She basically separates completely between work and family time, so when it’s family time, it’s purely dedicated to them.
It was surely a pleasure interviewing all these incredible mothers, who have exerted so much effort to have it all and they did it. And on their special day, we wish them strength to keep up the impressive work.
Special thanks also goes to Grand Nile Hotel for having us shoot at their revolving restaurant, which made yet another perfect location for the shoot.

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Turning the spotlight towards Asmaa and her rising star Lara




As mother’s day is upon us, we have sat down with the lovely Asmaa Sherif Mounir and her beautiful daughter Lara. The interview was a delightful one, and definitely one of a kind.

We took advantage of the nice weather and headed to Grand Nile Hotel where we were greeted with an incredible view, delicious food and a very friendly staff. Everything was catered to our comfort; which made the interview even more delightful.

The first thing that Asmaa shared with us is their morning routine, she told us that they always have breakfast together, and then they might watch something together. It was then that Lara shared with us a heartwarming story of the time she made breakfast in bed. The 6 year old, made her mommy breakfast, because she wasn’t feeling okay. How cute is she?

She then shared with us the thing that they enjoy doing together which is crafting and making DIYs, and as for Asmaa’s free time, she enjoys listening to music.
We asked her about her feeling when she found out she’s pregnant, she said she got really excited about it, and she even remember the movie she was watching when she found out about her pregnancy, and that she immediately called up her entire family to share with them the happy news.

Having both Asmaa and her daughter Lara inspired us to do a small competition, in which we asked each of them a question about the other one and see who gets them all right. While Lara’s superpower wish would be to fly. Her answer of what superpower her mommy would want was just so witty and smart! She said ‘I would say invisibility, because like you have all this attention and you would like some space for yourself.’

Lara’s favourite meal is fries, and Asmaa’s favourite is apparently duck? Well, at this point, Lara was so tired.

We asked Asmaa how she shows support to Lara, she told us that she gives her own space to dance, draw, sing, basically do whatever it is that she wants. She is always giving her the space to let out her energy; this way she would know what skills she has, and she can then support this talent of hers.

As for the things they have in common is the way they talk, their anger and stubbornness.

Asmaa also revealed to us the reason behind choosing the name Lara, she said that she wanted to give her an easy name, one she can learn quickly and no one would get wrong.

She expressed her enthusiasm about having a baby girl, and told us that she has always wished for one, so she can play with her, do make up together, and basically do together everything girly!

Finally, we asked Asmaa to give a tip to all the future mommies, in which she advices them to be more involved in their kids’ lives and to share every moment with them, also to never rush into things, and to enrich them not with money, but through developing their talents, and creating memories with them that they shall cherish forever.

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Health & Beauty

Mother’s day: Home workouts for the mommies



Happy Mother’s Day !!

Fit-holics Fitness Club is collaborating with Whatsup cairo to share weekly workout plans for the mommies to enhance their fitness level, strength & endurance and to help them burn calories, and reshape.
Here are 4 simple and effective exercises for the mommies who have no time for training.

1st exercise is ( Shoulder tap )
3 sets .. 15 reps each set.

2nd exercise is ( plank)
3 sets 20 seconds each set.

3rd exercise is ( Bridge)
3 sets 15 reps each set.

4th exercise is ( Chair Squat)
3 sets 15 reps each set.

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