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Mark Zuckerberg Testimony Before the Congress: The Highlights



Videos and news pieces have been circulating around social media platform about the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, faced tough questions during his two days testimony before the congress, the testimony lasted for over 10 hours. It’s important to mention that Mark has undergone the long testimony for the data misuse in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica revelations; it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica used users personal data to manipulate American citizens to vote for a specific candidate.

However, the testimony was beyond privacy issues; Mark was asked if he thought of himself as “powerful“. Some questions gave us a little bit of insight of how Facebook is operating, despite the fact that some of Mark’s answers were quite vague. Some of the lawmakers asked few incomprehensible questions that left Mark speechless.


The long tough testimony was aired live; and we have gathered the highlights of the testimony from all over the web to give you a better insight of the case:

Questions, Questions, Questions:

Facebook on Hate Speech:


Facebook on Collecting Data:

Senators’ Incomprehensible Questions:


Mark Zuckerberg’s Apology:


Major highlights:

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Sharm El Sheikh Finally Making Amends



Sharm El Sheikh

In 2015, things hit the fan when a bomb exploded in a Russian airline soon after take-off. This left tourists coming from abroad terrified to not only step foot in Egypt, but to also even ride an Egyptian based airline or have anything to do with us! Due to the Russian airline bombing incident, 224 passengers were left dead.

Which is why after a 4-year halt, Sharm el Sheikh International Airport had finally received two TUI flights coming in from UK yesterday evening. The number of passengers of the first plane was 184 whereas the second one coming in from Manchester Airport was approximately 190 passengers.

This was our chance to make amends and allow foreigners to be relaxed and comfortable with their stay as well as inside travels within the boarders of Egypt.

Mohamed Manar, Civil Aviation Minister, order airport staff to gracefully and kindly offer all services as well as to facilitate things for the passengers who had just landed.

Fortunate for us, the passengers had expressed sincere happiness upon their arrival. They were content with the staffs warm welcome, especially from their trip from the airport to the South of Sinai.

It is claimed by British Tour Operator that we are expecting to operate three flights a week from Gatwik to the Red Sea Resort until the end of March.

It is finally revealed that in mid-January, our President Abdel Fattah al Sisi and Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, had rendezvoused and had discussed details of resuming British Flights to Sharm El Sheikh. Hopefully, tourism rates will increase after beginning to welcome flights again after previous dry years.

During a meeting in London recently, both the Prime Minister and out Presedent Sisi discussed their partnership in a matter of increasing trade between the two countries, so it’s a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Do you think this desperate attempt to regain as well as increase tourism rates from foreign countries will help Egypt find stable grounds again? Ever since 2011 and the bombing incident that occurred in 2015, we haven’t been on steady grounds. Which is why this is a delightful attempt at making amends to build a better future for our country, Egypt.


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Number 1 Has A Tricky Decision to Make



Number 1 Pilot Scandal

Number 1 Egyptian Actor and Rapper Mohamed Ramadan goes viral about the pilot dispute where pilot Ashraf Aboul-Yosr has been suspended from ever flying an airplane ever again after Ramadan posted a video of him sitting in the cockpit of a plane.

This incident happened last October 2019. So why have we heard about it just now? This news piece is a trending topic people have been discussing nowadays. Only now did they decide to go to the press when pilot Ashraf, after being terminated, asked for compensation from Ramadan roughly accumulating to 9 million Egyptian Pounds.

Some of you might think this is too much of a great sum of money to ask from Ramadan, but if you think of it from this perspective, ask yourself how much does a pilot of private jet planes take for a pay check? Since it was Ramadan’s fault for the tragic incident that occurred, he publicly apologized to the pupil stating that it was not the pilot’s fault and had promised to compensate Ashraf for all the lost money. So maybe 9 million is only fair?

Ramadan failed to be a man of his word and ignored contact from the pilot that he’d promised to help. This only angered the pilot which is why Ashraf thought of taking this to the press and letting people know that Ramadan’s words were only that, words.

To find a way of deciding whether this amount of money was too much, Ramadan took this to social media by asking his fans and critics whether 9 million is a reasonable price or if its too much to ask. If his fans think that the pilot deserves this money as compensation, Ramadan will go forward and pay the man.

Not only is Ashraf suspended from being a pilot, but he is also prevented from working any job that has to do with planes for the rest of his life. It was a very harsh decision to take, but by law, what happened in the cockpit was illegal and violated regulations.

Authorities claim that the reason why Mohamad Ramadan got into the cockpit in the first places was to take a picture for his baby boy.

So, as people from an outside point of view, do you think Mohamad Ramadan owes Ashraf 9million pounds or do you think that the price is too high?

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83 Ancient Burial Sites Discovered in Dakhlia




New year, new discoveries! According to the Ministry of Antiquities, 83 ancient burial sites have been discovered in the Umm al-Khiljan district of the northern province of Dakahlia.

Secretary-general of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri says that 80 out of 83 found burial sites belong to the first half of the 4th millennium B.C.

An official states on Wednesday that these burial sites are oval-shaped and they contain clay coffins in addition to various ware.

“This is the first time to unearth pottery sarcophagi dating back to the Naqada III in the sites,” Waziri said, he also added that the discovery is of great significance to the history of ancient Egypt.

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