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LG Reveals One of a Kind Energy-saving Air Conditioners



In light of the holy month of Ramadan, LG hosted a sohour gathering at Kempinski hotel, attended by esteemed media representatives, company suppliers and partner, Hazem Emam, the iconic football figure and LG ambassador.

LG Brand Amabassador, Hazem Emam.

LG has also announced its latest product additions, the Dual Cool and Multi Split Solutions air conditioners, which are equipped with the company’s latest high technology that allows them to save up to 60% of energy. Being one of the most innovative brands, LG ensures their products are always up-to-date and in parallel with the latest trends and advanced technology.

LG has recently introduced the revolutionary advanced inverter technology that speaks durability and energy-saving. This new technology can guarantee superior cooling, unbeatable energy efficiency and the ultimate in comfortable and reality. In comparison to traditional compressors, the inverter technology allows the air conditioner to maintain a cool room temperature by slowly increasing and decreasing output depending on its surroundings, bringing a number of benefits including world-class energy efficiency, improved comfort and sustained reliability.

LG is always keen on developing products that serve different target segments. The brand new Multi Split Solutions and Dual Cool air conditioners are tailor-made to fit different segments while maintaining their innovative brand image. The Multi Split Solutions air conditioner is the ideal investment; it provides powerful, efficient cooling and heating with up to six indoor units operating of a single outdoor unit. Thanks to the inverter technology, the air conditioner can save up to 50% of energy while maintaining a longer life span than any other air conditioner.

On the other hand, the Dual Cool air conditioner, also equipped with inverter technology, saves energy for greener environment and provides greater performance than ever. LG Dual Cool inverter air conditioner works with a 10-year warranty on the compressor so consumers can enjoy the benefits for a longer period. It can adjust the speed of the compressor according to the outdoor temperature. In hot weather or when the air conditioner is activated, Dual Cool can reach setting temperature 30% faster than any traditional non-inverter air conditioner. Not only that, but unlike most of air conditioners in the market, the Dual Cool air conditioner is TUV Rheinland certified; it saves 60% of energy when reaching the average temperature between outdoors and indoors areas with a constant speed compressor.

“Nothing beats the satisfaction of our customers to motivate us to develop products that meet their needs and provide technologies that can spare them additional costs,” said Don Kwack, Managing Director of LG. “Not only does LG provide innovative and advanced solutions but it also ensures that they benefit the consumer in other ways, like saving electricity and energy for example,” he added.

Don Kwack, Chairman and Managing Director of LG

LG is known as the most innovative technology brand and it never fails to win this title. Advanced technology never stopped the company from providing their customers with the best products at a minimum cost, always ensuring the satisfaction of their consumers.

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UAE’s Mission to Mars is Closer Than You Think With Expected Launch on July 15th




The UAE is set to establish its entry into the space industry soon! As the Emirates Mars Mission prepares to become the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission and enhance its capabilities in space science and engineering!

The Dubai-based space mission’s control team (operating out of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre), is working alongside Japan to send the unmanned probe into Mars’ orbit. It is expected to reach there by February 2021.

The final preparations for the UAE’s Mars-bound ‘Hope Probe’ are underway, and is expected to launch on July 15th at 00:51:27 UAE time!

Just yesterday, it has been announced that the spacecraft that will carry the UAE’s Hope Probe to outer space has already been fueled and is almost ready to make history.

“The Hope Probe embodies the culture of possibilities deeply rooted in the UAE’s approach, philosophy and journey of accelerating development since the foundation,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The unmanned ‘Hope Probe’ will launch from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Centre, it has already undergone several extensive testing operations with a team that includes Emirati engineers supervising the probe’s pre-launch preparations.

This is not just a prideful moment for the UAE, but for the entire Arab world.

“Our journey to space represents a message of hope to every Arab citizen that we have the innovation, resilience and efforts to compete with the greatest of nations in the race for knowledge.” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum added.


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Around Egypt: Your Go-to App for Travel Junkies



Around Egypt

All due to the quarantine, we’ve all been stripped of the privilege of travel and adventure. 2020 was supposed to be a year filled with so much excitement and new things to cross off your list, but unfortunately, to maintain social distancing and keep the coronavirus at bay, flights are cancelled and curfews were set.

This is the case for the entire world, no one is capable of traveling and if so, then they wont have much to do, especially since most beaches are shut down momentarily. Many foreigners abroad have been looking forward to visiting the our beloved pyramids and exploring the marvelous sites within Egypt. As for natives, many people have never traveled and explored this country and were hoping on doing so this year, but the dream of them doing that is shattered.

Which is why, a new application was created to feed the need of wanting to travel but doing so all the way from home! This application allows you to roam any area you want in Egypt. Officially, the application has been launched two days ago.

Apparently, this has been an idea that sparked to life back 2018 but no action was taken to pursue and actually create the application. They have chosen the right time to launch the app, no better time than in quarantine, huh?

The application allows you around 30 virtual tours across eleven governorates. It’s capable of showing you natural reserves hidden in Sinai such as the Rainbow Canyon and even the Hanging Church! The concept was in collaboration with Egypt VR.

So much effort was exerted into making this application come to life, It isn’t something that was created over night or over the time span of a year. Believe it or not, it took them over 7 years to develop in hopes of fully covering as much ground in Egypt as possible. What’s unique about this application is that it actually allows users to get a sense of how a certain place would look like before visiting it. How cool is that?

Yes it won’t be able to compensate the true adrenaline rush and your inner travel junkie but this will do for the time being! The application’s called Around Egypt and is available on Playstore and Google Apps, download and enjoy!

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Google and Apple Join Forces to Build a Coronavirus Tracking System




Google and Apple Join Forces to Build a Coronavirus Tracking System

Google and Apple are joining their forces and using the technology of Bluetooth to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of COVID-19,  by launching a system that can track the spread of the virus.

This new technology will allow its users to share data through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmissions and approved applications from health organizations.


According to both tech giants, the software will be able to inform users if they have recently come in contact with someone who’s infected with the virus.

They also added that the tool is set to released in a few month and building it into the operating systems of the billions of iPhones and Android devices across the world.

The new system will use short-range Bluetooth communications to establish a voluntary contact-tracing network and will collect data on phones that were close in proximity with one another. These data will be accessed by official apps from the public health authorities, users will report if they have been diagnosed with the virus and then the system will alert those who were in close contact with the infected person.

What makes this method more efficient is that unlike others that use GPS data, this Bluetooth plan won’t track the actual physical location of people. It will only pick up the signals of nearby phones at 5-minute intervals and store the connections between them in a database which can later be used to identify those who came in contact with an infected person.

Both Apple and Google have realized the social responsibility of working along with developers, public health providers and governments in the hope of harnessing a technology that can aid in stopping the spread of the virus.

We hope to see the technology implemented soon!

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