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A Glimpse Inside Riham Abdel Ghaffour Mind!!!



In the interview, Riham opens up about different aspects of her life. Whether it is food, cars, or the sound of her favorite animal. Riham takes us through a fun, and humorous interview.

Riham indulges in several things that she loves about life, beginning with food. When asked about her favorite meal, she does not hesitate to tell us that it is pasta.”I love food very much! and my favorite meal is pasta.” Another thing she is very much into are dogs. “My favorite animal are dogs.” To our surprise, Riham decides to favor us with a melody of a dog sound upon asking her if she could.

In the interview, Riham is asked whether she likes cars. “I do like cars, but I’m not obsessed with them. I also like fashion brands, but not to the point of obsession.” Riham states that though she might like brands, she would not wear them for the sake of a brand’s name. “I could walk into Zara and buy something from there. Or I could go buy something from bavali. It depends on the item a lot more than the brand.” Riham adds that she does not consider herself confined with fashion. “I would try a fashion trend, but I would not necessarily wear it. It would depend on whether or not I like it; I am not a fashion victim.”

Riham talks about her dresses during the Gouna Film Festival and commends the designers. “at the opening, I wore a dress designed by Farida Temraza. As for the closing, the dress I wore was designed by Norine Farah.”


Riham admits that the funnies criticism she has received was about her body. “I was wearing a dress that was open near my belly, so someone made the remark ‘she is dressed up like this due to her extreme fit body.’ I started thinking about it and said to myself: “wow, he thinks I’m that fit?!” But it is okay. I do not take these topics too personally.”

In the interview, Riham is asked if she gets confused for other celebrities, to which she answers: “yes, Nour and Dorra. Either Nour, or Dorra. And I think this happens to all three of us.” In addition to being asked the typical question of “what the latest work” is.

Riham is asked to speak about her experience in Souq El-Goma. “I am very pleased with the experience I had in Souq El-Goma. Mr. Sameh is one of the people I respect the most, because he sees me doing roles that are not alike. I’ve worked with him in “Ramadan Kareem” which was the exact opposite of Souq El-Goma, yet he saw me doing Souq El-Goma which was very different. Even when I was reading the script, I was confused as to how he saw me performing this role. I loved my role, as I am generally a person who likes variety. I do not like performing similar roles. The thing that excites me the most is a role I had never played before, or different from something I had done before.”



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On family and work, Bassel Khayyat opens up to WhatsupCairo




We sat down with the remarkable Bassel Khayyat, who showed us an admiring fatherly side of his and told us a number of his favorites things. So to all his fans out there, study what we’re about to share next!

When asked about his first thought in that morning, he told us it was to call his house and check up on his wife and kids. Now, how thoughtful is this?
And when asked next about his comfort zone, he said that his family and home are also his comfort zone.

We then got curious about his family members, at which he told us about his wife, his 10 year-old son Shams and his one month baby Izabelle, who we bet is as beautiful as her name.

He shared with us his favorite vacation that he spent it with his family, at Barcelona in a place called Costa Brava. (We googled it, and let us tell you, it should definitely be on your bucket list.)

His favorite food is Italian, his favorite season is winter, his favorite movie is ‘Time of the Gypsies’ and his favorite country, besides his hometown, is Spain.
As for the favorite role that he played, he said Dr Osama in the series The Journey ‘El-Rehla’. We believe it is ours and yours as well, I mean the role was genius and he played it quite perfectly.

We asked him if he could go on a date with a celebrity, who would he choose? At which he smiled shyly then confessed that he would choose Monica Bellucci.
Now, we wondered if Bassel is as adventurous as he seems to be on television, he told us that he believes that anything adventurous that he thinks about doing, he does it in his work and not in his personal life.
In his personal life, he thinks of himself as ‘normal’.

One super power he believes that he has is sixth sense! He says that sometimes his instinct is very strong and is usually right. As for the superpower he wishes to have, it would be to own an invisibility cloak.

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The Upcoming Ramadan TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss




Ramadan is less than three weeks away, which to most of us means procrastinating, food comas and binge-watching several TV shows, until you decide on five to ten shows that are good enough to be binged watched.

Well, to help you resolve this confusion, we’re listing some of the TV shows that we personally believe you don’t want to miss this Ramadan.

We’re helping you make up your mind, so you don’t entirely waste up time figuring which show is better and which isn’t! The following are some of the trailers that certainly had us interested, but more reviews will be available once the shows are aired.

1- Hekayti

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#حكايتي رمضان يجمعنا 🌙

A post shared by Yasmine Sabri (@yasmine_sabri) on

The Egyptian beauty Yasmine Sabri is playing a protagonist for the first time in this series. Now, who wouldn’t love a show led by this true beauty?

The story revolves around Yasmine Sabri, whose life radically changes after she witnesses a murder committed by a family member.

2- Weld Al-Ghlaba

The series is starring a line-up of incredible actors, including Ahmed El Sakka, Mohamed Mamdouh, Engy EL Moqadem and Mai Omar.

The story revolves around a poor upper-Egyptian who decides to earn more money by having two jobs: A teacher at a public school during the day, and a taxi driver at night. Yet, while trying to maintain an honest living, he stumbles upon a pit of drug trade.

3- Lams Aktaf

The series features Fathy Abdel Wahab, Heba Abdelghany and Hanan Motawie، Arwa Gouda with Donia returning as Galal’s co-star.

We expect Yasser Galal to strike again with this series, where he plays a boxer called Adham, who used to use his physical strength in criminal activities, but decides to pursue a better peaceful life.

4- Hogan

Starring Mohamed Adel Emam, Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz and Asmaa Abou-El Yazeed. The story follows a young man who is obsessed with Hulk Hogan -hence the nickname-.

5- Zelzal

The series is featuring number one Moahmed Ramadan and is witnessing the return of Hala Shiha.

The plot revolves around a man who lost his house to the 1992 earthquake, and he had just finished the last installment of his house but hasn’t received the house deed yet. So when the buyer sadly dies in the aftermath of the earthquake, the man struggles to prove his right to inherit the land.

6- Kalabsh 3

Selim El Ansary decides to resign from his position of Minster of Internal Affairs, to start his own security company.


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The multitasking power of Daliah Galal




In our last interview for mother’s day, we sat down with Dalia Galal and her lovely sons Gabby and Younis, but seeing that Younis’s dictionary isn’t yet complete, we interviewed both Dalia and Gabby.
First thing we asked her is what her daily routine is, in which she told us that she barely gets any sleep, she starts the day by spending some time with Younis and then she gets dressed, heads off to the office or meetings, and when she comes home at night to her sleeping kids, she feels guilty and sad for not spending much time with them.
For our usual competition, we first asked Gabby about Dalia’s favorite color which he got right (its black and purple in case you’re wondering). While Gabby’s favorite, she told us, is blue.
When asked about their favorite food, Gabby said his mom’s favorite is pizza, at which Dalia laughed it off and said ‘Yes, one of my favorites.’ But is it your favorite though?
As for the superpower that they would wish to have, Gabby got it right, and told us that it is invisibility, while Dalia unfortunately was cheated the answer, and Gabby’s superpower wish is to be able to read minds.
Dalia’s answer of Gabby’s most used word, is just the cutest thing ever, she tells us that it is actually ‘I love you’, at which Gabby shyly laughed about it and said that it’s true.
We then asked about their favorite movie, while Gabby told us his mom’s favorite is Mickey Mouse, at which Dalia instantly denied and kept repeating ‘that’s not true.’ But is it Dalia, is it really not true? Gabby’s favorite is minions.
The one thing that they do together is music, Dalia told us that they have a band, and with a studio at home, they create music together. Apart from music, she reads to them as much as she can.
When we asked her about her feeling when she first found out she was pregnant, she said that the first time, she was shocked and actually cried; because it was the first baby and it was scary. Second time, she also cried, but this time, out of happiness.
Finally, on how she keeps up with both her work and home, she told us that on weekends, she tries to do nothing but spend time with her kids, and her family. She basically separates completely between work and family time, so when it’s family time, it’s purely dedicated to them.
It was surely a pleasure interviewing all these incredible mothers, who have exerted so much effort to have it all and they did it. And on their special day, we wish them strength to keep up the impressive work.
Special thanks also goes to Grand Nile Hotel for having us shoot at their revolving restaurant, which made yet another perfect location for the shoot.

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