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A Glimpse Inside Riham Abdel Ghaffour Mind!!!



In the interview, Riham opens up about different aspects of her life. Whether it is food, cars, or the sound of her favorite animal. Riham takes us through a fun, and humorous interview.

Riham indulges in several things that she loves about life, beginning with food. When asked about her favorite meal, she does not hesitate to tell us that it is pasta.”I love food very much! and my favorite meal is pasta.” Another thing she is very much into are dogs. “My favorite animal are dogs.” To our surprise, Riham decides to favor us with a melody of a dog sound upon asking her if she could.

In the interview, Riham is asked whether she likes cars. “I do like cars, but I’m not obsessed with them. I also like fashion brands, but not to the point of obsession.” Riham states that though she might like brands, she would not wear them for the sake of a brand’s name. “I could walk into Zara and buy something from there. Or I could go buy something from bavali. It depends on the item a lot more than the brand.” Riham adds that she does not consider herself confined with fashion. “I would try a fashion trend, but I would not necessarily wear it. It would depend on whether or not I like it; I am not a fashion victim.”

Riham talks about her dresses during the Gouna Film Festival and commends the designers. “at the opening, I wore a dress designed by Farida Temraza. As for the closing, the dress I wore was designed by Norine Farah.”


Riham admits that the funnies criticism she has received was about her body. “I was wearing a dress that was open near my belly, so someone made the remark ‘she is dressed up like this due to her extreme fit body.’ I started thinking about it and said to myself: “wow, he thinks I’m that fit?!” But it is okay. I do not take these topics too personally.”

In the interview, Riham is asked if she gets confused for other celebrities, to which she answers: “yes, Nour and Dorra. Either Nour, or Dorra. And I think this happens to all three of us.” In addition to being asked the typical question of “what the latest work” is.

Riham is asked to speak about her experience in Souq El-Goma. “I am very pleased with the experience I had in Souq El-Goma. Mr. Sameh is one of the people I respect the most, because he sees me doing roles that are not alike. I’ve worked with him in “Ramadan Kareem” which was the exact opposite of Souq El-Goma, yet he saw me doing Souq El-Goma which was very different. Even when I was reading the script, I was confused as to how he saw me performing this role. I loved my role, as I am generally a person who likes variety. I do not like performing similar roles. The thing that excites me the most is a role I had never played before, or different from something I had done before.”



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What's up TV

Shows to Binge Watch For a Weekend of Netflix and Chill




If it has been a long week and you just want to rewind and relax, then cancel all of your plans, get some good popcorn, order junk food and binge watch one of these shows.

1- The Good Place

Honestly don’t know from where to begin, but the series had me hooked from the very first minute, when it was revealed that what we are seeing is the afterlives of four individuals. And no, it’s not as scary or serious as it sounds, it’s actually hilarious with some brilliant plot twists!

2- Dynasty 

A modernized reboot of the 1980s prime-time soap Dynasty, the story revolves around two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, as they feud for control over their fortune and their children. Between drama, rumors, lies and decisiveness, you’ll be left shook A LOT.

3- Riverdale 

For the comic geeks, you will definitely love seeing the human version of Archie Andrews, and the rest of his gang in the town of Riverdale, where almost everything goes wrong. In each season, you’ll live with them a mystery even more thrilling than the one before.

The show just recently got rebooted for a season 4, so you better binge watch fast to keep up!

4- The Umbrella Academy 

One of Netflix’s most recent additions, the show is based on he popular and award-winning Dark Horse Comics graphic novels by Gerard Way. The plot revolves around the children” of Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a billionaire industrialist who adopts seven of the 43 infants inexplicably born on the same day in 1989 to random women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before.

5- The Crown

Chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. The series begins with an inside look at the early reign of the queen, who ascended the throne at age 25 after her father King George VI passed away. As the years pass, personal intrigues, political rivalries and romances are revealed, to play an important role in events that will shape the later years of the 20th century.

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The captivating power of the Tunisian beauty Hend Sabry




Hend Sabry

We have sat down with Hend Sabry, the Tunisian beauty that has been blessing the Egyptian screen with her charismatic performance, to find out that her personality off screen is even more charming.

She let us in on her preparation techniques for any role; she told us that she plays music, as she believes that it prepares her for any tough role. She also studies the character she’s playing, by writing down its history.

She’s always trying to visualize herself in that role, that she sometimes wakes up thinking of this character behaving in a certain way, having a specific role, all of which are things that she accidentally comes up with.

Some cinema lines never get old, they’re timeless and larger than life. This surely applies on her famous line ‘Ayza ward ya Ibrahim’ from the movie ‘Ahla el Aw’at’, the line is a trending meme on social media that is regularly manipulated based on a situation. Hend Sabry tells us that it is one of the funniest comments that she has ever had, and that she actually enjoys them very much.

What she misses mostly in men? Well, she definitely had a good laugh when asked that question, but eventually settled for them ”being gentlemen, and doing small gestures such opening the car door, waiting for the lady to get in first, and these sort of old school gestures that no longer exist.”

Finally, here are 10 fun facts about the beautiful Hend Sabry:

1- She is a food lover, and her favorite cuisine is Italian.
2- She has a small cat, named Karamela.
3- Her favorite color is red, well duh! A fierce color for a fierce woman.
4- She does meditation every morning.
5- She loves big cars.
6- She’s a crazy person, when asked about the craziest thing she had done, she didn’t elaborate. What side is she hiding???
7- She would date George Clooney.
8- Her role models in performance and acting are Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro, Daniel Day Lewis.
9- As for her role models in social life, they are Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep.
10- Her favorite dance is tango.

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The man of law, Tarek Gamil




We had the pleasure of interviewing the respectable lawyer Mr Tarek Gamil, who is known as the Middle East’s most famous lawyer; seeing how he handles tough cases for not only political figures but also the most significant businessmen in Egypt.

Reaching such a success in a young age is another thing that defines him; as he started his career when he was only 25 and handled very important cases. He was also in charge for cases related to the revolution, and at the time he was only 32, the thing that astonished many. Now, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with him outside his office; thus revealing to us a side of him that’s different than the lawyer side of him. We asked if he is into taking risks, and he shared with us that he has raised horses, dogs, and causally mentioned lions and hedgehog! Yep, not another evidence was needed to prove what a risk taker the man is, and that to his word, he truly fears nothing!

He also shared with us his favorite destination and that it is Saudi Arabia, because of the sense of comfort that he gets when praying and doing Umrah. As for the fun go to places, he mentioned Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Belgika and Germany. One destination that is on his wish list is Kenya, he explained that he would to experience the safari there; which aligns with his love for animals and his courage of being around the wild life.

When asked about the secret to success, he said: “being humble and respectable.” He also added that those who think they know it all, are wrong.

As for his future plans, he hopes to reach a much higher level in his profession, one that he aspires to reach. And to hopefully one day dominate the field of his profession. Finally, Mr Gamil praised his father counsel Gamil Said, and exclaimed that he is his role model and the one man he looks up to for his remarkable and transparent work in the field of law. He added, that anyone who follows the same path as his father, owes everything to him after god of course.

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