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Jardin Prive A 3-day star-studded event



Jardin Prive A 3-day star-studded event sponsored by a lot of fashion scene in Egypt main of them was Iram Jewelry was held at Garden 8 last week. Lavish decorations and floral arrangements surrounded over 80 regional designers from haute couture to homeware; the event was nothing short of a lifestyle heaven. Among the visitors were mega stars like Amr Diab and Maya Diab, who gave an empowering speech to women. Audience were all A-lists, socialites and of course, more celebrities like Jihan Allama, Cedric Haddad, Dr. Roy Moutran, to name just a few. All of which enjoyed shopping and supporting arab designers. They also had fun with live entertainment by the country’s best singers and musicians and workshops by top designers and artists like Farida Temraz and Shariff Tanyous.


It's Just me, Akram Moftah typical cancer radio announcer crazy about cinema, photography, videography, soccer, Radio, internet, marketing, cars.


Polaris by KVRD in Collaboration with Syncrotek Holding Introduce MITA to the Middle East



Polaris by KVRD, New Cairo’s newest must-visit destination developed to offer unique experiences to visitors through its selection of international and local restaurants each offering delicious diverse cuisines. But that’s not all that makes Polaris stands out bright amongst New Cairo’s many destinations, Polaris capitalized on the newest advancements for Destination Marketing -MITA- to stay ahead in giving all guests unforgettable experiences.

‘MITA’; ‘Magic in the Air’ is the latest state-of-the-art destination marketing concept, and it is the secret to upgrading a destination from just attractive to becoming uniquely unforgettable. Through science, all destination aspects work in harmony to stimulate and celebrate the senses of each visitor to reach a state of unexplained happiness. This leads to an ever-lasting bond with the brand and the destination, which Syncrotek Holding in collaboration with KVRD introduced ‘MITA’ to the Egyptian market for the first time in Polaris.

In Mohamed Gabr’s statement, President of Syncotek Holding; He is pleased to announce Polaris, as the first ever ‘MITA’ approved project in the Middle East and Africa. In a highly competitive market for Mixed Use Destinations, Polaris will undoubtedly stand out by being the first to focus on presenting a wonderfully unique experience.

In turn, Nehad Adel, CEO of KVRD commented; ‘Our partnership with Syncrotek Holding was a natural choice due to their innovative technology and reputable international portfolio. They completed the missing piece in Polaris’ experience puzzle, where every visitor can indulge in a diversity of cuisines and cafes, while children enjoy designated entertainment areas, all while ‘MITA’ is bringing the whole experience together with vibes that visitors cannot find anywhere else.

KVRD’s prime focus on each guest’s unique experience led their search to capitalize on MITA in order to take Polaris as a destination to the next level. MITA can be experienced in Polaris through the destination’s art and theme, conceptual design of lighting visuals, acoustic solutions to reduce ambient noise from surroundings, a full design and supply of high dynamic audio systems as well as design and manufacturing for custom subwoofers, breathtaking architecture pixel mapping show, archi-tainment light design, and unique design for custom bollard lights.


As Mohamed Ghanem, Technical Director of Syncrotek Holding beamed; Syncrotek Holding is always looking for the best developers to work with, and that is what KVRD brings to the table with all of the complete factors we look for in order to form a successful partnership.

Teamwork was the key to the success of this collaboration as Sherif Ali -KVRD’s Project Manager- put it. Working hand in hand with Syncrotek Holding project manager Ahmed Sonbol to facilitate all technical challenges with a goal to achieve the perfect harmony between MITA and Polaris to present Cairo’s market with everything it deserves; a perfect destination for every morning, date, family dinner, and celebration.

This is only the start though, the collaboration has already been extended and signed for Sidewalk by KVRD, the next big adventure for KVRD and Syncrotek. As Nour Noury, Regional Manager for Syncrotek Holding MEA, put it; Sidewalk will present a new challenge to offer Egypt and the Middle East with a completely different experience and to definitely look forward of what’s more to come through this successful partnership.

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Mansour Group Invests in a €100m Football Partnership



Mansour Group Invests in a €100m Football Partnership with Right To Dream
Using football to bring life-changing opportunities through sports and
education for the children of Egypt

• Long-term partnership to fuel growth in purpose-driven approach to global football
• Mr. Mohamed Mansour becomes Chairman with Loutfy Mansour joining the Right To Dream Board
• Egypt to host new purpose-driven Football Academy and create a new Egyptian professional women’s team
• Mohammed Wasfy appointed as Managing Director and board member for Right To Dream Egypt

Cairo, Wednesday, 20 January 2021: Right To Dream, the global opportunity-creating ecosystem of football academies, professional football clubs and partnering colleges and universities, founded by visionary British social entrepreneur Tom Vernon, has formed a new €100 million partnership with the Mansour Group to help bring greater access, opportunity and equality through football.

The investment in Right To Dream by Man Capital LLP, the UK-based investment arm of the Mansour Group, is being made through Man Sports, a new entity established for the partnership, and will see €30m dedicated to establishing a Right To Dream academy in West Cairo. Further investment will be dedicated to furthering the activities of the Right To Dream academy in Ghana, the FC Nordsjælland club in Denmark, exploring UK opportunities at club and academy level, and women’s and girl’s programmes across the organisation.

Under the terms of the partnership, Man Sports will assume majority control of Right to Dream with Tom Vernon remaining the other significant shareholder. Mr. Mohamed Mansour, the Founder and Chairman of the Mansour Group, becomes Chairman of the Board of Right To Dream, while his son, Mr. Loutfy Mansour, the CEO of Man Capital, becomes a Board member.

The partnership enables Right To Dream to hire new senior leaders across the organisation, with several appointments already being made for the new venture, namely Mohammed Wasfy as MD of the new Right To Dream academy to be launched in Egypt, Pippa Grange taking on a permanent role as Group Chief Culture Officer, and Jan Laursen being promoted into the role of Chairman of FC Nordsjælland.

Right To Dream will extend their academy model to Egypt, by offering a platform to discover talents and develop high performance athletes with a focus on education, following the same model as the successful academies in Ghana and Denmark.

Closely following the opening of the new academy, the launch of a new professional women’s football team will take place. This elite women’s team will showcase purpose-driven female athletes at their best, embodying the Right To Dream brand and model with an aspiration to recruit and attract top talent into Egyptian professional women’s football. This comes in line with Egypt’s social development plans and public awareness strategy in promoting the importance of equality and inclusion in sports, as well as enhancing youth participation in shaping the future of their country and contributing to Egypt’s 2030 vision.

Mr Mohammed Wasfy joins Right To Dream as MD and board member of Right To Dream Egypt to lead this project and the development of the organisation in the country, supported by the Mansour Group.

Speaking about the investment, Mr Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of the Mansour Group, said: “I could not be prouder to be investing in and partnering with Tom and his team at Right To Dream, who are inspirational for the life-changing work they undertake with talented boys and girls across Africa, Europe and the Americas. We have long taken a close interest in the work they are doing and are delighted to be announcing our partnership today. Not only are we a family of football fans, indeed my uncle Mostafa Kamel Mansour even represented Egypt in the 1934 World Cup, but we are committed to supporting communities across Africa, through our foundations and other philanthropic activities.”

An official on behalf of the Ministry of Education commented: “The Ministry of Education is eager on Right to Dream’s venture onto Egyptian soil and its promises to provide a new era of edu-sport development for our youth. Mansour Group is taking major steps towards creating social evolutions that go hand in hand with the ministry’s visions for the future of education in Egypt.”

Tom Vernon, who continues in his role as CEO of Right To Dream Group, said: “For 20 years Right To Dream has been using football as a vehicle for bringing life-changing opportunities through sport and education for children and their communities. This partnership helps Right To Dream accelerate global expansion plans to provide more opportunities for more children around the world, continuing to put people and purpose at the centre of football. With the support of the Mansour Group, we continue to aspire to the creation of a new standard of purpose-driven sports for clubs academies and players.”

Right To Dream academies are not simply a pipeline for talent, they are platforms of opportunity for the boys and girls who come into contact with them, on and off the field. Established in Ghana before expanding into Europe and North America, Right To Dream academies aim to merge people and purpose through the lens of football. The academies have links to world class universities and educational establishments and provide a personal development environment for young people who lack access to schooling and sport.

Having already graduated over 140 students, with 82 students currently at the academy, Right To Dream has a vision to create a global chain of academies that fundamentally change the role clubs play in football today. Pippa Grange, Right To Dream’s new Global Chief Culture Officer says, “Skills on the field are just as important as education, character development and aspiration off it. Right To Dream develops every aspect of a child’s life, giving them the best possible support and preparation to make their way in the world.”

Right To Dream is working towards a different future for global football. “We believe there can be a greater purpose-driven model in football where clubs take an active role in social change, rather than leaning on individual athlete-driven social consciousness. Our academies do exactly that and once Egypt is firmly established, we will set our sights on the UK. With our partners and our strong experienced team, we are hungry to do more for the growing elite sporting talent and educational achievements of children coming through our academies, to help them achieve their dreams”, concluded Vernon.

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Mohamed Metwally: The Creator of Nogal Furniture and Its Unique Pieces




Nogal Furniture is a well-known diverse company in the field of furnishing. They offer customers with top notch pieces that compliment every home and allow it to stand out.

You must have spotted their work of art at a customer’s home or in one of their showrooms, one thing for sure is that they have become a favorite destination for those looking to give their home a makeover.

We sat down with the owner Mr. Mohamed Metwally who told us more about Nogal’s perspective vision and how he was the first to introduce Spanish brands to the Egyptian market back in the 90s.

Mr. Mohamed Metwally started by recognizing the efforts of his father, Mr. Mahmoud Metwally, the founder of Nogal and the one who paved the way for Mr. Mohamed Metwally to carry on his great work.

When was Nogal Furniture established?

Established in 1995, Nogal Furniture has succeeded in leaving a unique mark in several homes. The first branch opened in Zamalek and it provided customers with high quality furniture pieces. Ever since their debut, they have positioned themselves as a leading company in Egypt in the furniture & furnishing field.

What makes Nogal’s furniture pieces unique?

Each piece has its distinctive style that you can instantly tell is a Nogal piece. The designs are a fusion of urban and exotic designs, which results in having diverse pieces that compliment homes and give them a one of a kind look and feel.

Do you customize furniture pieces?

Yes, we do customized furniture imported from Spain, Italy, German, china and also Egyptian local products. All thanks to our pioneering warehouse-showroom concept spearheaded the industry 25 years ago, which quickly became an iconic landmark.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

We always try to maintain the highest level of professionalism and to never disappoint. This means that the quality control should be at its best at all phases of the project, maintain good customer service and of course our job doesn’t end with the sale. We maintain the excellent customer service throughout the entire process of installation until the pieces are safe at their new home.

Do you help clients pick out pieces that match the interior of their homes?

Yes, we sure help our customers choose the best pieces that match the style, taste and space of their homes.

Do you have limited edition pieces?

Yes, we do have some limited-edition pieces for the world’s most demanding designers, collectors, and design lovers. Behind each limited piece is a story, a creative concept and a hidden history.

Can you tell us more about the diverse collection available in your showrooms?

Our collection includes classic, new classic, modern, ultra-modern, vintage, contemporary and eclectic branded furniture, so that whatever taste you have in furniture, you will find it.

We also have a collection made by famous and great Spanish and Italian designers, which gives our furniture a touch of elegancy and uniqueness.

What is your five year plan and what do you aspire to become?

We aim at understanding more about our target audience and cater to their needs and aspirations. We also aspire to increase our market share in the Egyptian market, by expanding more and setting a well-defined marketing strategy. We’ll set a well-planned action plan to communicate with our segment.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Our favorite part is designing customized high-end project and help customers see their dream house come to reality. We love it when we see our pieces at their new homes, complimenting it and transforming the space around it.

This article won’t do the place justice, you have to see for yourself their unique pieces at their showroom in Zayed, we know for sure that you’ll find your home’s next perfect match! It’s also worth mentioning that their work has been registered in many international exhibitions including Milano, Valencia and Madrid Fairs.



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