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Hoda Allam: The Baby Whisperer Who’s Behind Every Mother’s Back



Mothers always go the extra mile for their babies. They spend endless sleepless night just to rock their babies to sleep or make sure they’re sound asleep. Mothers are heroes but sometimes heroes need a sidekick too and when they do, Hoda Allam shows up to their rescue.

Hoda Allam is a baby sleep consultant and a mother first. She’s the first Egyptian and Middle Eastern woman to get certified from the Baby Sleep Consultants Australia.

We sat down with the baby whisperer and she let us in on all things related to sleep consultancy for babies, what inspired her and how she overcame all challenges.

Can you explain to people what exactly do you do? 

I adjust the sleep pattern and cycle for babies. Any mom facing difficulties with her baby’s sleep from not being able to sleep at night to not getting appropriate naps, I help out in resolving these issues for the mother.

First thing I do is look into the possible factors of why the baby isn’t getting enough sleep or causing disturbance to his sleep pattern, it could be related to the baby’s nutrition or over/under tiredness.

I set a sleep plan for the baby, a schedule that include sleep time/ food time and milk intakes. Then we discuss nutrition and the baby’s routine. We also teach the mom how to read her baby’s signs, so she can tell when the baby is sleepy, hungry or just upset.

In case the baby is still not sleeping in a healthy pattern, we move to the next level, which is sleep training. This means that the baby doesn’t have the skill to fall back to sleep on his own after finishing one sleep cycle, and he needs his mother’s interference to fall back to sleep.

What we try to do is have the baby sleep independently without relying on his mother.

Where did you learn it?

Baby Sleep Consultants Australia.

What inspired you to start this business?

Out of utter pain and struggle from my own experience! It all started with with my second baby boy, when all of my old techniques didn’t work with him.

It affected my lifestyle greatly and drove me insane that everything that I applied before didn’t work! I read lots of books and started to Google and watch videos. Eventually I succeeded, but it cost me a lot to reach this point.

I was angry most of the time, I felt lonely and I was always tired! That is when I thought, why isn’t there any place or anyone who can help out tired moms like me to guide them through their journey.

This is what inspired me and pushed me to start this business, I wanted to help relieve moms from this pressure that can affect their nervous system. Especially that I witnessed the positive impact of my baby sleeping well, and how my life went back to normalcy and I slowly fell back into a routine. I bounded with my daughter and reconnected with my husband.

What was your next step after deciding that you want to help mothers?

I looked up sleep consultants in Egypt and I didn’t find any. That was when I started looking up online courses and certificates, eventually with the support of my family and husband, I studied and went through a long, hectic process but it was completely worth it.

It’s not just about sleep training, you also learn how to link everything in the baby’s life to his/her sleep cycle.

Did you also learn how to deal with the mother?

I learned all about postpartum and how to pick up the signs of this depression; in order to be able to direct the mother to another professional in this field.

What helped me in this is that in the past years I worked along life coaches, which enabled me to direct and help out moms psychologically.

Understanding the moms’ needs and wishes to adjust their babies’ sleep help a lot in the process. Either it is to fix her social life or marriage life, it’s always a good motivation to have a why and a purpose to reach.

The more there are whys, the bigger the motivation is!

Do you cater the programs for each baby?

I study the different parental style and look at the baby’s temperament, their age, style and nutrition and based on that, I choose the plan most suitable for each baby.

I have also learned different schools and techniques, so what I do is always merge between these different approaches and never use just one.

What was the weirdest comment you have ever gotten on your job?

When one mother asked me about my profession and I told her sleep coach, she was quite surprised and mocked that such an ‘issue’ now has a specialty.

Once, I checked the comments on a client’s review and saw lots of comments mocking the job. Comments like ‘heya de 7aga tedars?’ ‘De bt2olhom eh, nena hoo!”

Do you plan on expanding soon?

I’m planning on giving workshops next January and for the next five years, I’m waiting to have a strong client base before I start giving courses. I also want to get accreditation first, in order to be able to hand out certificates, not just pass down knowledge.

How do you deal with stressed out moms? 

I study the nature of every mother and try to fight off the stereotypes and negativity they face on social media. I walk with the mother step by step, until she’s fully ready to take on the challenge of sleep training.

How do you manage your own time?

I’m always available for consultation calls during my kids’ school and nursery time. As for the follow ups with the moms, I need to be with the mother during bedtime. I try as much as I can to be with the mother on the phone, send her videos and walk her through any possible scenario.

I seek true success and to never comprise when it comes to my own family and home. I seek success, outside and mostly inside my home.

What do you advice new mommies with?

  • Don’t listen to random advice from Facebook groups and seek specialized help.
  • Try to enjoy every detail, even the hectic ones.
  • Don’t associate sleep with any other exercises like rocking.
  • For the first months, skin to skin touch is crucial!
  • If you’re unable to breastfeed, don’t be shy from admitting so and give formulas, it’s not shameful!
  • Set a bedtime! Have them sleep early.

A baby is a blank page, what you teach him will last a lifetime.

What are the common misconceptions you face and hate?

  • Make him tired so he can sleep all night.
  • Make the environment calm for him, the baby actually doesn’t like this calmness and is used to noise!
  • If he’s crying, then he must be hungry!
  • Put him to sleep really full, so he can fall deep in sleep!
  • Thank god, grandparents no longer feed babies mahshy!
  • Don’t treat twin baby like one! They’re different with completely two different characters.

Would you like to add anything else?

I want to ask all moms to be consistent, to not give up and to never settle for less. It’s okay to feel down at times but don’t ever think you have hit the end of the road, no dream is ever too big for you, if you’re passionate enough, you will do wonders!

I have always wanted to work something really unique and inspiring and I did! This is a dream come true for me and it’s time you make your dream come true for you!

Check out Hoda Allam’s official Facebook page to learn more.

And to all the moms out there, we’ll leave you with some book recommendation from the specialist!

Happiest Baby on the Block” – Dr.Harvey Karp for any pregnant or new mom.
The Baby Whisperer” – Tracy Hogg, as it includes lots of approaches to solve your baby’s sleep problems, also there’s another version of this book for moms of twin.
The No-Cry Sleep Solution” – Elizabeth Pantley, for any mom who prefers to solve her baby’s sleep issues using a very gentle technique.





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Part one and two of the release saw the group trending across Lebanon with live stream performances of their new work to delighted fans.

The final segment of the album, introduces  “Tabi’yi” , a fast-paced pop-rock anthem with hard-hitting drums and catchy guitar riffs, while “Jeet Kermalak”, a delicate ballad,  showcases a traditional middle eastern instrument, the Qanun, beautifully orchestrated alongside the smooth, soothing vocals of guest singer-songwriter, Dana Hourani.

“A’da” is described by the band as a love story between two young, impressionable characters, that unravels through the album tackling themes of nostalgia and lost futures, in an elusive, sometimes cruel, present.

Speaking about the album, lead singer-songwriter Anthony Khoury shared “each part of A’da not only explores a specific time in the characters relationship – how they grew together or apart – but also represents significant times that deeply influenced our songwriting and development over the years.


We celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, so we’re really excited to share an album we feel demonstrates who we are today, and explores the experiences that have shaped us as a band in Beirut.”

Artwork stills  from ‘Mouharrami”  and Moukhtalef lyric videos. Illustration  by Anthony Khoury, animation by Kook.


Released at the end of January, “Mouharrami” was a tone-setter for a new musical direction taken by the four musicians, with heavy 80s and 90s dance music influences weaving their way through the lively opening track.

Title track “A’da”, meanwhile, was accompanied by an intricately illustrated music video, which follows the band members as four retro video game characters, navigating through a dystopian Beirut in search of their stolen hearts.


The video was directed and illustrated by Omar Khouri, with art direction by the band’s long-time collaborator Nadim Hobeika.

Filled with downbeats of raging bass drums, shimmering guitar lines and sweeping synthesizers, this three-part album is complimented by the band’s signature Arabic lyrics, sometimes playful, sometimes poignant,  and always  a point of reference for their expanding fan base across the region.


“A’da” was produced by Sleiman Damien, between the months of August and November 2020, in an improvised studio in the seaside town of Batroun, where the band relocated just days after the August 4 Beirut Port explosion. “Tabi’yi” showcases a live performance music video shot in the same traditionally Lebanese setting.



During release weekend, Anthony Khoury, Adonis’ lead singer, also performed an exclusive stripped down set featuring vocals and piano as part of Embrace Lebanon’s initiative “Music for Mental Health”,  where he showcased Tabi’yi as a message of hope for those struggling through unprecedented times.


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