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Here Is Why We Celebrate Labour Day on the First of May!



The first of May of every year is an official day off.

Labour Day is celebrated around the globe on the first of May. Did you know that we work only 8 hours a day because of the history behind that day; here are some other facts about Labour day.

-The reason behind Labor Day dates back to the 19th century. It started with a protest in Philadelphia, USA where workers started to demand with more humane work conditions.

-The movement caught up in other European countries and more workers started to protest for the sake of their rights.

-After long and tough conflicts between workers against business owners and governments; the demands started to be considered.

-More governments started to acknowledge and cooperate with workers.

-It is believed that Australia was the first country to celebrate Labour day

-The first time labour day was celebrated in Egypt was in Alexandria back in 1924 when the labour union organized a big celebration ended with a demonstration.

-It was not until 1964 till May 1st became an official day off in Egypt.

Happy Labour Day, everyone!

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The Antiviral Drug to Help End COVID-19




Being stuck in the house for around a month now, the Egyptian citizens let alone the entire globe is getting quite restless. All places that include any socializing are still shut down plus the curfew in Egypt has been extended for another two weeks to ensure safety.

Which is why, you would be happy to hear that Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has thankfully found a way to communicate with the Japanese manufacturer of the antiviral drug that is claimed to be the cure against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Avigan, the Japanese drug, has been developed by the Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and has been stored in the country for a while now to treat influenza. It has been proved by reports that Avigan has shown quite effective when treating COVID-19 and fighting the respiratory disease specifically that has been caused by the virus.

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation has announced late last night that it will commence phase two of their clinical trials on patients suffering in the United States since their situation has gotten quite out of hands.

Not just that, but our minister has added that Egypt will be joining this scientific research in hopes of finding a medication to truly put an end to the this cruel pandemic.

The trial will admit 50 coronavirus infected patients in collaboration with the Women’s Hospital, Brigham, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

 It was also stressed by Dr.Abdel Ghaffar that our President Abdel Fattah el Sisi has crucially instructed a follow up and constant collaboration on a day to day basis with the Japanese Pharmaceutical company to commence manufacturing Avigan in one of the Egyptian pharmaceutical companies located in the City of 10th of Ramadan.

The drug had already been tested on the Japanese citizens when Fujifilm had announced on March 31 the start of phase 3 of the clinical trial.


We would like to thank Japan for offering help to end the global pandemic by willing to provide at least 20 countries with Avigan for free. Not just that, but they will be providing the United Nations Office for Project Services $1 million grant to distribute as well as buy the drug.


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Construction Begins in Sinai of the Largest Desalination Plant in Middle East




Construction Begins in Sinai of the Largest Desalination Plant in Middle East

The construction of the largest desalination plant in all of Africa and the Middle East has kicked off in Egypt’s Sinai, North Sinai Governor Mohamed Shousha made the announcement on Tuesday.

The capacity of the first phase is 100,000 cubic meters daily, while the capacity of the second and third phases is 300,000 cubic meters per day.

Governor Shousha also added that a number of infrastructure and renovation projects were meant to kick off as of April 25th. Those projects include building four desalination plants in the governorate’s capital, Arish.

Three of the plants will have a total capacity of 5,000 cubic meters per day, meanwhile the last one will have the capacity of 10,000 cubic meters daily.

That way, these four desalination plants will be contributing to the water supply in Arish by providing 25,000 cubic meters daily to the supply network.

Other projects include the renovating of the seaport and five main squares including Al-Minaa Square, Arish Square, Saa Square, Cairo Square, and Sadat Square.

As President El Sisi said yesterday during his heartfelt speech, it’s important to carry on with national projects that shall serve the Egyptians‘ well-fare.

Having the biggest desalination plant being built here in Egypt, the largest in Africa and Middle East, brings us so much pride and honor.


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Al-Mashat Presents New Global Partnerships Narrative To Maintain the SDGs




Rania Al-Mashat

Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat has presented a New Global Partnerships Narrative that tries to combat the effect of the coronavirus on the current development efforts as not to derail the achieving of the Social Development Goals (SDGs.)

This follows the UN’s concerns that the complete focus going towards combating the virus and overlooking the SDGs may cause negative impact on the goals, after the alleviation of the pandemic.

The presentation of the narrative was held via a video conference meeting headed by minister Mashat, over 100 professionals including heads of country offices, development professionals from bilateral partners and multilateral development organizations joined.

They all took part in order to discuss potential chances for the advancement of future mutual economic cooperation and the consequences of the spread of novel corona virus.

Al-Mashat unveiled the New Global Partnerships Narrative during the meeting, the narrative P&P&P (People&Projects&Purpose), that shall define cooperation between Egypt and the international development community.

The minister also discussed Egypt’s efforts in promoting structural reforms and economic stimulation in addition to financial inclusion which all serve achieving the Social Development Goals.

Al-Mashat further highlighted the ministry’s new vision in reshaping the strategic communication narrative that really defined the development initiatives of Egypt.

The new narrative will highlight three pillars which are People at the Core, projects in action and purpose as the driver, all will focus on the development cooperation to achieve SDGs which is priority on all sectors.

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