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Girl boss movies to Watch this International Women’s Day



Girl Boss

As females, we are sometimes underestimated with the capabilities we have up our sleeves. The 8th of March marks the celebration day of International Women’s Day. On this day, we all get to celebrate us women and all the achievements we’ve overcome throughout history.

Sometimes women can be too emotional or maybe even moody, at the end of the day, o matter what happens, women are powerful enough to pull through. Throughout the years, women have always been trying to prove how powerful and intellectual human beings we are and that we deserve to be appreciated as well as acknowledged.

With that said, here are a list of female empowering movies that have showed the true meaning behind the physical and mental strength as well as capabilities of women.

Erin Brokovich

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You guys definitely know the celebrity Julia Roberts who has played several moving roles throughout her career. In this movie, Julia, or in this case Erin Brokovich, truly showed how hardworking she was throughout the movie. Despite her background formal education in law, she was tremendous in building a solid case against the Pacific Gas and Electrical Company.  Based on a true story, Erin Brokovich tells the story of a persistent woman who will fight for what she wants!


Birds of Prey

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Birds of Prey is a movie you all deeply enjoyed, for sure. Not only is your favorite Harley Quinn starring in this sequel of Suicide Squad, but also because Harley plays a striking powerful role of a woman. Throughout the movie, Harley is filled with pure anger and sadness after breaking up with the joker and also for what she witnesses as a sequence of events throughout the movie. Her role baffled the audience with a sense of strength amongst women.

The Other Women

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On a funnier note, a comedy special starring the three beauty divas Carmen Diaz,Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton embark on an undercover journey together. The movie shows the three women who are all in th same relationship with the same man but he doesn’t know that they’ve caught him red handed. The girl unify again the man and show so much strength, love, and endurance as empowering women. At the end of the movie, they’ve achieved their dreams and were radiating with power.


The Devil Wears Prada

Image result for the devil wears prada anne hathaway

All you chickas out there definitely know the girl boss movie the Devil Wears Prada that’s starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. This movie is the perfect example of a female workaholic and girl boss. Throughout the entire movie, Anne is pressured by having to juggle a million tasks at the same time from a strict boss who keeps ordering her around. Anne is the epiphany of patience because she endured so much in the end to achieve her dreams and she made it at the end of the day. Such an empowering and beautiful chick-flick!


Girl Boss

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Based on a hit bestseller, Girl Boss was created after author Sophia Amoruso’s book. Since it was a bestseller and was actually beneficial as encouragement for females, it was later on turned into a movie and tv show as well. Both tackle the hard life of a woman who is in the process of becoming a businesswoman and discovers a passion for fashion. As her business keeps growing, she learns how to cope with life and work, especially with her being her own boss. This movie truly has a powerful meaning behind it because many women are struggling at this age and time.

And there you have it folks! To enjoy and celebrate such an important day, gather round with your girlfriends and have a girl power movie night!









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Samira Said Drops Latest Hit With International Music Marvik El Nabulsi!




Arab music’s Diva Samira Said just released her long-awaited hit ‘Ott W Far’ with international music producer El Nabulsi and it’s taking the music scene by storm!

The first child of over 18 months of work, and it is the mutual appreciation and respect between the superstar and El Nabulsi that allowed them to take innovative steps with the latest hit.

Drawing inspiration from K-Pop, Reggaeton and RnB with Rock undertones, El Nabulsi has been able to explore and experiment with this track bringing together an entirely unique sound. The subtle and unorthodox approach taken in all aspects, from lyrics, production and even styling intends to make a statement, which is nothing strange for the superstar.

In line with Samira’s style of powerful, independent and charismatically sassy energy, a highly anticipated product that is under her perfectionist eye, ‘Ott W Far’ is a fiery tale of the confrontation of infidelity, Samira’s energy manifests in a powerful and resonant statement in a spirit of defiance in the face of such an act.

In spite of the difficulties faced in the wake of the Corona epidemic and the challenges it presents to artists and fans, a collaboration with TikTok allowed fans to enjoy an exclusive online concert for the superstar celebrating the release.

This song being the first collaboration with potentially more exploring both Egyptian and Moroccan styles and vocals, El Nabulsi has large plans for the future, with collaborations with more stars in the Middle East in the works, from Syrian superstar Asaala to Kuwaiti giant Bader Al Shoeibi and more!

Since he entered the scene in Egypt in 2016, El Nabulsi intends to spark new life in a region’s artistry that has always had his appreciation. Step by step, his influence has been felt. From being chosen for the honor of working on the songs for the World Youth Forum three years back to back to working on high level projects with key names in the industry, El Nabulsi stands to be a notably unique influence on the music scene in the region for years to come.

From the mere age of 11, London born and raised El Nabulsi began experimenting with a Sony Acid music production software app that came with his cereal box, El Nabulsi has continued to develop his talents. Always Striving to cross pollinate talent from different genres with the Arab world. Potential future collaborations with artists such as Sherine and Hossam Habib to add to his list, with names such as P. Diddy, Mario Winans, The Sugababes, Tinie Tempah, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Hossam Habib, Sherine, Hamaki, Amal Maher, Tamer Ashour and Esseily. His favored project being “Mosh Hansah” by Amal Maher, featuring Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt, with his work with Hossam Habib’s album “Faraa’ Keteer” and Sherine’s album “Nassay” being important steps in his career.

Click on the link now to watch the video and tell us what you think!



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Mounir to Perform at Cairo Opera House As Cultural Events Resume Mid-July




Egypt’s cultural activities will return in min-July with a 25% capacity in all facilities, the ministry of culture announced.

The ministry has already planned out for its comeback with renowned singer Mohamed Mounir set to perform the venue’s first concert after reopening.

Cultural events will return after being suspended for three months in light of the pandemic. Now, we’re about to be entertained once again but with all precautionary measures taken.

Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem assured that all facilities will adhere to precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

In a statement, Abdel Dayem said that the resumption of cultural activities indicates Egypt’s ability to face challenges and cope with the virus.

She further explained that the 25% capacity will be enforced to all facilities and all measures will be taken, which includes applying social distancing and providing audiences with an educational guide to maintain public safety.

A committee will also be formed under the supervision of the ministry, to follow up on the implementation of these procedures at all cultural facilities.

The reopening decision includes all museums which are under the Ministry of Culture’s supervision, Cairo Opera House, art exhibitions, national circus shows, theatres, and cultural and intellectual evenings.

Mounir’s concert will be held on July 17th and is the artists first performance at the Cairo Opera House in 15 years!


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Gouna Film Festival Will Be Pushed One Month From Its Official Date




Organizers of the Gouna Film Festival Just announced on their official Instagram page that the festival will be postponed this year for a month, in light of the pandemic.

The fourth edition of the festival which was supposed to kick off in September, has been pushed to the 23rd of October.

According to their announcement, their decision comes in response to the challenging circumstances that is facing all film festivals because of the pandemic.

The decision also comes with the intention to maintain the safety of all guests, workers and the audience.

View this post on Instagram

Stay Dreaming! Responding to the challenging circumstances that all international film festivals are facing, with the intention to support the industry in the tough times and deliver a safe festival experience to its guests… #GFF20 dates have been postponed a month later than initially planned, the 4th edition will now run from Oct. 23 to 31, 2020 in @elgounaredsea ; following the global health and safety measures. More details to be announced soon. Stay Tuned and #StayDreaming تحسبا للظروف الصعبة التي تواجهها المهرجانات السينمائية العالمية، و لغرض الإستمرار في دعم الصناعة وإقامة دورة آمنة وناجحة من أجل ضيوفنا وجماهيرنا الأعزاء، قرر مهرجان الجونة السينمائي أن يعدل مواعيد إقامة دورته الرابعة، لتصبح في الفترة ما بين 23 – 31 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2020 في مدينة الجونة. تابعونا لمزيد من التفاصيل.

A post shared by El Gouna Film Festival (@elgounafilmfestivalofficial) on

“Stay Dreaming! Responding to the challenging circumstances that all international film festivals are facing, with the intention to support the industry in the tough times and deliver a safe festival experience to its guests… GFF20 dates have been postponed a month later than initially planned, the 4th edition will now run from Oct. 23 to 31, 2020 in @elgounaredsea ; following the global health and safety measures. More details to be announced soon. Stay Tuned and #StayDreaming.” The announcement read.

One of the highlights of the fourth edition is that the festival will be the first public event hosted at the site of Gouna Conference and Culture Centre (GCCC), featuring an architectural design of 8000-square-meter-wide open space, providing a unique and spacious atmosphere for a new cultural and cinematic experience.

“We are in constant dialogue with the key industry players and other international film festivals to study how film festivals may adapt to the current situation and continue to play their roles in developing the industry regionally and internationally. Our team participated in the virtual Marche du Film, not only to meet sales agents and producers to source their films, but also to study the experience of a digital-only film market. Furthermore, the members of the team will be attending the Fall festivals to bring to the region the best and newest crop of films” the co-founder and COO of the festival Bushra Rozza commented.

We might have to wait a bit longer this time but we’re positive that it’ll be worth it at the end.

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