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Get Ready to Run a Marathon With the Pyramids As Your Backdrop!



The Pyramids Half Marathon will take place on the 22nd of February to witness the arrival of runners from all around the world, who will compete at one of the world’s most iconic locations, the Great Pyramids of Giza! 

The marathon will feature a 21K run, a 10K and 6K, which means anyone can join and enjoy a unique run through 5000 years of history. You practically have no excuse to skip this!

The event is organized by the Trif Factory.


Registration for the event is as follows:

Wednesday 19 February

14:00 – 20:00         Athlete Registration

Thursday 20 February

14:00 – 20:00         Athlete Registration

Friday 21 February

14:00 – 20:00         Athlete Registration

Race starts on Saturday the 22nd of February at eight with an awards ceremony to conclude it at eleven.


Tickets and registrations are available only through their official website, the race pack pick-up include Race ID, Race T-Shirt, & Official Race Bib, will be conducted at the Marathon Expo.

The fees you pay will give you the full experience you seek including a race bag, automatic timing service, participation medal, race certificate, event t-shirt, and invitations to the awards ceremony.

Click here for info.

For highlight from last year’s event, click here.


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Ministry of Culture x Cairo Opera House Making Sure You Stay Home Entertained




Ministry of Culture x Cairo Opera House Making Sure You Stay Home Entertained

As part of the efforts exerted in encouraging people to stay at home, the Ministry of Culture has launched the online initiative “Stay at home … Culture is between your hands.”

The initiative is launched in collaboration with Cairo Opera House, which will provide the audience with plays, musical performances, ballets, and even films available for streaming online.

“The initiative aims to broadcast anecdotes about the archives of national, contemporary and traditional creativity on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Culture and its different social media accounts.” Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem said.

With that being said, expect the following this week!

Fine Arts Museum displays its holdings online

The Fine Arts Museum will “will bring the museum right to your doorstep” through their official Facebook page.

“My Heritage Visual Arts” contest

Art enthusiasts will still be able to apply for the fifth edition of “My Heritage” contest for photography and plastic arts, which highlights the architectural and urban elements of Cairo.

“Read with us” initiative

The Supreme Council of Culture, headed by Hisham Azmy, will also organize several online cultural events, including a series of Arab cultural episodes entitled “Read with us.”

Omar Khairat Concert

As for the concerts that will be held! It was just announced that the legendary pianist Omar Khairat will perform live on Thursday the 26th at 9:00 PM. The online concert will be held on the official YouTube channel of the Ministry of Culture.

An Umm Kulthum’s Hologram Concert was held online last night and you can still stream it on their YouTube channel.

Expect more plays and concerts to be announced soon, all for you to stay safe and stay home.

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2020 Olympics Officially Postponed



Olympic Games 2020

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, many people and countries as a whole have been taking drastic measures to help keep the virus at bay and their people safe. At first, we haven’t imagined the magnitude of the virus and how badly it would affect things and people on a global scale.

It started out with talk of a few football leagues and matches “maybe” getting postponed for the time being. That alone had left football maniacs who were looking forward to such events quite angry and worried. Regardless, they hadn’t thought of things getting worse and claimed that it was just a vague idea being proposed.

A week later and everything had gone up in flames. One by one, it had been confirmed that these leagues and matches are postponed and some even cancelled unfortunately. On the long run, the countries were forced to shut down all public domains that could help gather people around and make the virus spread even worse.

Schools and Universities were also shut down to be thoroughly quarantined ans steralized giving people the privilege of working from home . From there, things had began going haywire. Everything was being shut down for sanitation and people were sent home to break the chain.

What was uncertain about being postponed was the 2020 Olympic Games that people were seriously looking forward to. This is one of the most important sports in history and people from various countries travel the globe to watch such an event. This is exactly why it has officially been decided that the Olympics is being postponed till 2021. What?

In regards to the millions of people who were going to show up in Tokyo to watch the games take place, this event had to be postponed for countless reasons. First of all, there are currently no flights or airlines that are working because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Secondly, the athletes might be physically prepared to compete but mentally they are extremely stressed and worried leaving them unfit to participate. Lastly, many athletes have been infected with the virus which means that the teams would be uneven thus the scores would be unfair.

“Our athletes have been magnificent in their positive attitude to training and preparing, but the stress and uncertainty has been extremely challenging for them.”- Australian Chief

At first, both Australia and Canada had already decided to not compete and withdraw from the Olympics this year due to safety reasons. After some serious reconsidering, it was decided altogether that the games would be postponed till next year.

It was announced as of Sunday that 5,683 cases have been confirmed in the UK leaving at least 281 dead. Do you guys expect that in the health state the world is in, it’s fit to go on with initiating the Olympic games? No way.

It’ll jut be a year away, it’s not like it’s permanently getting cancelled. We’d rather be safe than sorry.

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Ramses II Opening Postponed Due to the Pandemic



Ramses II

For the time being, Egypt has been working on several new campaigns as well as initiatives to make our country a stronger and better place. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is currently in the process of completing the restoration of Ramses II statue that is located on the West side of the Luxor Temple.

This was to be a great achievement for the Egyptian citizens but unfortunately for us, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, things were forced to change directions. At first, the initial date of the opening was to be on April 18th, but throughout the process, people wondered whether or not the virus will take a toll on this.

The statue is around 7 meters high and weigh 65 tons which is pretty huge, which is why people were quite excited for the opening. Besides that, Egyptology is an amazing thing to marvel at as well as study, our land has a rich cultural background s well as history.

Luxor Temple - Press photo

Ahmed Orabi, the Director of the Luxor Temple at the Ministry of Antiquities, has recently told the press that the assembly as well as restoration of Ramses the second is almost finished but has warned people prior that the date may be postponed due to the health catastrophe that is currently going on.

.“We are continuing with the restoration work that is 99 percent complete, to prepare the statue for the opening date that was initially set on April 18, or the new date, depending on the sudden change in plans,” stated Orabi.

Orabi has also explained that the method used to restore are of the most recent scientific methods. He also added that both Karnak and Luxor temples had undergone several changes as well to commence greeting visitors with pride.

Believe it or not, they have started working on Ramses II in September 2019 after Khaled el Anani, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, has decided to fully support the Egyptian archealogical mission that is led by Mostafa Waziri, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The Egyptian citizens will just have to wait patiently until the health crisis simmers down a bit and makes it safer for people to come visit.



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