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Get Ready for Season Two of The First and Biggest Dental Reality Show In The Middle East: “Smile Masters” is back!



Smile Masters

Dr Majd Naji

Success, glamour, True emotions, Beautiful smiles, life changing experiences of real people all coming to you once again on Youtube.

Dr Mohammed Naji

Dr Mohammed Naji

The first and biggest dental show in the Middle East is back for season two, it’s the YouTube reality show “Smile Masters”. Different, Energetic, Breath taking moments plus it’s REAL. The renowned dentist Dr. Majd Naji with his super squad, his wife Dr. Deema Basim, and his younger brother Dr. Mohammed Naji are back to change the lives of many sad faces.

Smile Masters Dental Clinic

Smile Masters Dental Clinic

The super dental squad is getting ready to change sad faces into happy ones with the right smile. Shooting season two of “Smile Masters” kicked off in the heart of wonders city of Dubai.

Dr. Majd Naji & His wife Dr. Deema Basim

Dr. Majd Naji & His wife Dr. Deema Basim

Dr. Majd Naji is inviting you exclusively to Liberty Dental Clinic where celebrities from all over the world like music producer RedOnefootball star Fabio Cannavaro, Arab celebrities and members the royal family of the UAE all visit to get the perfect smile.

Dr Majd Naji

Dr Majd Naji

Now the housewife, the busy banker, and little children all will join this crowd of celebrities at Liberty Dental Clinic in “Smile Masters” season two.

Stay tuned to share with them their hopes, fears, moments of joy and new smiles soon on Youtube . 


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Gouna Hosting the “Second Annual Polo Silver Cup”




For decades, we’ve been enjoying both modern and ancient games such as Football and even Wrestling! Which is why we’re easily captivated whenever a new or unique sport is brought to Egypt.

Horses are one of the most used animals in Egypt. They’re sometimes used for entertainment and transportation, while at other times they’re used for professional riding.

Polo games originated in Central Asia back in the 6th century! Yes, the game is that old! Which is why people are psyched to finally have Polo games taking place in Egypt!

El Gouna Beach will be hosting their second annual Polo Kings Silver Cup.

Believe it or not, this is a major event happening. People will be travelling the world for such an extraordinary event. The event is to take place on the beautiful shores of sandy Gouna under the hot sun, which makes it an even better experience that you can’t miss.

This sport was said to be strictly for Kings and Princes back in the old age, but in the modern day, anyone who has any experience and passion towards horse riding as well as playing polo is free to enter!

There’ll be six teams of three that are said to be competing in the second annual cup this year. Yikes, that’ll definitely cause more exciting rivalry for us to watch.

Not only will there be the Polo Silver Cup taking place, but there’ll also be loads of ranging activities as well as parades at the Marina! So much fun in store for you guys!

People will dress to impress and get ready for the major Gala dinner said to take place as well. You can even get pony rides!

This event will be a huge blast from the past since these are things people used to do decades ago and this sport was almost dying, which is why it is super exciting for Egypt to start doing things differently by embracing all cultures around us and reviving an old sport!

There you have it folks! Get your fanciest clothes and rest up for the event we’ve all been waiting for!



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Hottest Tattoo Artists in Town 2020




Art has been one of the most important things we have been graced with, because if you think about it this way, Art can be expressed in many different ways. For instance, Art can be expressed through a certain dance or maybe even a specific painting, which is why we hold on to it so dearly.

Now, another modern and cooler way people have started expressing themselves through more and more is Tattooing. Tattoo artists have been growing more popular throughout the years because Tattooing can be considered as a painting, drawing, or even just a means of expressing themselves.

Nowadays, everyone is psyched and more interested in getting tattoos, whether it ‘s the name of your mother or maybe even the Mona Lisa, everything is possible! Since there are many people hoping to get inked this year, it’s very important to choose your artist wisely because this isn’t a canvas or even a paper that you can crumple and start over with, this is your skin, and whatever gets inked on it will remain permanent.

Tattoos can be removed through laser surgery or maybe even light therapy, but we caution you, it’s extremely painful!

Egypt is filled with tons of cool artists that can do many things, but beware, not everyone knows what their doing. Which is why we bring to you Cairo’s hottest tattoo parlors in one place!

Chaos Tattoos

Chaos Tattoos is one of Egypt’s well know tattoo parlors. It’s located in the heart of Zamalik. The tattoo artist working up this parlor is Adham. He prefers trying to understand exactly what his customers want projected and inked on their skin. He’s done very impressive work which is why his parlor is flooded with customers. Open 6 days a week and with a rating of 5 stars, Chaos Tattoo is a dope place to get inked!

Image result for chaos tattoos

Bigg Triggz Tattz

With 10 years of optimum tattooing experience, Bigg Triggz Tattz is a comfortable place to get your tatt in. Since the parlor is well known, Triggz is open 24 hours a day which is why you can only get an appointment by calling prior to the day you want it done. He specializes in cover ups and highlights, so for those of you who have gone to the wrong tattoo artist and want it covered up properly, this is your ideal place. Bigg Triggz Tattz truly has earned a 5 star rating as well!

Image result for bigg triggz tattz egypt pictures

Dragon Tattoo

The Dragon Tattoo parlor is located in Giza and has a s certain specialty they prefer working on. They specialize in full body works such as alluring designs for the arms, chest, or even back! They’re open 7 days a week and start at 1:30pm. For those of you who are thinking of going nuts this year and getting a larger than life tatt, no one does it better than the Dragon.

Image may contain: night, text that says "DRAGON TATTOO"

Riders Studio

Riders Studio is another cool parlor located in Zamalek. What’s quite unique about this studio is that they take serious interest and care in their artwork as well as testimonials by keeping them up to date. Not just that, they also provide piercings, dope hairstyles, and even clothing so it’s considered a one stop destination! Twon, the artist, is given a 4.9 star rating and works seven days a week starting 1:00pm.

Image result for riders studio egypt

Tattoo Egypt Osos

This tattoo parlor is located in a bizarre place called Shubra. The theme or style of the artist is elegant and concise with detail which is super important in a tattoo artist! They specialize in all sizes and styles which is pretty cool as well. Yet another parlor that has earned a 5 star rating! For more inquiries, the parlor is open seven days a week as well but opens up at 11:00am.

Image result for cool tattoos

There you have it, your ideal itinerary to your town’s hottest tattoo parlors! Check them out and head to their websites for more details on their work and prices as well because bare in mind, prices will vary.

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Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubark Passes Away Aged 91




Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubark Passes Away Aged 91

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has passed away at the age of 91, his death was confirmed by Egyptian state news on Tuesday.

Mubarak has been fighting severe illness and even underwent surgery in late January and was photographed with his grandson as he recovered.

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‏كل الحب والتقدير❤️

A post shared by عمر علاء مبارك (@omaralaamubarak) on

Mubarak was the fourth president of Egypt and ruled the country for a period of 30 years before he was forced to step down on February 11, 2011 following the January 25 Revolution.

A military funeral is set to take place today for Mubark from El-Mosheer Tantawy Mosque in Nasr City.

Gamal Mubark was seen carrying his father’s coffin inside the El-Mosheer Tantawy Mosque in Nasr City, where mourners gathered to perform the funeral prayer.


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