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Five Ways to Kick-Start Your Life to Stardom




Media has been truly expanding in Egypt, especially in the previous years. Which is why it’s quite natural that when we’re watching TV and a commercial pops by, the first thing we normally say is “Heey, I want to do that,” but then you automatically hear your parents shush you at how ridiculous the idea is, or maybe your friends are calling you naïve for thinking that you could ever do such a thing.

What if we could tell you, it is possible? You can be on TV? You read that right! Living in Egypt, it’s extremely easy to get into the field of modeling or acting altogether, all you have to do is really want to achieve such a goal.

You might think to yourself “but I’m not pretty enough” or “I’m too fat”, it’s normal to think that. While on the contrary, it is quite the opposite. This specific field is an open gateway to thousands of different characters, looks, sizes, and even age, it doesn’t matter! That’s the best part about the field, there are no limits and everyone can do it, it just depends on the theme of the commercial but other than that, it’s quite accessible.

Ask Around

Before getting into anything, you need to ask around and know quite well about what you’re get yourself into. First off, so that people won’t misguide you or even hut you down, and secondly so that you could have a great head start at understanding the do’s and don’ts. Get familiar and take your time, learn how to walk before you run!

Start Somewhere

There are multiple casting agencies or companies that take in people who are interested in entering such a field. For those of you who live in Mohandeseen, you’d be happy to know that most of the top casting house and agencies are located in the heart of Mohandeseen. For those of you who live in farther places, don’t worry there are other agencies scattered in several places , but on the other hand, you should know that Instagram is a powerful tool you could use for this field. Contact people, brands, agencies, you name it! Just get started somewhere and one thing will lead to another!

Make Friends

It is important for you to bare in mind that you should make friends rather than enemies, especially if you’re hoping to pursue being in the media field. Save contacts and remember names, that will help you learn more and get into the field even faster than expected!

Be Confident

Don’t be shy to start conversations or even take someone’s number, it’s your chance to break your inner barriers, let loose, and get a head start on stardom! You’ll notice that as the days go by and you get deeper into the field, confidence is key to everything, not your looks, not your way, nothing. The way you deal with people is very crucial for both your personal life and professional life.

Be Yourself

Last but not least, remember that they want you to be yourself, they don’t want you copying Emma Watson, nothing. All they want is to see who you really are and build on the potential you deem to have. If you be yourself, you’ll stand out in the crowd more than rest and that will surely bring you more opportunities and even give you a sense of uniqueness. Imagine being an ordinary person amongst 500 people? Now that’s not unique. Be yourself, and what is yours will come to you.


There you have it folks, here are 5 easy hacks you could follow to dip your foot in the media field and start a fun journey up ahead. Being in the media field isn’t just about being famous or getting to know people, it is also about learning about yourself and what you’re capable of doing. Some people who have no background whatsoever in acting soon develop into big stars! I mean, Egypt is going places!

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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox tie the Knot



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Maya Anglou an icon, Civil Rights activists, American Poet, and Memoirist. She is highly established for her autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, in addition to her efforts with Malcom X, Martin Luther King JR, and African American Rights. She devoted herself to African Americans civil rights, moreover she is known for her quote “You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise. Does my sassiness upset you?” She is now honored for her iconic and pragmatism in the US Mint American Woman’s Quarters Programme. The American public will submit names of figures they admire to be on the coin. One of the highly anticipated figures is Maya Anglou. Maya Angelou will be honored on the quarter with a bird, commemorating her achievements, and poem of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” the image on the coin is inspired by her poetry that she wrote will she had experienced racism. The images compel the symbolism of the way she had lived and the pain she had endured. The coin is a representation to the power of American Women and their role in society.

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Selling drugs to payback his debts and as he begins to embark on a journey. Ahmad Malek a drug dealer corelates with Gaber to investigate a woman’s murder and another woman’s disappearance.

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The Visit

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The Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion through Biotech Fabrics

Plant based materials, are revolutionizing the world of fashion fabrics, from pineapple  leather, rose silk, and recyclable material these materials are making a change in the world  of fashion. The planet had been in danger since the environmental catastrophe of global  warming, and increased levels of consumption. The sustainability of fashion, and our  lifestyles can make a wider change in the way the planet can be saved. Thankfully, when the  Fashion industry had been aware of the influence it has on contaminating the environment,  several actions were taken, by considerable industry names. The fashion industry had a  detrimental impact on the environment, through cotton harvesting, harmful chemical gases  released through the manufacturing of polyester and nylon, a million of textile waste  released every day. In an effort to cease the fashion industry harm to the environment, huge  names such as Stella McCartney, Adidas, Nike, Hermes, are choosing an environmentally  friendly biomaterial. Vegan leather has become one of the most sustainable alternatives to  save the planet. These Biotech materials range from, spider silk, algae, mycelium leather,  cactus leather, onion skin, coffee grounds, and even glittering sweat crystals. These  biologically adapted materials, are convenient and advantageous than any other material  used in history, causing less deterioration to the planet.  

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A color about encouraging creativity and imagination, encourages personal inventiveness  and courageousness. A color that illuminates your personality and, thoughts, a color that  brings out the artistry within each individual’s creations, Very Peri – 17-3938 by Pantone is a  color made for the most erratic creations. Pantone a creative LLC company that had been  well established for their color systems, design, printing, manufacturing, and supporting the  management of color from design to production, amongst several materials. The  corporation is located is Carlstadt New Jersey, and founded by Lawrence Herbert. Since  2000, Pantone had been fascinating the world with its creations of colors and, deciding the  shade of the year. This annum, was a appealing purple blue, with red undertones. The  selection process requires trend analysis, and drawing from the worlds of entertainments,  art fashion, design, and several entities. As this color selection process is difficult and  requires lots of accuracy. Though Veri Peri, a deep darkened Purple with red undertones is a  vivid color for expression creativity, euphoria, and magical capabilities that youth hold  within them. If you’re a passionate creative with strong personal ambitions this is the color  for you.  

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