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The Countries That Are Welcoming Back Tourists This Summer



The entire world has been on self-isolation mood in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and even though, traveling seems to be off the table, some countries are actually planning on opening their borders soon.

A number of countries are getting ready to welcome back tourists this summer and allow their citizens to return home. Let’s not forget that for some countries, tourism is their main source of economical revenue.

What follows are the countries planning on opening their borders soon, but with all the necessary precautions.


Best Things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland - Holidays to Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Council on its meeting on Friday, June 5, has supported a decision for citizens of all European Union Member states including Britons, as well as citizens of the Schengen Associated Countries to be permitted enter the country as of June 15.


Apply now to volunteer at ICNM In Austria 2020 • مرجع | MARJ3

Vienna also gave June 15 as the official date for reopening the country’s inter-EU borders. Austria has already opened its border to some traffic from Germany on May 15.


Greece - United States Department of State

Greece will welcome international tourists from nearly 30 countries back in June, but will retain a ban on holidaymakers from countries with high Covid-19 infection rates like the United States, the Greek government announced.


The Best Seaside Towns and Beaches in Italy

Surprisingly, Europe’s first country to seriously face the outbreak has never technically ordered its borders closed, the extreme measures put in place at airports to stop the spread of the virus and border closures ordered by its neighbors have pretty much cut it off to international travel.

Starting on June 3, citizens of EU countries will once again be allowed to travel to Italy. Curbs on inter-regional travel within Italy will also be lifted in early June.


Working in Mexico City | KTCHNrebel

Mexico will start welcoming back tourists starting this June. However, it will only be welcoming tourists to areas of the country that aren’t still in the midst of a serious coronavirus outbreak.


Why Is Ankara the Capital of Turkey? | Sporcle Blog

Turkey said that it will resume reciprocal flights with at least 15 countries this month, but will only accept certain nationalities.


Spain travel | Europe - Lonely Planet

“In July we will gradually open Spain to international tourists, lift the quarantine, ensure the highest standards of health safety. We look forward 2 welcoming you!” Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya tweeted.

We honestly can’t wait for things to go back to normal but one question remains, with border opening up, will tourists and travelers find it in themselves to travel amidst a pandemic?

God knows we can’t wait for airports to open again, but one must still be very careful.


Barbados is Inviting Remote Employees For a One-Year Stay!




Are you working from home? Are you looking to make the most of it? Well, the Barbados government is making quite the mind-blowing proposal for remote employees!

They are giving you the opportunity to relocate your position and work from home/ the Caribbean! How insanely cool is this opportunity?

Prime Minister Mia Mottley is considering the introduction of a “Barbados Welcome Stamp” which gives the change to international travelers to live on the island and work remotely for up to a year.

We see you packing up your bags already!

Ms Mottley is proposing such a cool idea seeing that short-term travel has become a difficult and hectic thing, in a time of the pandemic.

According to Travel Market Report, tourism makes up 40% of Barbados’ GDP and 30% of its workforce is employed in the sector. Which is why the pandemic really impacted their economy in a negative way.

Barbados is set to open its borders to international visitors on 12 July, and Mottley proposed offering the option of a year-long stay in time of the flights’ resumption.

If given the chance, would you go for such an opportunity?


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Oxford Business Group: Egypt to Become a Favorable Touristic Destination




Oxford Business Group (OBG) said in a report that some emerging countries, including Egypt, are expected to become favorable touristic destinations after coronavirus restrictions have been eased gradually.

After all, tourists are looking for affordable and accessible options, so they’re going for the countries with flexible labor laws and to the countries that have its touristic destinations safe and ready to welcome back travelers as their GDP depend heavily on tourism.

The OBG report also said that the Radisson hotel chain, as an example, announced recently that it is still keen on its expansion plans in Africa, and is targeting Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa in specific.

Moreover, some emerging markets are well placed to leverage an anticipated shift in consumer preferences, according to the report.

“Egypt is again seeking to take advantage of this; the country has been promoting travel to archaeological sites in Upper Egypt, offering discounts on tickets and a reduction in visa fees for travellers who fly into the region directly”, the report said.

“Conferences and other business-oriented events will likewise be difficult to organise for the foreseeable future, given the ongoing necessity of social distancing. Indeed, as early as late March, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry estimated that some 500 trade shows had been cancelled as a result of Covid-19 crisis, resulting in an estimated €23 billion in lost orders,” the report added.



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New Hotline Dedicated To Answering Tourists’ Inquiries and Concerns




Inbound tourism has resumed and in light of this and to support tourists with all their inquiries, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has developed a hotline service dedicated to catering to the need of tourists.

The new hotline 19654 is dedicated to answering the inquiries of tourists and any of their concerns during their stay in Egypt. This comes as part of Egypt’s precautionary measures and hygiene safety regulations.

The hotline has already been receiving complaints and suggestions.

According to Dr. Ghada Shalaby, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, the hotline will receive all tourists’ inquiries including any questions they may have regarding operating hours for archaeological sites and touristic areas that are open for visits.

She added that the hot-line service, available both in Arabic and English, operates seven days a week and on official holidays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The caller’s personal information, questions, suggestions, and responses to their inquiries shall all be recorded, and all issues shall be resolved through the hot-line.

The hotline provides a quicker and more efficient way of answering to the concerns of tourists to guarantee a safe stay.

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