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Fire in Adel Emam’s villa doesn’t stop him shooting his new Series “Awalem Khafeyya”



Camera rolled on shooting Egyptian Legendary super star Adel Emam for his upcoming TV series “ Awalem Khafeya” ( Hidden Worlds) to be aired next Ramadan. Director Rami Emam finished his first three complete shooting hours in the main set at Al Nahhas Studio. Two major set were built in Al Nahhas Studio where most of the shooting will take place.

Adel Emam moved to the second main set to start shooting his first shots at his house in the series with his daughter (Bushra), his son ( Tarek Sabri), and grandchildren ( Khaled Anawr and Sara Nour). Another set to be built will for the house of ( Hiba Magdy) and her father ( Usama Abbas) for the next shoot.

“Awalem Khafeya” is written by Ameen Gamal, Mohammed Mehrez, and Mahmoud Hemdan, produced and directed by Rami Emam. “Awalem Khafeya” starring Fathi Abdelwahab, May Sleem, HibaMagdy, Salah Abdullah, ahmen Wafeek, Nour Kadry, Anoshka, Usama Abbas, Khaled Anwar, Sara Nour, Mahmoud Fares, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, with a number of start as guests of honor. 

Adel Emam resumed shooting for his new TV series after one day from the fire that blew in the surrounding area of his villa in Kirdasa, Mansoriya. Power cable was behind the fire which broke out near Emam’s Villa before Civil Protection Forces managed to put it down. The fire was cotrolled before it reaches the inside of Emam’s residence.” Al Zaem “ i.e The chief assured his fan that he’s safe and was not hurt neither members of his family.

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ABU’s latest hit causes a tropical storm this summer!
The fresh wave of Summer brings pop prince ABU’s latest album ‘An El Awan’ onto
our shores. The latest track ‘Malek El Fabraka’ recently released, saturating us with
fresh and vibrant summer vibes to enjoy the sunny season! Setting the pace for the
rest of the seven track Album, with each subsequent track being released in three to
four weeks one after another. The next song to be released after ‘Malek El Fabraka’ is
set to be the bombshell ‘Maleket El Helween’.

Written by Mahmoud Salah, composed and distributed by Meno, ‘Malek El
Fabraka’ in Abu’s eyes has “a new lyrical style than what came before it. The thing I like
most about the song’s lyrics is the message, that we all live in the era of make believe,
everyone making everything up. Feeling realistic, it’s about someone who was in a bad
place in his life, as he discovers the person who hurt him and took the decision to cut
them out, and that ultimately he could overcome his pain. We somehow get stuck in
relationships and we feel that there is no way out or that we don’t have other
alternatives and I wanted to tap into that”.

This is the second lyric video Abu released after previous hit ‘Hateegy’. He has a
new concept when it comes to releasing clips as he stated “I plan to be adding some
variety to the album, in which not all tracks will be released with music videos, some will
be animated and some will be interesting lyric videos or visually exciting pieces of
content”. His developed style, desire to delve deeper into the soul and turmoils of love
show a unique progression in Abu’s style, with only more layers to be uncovered with
his new album

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A ripple coursed through the hearts of Egyptians as we all watched Al Ekhteyar 2 while the emotionally moving ‘Dhalin’ by the King Mohamed Mounir played. A piece mourning the brave ‘Oasis martyrs’ who lost their lives in service to their homeland. Captivating the emotions of millions across the country, capturing their feelings of regret and sorrow and transforming it into a song manifesting the pride and resilience of a nation.

Mounir drew upon the talents of those he knew would be necessary to bring justice to the piece’s subject matter. The captivating song that brought the king to tears during the recording, is a product of favorite poet Nasr El Din Nagy, the artist behind the moving lyrics and was composed and arranged by the remarkable Ahmed Farhat.

Delivering a piece that the King intended to remind us of the strength and spirit Egyptians present in the face of adversity. Exemplified by the Egyptian army’s heroism in the fight against terrorism. Mounir’s words echo the chant within the hearts of all our countrymen, “Glory to the martyrs and long live Egypt.”.


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Mohamed Ramadan Under Fire After Posting A Picture With an Israeli Singer




Mohamed Ramadan sparked controversy and is currently under fire for posting a picture with an Israeli singer, the thing that angered many of his fans and even though the singer and actor deleted the photo shortly after, he’s still under attack.

According to Ramadan, he didn’t know the nationality of the person and he says that normally he doesn’t ask each and every person who asks to take a picture with him about his nationality.

However, social media people shared videos of the party that Ramadan was at and they’re saying that it included many Israelis and that one of Israel’s popular songs was played during the party.

The singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan responded today to all fans saying that he normally doesn’t ask people about their nationality and that he is 100% pro the Palestinian case, attached with his tweet was a video of him with a Palestinian.

The head of the Egyptian Acting Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, confirmed during his phone call with an Egyptian TV program, that he communicated with Muhammad Ramadan, and the latter denied his knowledge of the Israeli artist, saying: “I swear to God I didn’t know who he was, I was in an Arab country and took this picture.”

What do you think? Are you with or against the action of Mohamed Ramadan?


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