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Falak Startups Hosts Inaugural Demo Day from Thirteen Egyptian Governorates



Falak Startups, in partnership with EFG-EV Fintech, announced its official launch to the regional entrepreneurial and investor community through an inaugural Demo Day sponsored by the SANAD Fund for MSME. Fifteen high-growth startups from thirteen governorates presented their refined business models, in an effort to secure funding from Egyptian and regional investors.

Falak (largest startup accelerator in the Middle East and Africa) organized  4-month acceleration program provides entrepreneurs with funding, mentorship, training, and comprehensive all-round support, in order for Egyptian youth  to thrive and compete in the global economy.

“Entrepreneurial success, especially within our young demographic, creates positive spillover effects throughout the entire economy, supports our goal to achieve wider financial inclusion and boosts job creation on the macroeconomic level. It is an essential component in creating a sustainable engine for long-term economic growth.” Said Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of
Investment and International Cooperation.

Dr. Shehab Marzban, Chairman of Egypt Ventures and Senior Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation also added: “We’re very proud to see our youth develop strong business cases out of mere ideas they came to us with only months ago. Falak Startups will serve as a platform from which we aim to launch numerous acceleration programs, spanning across multiple sector industries. The feedback received today was tremendously positive, and is a strong reflection of the private sector’s support of our mission, as they are key partners in this journey to establish a dynamic, globally-competitive ecosystem”

The event took place at the Golden Room Hall in Prince Mohamed Ali (Manial) Palace, and was attended by y Dr Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and international Cooperation, Dr Ali ELMoselhy, Minister of Supply, Dr Rania Al Mashat, Minister of Tourism, Khaled Badawi, Minister of Public Enterprise, Dr Shehab Marzban, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International cooperation and Chairman of Egypt Ventures, Mohamed Fareed, Executive Chairman at the Egyptian Stock Exchange, General Mohamed Amin, Treasurer of the ‘Tahya Masr’ Fund, MP Amr Ghalab, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the House of Representatives, as well as numerous foreign dignitaries, prominent businessmen and investors, and entrepreneurs.

Some of the startups that participated in the event were Pay Nas, Auto Parts, Masry Market, 3elagi and Olli.

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Our Favorite Star Suffers Nearly Fatal Overdose



Demi Lovato

We have all heard about our favorite celebrities battling eating disorders throughout history, but the worst case of food disorders we’ve witnessed by far is Demi Lovato‘s case.

Demi tells the press that she accidentally fell back into her past eating disorder which led to her nearly fatal overdose. Demi has been battling eating disorders and drug abuse for years. Supposedly, she was getting better and was finding stable grounds, but little did she know that she was getting worse.

The singer of hit song “Confident” made a powerful comeback at the Grammy Awards 2020 with her new album “Anyone“. Her newest album is claimed to be very dear and sentimental to her because, this time, she’s hoping to show her true self and colors in this album. “This is going to be the first album in which I genuinely don’t care about what people think of me,” said Demi.

Demi’s relapse occurred this Friday, which she openly talks about on one of Ashley Graham‘s episode discussing her newfound sense of body positivity. She tells Ashley how she’s extremely tired of running herself to the ground doing workouts 6 times a week as well as following extreme diets that end up wearing her down and stressing her out rather than make her feel good about herself.

Stressing out about your body image specifically is one of the hardest battles a person could overcome. While Demi was said she’s been doing fine, it turns out that is far from true.

Since Demi has been worrying about her body and trying to take care of it, she accidentally overdosed on the 18th of February, leading her quite close to death. She’s been clean and sober for a while now but just couldn’t take the pressure! Documents haven’t stated exactly what drug had she overdosed on, but that doesn’t matter as long as she’s healthy and alive.

It is said that this isn’t the first time Demi had overdosed. One of her very first overdoses was back in 2016 when she was sent to rehab for being diagnosed with both a bipolar disorder and also bulimia. She’d gone to rehab for around 3 months and soon healed after that and went back to her career as if nothing had ever happened.

Demi urges people to understand that she’s neither an alcoholic nor a druggie, she’s just fighting a severe internal battle. She states that once she started breaking and eating again in huge quantities, her other issues like drug abuse came back stronger than ever.

For the time being, Demi Lovato is healthy and well and that’s all that matters to us. She’ll be taking things slow and she’ll do a better job at loving and excepting herself, which is what her new album is trying to shed light on.

Do you think that body imaging and bulimia are serious mental illnesses that need to be addressed in the best way possible, or is this all a way of gaining exposure? I don’t think Demi would joke about such an issue.


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Ex One Direction Member Attacked in London



Harry Styles

We’ve heard countless stories of our favorite celebrities and stars getting robbed and sometimes even mugged! Most of these stories didn’t end well and had restraining orders in the making, but in this case, Harry Styles solo artist was recently robbed in London!

When asked if he was doing alright after this scary incident, Harry told the press that he genuinely is doing okay, but he’s a bit shook. This incident didn’t scare him away from making money and going on with his life, which is why he casually appeared at the 2020 BRIT Awards in London last Tuesday like nothing even happened. Brave guy, he is! Thankful for him, good thing he didn’t miss out on the awards because he was nominated for British Male Solo and British Album of the Year for Fine Line. Yay for him!

The police claim that the investigation of the knife robbery is still on going. It was reported by the police that the incident happened at 11:30pm on Valentines day where Harry had money stolen from him and a knife lodged to his the throat ,but the celebrity was thankfully left unharmed. Who in the right mind would think of approaching let alone hurting a celebrity? Looks like the attacker didn’t know who he was dealing with.

Harry lets us in on the details of how the night had unraveled and told the press that he had actually played it pretty cool when he was asked to give the attacker money. He thought that being calm was the best way to play things, maybe he would’ve gotten truly injured had he not been calm or even complied to the attacker’s need.

Even though the incident is not huge nor was our favorite Harry Styles hurt, but that doesn’t mean that the celebrity wasn’t shaking after having a knife pulled on him. Scary huh?

Harry hadn’t addressed the robbery publicly for personal reasons, maybe if had gone public about the incident, the attacker might have been provoked and might think of better planned attacks for the future. Let’s see if the investigators are capable of finding out the identity of the attacker!

Do you think the attacker may come back for more, or is this the end of the story to this scary incident?



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Deadly Trending Challenge on TikTok



Skull Breaker Challenge

We have seen several stupid trends throughout the years, but what we have for you today is by far the stupidest and considered one of the most dangerous trends ever! TikTok as a media platform and is being used more and more nowadays and is one of the top trending apps on PlayStore.

The trending challenge, known as the “Skull Breaker Challenge”, is being imitated by thousands of teenagers playing around and simply thinking of it as yet another game and trend. But little did you know that people are getting severely injured due to this silly challenge.

It feels as if it’s the Kiki Challenge all over again! If you guys remember back when the Kiki challenge was top trending, many people were injured pretty badly and some even were found dead, all because of something this ridiculous! Bags were stolen, and even cars since the Kiki Challenge was about people getting out of their car.


People who are willingly following such a trend are in serious danger, which is why parents as well as the authorities are warning people to stray away from such nonsense that can actually get people killed.

A 12-year-old boy from Alabama suffered a broken wrist. His mother stated that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. The challenge basically requires three people where one person is asked to jump while the other two kick their legs out, causing the person to fall backwards hence the term “Skull Breaker”. This is the purpose behind the challenge, to make the person jumping fall back on his head.

Image result for the skull breaker challenge on tiktok

Image result for the skull breaker challenge on tiktok


The challenge is often done to people who have no idea what’s going on with them. For instance, another 16-year-old girl in Florida agreed to participate in the challenge thinking that the other two students were working on a school video. She was severely injured and had internal bleeding. Another 10-year-old boy was left unconscious and was immediately taken to the hospital so that the medics could help wake him up and fix what has been broken.

The result of such a prank is terrifying and quite dangerous because one wrong hit in the head, and you could be left brain dead. Which is why the challenge and the process of it is considered by parents and authorities as bullying and harassment. With that said, parents and schools are urged to discuss the importance and dangers of such things with their children.

This is more than just a silly old trend, this prank is actually putting people in danger and is worrying parents to the core because who knows, maybe today’s the day their child will be a victim of such a prank.

We need to stress on how you should think wisely before imitating anything you see on the internet, we have brains to help us make such decisions rather than play the role of a copycat. Thankfully, this challenge hasn’t really made its way to Egypt, which is why we urge our readers as well as parents to raise awareness on such a contradicting topic.

What do you think? Is this just our typical social media trend that we all enjoy doing or is this truly a matter of life or death?


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