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Everything You Want to Know About What’s Airing :Ramadan 2020



Ramadan 2020

Every year, we’re curious and quite excited for Ramadan. We get out our Ramadan decorations, lanterns, and are even excited about the cool dishes we could cook. On the other hand, the thing we enjoy the most on top of all are the Ramadan TV shows and movies. Every year, Egyptian cinema is getting stronger and better than before. There are so many talented growing actors and actresses on the rise! Which is why we bring to you all the TV shows that will be airing in Ramadan 2020. Read on to find out who’ll be the star of what show! From old infamous stars whom we love and adore to old Egyptian idols, we have the full scoop listed below!


Each year, Adel Emam graces us with his appearance in Ramadan’s TV show Valentino. Last year, Adel’s appearance was in a drama TV Series, this time he promises to show a great role in Valentino, a comedy we are yet to know about!

Image result for valentino adel emam 2020

That smile though!


“Al Fatwa” 

Brother of Asser Galal, Yasser Galal, is to play the main role in Al Fatwa that is to be aired this Ramadan. Shooting for this TV series has already commenced and we all can’t wait to see what’s in store this year! Of course, the genre of this TV series is drama, which is a good thing so as to leave us on the edge of our seats! Dalia Al Beheri will be starring alongside Yasser this year, will they make a great duo? Let’s wait and see!

“El Prince”

Number 1 is to appear in a TV show called El Prince and is said to be the main character in this show. Let’s see if Mohamad Ramadan would make a strong appearance this year! Yes Ramadan was too busy last year making music, but apparently he’s making time for acting! Is he better off being an actor or singer? Let us know in the comments!

Image result for el prince mohamed ramadan 2020

B 100 Wesh” 

Nelly Karim, the star actress and prima ballerina, is said to be playing an important role in the drama TV show  “B 100 Wesh”. Film critics are claiming that the TV series has a powerful plot behind it. How excited are you?

Image result for el prince mohamed ramadan 2020

“El Nasabeen”

Not only is Nelly Karim appearing in B 100 Wesh, but she is also playing a lead role in El Nasabeen this ramadan. Nelly is loved for her beautiful roles, which is why it’s exciting to be seeing her in two different TV series this Ramadan! This TV show is considered part of the drama genre, can’t be too surprised because Nelly definitely is an outstanding actress and truly fits in dramatic roles!

Image result for al nasabeen ramadan 2020 nelly karim

“Leabet el Nasyan”

It is said that Amr Diab‘s wife, Dina Sherbiny, will be making a big appearance in this year’s Drama TV show. It’s pretty cool that both Amr and Dina are an artistic couple, him being one of the top 5 favorite artists in Egypt and her being an outstanding actress!

“Leh Neheb Tany”

Yasmin Abdelaziz was always known for her hilarious roles in the Egyptian cinema, but she’s gone off the grid for the past few years after having broken up with Amr Diab. Which is why, we’re excited to see her star in Leh Neheb Tany costarring Karim Fahmy in this romantic TV show! Has she still got the skills to make us laugh? Lets wait and see!

 “Al Nahat”

One of our favorite roles that was played by talented actor Basel Khayat was his major role in Talateen Youm, and ever since that TV show, people were left baffled! Which is why we’re super excited to see what he’s got in store for us in this year’s Ramadan thriller! We’re positive he’ll get us hooked on the TV show like he always does!

“Aswad Fateh”

Haifa Wehbe is playing a lead role in Aswad Fateh, a thriller that shows something promising. We truly admire people who can not only act, but also sing as well! Let’s see which she’s better at!

“Dahab Eira”

After making a grand entrance at this years Oscars that took place in LA, we don’t think Youssra will be able to top off anything after that! I mean, did you see her dress? Gorgeous! We are excited to see her appear in a comedy show this Ramadan. We need a good laugh, and we’re positive Youssra is up for the task!

“Takatoa Toroq”

Our absolute favorite role of Mona Zaki was when she starred alongside infamous Ahmed el Sakka in Taymour & Shafika. They were in complete sync and make a fantastic duo! Which is why we can’t wait to see her this Ramadan playing in a romance genre yet again! Takatoa Toruq won’t just be starring Mona Zaki, but also other cool actors such as Mohamad Farrag, Mohamad Mamdouh, Amina Khalil and Sayed Ragab! What an intriguing mixture of actors!

And there you have it folks, the top 11 TV shows that we are promised to watch this Ramadan, but of course there’s more than what was mentioned above! What TV shows are you looking forward to this Ramadan?

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Dr Doaa the professional dermatologist making noise in the industry



Dr Doaa the professional dermatologist making noise in the industry which will create an era because of her hard work and persistence in the dermatology, filler, and Botox world.

Tell me more about yourself, why did you choose dermatology as a career?

I am Dr Doaa specialist in dermatology, cosmetology, and laser. I chose dermatology because I always saw that the dermatology industry is very interesting. The reason for that is because skin is
always visible, and it covers all our body. Therefore, taking care of your hair and skin reflects on your general health and wellbeing. I love beautifying skin because I go by the idea that our
mirror is our skin. In addition, a person with good skin, good hair, good facial skin that gives out the idea that the person is healthy. Skin is something important because it makes people
guess your age. Therefore, my goal is to make people look younger and healthier and have a fresh look with glowing skin. Also, to make nails, face, and lips look fresh and healthy. Because when you look at a person’s skin, hair etc. You will be able to measure their age and their wellbeing.



What are the latest technologies in dermatology?

Latest technology in skin beautifying is not to change the persons look completely yet make them look beautiful still. Technology is now evolving to the point where you can have sessions without wasting a lot of time. People now work all the time. They want fast procedures so they can be able to go on with their daily schedules and work right away. The technique is to work in a way to get out natural results without them looking fake. Therefore, good efficacy with no down time is key.

How do you stay motivated in your work?

I stay motivated by always learning new techniques and to always try to reach out for knowledge from others and to read and attend lectures and attend congresses inside and out Egypt to accumulate the most knowledge I can. I always search how to be better and try to learn more in this field and be open to learn from young and old people and give others a chance to provide you with knowledge that you might not have.

What is your vision for the future of your clinic?

My vision is to expand and have clinics in reputable destinations. In addition, I want the patient that comes to the clinic to get what he imagined for. That is through us as a clinic
being organized in the way we offer our services. Also, through booking appointments, always living up to the patient’s expectations of what is good to them. I want the patient to feel that he or she is coming to a clinic where its goal is to perfect and beautify facial and other skin as well as perfecting health. Therefore, that makes them feel comfortable and makes them feel happy. Also, to make the patient excited to come again and again. On a work level I want to present to the patient the newest knowledge and techniques I know of. In addition, I want to provide the patient with the correct treatment for their issue. I want to surpass people’s expectations and give them a better treatment than the one that they expected.

What is your greatest success as a dermatologist?

My greatest success in dermatology is being able to start off my career by working with the biggest doctor in Egypt, Dr. Assem Farag. I started from class A in learning, and I had the luck to learn in different places that gave me the best knowledge I could have and wish for. I was able to accumulate knowledge from different places like Ain Shams University, Al Qahera University and Al Azhar University. I also worked in great clinics. I tried to always gather knowledge from different placesand people. I had the honor to also work and learn from the
greatest doctors.

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Citroen Advert by Amr Diab is Backlashed Over Sexual Harassment



In an advertisement for the Citroën car, starring Amr Diab a highly established Egyptian Singer was scandalized for sexual harassment. The advertisement had featured a scene when he almost hit a woman with his car, crossing the road Infront of him. The star had had snapped a photo of the beautiful lady without her consent using the car’s knew future to take photos, and connecting to the phone. The two are seen together having a good time, after he snapped a photo of her. The creepy advert had implied, harassment, specially from a sixty-year-old singer who is admired by youth. The iconic singer, seen by individuals as a role model. Though intended to feature the cars camera, and its features in the short advert, the advertisement was backlashed and fired for sexual harassment online, by pressure the French company had filed an apology for the commercial. The video is not approved by the audience online, as a consequence the company had issued this statement “We deeply regret and understand the negative interpretation of this part of this film. With our business partner in Egypt, we took the decision to withdraw this commercial from all Citroën channels and we present our sincere apologies to all offended communities by this film,”, and no comment from Amr Diab on this video. As feminists online are outraged from the video and, oppose the idea of photographing girls on the street without their consent. In closure the advert had promoted a disgusting act of sexual harassment that should be disregarded from society.

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So, What Was Up With 2021



This year was fueled to the top. We could all agree that 2021 was a hard year, and at least
for all of us, with the corona virus, and arduous events this year was impeccable. The year
had its highs and lows just like anything. But in reality, the year was filled with the most
crazy and peculiar events. Events that changed our lives, and alternated the way we deal in
eery day, and events that made statements about how we feel towards each thing. The year
was a preposterous period, if you had a strange period of time, or found it absurd take a
look at these events below.
1 The US capitol Riot
2 Kim ad Kanye the well-established Hollywood couple had called it quits
3 Vaccines are out for the Corona Virus
4 Brittany tells her side of the story, Paris gets married, and Lindsay gets back to acting
5 the internet is bombarded with its latest Avant Grand couples Kourtney, Megan, Machine
Gun Kelly and Travis Barker. Bringing back grunge vibes.
6 Meghan and Harry turn the world’s head with their Oprah interview
7 we are all united with the spider man’s no way home
8 Squid Game
9 Lil Nas X album
10 Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Breakup
11 Emily in Paris controversy
12 The reunion of the beloved sitcom friends
13 Adele Dropping a new album
14 Addison Rea and Kourtney Kardashians Friendship
15 Ariana Grande getting married
16 Harry styles and Olivia Wilde relation ship

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Fashion2 years ago



Events2 years ago

In celebration of the New Year … Socialista hosts distinguishable designers at La fête de Noel

Saying goodbye to a very remarkable year in the fashion industry and approaching a new aspiring one, Socialista Events blends...

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The Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion through Biotech Fabrics

Plant based materials, are revolutionizing the world of fashion fabrics, from pineapple  leather, rose silk, and recyclable material these materials are making a change in the world  of fashion. The planet had been in danger since the environmental catastrophe of global  warming, and increased levels of consumption. The sustainability of fashion, and our  lifestyles can make a wider change in the way the planet can be saved. Thankfully, when the  Fashion industry had been aware of the influence it has on contaminating the environment,  several actions were taken, by considerable industry names. The fashion industry had a  detrimental impact on the environment, through cotton harvesting, harmful chemical gases  released through the manufacturing of polyester and nylon, a million of textile waste  released every day. In an effort to cease the fashion industry harm to the environment, huge  names such as Stella McCartney, Adidas, Nike, Hermes, are choosing an environmentally  friendly biomaterial. Vegan leather has become one of the most sustainable alternatives to  save the planet. These Biotech materials range from, spider silk, algae, mycelium leather,  cactus leather, onion skin, coffee grounds, and even glittering sweat crystals. These  biologically adapted materials, are convenient and advantageous than any other material  used in history, causing less deterioration to the planet.  

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2022 Color is Pantone’s Lilac Very Peri

A color about encouraging creativity and imagination, encourages personal inventiveness  and courageousness. A color that illuminates your personality and, thoughts, a color that  brings out the artistry within each individual’s creations, Very Peri – 17-3938 by Pantone is a  color made for the most erratic creations. Pantone a creative LLC company that had been  well established for their color systems, design, printing, manufacturing, and supporting the  management of color from design to production, amongst several materials. The  corporation is located is Carlstadt New Jersey, and founded by Lawrence Herbert. Since  2000, Pantone had been fascinating the world with its creations of colors and, deciding the  shade of the year. This annum, was a appealing purple blue, with red undertones. The  selection process requires trend analysis, and drawing from the worlds of entertainments,  art fashion, design, and several entities. As this color selection process is difficult and  requires lots of accuracy. Though Veri Peri, a deep darkened Purple with red undertones is a  vivid color for expression creativity, euphoria, and magical capabilities that youth hold  within them. If you’re a passionate creative with strong personal ambitions this is the color  for you.  


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