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El Tesht Ally: “Where’s Your Partner?”



Shower with your partner

What you are missing when not showering together after sex?

Remember the fun time you had as a child in the shower, playing with you duck toy and making soup bubbles? Did you ever think of reliving this experience with your loved one? And what it can add to your relationship if you hit the shower together after sex?

We asked a simple question: do Egyptian men/women like to shower with their partner after having sex? Why? 

Well, it was very hard to get people to answer, but this is what we got so far:

  N, a single lady in her 30s said: “I think women like it more because they want to continue enjoying the moment. But guys don’t care after they had sex”.

H, 36 years old, married for 5 years, said: “No, they don’t like it unless there will be action in the shower. Usually each showers separately after sex because both just want a fast shower and relax.”

M, 44 years old, married woman said”:”Note, the answer is relevant to at which decade of their marriage is the couple. Everything somehow alters with time. So, if we say they’re at the first couple of years of marriage then both would opt to shower together…now fast forward years and kids, etc. then most likely not by both. But Egyptian women like it more so than men. Men have a relentless appetite to the quirky stuff regardless of age.”

S, 38yearsold, lady, divorced two times said:”I don’t think so; it can be before sex not after, because they already got their needs during sex, so no need to shower together. There’s no point of it “

A, 54 years old, married man said: “often they like to shower together before sex because both are hot and up to do things, but after sex they have no power, no desire.”

A, 49 years old, divorced man said:” Well, It’s a matter of preferences. I can’t speak for others. I don’t mind at all … I find it to be an extension of the intimacy. But it all depends on the level of comfort between both partners. Sometimes there’s no shower after sex, or at least not immediately after. Instead there’s cuddling, more sex, or maybe a nap. What I found out from experience, is how sexually dysfunctional Egyptian men and women are. It’s complicated when it comes to intimacy and their own sexuality.”

M, 40 years old, married man said:” As an Egyptian I do, and I’m sure Egyptian women like shower after sex with their partners, but not men. Women consider it romantic, but for men it depends on the “mozza” i.e. how sexy is his partner.”

One psychiatrist said according to his observation on his patients that women tend to like these forms of physical relation more than men. Men from conservative background either religious or muscular tend to refuse such closeness, however they welcome it outside marriage relations.

So we found out that it’s very hard to get information on sexual or intimate behaviors either from people or from scientific studies on the subject in Egypt. Hence, there is a great lack of understanding of our sexual and emotional needs. But, have you ever thought about what you are missing when not showering with your partner after sex?

A perfect completion

Why not celebrate after a glorious moment in bed? Showering together after orgasm can be the perfect completion of the sexual experience. Think of the mandatory 10 minutes post-sex cuddling time. It’s very important to complete the satisfaction for both partners. You can do it in the shower. If you feel the urge to run off to the shower to clean, which is normal, why not ask your partner to join before you head back to bed to rest.

It’s not about sex.

To hit the shower together after sex has beyond aspects; it extends intimacy. Intimacy is not a synonym for sexual.  True, our society puts them together all the time, but that doesn’t make it so. Intimacy is a much deeper, when you allow yourself to open up and be yourself with your partner, you become more emotionally connected. You’ll discover together little intimate things like the touches, the kisses, the rubs, the gentle things that aren’t sexual in nature, but simply loving.

Breaking down barriers

Being naked together in the shower in bright light can be frightening at first, but will quickly begin to break down barriers.  It will help you trust your partner with your insecurities, and that increases the trust in your relationship overall. This bit of clean fun and exchange of pleasantries will likely soften your hearts toward each other.

A bonus for the day

It’s fun man! Besides, showering together after sex cools you body and relives stress, therefore it’s a very pleasant memory to take into your day. It makes your day a lot easier to face. Sometimes it can start things up again in the shower and you get another bonus!

Hence, we encourage both partners to sit down and discuss this. If the partner just voices it, the other one (usually has no idea) will probably take an action or at least think about it. Then you may sing together “ ya kharga men bab el 7amam”!

It's Just me, Akram Moftah typical cancer radio announcer crazy about cinema, photography, videography, soccer, Radio, internet, marketing, cars.

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Punched for Valentines Day



Hayden and Brian

Valentines Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year where lovey-dovey gifts are exchanged. But this year, something out of the ordinary happened on February 14th.

Hayden Panettiere, well known actress of several movies and TV shows such as Scream 4, was punched by her boyfriend Brian Hickerson on the face. WHAT?

Brian was arrested and charged with assault at 2:30 am on Valentines Day. According to the press, Brian brutally struck Hayden on the right side of her face. When Brian was asked about what happened at the scene of the incident, he bitterly refused to answer questions. This is definitely not going to help his alibi!

A 911 call was made claiming that an intoxicated man is causing a scene, and with that said, the police rushed to the given address. When there, they witnessed Brian waiting outside Hayden’s door while Hayden was safely hiding inside her house.

Archived documents state that Hayden locked Brian out of a private home the couple had been staying at on Valentine’s Day. What’s quite ironic is that Brian is accusing Hayden for beating him up. Reports show quite the opposite. When Hayden was searched for injuries, her face had been swollen and a few cuts and bruises were scattered on her face and hand. With that statement, I think it’s obvious who attacked who.

According to documents, when Brian was asked by police if he punched Hayden, his “demeanor immediately changed and he avoided the question.” Brian also told police that nothing happened between the two of them.

The couple had hired a private chef for $700 meaning that he was there at the scene of the incident. When the Chef was asked about what had gone about throughout the day, he stated that the couple had been arguing the entire night. 

Brian was charged with assault, alleged domestic beating, and even interference for failing to cooperate with the police.

Brian Hickerson mug shot

Due to this incident, for Brian to be able to leave jail, he was asked to promise not to drink alcohol as well as submit to a search warrant and seizure of his vehicle if he were to break his oath. He was also asked to avoid all contact with Hayden whether it be phone calls, social media, or any other way.

This isn’t the first time Hayden and Brian get into a feisty argument. Back in 2019, it was claimed that Brian had previously assaulted her as well but Hayden didn’t want to press charges for the sake of what they have.

The couple has been dating around the time span of a year and a half, but I guess this is the end of the road for them. Women have the absolute right to break things off with a man, especially if that man is abusive. On the other hand, we do hope that Hayden is coping well with the break up!

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6 Signs You’re Spending Valentine’s With the Right One




Valentine’s day is a couple of days away and you certainly can’t wait to celebrate love with your partner, but with all the fuzz happening around and with so many teddy bears, hearts and chocolates flooding the streets, we want to make sure that you’re not settling for just anyone for the sake of a day! It is the perfect time of the year to start questioning everything…

Do you question your relationship a lot? Do you ask yourself if you have truly made the right decision? Do you really believe that your valentine this year is your forever valentine?

Well, the below signs can help you make up your mind, you just gotta be honest with yourself!

You’re so comfortable with one another

You find comfort in each other’s presence and you enjoy even the awkward silence and I’m not just talking about reaching that stage where you can burp in front of each other! I’m talking about real comfort, the one that makes you forget all about the troubles of your day and the kind of safety you feel when you’re in each other’s warm embrace.

You want to choke them most of the time but you love them anyway

Do you sometimes if not always imagine choking your partner amidst an argument? I mean as guilty as it may sounds, we sometimes feel so much anger especially when our loved one is being extra clueless in a fight! But then do you instantly feel like kissing them as they yell? Well, they’re these kind of mixed up feelings that make your relationship worth it!

After all, relationships are about fighting off hardships along the way, you just have to choose the right person to conquer the battle with you and the one worthy fighting for.

They see your imperfections perfect

While everybody else pinpoints your flaws, your partner seems to fall in love with each one. They say love is blind and as cliche as it sounds, it truly us! When you love someone so much, you are blinded of their flaws, their past mistakes and their weird traits and all you see is the perfect person you have created in your imagination.

They’re weak for you and in front of you

They’re not ashamed to show their vulnerability in front of you but in the contrary, they can’t wait to see and let you in on all the things that are causing them pain.

You make a great CATT team

You can make fun of your partner, even bully them but if anyone else dares and upsets them, it’s you and them against the whole world! From making a great team in charades to being experts in dealing with your arguments and fights that you’re not afraid of dealing with.

You didn’t need this article to verify your feelings!

Even though you read the article, you never felt you needed this kind of verification to know that your relationship is exceptional. With all the signs the world might tell us, the only verification we need is our gut feeling that tells us when it’s right and when it’s time to run.

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas For her




The lucky lady in your life deserves to be spoiled on Valentine’s day, and on everyday basically but for now, let us start with February the 14th! You might be dreading scrolling down and checking the expensive gifts listed but don’t worry, we have got you covered by including a number of inexpensive gifts, so you practically have zero excuse!

Browse the following thoughtful and lovely gifts and try to imagine the look on your girlfriend’s face as she opens the gift! We have listed something for every girl type, so just browse for your girl’s personality and you will find the perfect gift for her.

Something Sentimental

View this post on Instagram

New arrival Silver Floral Heart Locket Necklace Heart locket hangs from the chain of your choice. Made to order at any length. Perfect everyday necklace. Locket opens allowing you to keep a note, affirmation or small item inside as a symbol of wishes and dreams or a photo of someone special. This locket is perfect for using as a keepsake necklace. It fits 2 photos on either side when you open it up! It would also make a great bridesmaid gift! Details: Stainless steel Heart pendant measures 29×28.5mm & sterling silver 925 chain All items are made to order. we usually make the item the same day you order and gets delivered 1-4 business days. Don't hesitate to message us for any other questions. Gift box included 🎁 Available for 225 EGP

A post shared by Crystal Jewelry (@crystaljewelry_) on

A necklace with a photo of the people she loves so that she can always keep’em close to her heart!

Or maybe a necklace that says ‘you are my world.’

A Laptop bag

If she’s the hardworking type who is always on the run between meetings and her laptop is her constant companion, then a laptop bag is a very ideal and practical choice for a gift.

You have above an elegant style, and below is for your hip girl!



A girl can never have enough makeup so if you’re looking for a safe option, this is it! Go for the basic ones, mascara, lipsticks, lip gloss or powder.

Something Unique

If your girlfriend is all about making statements and standing out in a crowd, then a unique jewelry piece is the perfect choice for her!

A Planner

If your girlfriend is the organized type who’s crazy insane about planning every small detail of her busy life, then this the right gift for her!

Skin essentials

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#Nefertari offers its unique honey and milk soap🥛 that is considered the first step in the daily dry skin routine.An age-old combination for softening the skin. Honey is characterized by its moisturizing effects that wipe away the dryness and leave the skin gentle and soft. Milk, on the other hand, nourishes the skin with its fat and vitamins contents For dry skin. Available in all #Nefertari branches for 55 EGP 250 gm.😘 #نفرتاري بتقدملك صابون اللبن و العسل🍯 الفريدة من نوعها. فمن اول الخطوات في الروتين اليومي للبشرة الجافة هي صابونة اللبن و العسل. فهي مزيج قديم معروف من ايام قدماء المصريين لتنعيم البشرة. يتميز العسل بقدرته علي ترطيب البشرة اللي بيزيل اي اثرجفاف وتترك البشرة ناعمة وطرية. الحليب ، من ناحية أخرى ، يغذي الجلد بمحتوياته من الدهون والفيتامينات الهامة و خصوصا للبشرة الجافة. متوفرة في جميع فروع #نفرتاري بسعر 55 جنية 250 جم.

A post shared by Nefertari Body Care (@nefertari_bodycare) on

Do you keep hearing about endless talk about her skin and hair care routines? If she’s that type of girl, then you should definitely get her some skin care essentials!

Nefertari is your go to especially if you have zero information about these things which of course you don’t,because the store can will help you out.


If she’s a reader and books are her getaway, then get her next favorite book!

There are of course more basic gifts ideas such as bags, shoes and clothes, then there are other gifts that are all about spoiling your girl like booking her a spa day or taking her out to a fancy dinner! Either way, the real gift any girl could wish for is that you show her love and appreciation not just this day but everyday.


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