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Egypt To Break Guinness Record With The Longest Ramadan Table



Egypt is setting up the longest Ramadan table in the world for today’s Iftar in the New Administrative Capital, said the Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development in a statemednt.

Around 7,000 attendants are expected today including Guinness representative, as the 3,000-meter-long table is about to enter Guinness World Records.

Attendants will get a tour around the Administrative capital to witness its most significant constructions. They will also get to enjoy an oriental Ramadan night with a set of shows, music and songs that are to give the event a true Ramadan vibes, said spokesperson of the company Khaled El- Hosseini. 

“I promise to organize a prestigious event fits Egypt’s position, in the presence of all successful partners of Administrative Capital’s investors and developers, who do their utmost to build such incomparable city, amid massive coverage of media and press agencies to spot national and international light on the city,” He added.

The first stone of the New Administrative Capital was laid back in July, 2018 by President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi on an area of 170,000 feddans, the New Capital is expected to set to become the next big thing.

It will include residential area, an international airport, an electric train and around 1,350 mosques and churches. It is important to note as well that the Capital’s administrative entities will also be moving to operate from the New Capital. 


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Your Guide to all the Lit Concerts Happening This Concerts




Valentine's day events

If you and your partner aren’t the cheesy kind who despises overpriced fancy food at big restaurants and are looking to spend a chill night with one another dancing and singing your hearts out, then check the below list of all the lit concerts happening on Valentine’s day!

Haifa Wehbe and Wael Jassar valentine Concert


For more details, click here.

Valentines Festival

Valentines Festival concert on the 14th of February at the Cairo international stadium with the stars Tamer Hosny, Nancy Ajram, Wael Jassar, Bahaa Sultan & Ahmed Shiba.

For more details, click here.

Strawberry Swing @GrandNileTower hotel


Strawberry Swing is the first acknowledged Coldplay tribute band in the Middle East. They received a tweet from the official Cold play’s twitter account expressing how they would love to come to Egypt, and inviting people to attend Strawberry Swing’s first show at Grand Nile Tower hotel.

To book your tickets, click on this link.

Black Theama


The Egyptian boy band Black Theama will perform at Sawy Cultural wheel.

For more details and to book your tickets, click here.

Tap West: “Valentine Shmalentine” Ft. DJunkie

For lighter events and for the not so romantic ones, the Tap West is bringing DJunkie with his groovy beats for a cherub free-zone that will have you forget all about your love-aches.

Mixtape of Luv ft. BubbleGum Kollectiv (90’s Flashback) @CJC

CJC will celebrate Valentine’s this year the old school way with some of the 90’s cheesiest love/pop songs, so feel free to dress up in your most 90’s outfit.

Get your group ready to be hit with nostalgic tunes and great vibes!

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Highlight of “The Oscars 2020”



Highlights of Oscars 2020

Most of you might have stayed up late last night watching the Oscars 2020 live from Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, dying to find out who are this years winners and catch up on celebrity details as well as highlights of the night.  For those of you who have a vague idea on what happened last night, here is a recap on the best moments of the Oscars.


Parasite, directed by Bong-Joon Ho, made a spectacular buzz this year at this Oscars! He was left speechless at how much joy he had felt at winning multiple things such as Best Picture, Best Director,Best Foreign-Language Film and Best Original Screenplay! It was a happy night for them Bong and the entire cast and participators of Parasite!

Image result for parasite


Joaquin Phoenix was shook to the core when he made his thank you speech for the infamous movie “Joker“. The speech was heartbreaking as he was tying to fight back tears, stuttering, and even choking on his own words! But can you believe it? This is the first Oscar he ever wins, and for his monumental performance, he truly deserves it!

Image result for joker wins oscar



One of Egypt’s famous and loving actress made a grand and grand appearance last night. Can you guess who she is? Youssra people! Shocking, I know. Who knew she’d fly all the way to LA. Wearing a beautiful elegant white dress, she shone with Egyptian beauty. Egypt really is expanding and we have so much talented people raising our heads proudly and landing lead roles worldwide! Way to go!

Image result for youssra at oscars

What shook the mourners of Kobe Bryant worldwide was when Spike Lee dressed in a purple blazer with the numbers 24 stitched on it to pay respect and to keep his memory sacred. May he rest in peace. On a more positive note, Spike won an oscar for Black K Klansman!

Image result for spike lee at oscars



One of the funniest things that happened last night were “The Cool Cats” that were James Corden and Rebel Wilson dressed up as cats! Yes, you read right! There sense of humor was off the chart and I’m sure most people would agree that this was one of the best moments of the night!

Image result for cool cats at oscars


Billie Eillish, in the top 10 lead artists worldwide made a remarkable appearance last night! I mean who doesn’t love her? She’s young, extremely talented, and has a fetish for spiders!

Image result for billie eilish at oscars



What really caught us off guard was the surprise performance by Eminem people! Everyone in the audience was puzzled because they knew nothing about this. I mean a surprise is a surprise, right? He sang Lose Yourself from 8 Mile. A few years back, Eminem won best song of the year but couldn’t make it, so this is his comeback!

Image result for eminem at oscars


Also, Elton John wowed the crowd by playing several of his best songs!

Image result for elton john at oscars


All in all, last night was a night to remember forever where the venue of the night was super fun and engaging! Many celebrities like Robert Deniro and much more attended the Oscars, knowing that it would be a night to never forget!

What do you think Oscars 2021 would be like?

Image result for oscars question marks


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The Oscars We’ve All Been Waiting for: 2020



Oscars 2020

It is now finally time to award top celebrities and actors for the phenomenal films they have in store for us at the Oscars that’ll be taking place tonight at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles! In Egyptian time, the Oscars will commence at 3:00AM.

The Oscar nominations were announced on January 13th and everyone has been holding on to their seats with anticipation: “Who’ll be winning the gold statuette this year?”
The Irishman, 1917, and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood were vouched for 10 nomination while meanwhile, South Korean Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” landed 6 historic nomination although the actors that partook in this movie are not recognized as celebrities.

The carpet will be streaming live on Twitter whereas the carpet will commence at 1:30AM Egypt time where both Cassi DiLaura and Denny Directo will be guiding you through on ET Live with all the juicy moments and gossip!

Image result for oscars 2020

A glimpse of the nominees for Best Picture are “Joker, Ford V Ferrari, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, Marriage Story, along with those mentioned above. The best part is that Brad Pit is nominated for Best Supporting actor in “OUATIH” , whereas Leonardo DiCaprio, Antonio Banderas, and Adam Driver are all up for the Best Actor Category. Let’s all admit that we want Leonardo to win this category because let’s face it, we’ll never forget his exquisite roles in Titanic and the Great Gatsby.

After featuring in the Marriage Story, Scarlett Johansson is nominated for the Best Supporting Actress. Will Ferrell, Kristina Wiig as well as other infamous celebrities will be presenting the Oscars this year! We’re proud to announce that our favorite Rami Malek will be present amidst the Oscars and will be presenting Egypt in its best form!

Most importantly, the scoop you’ve all been waiting for, who will be performing at this magnanimous event? You guessed it, top trending artist worldwide Billie Eillish will be performing at the Oscars as well as Elton John and other favorite artists.

Image result for oscars 2020

Who do you think will be winning the Oscars this year and what do you think’ll be will be the best moments? Stay tuned tonight for the full scoop!

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